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  1. Cherokee Slim,


    That is a fine looking holster.  I'm looking for one to carry a Ruger Old Army with a 7.5" barrel with adjustable sights.  It looks like your holster might fit my ROA.  How much are you looking to get out of it?


    Buckeye Pete

  2. hey!  If you are interested in the slim jim holsters Pugilist sold me I will let you have first crack at them. $65 - shipped which is what Zi have into them. Let me know. 


    Too Tall Bob

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    2. Too Tall Bob

      Too Tall Bob

      they didn’t sit as low as I was hoping for. Long arms and big hands create a need for more of a holster drop. 

    3. Too Tall Bob

      Too Tall Bob

      oldpug@q.com for paypal


      give me your address so I can ship them. 

    4. Cherokee Slim

      Cherokee Slim



      Just sent $65 via PayPal to the address given in your message.   My address is:


      Jim Worl

      600 Robin Hood Lane

      Anderson, SC 29621









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