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    I’m thinking that all of the legalese in the world won’t prevent some over aggressive lawyer from a lawsuit and given the fact that a match hosting some number of shooters and spectators greater than two would be vulnerable regardless of these or ANY guidelines!! My personal feeling is that this “lockdown/quarantine” is a huge mistake and might well be the greatest fraud ever committed on the population!! I sincerely hope that not one more person falls ill from this virus, but it’s time to come out of hiding and stop living in fear!!
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    Remember 1969? They had a small gathering called Woodstock? There was an influenza "epidemic" (Hong Cong Flu) going on that killed 100,000 in the US and over 1,000,000 world wide. We did not shutdown the nation and survived rather well. That was without government guidelines requiring questionable reporting in death certificates to inflate the virus impact. (Multiple Doctors around the nation have reported on the deceptive guidelines.) So we have never seen anything like this before. (Where the healthy were quarantined instead of the ill.) The over-restrictive requirements that were meant to be helpful were not sustainable. People are now essentially rebelling. So we were forced from one extreme to another. A good friend in very poor heath in her late 70's got it and we doubted she could survive. She's fine now and being scheduled for her hip replacement. So this virus is very unpredictable and shows to be survivable over 99% of the time. As a sickly old guy, I'm still careful, but realize we just need to use common sense as we did with other virus's. The virus is serious, but this has been well described as a panicdemic.
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    We lived through Woodstock and the Hong Kong flu, I’ll bet we get through the Kung Flu just fine. Giving up our civil liberties so easily may not be survivable.
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    History Channel has a documentary about Grant 9:00 est
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    Michael112 Responded to my ad I’m looking for a Ruger MPR of course his friend Carter Klaus had one. A quick internet check he’s been on other gun forums scamming. Wanted Zelle payment didn’t even want a FFL. total scam
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    The guy in front isn't wearing gloves.
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    I try to stay out of the Outlaw discussions but this is a straight up question. Marshal since there are not hard and fast rules you can always get with the other Outlaws and ask if they want to allow aiming at a small target. We have shot poppers from the hip, miss a lot, others are really good at it. Yazoo City Gal has hit more poppers than she misses. Me, I miss most of the time. I like small targets occasionally, slow down and look at the center of the target.
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    Publishing guidelines is a catch-22, it seems to me. If folks get sick attending a match that is scrupulously following guidelines then it seems to me a sharp lawyer could make a case for negligence. In my ignorant non-legal opinion, we just need to take responsibility for ourselves. If I happen to be at a match that permits unsafe gun handling, I will vote with my feet and leave. Similarly, if I am at a match where I worry about getting infected (corona, measles, ticks, cooties, whatever) I will leave. I guarantee that there will be matches that do not follow these “guidelines”. I’m responsible for my health, not SASS, not the Governor, not the President...just me.
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    The virus in one form or another is a fact of nature and will be with us until some cataclysmic event destroy earth . This pandemic is something we (they) have created.
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    what sort of "medicinal enhancements" are needed to get you that high ???? (not in my own personal lifetime ... )
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    I don't know about anyone else but I'll be glad when we're past this.
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    With all the crowds of people who were out this past week/weekend ... it will be clear ... Either cases will spike ... or not ... If not ... it will be over w/o regard to any guidelines or directives ...
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    That might be difficult to prove without diligent "contact tracing", wouldn't it?
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    My legs were shaking just looking at the pic...dang where was the photographer positioned .
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    Here is the finished mount hanging on the man cave wall. Should he get tired of the gray side of the fish all he has to do is rock the mount a little and lift up and turn it around and sit it down.
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    OMG!!!! They were wonderful!!! Uno thanks you profusely, as do I. I served them with fresh out of the oven corn bread with honey butter and peas. Dessert was German Chocolate Cake and decaf. Thank you again!!
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    When I'm that high, I want a big fan in front of me and a couple of wings on either side.
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    History Channel has a documentary about Grant at 9:00 est sorry double post
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    No. It is the same distance for all Outlaws.
