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  1. I did the hammer swap for my wife, she has small hands and it was difficult for her to pull the hammer back without moving her hands all over the gun to reach them. I ordered Super Blackhawk hammers from Numrich, they were around $35 each. The installation takes about 30 minutes your first time out of the gate. Here is a good video on how it is done:
  2. One way ticket to a country that speaks the language you want to learn! In all seriousness though, the Rosetta stone series are about the best you can get. They are pricey, but the way the teaching process is designed keeps you involved and engaged.
  3. I wear the stagemaster boots 80% of the time I am shooting. They are good boots. One thing I should point out is that they need to be broke in just like any other pair of boots. I made the mistake of buying them and then wearing them to a two day match straight out of the box. My feet hated me for it. I oiled them and then wore them for a few hours each night for a couple of weeks and now they are really comfortable. I have a pair of mulemasters just waiting to be broke in before Pawnee Station at the beginning of July! You can't go wrong with the folks at work n ranch either!
  4. Thank you all for helping me round out the scenarios for this month's match. If anyone is interested, I have attached those stages to this message. 6.16.19 Match Book.pdf
  5. I was taught that your drink Scotch with a splash of water. It still smells like dirty socks but it doesn't taste that way!
  6. Added to our prayer list, may the Lord watch over and keep you and your family in this difficult time.
  7. Not to mention the ability to shoot in low light and no light conditions. That thing could shoot unsuspecting wedding goers and birthday party attendees! Think of the children!!
  8. So incredibly grateful for the men and women who answered the call to protect the free world.
  9. When I was active in CW reenacting, we would head out to Fort Kearny to help with the Memorial Day Services. One part of those services was a 21 gun salute from 3 12 pound mountain howitzers and then a final salute from the 24 pound gun. The howitzers each used four ounces of FF black powder wrapped in paper and foil (think small baked potato) and the big 24 pound gun used a full pound of FF, wrapped similarly but more like a small coffee can size. Holy cow were all those guns loud and smokey! I can only imagine how much more oomph they would have had to been compressed with a cannon ball or shot!
  10. Pat- That is a bummer! Hopefully the doctor will be able to get your wrist back into shape! We will add you to our prayer list!
  11. Howdy all! Working on writing some special Father's Day Stages for this month's club match and I am stuck. We are shooting six stages and I have five written, all involving a father and son or daughter relationship in either movie or television. I need the wire's help though, I am short one stage. The five I have thus far are: 1) Maverick (The Movie) - Brett Maverick and Marshal Zane Cooper 2) 3:10 to Yuma: Dan Evans and his son William 3) The Quick and the Dead (Movie):John Herod and The Kid 4) Bonanza: Ben Cartwright and Hoss, Adam, Lil Joe 5) The Rifleman: Lucan McCain and son Mark. I am in desperate need of another movie or show so that I can write one more stage and have been coming up short. Thanks in advance!
  12. All four of our family are shooting now. I have discovered that our current gun cart is just too ungainly and heavy to use for all the shooting irons and accoutrements need to for a buckaroo, a young gun, a cowgirl and a wrangler. Naomi Rose (the Mrs.) and I decided that a wagon would be the best bet for us to haul all our crap important stuff. I have seen several other shooters carts and one thing we want to incorporate into the wagon are slots to hold our pistols. Would anyone have dimensions for the keyhole slots to hold revolvers that they would be willing to share?
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