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  1. Thanks for the link, it is the one I found this morning as well. I would never get rid of my Rockcrusher! I use it to deprime all of my cases and when I am loading application specific ammo, the single stage works fantastic. My two sons, father and I went to south Texas earlier this year to hog hunt. My father is very recoil sensitive, so I worked him up 223 rounds using solid copper TSX bullets for his AR. They worked fantastic. They were 72 grain rounds and the OAL on them was just shy of mag capacity, so setting up a progressive press to make 50 rounds was silly.
  2. That is some very appreciated and sound advice! I am going to contact Dillon to find out how to send it to them! I am also looking forward to having two progressive presses as well. Mainly one for pistol rounds (the 650) and one for rifle rounds .223, .308 .240 (LNL). I did order a Dillon crimp die this morning, based off of everyone's suggestions. I think I will run with the RCBS dies for the time being, and will upgrade to Dillon dies when the opportunity presents itself. I also found the manual online and have a printed copy setting on my desk right now.
  3. It does have the case feeder as well! Really looking forward to the speed which I can reload on this one.
  4. Howdy pards! I just inherited a Dillon XL650 from my brother in law who passed last fall. He was deep into the 3 gun sport, (actually invented and marketed shotgun shell holders for their game), and like all shooting sports, reloaded his ammunition. I have been reloading on my Hornady Lock n Load AP for the last year or so, before that it was an RCBS Rockcrusher Single Stage (that was fine when it was just me shooting, but we have four shooters in the house now). My question for you fine folks is, is it worth purchasing the Dillon dies for this new machine, or do the RCBS dies I have work as well in it as they did in the LNL? I am thinking that adding a separate crimp station would be nice on this machine, as the LNL didn't have enough stations for a crimp and a powder check. Also, what crimp die do you use? The Dillon, Lee, etc? Thanks in Advance! FM
  5. O.K.

    While you were getting the money I was getting to the P.O. 


    Here is the Tracking Number:  9505 5265 3326  0141 4900 59


    Expected Delivery is  Tuesday   5/26/20    


    Thanx for your purchase.


    Two Ponies

  6. I've got it marked on our calendar. Unfortunately it is the weekend right after the boys' school starts, so it we may have 4 shooter or we may have one.
  7. Have to say tell you that I love watching your videos. My boys and I always get a chuckle out of them.
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