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    I repeat (in my head), "Don't screw up. Don't screw up. Don't screw up."
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    Last night the city of Edgewood NM voted to become a 2nd. Amendment Sanctuary City. Our very own SASS CEO Misty Moonshine and Wildshot spoke at the meeting. I could not be more proud to be a part of a organization that walks the walk. You can listen to the audio here Misty starts at about 1:08-15 followed by WIldshot.
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    Eyesa, and that is exactly why you go into the woods with someone who is slower than you..... or carry atleast ONE round to shot em in the leg..... ..........Widder
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    Well, I picked up my Marlin Tuesday evening and took it to the range yesterday evening. I still haven’t unpacked my reloading equipment and don’t have enough .38/.357 CAS ammo for a match right now so I bought some Blackhills .38 and .357 (same loading - 800 FPS for both) to test it out and to use at the match coming up. The Marlin worked very well. I put 100 rounds down range shooting .38 Special and .357. It fed nicely. No hiccups there. The action is a bit stiff. It will definitely need some work. It’s not bad, just not real good. The gun shoots 3” high at 20 yards with that ammo. Which is fine for now. The thing that surprised me is the lever throw. It’s shorter than I expected. After a couple of magazines my fingers hurt (need to wrap that lever). The throw on this gun is shorter than my old 92 Rossi and definitely shorter than my 94’s. I am very happy with my new toy. It just needs a little work, but it’s good enough for the upcoming match.
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    I've heard it over and over again from so many different seasoned Cowboy shooters but there's a significant portion of this game that's mental. So over the last year I've worked a lot on putting my mind in the right place at the beginning of every stage and for me it starts at the loading table. I try to make every stage the same I try not to deviate from it as much as possible. I walk up rifle is always in the right-hand, shotguns always in the left hand and pistols are holstered. Soon as I get up to the loading table I lay my rifle and shotgun down. Then lever my rifle to show clear, close the lever and drop my hammer. From there I immediately load my rifle and then set it off to the side. I always pull my right pistol first, load it, and then draw my left pistol, and load it. From there I double check that I have the shotgun shells that I need and to be a good pard I look at the guy in front of me and the guy behind me to make sure they have shotgun shells, a trick my old buddy Chilli Pepper Kid taught me. From there I try to stay as relaxed as possible and go through the scenario in my head but once I'm on deck I go through a short mantra of "smooth is fast, and transitions are key". When the shooter in front of me shoots I don't watch them shoot but I certainly listen to them shoot and I visualize every shot that they make hitting the target that it's supposed to as I've laid it out in my head. It helps if you try to shoot after someone that is a smooth or methodical if you can. Once they're done shooting again I'll put my rifle in my right hand my shotgun my left hand and point them vertical awaiting to be called the firing line. For me the next step is the most important part of my entire process. As soon as I get called up to the firing line I put the biggest smile / grin that I can on my face and remind myself that this stage is going to be the most fun stage that I shoot all day and to enjoy the moment. Trying to channel as much positive mental attitude as possible. Once I stage by firearms I keep that smile on my face and go to the starting position and wait instructions for my TO. Once I hear the beep we're off and running following muscle memory sending lead down range. While that was long winded I try to do this on every stage. It helps me focus and get my head in the right place. What is your process, what do you do? What little mantras do you say in your head?
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    I'm going to have to memorize the serial numbers on my Colts so i can tell them apart.
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    Rant away. Most of us feel the same way.
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    It's 100% mental and 100% physical......one does no good without the other. You can have all the speed in the world but without a solid mental game you will not consistently perform at a high level. You can have the best mental game in the world but without the physical ability you will not perform at a high level. You have to work on both parts to be successful. Keep in mind that what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Try different things and see what works for you. Also keep in mind that as progress your "mental game" will probably evolve and somethings that are helpful now may not be necessary in the future. I agree with Doc's suggestion to ready Brian Enos' book......I would add Mental Training for Peak Performance Zen Golf was extremely helpful to me Thinking Practical Shooting: A Guide to outstanding Match Performance That's plenty of reading and concepts to keep you busy for a while. Stan
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    The new Sig 365 is a hard pistol to beat for carry. Hoss C.
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    Of course, the story about the Wisconsin reminded me of another, from WWII: https://ww2db.com/ship_spec.php?ship_id=377
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    The only reason I go to gun shows, and not very much anymore, is for something to do when there's nothing to do!
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    While you're thinking about it, take a little needle file and double the size of the notch.
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    I’ve been trying to downsize my container for sometime, not going so well. I just like to eat
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    The misuse of these two is beginning to bug me. So excuse my grammar lesson. Here is an example of their proper use: If you lose your mind you are said to have a screw loose. While I'm at it. It's Oops not Opps. There, now that I got that off my chest I feel better!
