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  1. Gunsmith, If you decide to separate brass from dies let me know. I already have the dies. Regards, Pete.
  2. Great, I'll take them. PM me with your info. Thanks, Pete
  3. Howdy Russ, What types of payments do you accept? Thanks, Pete.
  4. Charlie Two Feathers, I'll take the light blue and orange. Let me know how you would like payment. Thanks, Petw.
  5. JT, I'm interested. Is it packaged in 1# containers? Also would like to know what form of payments he accepts. Thanks, Pete.
  6. J.S. Sorry, I didn't read the fine print. I need to retract my "I'll take it". I am currently on the road and can't get a money order out to you. Again I apologize for my error. Pete
  7. Howdy, If you accept PayPal, ill take #5 and #7. Pete
  8. Bummer, the set up is half right. I'm looking for a shotgun belt that holds 20ga. On a side note, the cowboy town looks like it's coming along pretty good. Hope your club can find the resources to finish it. Happy shooting, Pete.
  9. Dahoney, Do you know who the maker is? What type of buckle does it have? Thanks, Pete.
  10. Sun, I tried to pm you but it said you can't receive messages. Try to send me a message and see if it works. Pete.
  11. Cypress, Interested in the black(#1) and the red(#2). What types of payment do you accept? Pete.
  12. Larsen, Do you take PayPal for payment? If so, I'll take em. Pete.
  13. Hey Arkansas, Would you be willing to sell smaller lots? That is if Squid doesn't want all of it. Let me know. Thanks, Pete.
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