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  1. Every bank around here has coin trays. I ALWAYS peek at 'em. Never know what you might find. Just last month I asked a young teller about small portrait bills. I had to explain a small portrait bill to her but for my effort she asked, "Like this?" and pulled out one of these and I snagged it as a collectible.
  2. Holy Black should just be called black powder. Never call a shotgun a "shottie". Shotgun shell bras... oh whatever... ain't goin' there.
  3. Yeah, I know... not much use in CAS but sure a lot of fun for everything else! This is for either an AR pistol build or an SBR. Know your laws. Bravo Company USA 11.5" complete upper. KMR Keymod 10" rail. Includes BCM BCG and BCM mod 4 CH. Magpul front and rear sights and AFG. Maybe 200 rounds fired, excellent condition. $825 shipped US 48. I'll sell w/o Magpul sights and AFG for $725 shipped US 48.
  4. Not gun porn... Gun sexy! Yeah, Baby!
  5. Looks like you've been around a while but welcome to the wire!
  6. Colorado is blue because of Denver and Boulder. Much of the rest of the state is Red, is my experience. And beautiful mountain scenery, great snow skiing if that's your thing, and lots of Old West history there. I love Colorado even though I hate blue politics. Wyoming has cold and snow but you can always wear a coat. Wyoming is on my retirement short list.
  7. The photo may not show it quite clearly but these are 24 karat gold plated. Only minted for one year for the 1976 Bicentennial.
  8. Realistically $10 to $20 for both. But I'll be happy to trade $1.50 for a higher dollar amount any day.
  9. Last week while visiting my local bank branch I glanced at the coin tray my teller has and saw these sitting in it. Of course the teller had no idea what they were but she knew their face value as legal tender was $1.50 so I bought them. Not a bad score.
  10. Yup. The stupid gets stronger every day with some people.
  11. Anytime I can dress up as a cowboy and shoot cowboy guns at targets that give an audible feedback is fun. Add good cowboy friends, some good natured bantering, some friendly competition and somewhere in the mix good food and drink. Oh, and LOTS of shotgun targets. Black powder makes things funner, I have also found. Movement is also good. Stand and deliver gets old fast. An onsite chuck wagon style breakfast, lunch or dinner is nice. Cain't not beat dutch oven cobbler no how. A large swap table always keeps things interesting away from the firing line as do vendors. My take.
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