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  1. Semi solid. Cat yoga gone wrong.
  2. Generac uses Honda engines. The only difference is rpm, liquid or air cooled.
  3. Generac makes both. The 1800 rpm unit is larger and liquid cooled. The 3600 rpm is air cooled and half the price of the other one.
  4. I have the Generac whole house 22kw. It works great. Our coop offers the generator installed at cost. When the temps get hot and the power usage gets too high, the power company sheds load for a couple of hours to keep cost down. We buy power from OG&E at tiered pricing and the homeowner receives a rebate every month for this service. It took three electricians and a gas plumber about 4 hours to install the system. They rewired the panel to start. All neutrals had to be on the same bus and all the grounds on another for the switching unit to work properly. Then rerouting the mains. House into switch, switch to gen, gen to switch, switch to panel, etc. Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks for the plug Dave. I make and sell New 7.5 shot. Screened for size, tumbled and graphited. I ship 65 pounds for $120, with insurance and tracking. PM me for more details. Fox
  6. Seen it used to cool precision rifle barrels. Tear off a sheet and fold ot over the barrel. Use the ends to move the sheet back and forth and up and down the barrel. Also slide between the barrel and the stock.
  7. Thank you Pale Wolf. Solves a small problem.
  8. Are yousell gthose or can I borrow the idea for one for myself?
  9. And if used only for the gun belt, would they be allowed in B Western?
  10. If it is shiny flip it, if it is dusty don’t bother it, if it is red leave it alone.
  11. We have to stop asking,”How stupid can people be?” Some are taking it as a challenge.
  12. I make and sell the 130 gr bullets. They are sized .452 and lubed with magma blue or green. PM me for details f you are interested. 99% lead with enough tin for fill out of the mold. This allows the hollow base skirt to expand on firing. IE Minnie ball.
  13. I use the 130 gr barnstormer over 3.5 gr promo. Very light recoil and takes down knockdowns.
  14. Under the same load, a heavier bullet will hit higher. Also more recoil. Action=reaction. Moving a 200 grain bullet forward requires 200 gr recoil backwards. To reduce the recoil, you must reduce projectile weight, or powder charge, or both. Alternatively, you need more mass in the gun frame to counter recoil. Both acceleration of the bullet and recoil must be very close to equal, according to physics. Slower burning powder may spread the recoil pulse put a little, bit the total must be equal.
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