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    After two years of enjoying shooting at the Pine Ridge Regulators, Saturday was my last match. I shot it clean and was number one in the Classic Cowboy category. (I was the only one in the CC category...) In two weeks it will be my last NCOWS match in Indiana. After that, I'm off to Prescott, A.T. I figure by February I'll be settled down enough to start looking around for a local club. I saw there is the Whiskey Row Gunslingers or something along those lines and then Winter Range that some of my pards from Indiana may be attending. It is bittersweet, but we have been waiting for this for a decade. The company I work for made me an offer that my wife couldn't refuse!
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    Here is the link to all the pictures and videos that we took at the TN State Match. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmHGwzag
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    Maybe we should get Dairy Queen to charge more to the unclean, fast shooters
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    Stacked Rail Road Ties work well around here.
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    THINKING??? Two Generals sat in the Officers Club late one night wondering just how they might get another star now that the war was over and there was a surplus of General officers.. The O-8 said to O-7, ya know the Mustang was a mighty good plane maybe the best fighter ever made. In reply the 0-7 said it sure was and if we could figure out a better plane we would get our next star easy. 0-8 said we sure would but with all those surplus Mustangs sitting around I just don't know how we would do that. O-7 replied our new fighter would have to be twice as good for sure. O-8,What did you say? That's it. We'll put 2 mustangs together and it will be twice as good. We're saved. Their math didn't quite work out but it was 1/2 as good.
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    Congratulations to my wife Dew R Dye on winning her 12th Ladies overall Tennessee State Championship on her first 2 day match back after a 1 year layoff from major neck surgery ! Congratulations to my Son Mr. Black on his Men’s overall Tennessee State Championship And a 3rd place overall clean match finish at the Wartrace Regulators match! ( “he was only 5 years old when his Mom won her first TN title in 2005” They both over came many challenges in the past 2 years of the cowboy game from a major surgery and 3 hour plus drives just too shoot a monthly match “for the love of the game , thank you Wartrace Regulators & Outlaw Camp ! They will be at the South Eastern Regional Ambush at Caverns Cove Alabama this year as the Tennessee state champions hope to see you all there!
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    A couple of years ago I found a really sad, ratty looking old Resistol hat in an antique store. It fit my size 8 melon and, after looking it over closely, it seemed sound, just dirty and misshapen. I gave $45.00 for it and the man who owned the store told me that a young lady came in with the hat and a story: Seems her great grandpa bought the hat for himself as a Christmas gift in 1941, put it away on a shelf, and waited for Saint Nick. A coupe of weeks later the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the man went down and joined the Navy. He was sent to the Pacific and never came home. The family never got rid of it and finally her mother told her to find it a good home. I had it cleaned and re-blocked, then a lady shaped it further to my liking. I wear it a lot and on my trip to Las Vegas this past week I went to a place called Arizona Charley's for breakfast. I was waiting for some other folks when a lady walked over and asked me if I was Arizona Charley. I laughed and told her that I was Arizona Tom but thanks for the compliment. I later found a characterization of Arizona Charley and danged if that old fart isn't wearing my hat. I have a dozen or more hats, four made by Bob "All Hat" Dumez (RIP) from California, some just right for Sunday-go-to-meeting or coronations. some for getting down and dirty, and some that aren't even western style, but this old black veteran is my favorite hat by a huge margin. The Randoph Scott Confererate grey that Bob made for me is #2.
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    Howdy First off, wood is a natural product, so the color can vary from stock to stock. It is true that both Cimarron and Taylor's import Uberti products, and other than the name stamped on the barrel, they are identical. What many shooters don't realize is that when they left the factory, most Winchesters had a red stain applied to the wood under the varnish. Most are used to seeing old guns where the old finish oxidized, or has been refinished. More of a brown walnut color is going to be present on an old gun. This model 1873 left the factory in 1887. The old varnish wore off years ago and the wood was refinished with oil at some point. Hence the brown color. This old Winchester was refinished at some point, The wood was stained and refinished to resemble the way it looked when it left the factory. Notice how much redder it is. Pretty similar to the color of a new Uberti stock.
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    I did. One of my new DIL's sons asked me if I was part of their family, too. I told him I hoped so. He asked how it felt to be partially black. I said "sort of warm and comfortable...and well fed". (He's a chef). He invited me back for Christmas and offered to put together a dinner just for me. I'll be there.
