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    That reminds me of a young buck who hung around here. I was at my desk in front of the window one day and he showed up with pine boughs in his antlers. Then, the UPS driver showed up. I asked him if he saw the buck. He laughed and said he thought it was a decoration until it walked off.
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    '43. In Italy. Rough year. Who knew Italy as full of wine?
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    As a former LEO, the word you are looking for is-NO. OLG
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    Well, I guess it was bound to happen. Considering Red Knee and I will not be at the TN State this year, the list of 'excuses' has seem to disappear from wire conversation. No broken arms or injured wrist stories. No shoulder injuries from being bucked from wild stallions, etc..... BUT NOW, guess who 'burnt his hands'? YEP, TN Williams. He called me seeking some sympathy this afternoon but until my body gets better from recent surgery, I told him I didn't have any sympathy to share. He's got 2 weeks to heal but don't be surprised if he shows up with wrapped hands, and probably in a wheel chair due to an ingrown toenail. ..........Widder
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    Let's not make this personal by bringing facts into this, eh.
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    No way. You just gave permission to search, and the OP wants to find a polite way to decline -- you accomplished the opposite of what the OP wanted. Asking permission to search is an officer's job; there is absolutely nothing intimidating about asking for his/her supervisor to be there. There are several levels of intrusion the police can make into someone's private lives. Each level of intrusion requires a different level of proof. The lowest level is called "consent" and carries NO BURDEN OF PROOF WHATSOEVER. It means the person being addressed is free to leave at any time and is present of their own volition. The same holds true for a consensual search -- the person is free to leave and does not have to allow the search to take place; they are doing it of their own volition. The second level of intrusion is "investigatory detention," and the corresponding burden of proof is "reasonable articulable suspicion." At this point, a suspect is NOT under arrest, but there is enough proof that they are NOT free to leave, either. There are thousands of court rulings on the exact definitions. The third level is arrest, and the corresponding burden of proof is "probable cause." A search of a home requires this level of proof, and almost always (very few exceptions) requires a warrant signed by a judge. However, many searches of a vehicle can be conducted without a warrant, but require this level of proof as well. If this level has been reached, you cannot deny the officer the search -- he/she is going to search whether you like it or not, and interfering with them will land you in jail. I have had more than one driver (or even passenger) loudly scream about how they did not consent to me searching their vehicle, to which my response was, "I've noted your objection. Now please get out of the way before I arrest you." The fourth level is conviction, and the corresponding burden of proof is "beyond a reasonable doubt." But this question really rooted in the first level of intrusion -- consent. In these cases, the driver DOES NOT have to allow the search. The Supreme Court has multiple rulings on this one. For example, the driver MUST BE FREE TO LEAVE before the officer asks for consent. In other words, if the officer is holding the driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance, they are not free to leave. If they are detained in the back of a patrol cruiser, they are not free to leave. You get the point. The average reader is asking why on earth someone carrying an illegal item would give consent, and I'm here to tell you, they absolutely do. I don't know why, but I know they do. And I followed ALL the rules -- driver free to leave, use the word "search" instead of a euphemism like "look around," etc. I got more dope off consent searches than I can even recall. So back to the original question: How to decline. I'd advise you just to do it politely, such as, "Officer, I'd rather you didn't." He/she may ask a few follow up questions -- let's face it, any good cop is suspicious and may assume you are hiding something by declining, but we all know that isn't true. Some people just don't want another person nosing around in their stuff, whether they have something to hide or not. The rookies may even ask, "Are you hiding something?" I would simply respond, "No, I just don't want to take the time out of my day to have another person snooping around in my stuff." If the officer demands the search, or informs you they are searching your vehicle with or without your consent, one of two things is happening: 1) They have a legal reason to, which you can fight about in court later. As I said before, engaging with them on this is a good way to get arrested. Voice your objection but do not interfere, and then file a complaint with Internal Affairs and / or consult an attorney about suing them. 2) The cop is a dumba$$ and doesn't know how to play the gam,e correctly. Unfortunately, I worked with several of these guys; they do exist. So in the case of either #1 or #2, my advice from #1 applies.
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    I have been digesting the book, Cowboy Life. It is a collection of excepts from other books written in the late 1800s-early 1900s. One of the stories tells how Texas cowboys wore red sashes to use as piggin strings to tie the cow's legs together. It says the sash was more pliable than rope. The same writer also said they prefered red cotton hankerchiefs and wore them with the knot to the back. I guess the movie Tombstone was kind of accurate afterall.