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    You guys sound like a bunch of old men sitting aro.... wait a minute! ;)
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    ABSOLUTELY! Matt and my bride's checkbook made me a damn fine looking man. OK, they put cowboy duds on me but I can dream!
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    Contact Matt at Hamilton Gry Goods!! Sass member and supporting vendor. Top quality, fast service, friendly folks, and they stand behind their products!!
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    Don't let anyone kid you, Bruce. You are the only one!
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    I'm a relatively new shooter but I find this, the flow, is the case. It's no different for me in rock crawling or desert racing or whatever else I do. Tune out the extraneous and then just do what needs to be done. That doesn't mean I'm fast or good, it just means I'm trying to reduce the noise in my head. If you asked me what I did with shots 4,5, and 6 out of my revolvers, I likely couldn't tell you but I will remember I was having fun doing it.
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    With out Pic's . Its just talk LOL Just sayin . Rooster
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    I also start at the loading table.. I load all my firearms.. I do not talk to the shooters in front of me.. I feel they are trying to get the stage, as they want it, in their mind.. I hope the shooters behind me give me the same respect.. I go over the stage and transitions as I want to shoot it If I know there is a good smooth shooter in front of me I might watch them.. Sante Fe River Stan has given his mental and physical advice here before.. Great advice.. I've purty much have all his advice down pat.. except fer the mental and physical thingy.. still werkin' on those two.. Rance Thinkin I then go to the line and hope and pray I'm ready
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    I have spent a good bit of time in Bear country. You can not be over-armed around them. Great video, and an eye opener for folks that have no real knowledge about bears........ OLG
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    My advice is worth exactly what you paid for you it....LOL. Hope you find something that helps. Instead of thinking about "not screwing up" try focusing on "doing it right"....replace "don't miss" with "get your hits" unless you're talking to your competitor then "don't miss" is perfectly fine . Stan
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    Hey Outlaws I went to this match last year and I liked it so much I am going again this year. There's a whole gang of Eastern Outlaws I never shot with before. These guys welcomed me like I was part of the family. The part you actually WANT to be with. Camping (dry) is plentiful (almost unlimited) and they are only asking for a donation of $10 for the whole weekend. Last year they had a portable shower which was fun. Not kidding, FUN! It was on a trailer and if you wanted to you could probably get some practice skiing. Even if you didn't want to. Pot luck dinner on Friday. What awesome food. Special thanks to whoever made BUCKEYES. I still have dreams about them. The range is in the trees and is mostly covered from the sun. I encourage anybody thinking about it to take the leap. It's a GREAT match. Waimea
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    My 'mental' game is basically non-existent. Like most, I do think about not screwing up. BUT, Stan is the Man and on any given day, he's World Champ Cowboy. His advice above should be wisely considered if someone is wanting to excel in this game/sport. And anytime DOC gives advice/info, it should also be wise to listen. When DOC speaks, even E.F.Hutton listens..... ..........Widder
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    Read this: https://brianenos.com/shop/shoppractical-shooting-beyond-fundamentals/ It's the first step on a long journey.
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    Before the stage, Shot count, shot placement, movement (hands/feet) over and over the stage. After the stage, stupid, stupid, stupid
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    Planning on coming. See you there.
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    Isn’t it getting ridiculous? I started paying attention to the trend of manipulating the customer some time ago. It all started with boxes of Triscuits. They started at 16oz in weight. Then they went to 14, then 13, then 12.5. Now they are at 9 Oz for the same price, or thereabouts. Next was the one that really pizzed me off. Half gallons of ice cream went to 1.5 quarts or 14oz “pints”. Coffee went from 1 pound to 12 Oz with no slow step down in size or price. One day a pound of premium coffee was $7 a pound, the next it was 12 Oz at $7. A couple of months ago I was in a store and saw some weird coffee brand on one shelf at $8.99 for a 12oz bag and right below it were bags of 10.5oz bags for the same price. It’s getting ridiculous. Has as anyone else noticed the higher prices for nearly everything? Butter st $5 and $6 a pound? I really noticed a price jump at Safeway and Von’s a short time after our president announced tariffs. It was as if certain stores didn’t agree with the policy so they increased prices to make a point. Then there is the reports that unemployment is down ( around 3%) and profits are rolling in so someone somewhere said “Hey, we can’t have people thinking ‘all is well’. Let’s raise prices!” Or perhaps it’s just plain greed... Sorry... started going off on a rant.
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    And you were afraid I'd get us kicked out.
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    (took me a minute to get this one)
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    CC. I very much enjoyed your video and congradulate you for the way you pulled it off. I would have at least forgot the string. This is suposed to be fun. Ye-Ha.
