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  1. #5 and #7 from L-R looks like they have winchester 1885 the military version 22
  2. My daughter makes just what you described. $20 plus shipping
  3. wsmullins@ftcweb.net

    601 431-3840

  4. I have handled and fired this rifle and it looks better than the pictures.
  5. I didn't get my picture in the Chronicle but my hat did. Page 1 table of contents.
  6. Bill didn't put little tags on the handles like those have.
  7. I rode on that boat back in the 60's in New Orleans.
  8. Cannot send pm. How do you wish to proceeding. 
    Big Gus

    1. tacobill


      Send me your phone number and I will call you

    2. Big Gus, SASS# 66666

      Big Gus, SASS# 66666

      434-989-5465 please call soon. 

  9. TacoBill, send me your address, I believe that I have one.  C.W.  :FlagAm:

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    2. C. W. Knight # 47289L

      C. W. Knight # 47289L

      Should be in tomorrows mail.  C-U, C.W.

    3. tacobill


      Thanks C W the clip came today. Just what I need.


    4. C. W. Knight # 47289L
  10. Stretch,

    It still won't work

    My address is

    William Mullins

    270 mullins Trail  SW

    Roxie, MS 39661 


    I will put you down for 3

    Will ship in a flat rate box

    1. Stretch McCain

      Stretch McCain


      Let me know if you get this.  

      Let me know the total.  I prefer PayPal but you can tell me how you want the gold. Thanks for teaching out with a message.

      Stretch McCain


      Robert Davis

      1080 Contabella Lane

      Bernalillo, NM  87004

      505 600 1786 (feel free to text or call)

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