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  1. I'll run this post by again - just in case there's someone else out there who might also think this is a nice case for carrying their rifle and missed it the first time around.
  2. Yes, it is a pretty leather case. I believe that when I purchased this several years ago, I was told that it was buffalo leather - I wouldn't know buffalo hide from rabbit fur (well....... maybe that) so I'm not going to say for sure that's what it is. But nevertheless, it is a pretty, and functional, rifle case.
  3. QDG, I sent an e-mail late yesterday to an address I have for you from a deal we did a couple of years ago - ended with sbcglobal............ Didn't hear anything back from you so I'm guessing this is no longer a good address.
  4. ***SPF***How about $100 shipped............. This is really a nice way to carry a rifle to the field Up for sale is this fringed suede leather rifle case/sheath/cover, whatever you want to call it. Measures 50" long and is about 6 1/2"-7" wide at the butt end tapering down to about 3 1/2" at the front. Rifles are in the picture just to give an idea of the relative size of the case and are, of course, not included. $100 plus shipping. Thanks
  5. ***Everything has Sold*************Sold my last bird's head grip, 3 1/2" barreled NMV a while back and have no further need of these holsters. The shoulder holster saw the most use, I really liked this one a lot, followed by the little belt holster with the basket weave stamping. But all were great holsters - just have no use for them now that I've gone to a Freedom Arms short-barreled Model 83 for my primary carry gun. All prices are plus shipping. How about $125 shipped, within the US, for the shoulder holster -- it's the only one left. Shoulder holster: John Wesley Hardin style with .45 loops. Maker is stamped in two places- "T. Christensen Maker Early Times Leather Co." Doesn't have tie-down straps like I've seen on most Hardin styled shoulder holsters, but it doesn't seem to need them as I never had any problems drawing the pistol. $125 Chest rig: no maker stamped anywhere on the leather but appears to be decently constructed. Only used it a few times as I preferred the shoulder holster. $75- SOLD small medium brown belt holster w/snap closure, basket-weave stamping, straight up carry position. Fits 1 1/2" belt, could probably squeeze a 1 3/4" through. $35 - SOLD - to QDG belt holster, dark brown with star decorations stamped on lower section. Heavy, stiff leather, fits up to 2 1/2" belt and has a forward cant carry position. $40 - SOLD Thanks
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