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  1. O.K.

    While you were getting the money I was getting to the P.O. 


    Here is the Tracking Number:  9505 5265 3326  0141 4900 59


    Expected Delivery is  Tuesday   5/26/20    


    Thanx for your purchase.


    Two Ponies

  2. I saw that thread as well. I was thinking more along the lines of just hanging out with a beverage (adult or not), some music and good conversation.
  3. Electric shears like those will work for straight cuts, but they don't leave a super clean edge. Nibblers work well, but they are much slower. If you have an air compressor, a good air saw is about the best tool I've found for cutting sheet metal. When we replace panels on vehicles, that is what we use. You can change blade types (width, cut radius and tooth count) to match the material you are working with. As far as gloves go, a good pair of leather gloves is about all you need to protect your hands. Personally, I like the mechanix brand.
  4. Heck, in our little town, the county assessor just announced that all properties will be increased in value by 8% this year, mandated by the state treasury auditor, who said our town was not in compliance with state standards. I swear, I love my little town, but as soon as my boys graduate, I have every mind to sell my business and move to somewhere less taxed than Nebraska.
  5. I started with a Burris fixed 4 power and didn't like it at all. Was actually planning on mounting a traditional relief Vortex on the gun, then Vortex came out with a 2-9x scout scope. I like it at around 4x for general work, when I get into brass tack shot placement, I will bump it up to 7 or 8x. Vortex has really impressed me with their glass.
  6. I've seen several guys mount a long eye relief scope on the 1895s to make a lever action scout rifle. I have a Ruger GSR that is set up in a scout rifle configuration and although it takes some getting used to, shooting with both eyes open, one magnified actually works. Last year during deer season, I had put the crosshairs on a decent size doe, when a good size buck sauntered in from the side. If I had only been sighting with one eye through the scope, I would have totally missed the buck opportunity.
  7. I'll take them. PM Sent for PayPal address.
  8. I've got it marked on our calendar. Unfortunately it is the weekend right after the boys' school starts, so it we may have 4 shooter or we may have one.
  9. I own a body shop, so my boss is a real a-hole, my boss is also me....
  10. If it wasn't a five and half hour drive out there (and that I have to work) I would be there!
  11. Locklear, I have used vinegaroon several times for blackening leather. I make mine by taking a package of steel wool, spreading it out on the shop floor and touching a lighter to it. The steel wool will "burn". This actually strips off the oil that is applied to keep it from rusting. Then I pack it all into a quart size mason jar and fill with white vinegar. Into a dark closet it goes for about a month. Why dark, heck if I should know, but the 90 year old saddlemaker who taught me to make it said it had to be kept in the dark, so that is what I do. Once it has sat for a month, I strain it though a paint filter (a coffee filter would probably work as well, just slower). I then use a wool dauber to apply it to veg-tan leather. The vinegaroon reacts with the tannins in the leather to darken it. It usually takes several applications, days apart to achieve a black finish. Once the last coat has dried, I apply atom wax to the leather, then let it cure for a few days, finally finishing with neats foot oil. Good luck with your project!
  12. Being that the world is in the state it is, and for a lot of us, we are unable to get together to enjoy the company of our fellow cowpokes. I for one, have been missing the conversation, laughs and good times that would normally be had at our monthly matches and annuals we attend. Would any of you be interested in joining a Zoom video conference in the very near future?
  13. Shingles don't hold up out there because of the 364 days of 30+ mph winds you guys get. I went to school in Laramie and I swear there wasn't a day that wasn't windy my entire time there!
  14. 92 years old. That's a good number of years to have. Here's to hoping the rest of us make it that far! Thanks for the Laughs Mr. Stiller.
  15. I agree. I have close to $400 in rewards points from my Dick's scorecard. Once they pulled all their anti-gun crap, I swore I wouldn't spend another penny with them and thus far I haven't.
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