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  1. My mail lady has learned. Pull in the driveway and honk the horn.
  2. I ship #65 of new,#7.5 shot for $130. This is new shot, screened for size, tumbled and graphited. Ready to load. I ship medium flat rate box, with tracking and insurance on receipt of payment. Check or Money order. No paypal! PM questions and orders. Thanks, Fox
  3. Multiple sales,5, in 30 days ATF forms. Two or more in SW border states ATF form. Mandatory reporting for multiple sales.
  4. Foodbanks, churches, etc Take the write off.
  5. Checkout castboolits.com for tons of info. Lead for sale, etc.
  6. Last I heard, several years ago. The bison are corraled and they pick which one you can shoot. Not hunting in my book.
  7. He should have at least pulled the strut straight.
  8. Rally points are designated before the jump.
  9. We all know France is turning a little redder every year. Not U.S. red.
  10. We got the answer from Snakebite. Also on the RO comittee.
  11. Thats what I did. Took the tape off and roughed the leather.
  12. Thanks. Easy fix. All gone.
  13. Don’t remember seeing Old Man Winter on the posse list!
  14. Heard both opinions. Just asking for clarification before Landrun on Friday. Thanks in advance. Fox
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