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    Rarely will I drop anything that has to do with nanner splits or puddin. I did melt one of those plastic spoons eating some nanner puddin one time though. I carry my own special spoon now. Have a holster and everything. It's set up for crossdraw.
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    Well 2 weeks (14 Days) from today the hammers start to fall on primers at Wartrace. Here's hopin' your powder is dry and your primers are fresher than Blue Wolf's have been lately. First time I've ever seen a shotgun wad gently lay a knockdown to rest.
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    Cyruss Cassidy and Lawman Mark both nailed it. 'Nuff said.
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    “No” ”I can get a warrant.” ”Go ahead and get a warrant. There will be no search without one.” One hour later he let me go. Funny thing is. Had he been nice I would have said “Sure, go ahead.” He didn’t like the stickers on my cross bed tool box, I am pretty sure, because he commented on them and couple of times. 1. Impeach Clinton 2. I love animals, they’re delicious 3. Gun Control Works, just ask the people in these countries ( there was a swastika and a sickle and hammer on the decal) 4. NRA Life 5. CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Assoc.) He probably thought I was a crazy gun toting conservative hell bent on freedom or something. Cost me an hour but... Then there was the time in ‘86 the El Segundo CA cops wanted to disassemble my Harley to look for drugs. That is a long story. They didn’t get the warrant. I rode away an hour older with a new found disdain for the El Segundo PD.
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    Not really, PRK is controlled buy SAN, LAX & SFO. Those 3 cities also have ridiculously high percentage of voter fraud. OLG
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    That ^ fixes loose dovetailed sights. A Great Western revolver (Pietta made SAA clone) has a blade soldered into rectangular slot along top of barrel. I'd bet EMF will fix it under warranty! Good luck, GJ
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    I would give it a try depending on the when and where. I have moved into Senior Gunfighter but I can hold my own against the youngsters. I am also a Gunsmith.
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    Deer in a ghillie suit. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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    I used Locktite Black Max to hold the front on my friends Ruger that fell off. Still holding 3 yrs GW
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    Absolutely a first time shooter is assigned an experienced shooter to monitor him from gun cart to loading table, then loading table to firing line. Turned over to TO. Then when done escorted to ULT, cleared and taken back to guncart. Remind them to breath ! Usually they have a big silly looking grin on their face! We stay with them for as many stages (or matches) as needed until they are comfortable with the procedure
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    Flush sight area with brake cleaner and dry. 1 drop of red #271 Loctite on the sight's base, and place in 200* oven for 30 minutes to set the Loctite. OLG
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    Last fall at the cabin. My front yard. Yeah BMC, thar be brookies in that crick!
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    Slim, I will do that! Early on with the Hawken I discovered that it preferred fffg over ffg. A few years ago I played with Triple-7 with good results - even won a turkey shoot with it shooting Maxi-Balls. A quick anecdote: About 1975 I was at the Manteca Sportsman's Club one fall weekend, just finishing a long and enjoyable day of shooting. Just about dusk, Hank walks up to me and sez "Ya know, I've never shot your Hawken! Lemme try that thing..." So I handed it to him, then passed over the horn and measure. "Hell, I don't need that" he said and declined the measure. "Yeah ya do!" "Naw... I'm just gonna try it out" and started to pour powder from the horn directly into the barrel. "Huh! Nothing's coming out!" he said. He turned toward the West and held the rifle up so he could see the muzzle in silhouette against the rapidly fading grey of the sky. Powder was pouring! "Dammit, Hank... Just dump it out and start over - here's the measure!" "Aw hell, it don't matter none - it's just black powder!" and he started a ball. I have no idea how much powder was in that barrel... but when he seated the ball, it did not go so very far down the tube. I'm pretty sure it was well uphill of a thousand grains... might've been two or three thousand! "Dammit, Hank!" I scolded. "Here's a screw - put it on the end o' that ramrod and pull that ball and dump out the powder!" "Aw hell - it'll shoot!" he said, and cocked the hammer, mashed on a cap, and threw the short rifle to his shoulder. I started t back up , intent on crawdaddy-ing my way outta the danger zone. When he touched that thing off, it was MOST impressive indeed! Ba-ROOOM! she spoke. Almost like in slow motion, a VW Beetle sized cartoon-balloon ball of flame came out of the mouth of that gun and rolled about fifty yards downrange, shrinking in size as it progressed. And, it was accompanied by a well-illuminated, giant smoke ring. Hank took about eight or nine quick steps backward and landed on his butt. He looked at the gun in the faint light from a nearby bulb, then said "Well... I guess it works," and handed it to me. Amazingly, it survived! The only damage was a 1/2 inch long crack in the wood just at about 10 o'clock from the through-stock lock bolt. Now, forty-five years later, whenever I notice that flaw I smile and remember my old pard....