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    Yeah, I know I ma. I just returned from Las vegas where my son married one of the finest women I ever met, a wonderful black woman. I toasted the couple and told the audience (about 140 people) that I now considered he to be my family, my new daughter. I then announced that her family is now my family, too and then said "Now I know that many of you will be surprised and mortified that you are now Scots-Irish and Italian." I wasn't sure how that would be taken but it sure got a lot of laughter and applause. It was great weekend. Yeah, I'm a white supremist.....in a pig's ass.
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    While you have the magazine tube opened up, polish the port hole, clean and polish inside of tube, apply wax, trim magazine spring to no more than 3" longer than the tube. On the 1894c you can probably go as short as 2". I made this tube mod to my Marlin 1894c.
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    Billy the Avenger has a video out there which shows how to slick up a Marlin 94cb. Marauder has one but I haven't seen his. This is how I did mine. Watched the video and followed the instructions. Basically, you buy a lighter spring kit from one of the many SASS vendors out there. Then, switch out the lever plunger spring, the hammer spring, change the firing pin to a one piece firing pin. Remove the plastic follower and replace with a metal one. After the gun is apart, sand down all moving parts as shown on the video with # 6 sandpaper, lightly oil and then put back together. Then, work the action back and forth and fire the gun a lot. Then your all set.
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    Yeah, I just found my Swiss Army knife that fell out of my pocket last week. Good thing it’s red.
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    Only if your State allows it! Some of our 50 States are "may issue" locales where carrying concealed without a permit can get your guns impounded and you fitted for a pair of bracelets. Know your State and Local laws. When in doubt, have your guns in locked cases, and ammo separate from the guns. Either in the trunk, or if an SUV, in the cargo compartment. Laws in some areas might not even allow that. Check the published laws first, before relying on what you many hear or see in online forums.
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    If % clean =fun....Black Gold must be great fun with 25% clean shooters! Crips, I even shot it clean! I've long suggested that we should be allowed to throw out our worse stage and be scored on the remaining. I want to change my alias to " One Bad Stage"
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    "It seems very pretty," she said when she had finished it, "but it's rather hard to understand!" (You see she didn't like to confess, even to herself, that she couldn't make it out at all.) "Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas—only I don't exactly know what they are! However, somebody killed something: that's clear, at any rate."
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    If he does, we'll find out in about a week to 10 days. The swelling ought to be down enough by then for Pat to see well enough to post.
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    Whiskey Row gunslingers are great people to get to know,within driving distance{easily}there's Winter range, Yavapi Rangers,Cowtown Cowboy Shooters and ACSA at Ben Avery. Alittle farther will be Rio Salado,Pima Pistoleros, and the DustyBunch at Casa Grande and the club in Flagstaff is going so you should have lots of options
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    I am the newest member of the Whiskey Row Gunslingers up here in Prescott, AZ. A great bunch of pards to shoot with. We have a match the 2nd Sunday of the month at our range nestled high up in the pines about 15 miles south of Prescott. Everyone is friendly and you will feel right at home here. This is a great place to live, the high desert has a great climate, similar to the Midwest but not as extreme, and I moved here from Illinois. We also get together every Thursday morning for breakfast at Zeke's Cowboy Restaurant in the Frontier Village Mall. Looking forward to meeting you and welcome to the great state of Arizona!
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    Amazing what changing from Major to Minor key does to a song.
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    Very intriguing.... https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/11/us/ar-15-guns-law-atf-invs/index.html LL
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    There used to be a good hat guy over in the next town but he pulled up stakes and headed south a few years back.
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    D-J can do it, he’s done some nice hat rebuilding for me. You might call Smitty up in Fairplay at CMH he’s pretty good at restoring hats too.
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    Not to worry the gang in Prescott will treat you like family. The whiskey Row Gunslingers is a great club with a great facility. Although I'm from the Phoenix area I drive up there regularly to shoot in their matches. Just shot there Sunday- great time with great people. See u soon Hells Comin
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    Safe travels and may your new home be a blessing in many ways. Knowing some of the Pards from Indiana, I can understand your feelings of leaving. ..........Widder
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    Be careful with this after a few months of shooting the spring will compress.
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    Billy did wife's and it is as smooth/ maybe smoother than the one widder did for me.
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    If you are still looking I have a 12 gauge hammered TTN.
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    I'd personally go with Taylor's regardless of finish because of their OUTSTANDING customer service.
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    It’s about time!! They should loose any nonprofit classification if they don’t defend Second Amendment issues as vigorously as they do other Constitutional and civil rights causes!! But thanks to them for the support on this issue!
