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  1. It is resting on the bipod and. Three inch flash suppressor. On hard ground, no foul.
  2. My plate has been empty for 5 minutes. I am calling Chewy myself.
  3. Now we see if the Senate has the fortitude to appoint before Nov 3.
  4. Check the USPS website. You may have to dig a bit. If the package is missing, file the claim asap. Some time limits apply. The last claim I filed showed the package in transit from OKC to FL. Tue day after I Filed the claim, it left OKC for the second time and arrived two days later.
  5. Thanks Billy. Had not heard that news.
  6. Title ask the question. Any idea who is hosting the match?
  7. Pony Express charged .10 for a letter and took four days. Now cost 6 tomes as much and takes 4 times as long?
  8. If you look at their financials, they are large supporters of the DNC.
  9. Thanks to all of you for your support and shameless plugs. Fix
  10. TRacking shows the second (first tracking number) delivered today. PM me please.
  11. Yes I do. i answered your PM. 65 pounds, new, 7.5, tumbled, graphited. To your door $120.00.
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