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  1. ***SOLD***For sale is my '85 Winchester Low Wall in .223 caliber. This rifle has a Tasco 624x44 scope with a sunshade hood on the front and a Butler Creek flip-up cover on the rear; mounted on Talley rings. No box and documents. Has been fired very little but I don't have an estimated round count. Pictures will show that it is in excellent condition. $1250 plus shipping and insurance to your FFL. Send me a PM if interested, or for more information or pictures. Thanks.
  2. My favorite rimfire cartridge! Shot many a squirrel back in the 70's with my Remington 592 - still have the rifle but don't shoot it much anymore.
  3. ***SOLD***For sale is my 1895 Marlin CB, 45/70 Government caliber. This rifle has a 26" octagon barrel, straight-grip walnut stock with a rubber butt pad. Also has the offset hammer-spur which can be moved to either side. It is JM stamped but I do not know the date of manufacture. It has been fired but is in pristine condition as I believe the photos will show. No original box and documents but it will ship in a rifle box. I'm asking $1300 plus shipping and insurance in the US to your FFL, unless you're in Georgia and perhaps we can arrange meeting up. Any questions or for additional photos, send me a PM. Thanks
  4. ***Sold***For sale is my brown leather bandolier; 24 loops on each side and has .45 caliber loops, so will fit .45 colt, 454 Casull, 45-70, etc. Shown in the pictures with 45-70 rounds and .45 Colt rounds. Also included are two straps that can be added to the loop, one or both depending on how big you need it. $60 plus shipping, in the U.S. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks
  5. ***Sold***Paring down a lot, including my library, so offering up these two books: "Sixguns" by Elmer Keith "The Standard Reference Work" for single action pistols and "Colt Single Action: from Patterson to Peacemaker" by Dennis Adler. Both of these books are in excellent condition, but the Keith book does have a couple of small nicks in the front of the dust jacket and a small tear in the back of the dust jacket, all of which are evident in the photos. No markings in the text or photos on any of the pages that I've ever run across. The Colt book is pristine, and contains many, many excellent glossy illustrations. $25 each plus shipping in the US. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks
  6. ***SOLD***If you're considering expanding your reloading capabilities, here is a package deal to consider. This is the Dillon XL650 reloader mounted on their "strongmount" base (also includes their flat steel mounting plate if you'd rather mount it lower) with almost everything (except supplies) that you will need to start loading a host of calibers. Caveat is that this is way too much stuff to ship, especially with the outrageous cost of shipping anything these days, so this is only going to be attractive to someone willing to drive to North Georgia to pick up everything. Here's what's included:Dillon 650, with:case feederlarge pistol casefeeder platestrong mountbenchtop mounting platebullet traypowder check (2 of these are included)roller handleupgraded live primer catcherupgraded spent primer catcher650 reloader coverd-terminator scalesDillon Quick-change (the Dillon Quick-Change includes a tool head, tool head stand, powder measure and powder die) 4 of these includedplus 2 additional tool headsDillon Dies:.308 w/conversion kit.9mm w/conversion kit.223 w/conversion kit.38/.357 w/conversion kit.45ACP w/conversion kit.45 Colt/.454 Casull w/conversion kitOther Dies:RCBS .44 mag 3-die setHornady .223 full-length dieRCBS .223 small base sizerLee Decapping dieMisc. stuff:Dillon CV-500 brass cleanerDillon Case separatorDillon machine maintenance kit3 Dillon bins9 small primer tubes (these are for loading the primers into the primer feed tube of the reloader)5 large primer tubes.38 Special case gauge9mm case gaugeRCBS deburring toolRCBS primer trayother small miscellaneous stuff that will go with it, like the original live-primer catcher, original spent-primer collector, various powder system parts (baffles, etc.), tools and more.As you'll note from the pictures, this is currently set up for .45 Colt. Just looking at the major components of the above, new pricing would be bumping up against $4,000. And that doesn't include all the ancillary small items that are included. Coupled with the fact that any Dillon dies and many other Dillon items are mostly backordered now and have been for quite some time, this is a great opportunity for the person that wants to get into some serious reloading. (Note that a "small pistol" casefeeder plate is not included in the items above. However, it is available from Dillon for $48 at this time.)I do a lot less shooting these days and the reloading that I do at this point can easily be done on my RCBS Rockchucker. So this system has become superfluous for me and deserves to be put into use. Therefore, it's for sale for $1600 picked up in Young Harris, Ga. Should a buyer be intending to shoot .45 ACP, I have a pretty large quantity of brass and 230 grain bullets that I would offer for an exceptionally reasonable price since I currently have a lot more loaded rounds than I'm likely to ever shoot. The bullets are FMJ so would not do for SASS matches. (I just noticed that the Dillon D-Terminator scales did not get into the pictures, but it IS included; it's only about a year old and works perfectly.)
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