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    And badder. When I worked behind the gun counter the first time, I was dealing with an annoying customer who was trying to impress my with his claims of shooting things like the .500 S&W Mag, and .338 Lapua, etc... I don't recall the exact conversation, but he scoffed at one point and asked what the biggest gun I'd fired had been. I shrugged and said "155mm." From down the counter an older gentleman lifted his voice enough to say "I've got you beat." When I looked over and asked "You do?" He grinned and said he was a Gunner's Mate on the USS Iowa. I laughed and said "Yes Sir, you have!" The annoying customer just seemed to disappear.
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    Nothin' wrong with Estrella, but the "garden spot" in AZ is Prescott! Mild 4 seasons and we're always glad to welcome SASS folks to town. Got 2 clubs to shoot with, Whiskey Row Gunslingers (Prescott) and Arizona Yavapai Rangers (Verde Valley). We also have the "World's Oldest Rodeo" (Prescott Frontier Days) and the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering. All combined, about as much fun as any cowboy can handle!
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    A jaywalker gets brushed by a taxi. Jumping back, he stumbles, falls, and hits his head on the curb. A man stops and bends down to help him. Two uniformed Boy Scouts push their way through the gathering crowd, gently move the man out of the way - "Excuse us, Sir" - and start giving yhe jaywalker first aid. The man watches for a minute, then leans down and says, "When you get to the part about getting a doctor - I'm right here".
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    Just found that out. I apologize, but if I can't be grumpy and assume the worst I'll be out of affordable hobbies.
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    Forty has a flip phone and a grumpy disposition. He couldn’t possibly get us a photo of his new baby... Nudge, nudge, wink, wink...
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    You're spending way to much........ https://www.powdervalleyinc.com/product/hodgdon-clays/ https://www.powdervalleyinc.com/product/cci-500-small-pistol-primers-1000/ Order from PVI and it will be delivered to your door-They will combine primers and powder(up to 48LBS)under one haz-mat fee. OLG
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    Part of this is driven by the calories per serving gestapo. A lot of snack foods had too many calories in a serving. The manufacturers decided that the easiest way to comply was to reduce the size of the product. On paper it complies with the regulations and by reducing the size slowly over time most consumers are unaware that they are paying the same amount for less product. Fast food is another example. I would love to have a bigmac, mcmuffin, sausage biscut ect from 30 years ago. Bet the difference in size and weight would be easily noticable .
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    Holy crap! I'm totally impressed how fast they got up that skinny tree. I'm thinking the theory of climbing a tree if chased is pure BS! That was incredible. I'm food if I get chased. Thanks
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    The Vermont Senate is expected to vote on this year’s biggest gun control bill as early as tomorrow. During the last couple of weeks, the Senate Judiciary Committee spent multiple days holding committee hearings and a public meeting on a package of gun bills. Gun owners turned out in force at the public meeting in Randolph Center last week. After much debate and consideration, the committee opted to start from scratch and author its own committee bill. S.169 is the new committee bill. This legislation passed the Senate Judiciary Committee last Friday on a 3-2 vote, and it is now on the Senate floor calendar. It is expected that the full Senate will vote on the bill tomorrow. Please contact your state Senator and urge them to OPPOSE S.169. S.169 contains provisions from multiple bills, both good and bad, including S.22. As written, S.169 creates a 24-hour waiting period for purchasing handguns. The committee went on to incorporate “fixes” to last year’s magazine ban, as well as remove the sunset date on an exemption for competitors at shooting competitions, and address an oversight whereby responding law enforcement from out-of-state could be in violation of last year’s magazine ban. While these “fixes” are indeed improvements over what was offered in the original bills, gun owners can never accept a waiting period on a constitutionally guaranteed right. Please contact your state Senator and respectfully ask for a “NO” vote on S.169.
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    I load 2.7 gr of Solo 1000 in 38 and 357, behind a 125 rnfp, Fed sp primers and crimped in the groove. I only bother since my 73 likes the 357 length for feeding and Jersey Bratt's 94M wont hold 10 of 357 length. I can interchange the ammo in pistols and not tell by recoil or POI which case length I am shooting. Both loads come in low but legal on PF and are easy on the hands, ears and nerves. Imis
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    Stopped going to gun shows for a while, now. Retail prices and the same old, same old...
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    If still in doubt put the pearl on one side and the Ivory on the other .
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    It was totally 100% my fault... period!!
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    I'm sure for the first few matches she will be using my stuff. She has her own non-SASS guns, has a good job, and a master's degree that the VA paid for. (She got hurt in the army.) So, her comment when I told her the cost of the guns was, "Well. I've spent more on dumber things." So, the hope is that she will eventually get her own things.
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