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  1. I have a Skag Cheetah like you said. Mine has the supension seat and is built like a tank. We cut about five acres with it here on the farm. I have had it about 8 years and never had any problem with it. I would not even consider another brand mower. I hope you buy one, you won't be sorry
  2. I will take #3 RCBS 38 short colt dies
  3. I think the collet was closing out in front of the case and not crimping anything. Removing a little off the base of the collet moved the crimp down to where it should be on the case.
  4. I fished my FCD out of the garbage can. Then did all the work that yall described and now it crimps. I think removing some off the bottom of the collet did the trick.
  5. The last one I bought would not crimp either. I threw it away.
  6. You Are Wanted By The Police, But My Wife Thinks You Are Dead Junior Brown
  7. Cole slaw is good on barbecue, but my favorite is potato salad in my gumbo. All the cajuns eat it like that.
  8. Tacobill I received the money order and sent the cases out this afternoon. They said you should receive it on Monday 

    1. tacobill


      The brass arrived today. It looks fine.


      Taco Bill

  9. Sounds good sorry I just noticed your post. Money order or my wife has a paypal account. 

    1. tacobill


      I need your address and will send money order

    2. Sprue Cutter

      Sprue Cutter

      Bruce Parbst

      22335 W. HENDERSON Ave

      Porterville Cal. 93257

      559-359 4813

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