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  1. Doc, I loaded my first batch of that brass last night for a match this weekend. Very nice lot. Thanks again - Pony
  2. That worked out perfectly! The brass arrived to me Saturday when I got home from shooting.
  3. I got the brass today pard. Did you get the money order yet? I mailed it Wednesday.
  4. Add another vote for Mattie Mahala West for CCG from me!
  5. Maybe you can. I didn’t think so. Dragon Hill Dave can someone win two years in a row?
  6. T-Star leather, Brett Smith, is a master craftsman.
  7. Can everyone please check the previous winners before submitting nominations?
  8. I guess those voting for Cayenne Kay for CCG are oblivious to the fact she won it last year.
  9. Well, I don’t disagree with the fact that “Stirrup Trouble” is a great guy and a tough hombre, having endured things that we’ve all watched him get through with great tenacity. He’s also a friend of mine. But, I’d like to nominate another candidate. My nomination is for “You Bet.” This Classic Cowboy is a VERY tough competitor and a good guy to boot. He comes from a strong SASS family, the “Reckon Crew.” His whole clan are great supporters of the sport. They are four generations deep in SASS with three of those generations having outstanding shooters. You Bet made the switch to CCB in the last year or so. He won a well contested TX State Championship as CCB since changing over, and finished 3rd in category (CCB) at EOT. He also beat T-Bone Dooley (no small feat) and me (not that big a deal) to win CCB in a well established field at the Texas Ten Horns Match in May. Just my two cents worth, Pony Soldier SASS 99866
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