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    Went to Cass, West Virginia to see the Cass Scenic Railway. An old logging line made into a Museum railroad. They still run the old geared steam locomotives from Cass up to Bald Knob and back. The sound of the steam whistles echoing through those mountains has to be heard to be fully appreciated.
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    Bad relatives on the other hand... Loan each one $100. Then every time they show up, jam them up for it. Do not let any opportunity go by without jamming them up to repay. They will soon quit coming around. Best $100 you might ever spend in your life.
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    But the trip involved is worth something too....
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    Put a battery disconnect out of view. Maybe two disconnects. Turn it off EVERYTIME you are done using the tractor. "Sure Buddy!" Give me ten minutes and I'll make sure the gas tank is full for you! It ran fine the last time you borrowed it, didn't it? Tell you what. You run into town, buy a new battery and I'll put it in when you get back." "What's this? Receipt for the battery? We'll call it even for the times you borrowed my tractor. Still doesn't turn over. Hard telling how long it take me to get it running or even if I can. Go ahead and go home and I'll call if I get it running." Then go fishing.
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    if your telling me we are not going back to normal im telling you that life is over , XXX are we really buying into this load of crap ? if biden gets elected will it by majic go away ??? this is too much for even the over educated to swallow - i get the ignorant , but really ??????
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    Hey pard, I was born and raised in Iowa, and I've played baseball on the Field of Dreams. That movie was a big deal to us little people.
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    Lee makes a die set to load the .38 short and long colt, They are reasonably priced and worth the cost. Here are some places that carry them. https://www.amazon.com/LEE-PRECISION-90276-Carbide-Set-38/dp/B00162UMR2 https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/dept/reloading/dies/38-colt https://www.titanreloading.com/lee-38-shortlong-colt-3-die-set-carbide
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    I thought the same thing about the person holding the camera. I get a little shaky meowndangself when I look at pics like this. ..........Widder
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    TNX CHL 269 on Direct TV. OLG
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    +1 I agree, RE: Don Jones, a.k.a Cody Conagher I bought my Uberti, 1873 Winchester from him and specified barrel length, etc. He can tell you all the various options. He performed his full. “Codymatic” workup on it, which included a dovetail, gold dot front sight. I had him install a full buckhorn rear sight, which many people do not like, by the way. He sent it to my California FFL, from who I took delivery. Very smooth, quick, and never a single failure. Here’s (BELOW) his contact information. — Check out his website, too: http://www.codyscowboyshop.com/ "Cody Conagher" = Don Jones Cody does "CodyMatic" Win73 reproduction short stroke modifications. Does a good job, too. **Certified Gunsmith (304) 258-1516 The Cowboy Shop Cody Conagher (Don Jones) 12040 Valley Road Berkeley Springs WV 25411 email: cody6986@frontier.com website: http://www.codyscowboyshop.com/ Cat Brules
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    Our first monthly shoot of the year. Must have your range release completed with you to turn in http://www.ohiovv.com/sites/default/files/Release from Liability and membership form no date_0.pdf See you there.
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    I also use the pistol grip for those. OLG
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    Like it or not, the horse is out of the barn. You can do your own search but a massive number of people are out this weekend hitting any recreational spot available. And they are not a bit concerned about social distance orders. Pictures of the Osage Beach at Lake of the Ozarks show thousands of people packed tightly in one small area. And it's only going to escalate through the summer.
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    Not surprising. Looks like Walmart GW
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    And this is from a man (?) who thought Nunchucks was a steak that Nuns eat during a religious ceremony. Then later, when he found out different, he used them to bust his skull and test jockey cup integrity...... ..........Widder
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    Well, now I got something else to look at on my shooters when I clean them. So there's that.
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    I don't like seeing unarmed security officers if they are wearing full uniforms that look like police. Bad guys see a uniform and that's enough to set one of them off.
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    But Barkeep can definitely keep some bar!
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