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  1. I always thought that was from a Randy Travis song!
  2. The Misses and I were talking about this very thing last night. We own the local body shop. We are on the outskirts of town. I always keep a .22 in the truck for random varmint control, but one of my evil black rifles is no secured in the back seat and will most likely stay there for the duration. Never in a million years would I have expected this kind of thing to happen in our backyard.
  3. Most likely well over a million dollars, $600,000 combine, $75,000 corn head, $400,000 tractor, 2 $75,000 wagons, 2 $200,000 semi tractors, 2 $80,000 grain trailers. That's replacement cost of course.
  4. This happened last night about 30 miles southeast of us. We live in a pretty rural area, so Trump flags and American flags are a common sight out here. Sad to think this type of behavior is happening even here.
  5. ????? What does that have to do with my original post?
  6. In this time of reloading fodder famine, I wanted to share with you all that ammunitionstore.com has wolf shotgun primers in stock. I cannot attest to how well these work, as I've never reloaded with them, but for any of you shooters that are staring at an empty reloading shelf, this might get you through until domestic production catches up. https://ammunitionstore.com/categories/reloading/primers.html
  7. New brass or already fired brass goes through the same steps. Lee undersize resizer (wife shoots a Marlin with a super tight chamber) with the decapping pin in place (I deprime all once fired after tumbling but before a sonic bath). Then primed, charged/ case mouth bell, bullet seated and the separate crimp. On the 38s we shoot, I see no reason to chamfer as the belling of the case mouth would negate the extra work. I will grab a handful of brass and mic for length, but as long as they are all within a few thousandths of each other, I proceed. I see no reason to trim new or old straight wall c
  8. Being in the collision industry for almost 20 years now, I can attest to the safety aspects of the supplemental restraint systems in vehicles. They have come a long ways in the last 20 years. When I first started in then industry, it was just about guaranteed that if you had a vehicle with a bag deployment, there was going to be blood on the inside of that vehicle. Why? It was a one size fits all solution. Didn't matter if you were 6'2" and 250 pounds or 5'1" and 110. Same deployment energy every time. Now, the new generations of bags are amazingly better. They have multiple deplo
  9. What if we just moved to mail in score sheets?
  10. That looks like a listing from 13th Street Pawn Store in Omaha. They are notoriously overpriced on everything they have. These are the people that sell Mosin Nagants for $600 and SKSes for $800. I visited their store once or twice when I lived in Omaha years ago. I can't say I would be inclined to purchase anything they sell.
  11. Here is Lily Belle. In her two favorite spots. Nothing like a 70 pound lap dog.
  12. I had to do just that with my sign. Had it next to the mailbox and someone kicked it down, moved it close to the house where the security camera is obvious and it has been left alone. Its sad our country has become so divided that people are being malicious to others property over something as simple as a sign.
  13. Howdy Pards, With four of us in the family shooting, it is only a matter of time before one of our guns goes down. Knock on wood, we have been lucky thus far that the most trouble we have had was a couple of backed out screws! I have been kicking around building a spare parts kit to throw in the gun cart, camper or truck depending on where we are shooting. I would really appreciate your input on what parts you have had to replace on your guns to keep them running. Here is what we are shooting: 3 Stoeger Coach Guns (2 double triggers, 1 single trigger if that makes a differenc
  14. Congrats Grizz! I guess you will be shooting Classic Cowboy from now on!
  15. O.K.

    While you were getting the money I was getting to the P.O. 


    Here is the Tracking Number:  9505 5265 3326  0141 4900 59


    Expected Delivery is  Tuesday   5/26/20    


    Thanx for your purchase.


    Two Ponies

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