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  1. The box of ammo that came with mine says .403 Called shiloh and they said all of their rifles in 40-70 have ,408 chambers. So I have a box of the wrong ammo. I did find some correct dies. Thanks for all the help in this. Taco Bill
  2. It's a sharps yellowhorse, some ammo came with it and the box has .403 330 grain. I will do what you said and thumb seat the bullets.
  3. Thanks Dave. I will call them.
  4. I need a set of 40-70 bottle neck dies .403 If anybody has a set of these laying around or knows where I could find them. Buffalo Arms dosen't have any. Taco Bill
  5. One of my favorite is my winchester model 61 in 22 magnum.
  6. If you still have the brass I will take it.
  7. Sharps, 55g black powder,300g cast bullet, 100yds,15x15 in square target
  8. I shoot 45-60 in my 45-70 no problem chambering or hitting the target.
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