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    Got it!!!! 6 bananas OTD!!!
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    ‘Gilligan’s Island’ star Dawn Wells reveals what she’s grateful for in 2020: ‘This is the country I love’ The 82-year-old famously played Mary Ann Summers, an unapologetic 'good girl' who was stranded on an island with other castaways.
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    I've posted on here before about how I *used to* be a boxer, way back in my youth when I was ten feet tall and bullet proof. I stay in shape because I'm still in the army and because it's generally a good idea. For my age, I'm in immaculate shape, but the operant phrase is "for my age." At 44, I have no business in a boxing ring. Let's also not forget the approximately 40 concussions I've had, so again, NO MORE BOXING. My physical fitness routine includes a lot of weights and cardio. I also have a heavy bag and a double end bag in my gym, so I still wrap and glove up and work the bags. It's a cardio workout the way I do it, but I suppose the method is more about nostalgia. It sure beats going for a 3 mile run. I hate running. But again, I have no business in a boxing ring. To prove it to myself just in case my subconscious was ever considering competing again, I injured myself this morning just hitting the heavy bag. I started with a weights workout with a focus on the back and lats (I work out 5-7 times a week and emphasize a different muscle group each day). This workout included a bunch of pull ups, bent over rows, one-arm rows, overhead pulls, lat pulldowns, etc. So my back and lats were blasted. Then I wrapped up and gloved up and went to add some cardio to the day on the heavy bag. My heavy bag workouts involve a lot of foot movement and head movement, just as if I were training for an actual fight. I throw combinations, throw fast punches with moderate power a lot with a haymaker sprinkled in every now and then, just like I did in real matches (fast and moderate power = hits; haymakers tend to miss but when you land one it's lights out). Suddenly the ribs on my left side started hurting, and they still hurt if I strain myself. It feels like I got punched there. I suppose after blasting my lats and then using them for punches was just too much. But I have to admit, that's the first boxing injury I've suffered at the hands of an inanimate object. My heavy bag doesn't even punch back!
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    (name and link redacted) The young boy said Daddy do your hands hurt ? The father answered, are you hungry, the boy said no, do you like where you live, yes I do said the boy, do you have clothes, again the boy said yes. The father answered, then no, my hands don't hurt .
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    Its seems like every video on YouTube about someones favorite semi-auto pistol makes a big deal out of the 'reset'. Better known as 'trigger reset'. Yet I don't know a single person who can 'accurately' shoot one fast enough to take advantage of a short 'reset'. Heck, I don't even know anyone who can even 'Inaccurately' shoot one fast enough to take advantage of a short 'reset'. Any of you ever pay much attention to your 'reset' when shooting your semi-auto pistols? What's the big deal with having a short 'reset'? ..........Widder
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    Remembering the Thanklessgivings I spent far from home in the service. This would have made it more pleasant. Napolean was right. An army travels on it's stomach. And not just food!
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    Since the thread is still going, here’s Al, my grandson’s seizure alert service dog enjoying a few minutes break at Thanksgiving.
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    Records are incomplete so I can’t say this with certainty. But according to my research from a definitive book about them, it likely served in Grierson's cavalry brigade which consisted of the 6th and 7th Illinois and 2nd Iowa Cavalry regiments. This is the same outfit on which the movie The Horse Soldiers is loosely based. Here are a couple of pics of me shooting it a few years back. The flamethrower image shows a blank being fired for a Fourth of July event. Without a bullet, most of the powder burns outside the barrel!
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    If you've been on this forum for more than five minutes you know I'm an avid numismatist. I'm not just a collector; I study them, hence the label. You're all quite familiar with the buffalo nickel. Back in the mid-1930s the government didn't want to replace the dies each year like they normally did. The Great Depression was hard on the mint, too. So they polished the dies and used them for several years at a time. In the case of 1938, the Denver mint got some dies from the San Fransisco mint, polished out the "S" mint mark, and replaced it with the "D" for Denver. If you look at the photo below, you can see how they didn't polish the S all the way out, so it looks like the D has some extra garbage above it and in the middle hole. This is known as a "D/S" variety. There were several variants of that particular variety, and I spent a few hours with a digital microscope attributing it as the one known as FS-511.
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    The Navy runs on coffee, and so do I! I do like Raylan's penetrating dictum, and I quote: "It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shakes, the shakes become a warning. It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion."
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    My Dad was a machinist. Worked 50-60 hours a week and I cannot count how many times I would get tweezers to pick metal slivers out of his hands.
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    BTW tacks on the hammers are VERY bad for the strings!! Just thought I'd let ya'll know about that. It'll wear them out quicker and they could break easier if played FORTE!
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    Thanks, but this was made in 1863 and saw action. Gonna leave it alone. Will have to wait for one converted before me.
