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  1. HT Jim, I stand corrected, and I can only blame it on old age and poor eyesight. Went back and looked at the stamp again and it is, in fact, a Triple K holster. So of course instead of LOOKING like the Sonoran, it IS the Triple K Sonoran............. Thanks, I don't suppose I would have had a reason to look at it more closely if you hadn't asked.
  2. I have several holsters I've acquired over the years (don't we all.....) that I don't foresee ever using. Two of these are for 7 1/2" barreled models and one for a shorter barrel. I've shown a picture of each with a '51 Navy just for reference as to size. First up is a Kirkpatrick Model 755-15; there's nothing that I could find on the Kirkpatrick website regarding this model, but it's very similar to the "Sonoran" by Triple K- fits a large frame single action revolver with 7 1/2" barrel. The second is a Hunter 1080-50 with the 1080 series being their Western double loop model and the "50" indicating that it's for a 7 1/2" barrel large frame single action revolver such as Colt SAA , Ruger Blackhawk or Ruger Vaquero. The smaller holster is a Hunter 1090-40, called the Western Crossdraw. It actually has a combination belt loop on the back that would enable it to be used as a right hand strong side, or a right hand crossdraw. I would sell these for $50 each plus shipping for the two larger holsters and $35 plus shipping for the smaller Hunter. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks
  3. I apologize profusely!! Didn't realize that I was even close to the limit, let alone had reached it. Sent you a PM Ozark Okie.
  4. All the books have been spoken for - thanks for the interest. It's heartening to see that lots of people still read actual books! Recently I came into quite a large lot of western novels, most all of them small paperbacks, and while I love reading, this is not a genre that I spend a lot of time with. If you would like to have these, I'll be happy to box them up and ship them to you for the cost of shipping via media mail. I hate to see books end up in paper recycling so if you can put these to use, please let me know. There are approximately 100 titles from Louis L'amour; 5 hardbacks, 1 trade paperback, and the rest standard small format paperbacks. A few are in pretty poor shape but most of the books are in decent, readable condition. There are around 145 other small paperbacks from a variety of authors, 25 from Jon Sharpe, 16 from J.R. Roberts, 11 from Max Brand, 11 from Jake Logan, and lesser quantities from other authors. Should someone want the Louis L'amour books and not the others, I would ship those separately, but my hope is that someone has a lot of reading time available and would like the entire lot. Send me a PM if interested.
  5. ***SOLD***I knew when I purchased these that I was taking a chance on whether or not they would work for me. These had many, many reviews and the preponderance of those reviews were positive, but some people did say that they just couldn't make them seal properly in their ears to make them work. So, of course, guess what - I can't make them work for me. It was a $300 gamble but I really like the idea of this kind of hearing protection so decided to try. Here's your chance to take the same gamble for $100 plus shipping (Small Flat Rate shipping is just over $7 I believe). This set is like new with all the accessories that came with it: a wide selection of ear seals, carrying case, carrying strap, cleaning brush, replacement filters, filter tool, and documents. There's also a few of the #10 hearing aid batteries that it uses. If these will work for you, they make a great option for hearing protection versus the ear muff type, particularly when shouldering a rifle. Send me a PM if interested.
  6. ***SOLD***Here are 668 rounds of new 45 ACP Winchester brass, unprimed, product number WSC45AU for $80, plus shipping. There are four unopened packages of 100 rounds each and one zip-lock bag containing 268 rounds of the same brass. $80 for all. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  7. Cherokee Slim,


    That is a fine looking holster.  I'm looking for one to carry a Ruger Old Army with a 7.5" barrel with adjustable sights.  It looks like your holster might fit my ROA.  How much are you looking to get out of it?


    Buckeye Pete

  8. hey!  If you are interested in the slim jim holsters Pugilist sold me I will let you have first crack at them. $65 - shipped which is what Zi have into them. Let me know. 


    Too Tall Bob

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Too Tall Bob

      Too Tall Bob

      they didn’t sit as low as I was hoping for. Long arms and big hands create a need for more of a holster drop. 

    3. Too Tall Bob

      Too Tall Bob

      oldpug@q.com for paypal


      give me your address so I can ship them. 

    4. Cherokee Slim

      Cherokee Slim



      Just sent $65 via PayPal to the address given in your message.   My address is:


      Jim Worl

      600 Robin Hood Lane

      Anderson, SC 29621









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