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    Just for grins and giggles try some white lithium grease on the base pin. Joe West showed me that years ago and it seems to keep the crap out and the cylinder turning, be it Ruger, Colt, or Remmy cap gun.
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    Looks like it might have been a submarine for a period of time. Imis
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    Judging a match by the number of clean shooters is kinda silly. The last time I went to a big match that was set up to be difficult was 2006....it was an annual with 150 shooters. I can safely say that since that match I have not been to one that was NOT cleanable. That doesn't mean that all the matches I've shot had high percentages of clean shooters. It just means that if you paid attention to the stage instructions and your front sights you could very easily shoot clean. I've been to plenty of matches where shooters exceeded their abilities and received 5 second speeding tickets. As someone who had the privilege of helping put on some big matches 300+ shooters, I would say to set your match up and then walk it.....How does it feel? Are the targets hittable? Are the instructions clear? Are there any P traps or safety issues? If you feel good about the answers to those questions, then let it roll. I would tell shooters to go look at the stages BEFORE the match starts and see how it feels. Give the match a fair assessment and tell yourself where to push on the throttle and where to let up. I think most shooters will find that the match they call difficult AFTER they shot it would probably not have given that same assessment BEFORE they shot it. Match performance usually will influence match assessment. I went to 2 big matches this year that had all the pistol targets set between 5 and 6 yards, the rifle targets were maxed out at 12 and the shotgun targets were fine. Both had plenty of movement. One I crapped out on.....the other was probably my best shooting performance ever. My performance was not indicative of the caliber of either match. The were both good matches. Not perfect matches but good solid honest shooting competitions. I shot a match yesterday that had a polish plate rack with 6 plates on it....Yes it spins once you knock the first plate off.....It was a hoot.....We shot some flying clays. We even shot a couple of stationary clays with the rifle. You actually had to aim.....Wow. There were also some targets you could absolutely hammer. We had the ability to clean up the clays with the shotgun and between the rifle and pistols you had 14 shots to take off the 6 plates.....More than reasonable. It was ENTERTAINING as well as challenging......15% shot it clean. IMHO....Entertainment is not rooted in any one aspect of our shooting sport. All the targets don't have to be in your face for a match to be entertaining. The pistol string and the rifle string don't have to match on every stage to be entertaining. All the targets don't have to be at the same height to be entertaining. VARIETY is the key to entertainment. Try to give each "shooting camp" a little something to salivate over. Stan
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    Go ahead on and say it. Everything that happens with a gun is our fault. Let's throw it back in their teeth.
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    My sincere thanks to everyone who has replied! I have tried Numrich, PGS, and a couple of dozen other online sources without success. Out of stock or out of production. Looking for an antique “take-off/salvage” one at this point. I don’t know how to post a picture, but I’ll attach a link to an early model stock I missed on eBay. Basically the tang on the early crescent buttplates is significantly longer than the later models, transitioning to the shorter ‘73 style somewhere between serials 60,000 and 90,000. My stock is cut for the original tang. My thanks again to everyone for your suggestions and the warm welcome! And Imis, I’ve a bunch of good hats! Thanks! Here’s the link. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202758405454
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    I went with JM Leather and love his work! Not cheap but worth what you get! John Ross J M Leather Bulls Gap, TN (423) 754-1285
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    If you deprime first-The primer pocket comes out as clean as the rest of the case. OLG
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    Yup-you're play'n with fire. Wife may just push you off that scooter next time...... OLG
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    My thoughts? Honestly? I would rather go fishing than shoot stages like that.
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    FYI The rifle blanks will work in 45LC, 44 Mag and 44-40. I have used a 94 Marlin in 44 Mag for years.
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    I would first see how it runs with your SASS loads. Wolff Gunsprings has a lighter hammer spring that goes a long way to 'slickn' the action. I would also see how it feels after run'n about 500 rnds of SASS ammo through it. The only thing I would do now, is to get one of Slick's SS mag followers to replace that POS factory plastic one. Make sure ALL the screws are 'tite'. OLG
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    Go to: https://marauder.homestead.com/files/TUNING_M_1894.htm Good info on tuning Marlins
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    Lieut. Charles B Gatewood and Kitty LaRue, EoT 2002
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    RIP Cactus Concha.
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    Flint Westwood, SASS #94, EoT Top Gun, 1983 — with Dennis Martinez.
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