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    Thumbtacks on the hammers is supposed to mimic the “tinny sound” of an out of tune piano. All one has to do is to NOT get the piano tuned! They’re were very few if any piano tuners out west and some of the piano players had a tuning hammer to at least touch up the terribly out of tune notes. These tinny sounding pianos actually hurt my ears! Terrible sounding piano! I couldn’t get through 10 seconds of that!
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    @PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L Of course PWB it was meant as a joke not serious at all. See what happens when I’m coupled up too long, I need to get out more
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    It was by the ear for us. Grandpa said cow or kid, it goes where the head goes.
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    Go to harbor freight today. Buy cheap saw. Cut metal. If cheap saw works... yay! If cheap saw breaks good dewalt saw still works...yay! If space is an issue sell cheap saw once done.
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    Started a new batch of knives. Here are some I just finished
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    Har~! Back about fourteen or fifteen years ago I posted that picture on the Wire. It seems there were a bunch of "cowboys" haranguing about rules interpretations and such, and a few of 'em were becoming real pills. (And as we all know, a "pill" is something hard to take! ) Sooo.... I posted a short message, Introducing Marshall Turk, and proposing the formation of a new sub-group in SASS ~ the Grand Old Brotherhood of Bunkhouse Lawyers, Esq, or G.O.B.B.L.E. Marshall Turk was to be the official Spokesturkey and mascot of the organization. Somehow I don't think the windbags appreciated it, but they at least shut up for a short spell.
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    That's in Joo-lie, raht? We just might. Might be time to go "Unforgiven"... pull off one last job.
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    Nice image. I need a new digital microscope. Which one are you using?
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    Many of us cowboy shooters read Louis L'Amour's books of the west, detectives, sailors and boxers. L'Amour was a professional boxer in the 1920s and wrote boxing articles in the 1930s. The fight scenes in his books show his knowledge and is about as close as most of us will get, except for some, like Cyrus.
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    Enfield carbine. General John Hunt Morgan and his men carried them on his famous Raid, part of which passed through the land of my nativity. They were carried because they could be fed with commonly available powder and caps, and if no Minie balls were ready, they could be stoked like shotguns. My choice, because it was their choice.
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    I have a 5th model Burnside carbine. It's my favorite CW carbine for several reasons: 1- it's the only one I own . 2- the ammunition design is extremely interesting. 3- My great-great grandfather was a cavalry troop with Company A, 2nd Illinois Cavalry Regiment and was assigned a Burnside. It wasn't the 5th model, but it was a Burnside nonetheless.
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    I use 200gr bullets powered with 5 gr. of Red Dot. Always use mag cases, never even had any specials. Marlin 94 stainless. Blackfoot
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    It is a hoax and originally created as a joke. Soda Pop Board of America this explains it all.
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    Not "SASS-legal" for use as either. Four strikes against it for shotgun: 1) Not "pre-1900" design 2) Muzzle-loader 3) Barrel length <18" 4) Pistol grip Not a REVOLVER. ...but y'all KNOW that, right?
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    Brilliant article. But where are the protests for Hans’ comrades who were brutally gunned down by McClane while they were, mostly, peacefully occupying the building to protest the actions of the evil multinational corporation? Some of them were even persons of color and thus clearly specially marked for death by the police. Yes, these protests make about as much sense as most such events now a days. Seamus
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    Well, that explains some things.
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    I'm glad your post explains that, because I was looking at the title trying to figure out what the hell a country western carbine was.
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    JEB, I immediately replied to your PM a couple days ago but haven't heard back from you. Hope you are doing well. ..........Widder
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    And here I was going to guess it might have to do with what he's dottled in that meerschaum of his ...
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    If you’re not familiar with cutting metals, take your material to a metal fab shop and have them cut it for you! One mistake with a metal cutting saw can be catastrophic! I saw a young man killed when a blade like the one you describe shattered!
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    ............................. catchy tune, but I think I've heard it somewhere before ...
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    And her double is crazy fast! She's my hero. Waimea (Tried a double once. Makes a great tomato stake)
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    I like a nice "still life." I keep trying to drink tea. I just don't like it anymore. If it is hot, I can get it down with milk/cream/half-and-half. No iced tea with any additives. I used to "subsidize" the coffee group at work by drinking so much. Now, I have one cup a day with Café d' Vita in it.
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    "Waspers on fence postees, as big as your fistees" my East Tennessee mother said this all the time. I dented my garage door using .45 wax bullets over 209 primers. They shot through 8 layers of cardboard, primers tended to back out and jam the pistol. Imis
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    "But even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all." ~David Lynch. I've had plenty of bad coffee, I've had plenty of amazingly good coffee. I will say that no coffee has tasted so good as that perked over a camp stove until black and strong and had while bleary eyed on a cool morning camping with family and friends, unless it is the flavor of hot bitter coffee tinged with the metallic taste of a canteen cup, shared with brothers in arms after stand-to while the fog lifts and the Army slowly rumbles to life. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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    Side Gate Henry would be a great alias
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    Sept 23-25. Four days of all included shooting. We would love to have yall
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