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  1. I watched that video the week before the match. That is why it was a no call. Need more cideos explaining the complex calls in the handbook. Please!
  2. No call was the call. Shotguns were knockdowns and could be made up.
  3. Shooting a mine shaft/hallway. End of the string 2 shotgun targets at the end of the mine, two pistols targets outside a door to the left. Shotgun stage in that doorway. shooter gets to the doorway, shoots one of the pistol targets with the shotgun, realizes the error and shoots the two end shotgun(makeup) targets and then correctly engages the pistol targets. P or no call?
  4. Always room for one or two more.
  5. Look on castboolits.com. $1 a pound. Good folks.
  6. The Polar Vortex shot that in the ......... overnight delivery nw on day 6
  7. If anyone needs wine bottles for any reason, I will have between 3-5 cases for free. Local to OKC or delivered to Landrun in April. Send me a PM with contact info and they are yours. They are empty, before you ask. Fox
  8. Front porch. Now 6 degrees and falling.
  9. Any updates on final categories? Inquiring minds want to know.
  10. Thank you Sue. Never been, so I was just trying to figure out the award program. See you in April at Landrun. Looking forward to meeting new friends. Fox
  11. I understand minimum for a category to be recognized. My question was what happens if you have 9. Do all get a “Top 10 award” or is there a matrix that denotes how many of the nine get a “ buckle”. For instance if only 9 enter, only 5 will get an award. ETC.
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