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  1. How about? I exercise my Second so all can exercise their First!
  2. I like the MABA hat. Make ALexandria Bartend Again.
  3. Check length of pull on both rifles. The left of target would be a longer lop. Could be muscle memory is off from the bicep injuries. Your mileage may very. Found after left bicep tear and surgery, my rifle tended to point left. Shorter muscle.. worth a try.
  4. Deep down, Phantom is a nice partner to have around. I have only met him in person twice, but both times he has been helpful and friendly. Not meaning to destroy his wire reputation, but he does like to stir the pot with an outboard motor. Fox
  5. Had one in front of me at a red light. Sat still for over 30 seconds on green. I blew the horn and he flipped me off. Not realizing that there was a local PD cruiser sitting next to me. Blue lights and laughter for me. local ordinance, $250 for texting while driving and $500 for disorderly conduct. I love this town.
  6. Who is coming to Oklahoma State SASS match? Have not seen a list yet. Anybody know?
  7. I’ll have lead shot. New 7.5, tumbled, graphited $35 for 25 pounds while supplies last.
  8. How about landrun 2020. Southwest regionals. OKC?
  9. .5.5 grains of Promo (discount Red Dot) a good roll crimp. Cleans up with carburetor cleaner.
  10. Not to mention, automating your Dillon 650 voids the lifetime warranty. Check Dillons website for info.
  11. I have habanero and red dragon ghost growing in the garden. They all get eaten, but in moderation. One ghost in a 10 quart chili pot is enough to make it interesting without the pain.
  12. If you need 7.5 shot, please let me know. I sell 65 pounds for $110 directly to your door. New, #7.5, tumbled and graphited. Fox
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