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    Alays peaceful here. The big Cottonwood is our sentinel tree. It's always the first to change. Nice cool northern breeze today makin Old Glory stand out against the Fall sky. I went over to Durango yesterday and the Aspens are staring to turn color at around 8,000 ft. The smoke cleared quite a bit too. Stll hazy on the horizon to the west though.
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    Well, we all know she is a better shot than you are, Pop.
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    I've seen some pretty good brush piles caught on a bucks head. A good size coil of bailing twine once. Last year Kaya shot a buck that I thought had something caught on its antlers. Nope, just antlers!
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    That is for the road hunters.
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    So by "executive order" the Governor (king) of California has banned all gas vehicles by 2035. I'm sure this will work out just as well as their green electric energy policy that has resulted in extended blackouts and power outages. Gosh, can't wait for Democrats to impose ever more of their quality of life destroying anti-freedom dictats on the rest of America. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-09-23/gavin-newsom-fracking-ban-california-zero-emissions-cars
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    Super Stage this weekend. Horse and buckboard is ready! Horse's name is "Old Blue".
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    That reminds me of the old days before tactical weapons became so popular. You went to any gunshow and you'd see a bunch of hunting guns, some traditional muzzleloading Kentucky and mountain rifles, and plenty of cowboy guns. Powder horns, leather, etc too. Now it has to be a themed Civil War, antique, or Black Powder show to see any of that. I'd drive a couple hours for a small show and several more hours for a big show, if they had s decent guaranteed number of tables booked.
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    And people wonder why we have the Electoral College and two Senators from each state.
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    Looks like any another mostly peaceful protest against white privilege. I was going to suggest that Princeton offer this gentleman a full scholarship to help them assuage their guilt at their newfound racism. On further examination, I see he has already learned everything American universities are teaching these days.
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    Couple three years ago I had a T-Mobile sim in a phone for a friend who was visiting. Often had “no service” so I let the subscription expire. Many mobile companies are advertising free phone if you sign up with us. In that case they have you on the hook before they hand over the phone. Now the tack is to send a phone and expect that I activate it. Well I was born the day before yesterday, I know that the phone can be considered a free gift. and t-mobile phones are not locked, phones are all unlocked outside USA, and if anyone can screw with a phone to unlock it, it’s Russians and Chinese.
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    This tool is used to clean up threads. But could be used to checker or cut grooves in a buttplate I'm thinking. I used it to regroove the spur on this old Marlin.
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    She sells sea shells by the seashore!
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    Don't worry, it's a dry cold.
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    Oh we aren't Alaska we only get nippy here. It hasn't gotten past -50 in a long time
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    Barracks lawyer question. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you do not trust someone's legal advice who has no training. A cop does NOT need probable cause to conduct a field sobriety test. That's what they need to arrest the driver AFTER doing the sobriety tests. A cop needs "reasonable articulable suspicion" to do those tests.
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    Man's a joke. And many of us refer to him as "Emperor Newsom." Personally, I think he's the reincarnation of Emperor Norton. I wish I had Photoshop... I'd love to put his face on Emperor Norton's body. I almost choked a few weeks ago when he referred to California as "a Nation State." Can ya just picture all those battery powered fire trucks trundling up to the woods to put out the fires caused by "climate change?" Here's a real eye-opener: Link
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    Mine was “A Grief Observed.” I read it while going through my divorce, a particularly low part of my life on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. it brought me great comfort knowing that a great thinker and man of faith like CS Lewis could also have doubts and wrestle with God while seeking answers.
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    TN you can try to stop them good ole boys but I’m not. EP will think you’re a tv. RR will have the Secret Service and we all know JW don’t no help from anybody.
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