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  1. I am. 500 for $45 plus shipping. PM me for more info.
  2. The Army got the K9 corps and the Navy got the Marine corps because the Army had first choice. No disrespect, just interservice rivalry.
  3. The 45 CS is a short length 45 Colt. The rim may not allow firing in a 45 acp cylinder . One head spaces off the rim the other off the case mouth. 45 CS is meant for reduced load in 45 Colt firearms.
  4. And with the Barnstormer 130 gr HBTC bullet is is very light recoil for arthritic hands..
  5. Does it tingle before you do something stupid or just whosh over you?
  6. “Senior , B Western, frontier cartridge, gunfighter”. Can’t turn on Purple Font” Fox
  7. The case feed adapter between the case feed tube and the press should be red. .45 acp. The yellow is for .45 colt and leaves a gap at the bottom of the tube that is large enough to allow the case to slip out of the tube. Hope this helps. Fox
  8. I make and ship 65# of new 7.5 shot for $140. This is new, screened for size, tumbled and graphited, shipped to your door. i take personal checks and ship on receipt with tracking and insurance. Fox
  9. Did you just say,”Hold my beer and watch this”? Thought so!
  10. I can get #65 in one flat rate box. The max is 70# total weight. I ship that foe $120. Shot price plus $16 for shipping cost. I will ship as much as you want, but # 65 per box is the max.130#. Would be $240. PM sent with payment details. Fox
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