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    First I would like to say . I wish you all a happy New Year ! I know Some times I may Rub some of you wrong . Thats not my intentions. I have ben told I am little blunt with my wording . And I dont always think how someone might take what Im trying to say . So To Start Out The New Year On A Good Foot . I Say To Any Of You, I Have Offended . Im Sorry And That Was NOT My Intentions. I Pray Everyone Here Has a Blessed New Year !
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    My wife gave me this Awesome bronze sculpture of a 101st trooper.
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    I too was surprised to see that temperatures about 40 degrees and below lead to erratic reports on many lighter loads. I had thought that the temperature would have had to be lower before impacting the loads. Live and learn.
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    I think we both know someone who could fix you right up. Happy New Year to you too. Browns might win a game next year, Steelers resting most of the team
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    But .... But .... But ... Rye ........ You'd have to shoot "real" powder again.
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    I bought a brace of consecutively numbered SAAs in .45 Colt (4.75 in. barrels) off the SASS classifieds for $2400, 6 yrs ago. The prices seem to fluctuate a lot. It seems to be a right time, right place sort of thing.
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    OMG.....Rye, a gunfighter?????? someone needs to evacuate Ohio...... :P
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    Yes and more, LOL. The S&W action depends on two springs; trigger spring inside the rebound slide and the hammer spring. (mainspring) Both bust be matched, this is a SAFETY factor. The trigger spring must be of proper tension so it returns the trigger forward FASTER than the hammer spring pushes the hammer. I will be direct here; some nitwits (not you, other people I um...know) chop off a coil or two off the rebound spring and call it good. If you want to shoot yourself in the butt someday, this is a good plan. Here's why; The internal safeties on the S&W design DEPEND on proper weight springs to function correctly. There's a ledge on the rebound slide behind the trigger that contacts a matching ledge on the hammer. There's also a hammer block that also works off the rebound slide. Both of these DEPEND on that trigger spring (rebound spring) to power the slide forward BEFORE the hammer goes down. Changing only the rebound spring is a bad plan. Get the Wolff kit. Once installed there's a test to see if its done correctly. Unloaded. Cock the hammer, put a pencil down the bore resting on the breechface. Tap the trigger to release the hammer so the trigger springs forward. (I use a magic marker) If the spring tension is correct the pencil is going nowhere. If the trigger spring is too light the pencil will fly out of the barrel. This is why those kits come with one hammer spring and two or three rebound (trigger) springs.
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    What Widder said!! I don't know where I found the time to hold down a job!!!
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    Thell Reed I believe
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    Howdy This is the best book there is on the subject. This link brings you to the author's sight. You can also buy it from Midway or Amazon. http://www.gunbooks.com/sw.html It is not cheap, but it is the best. It is a complete gunsmithing guide for S&W revolvers, covering everything from simple disassembly to complex smithing. As far as tools are concerned, I have a pretty complete set of Brownells Magna-Tip screwdrivers that I use for all my gun work. http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/general-gunsmith-tools/screwdrivers-sets/magna-tip-sets/magna-tip-super-sets--prod417.aspx The only speciaized tool I use to take a S&W revolver apart is this one. Removing the rebound slide spring from a S&W revolver is the trickiest part, and this makes it a little bit easier. http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/handgun-tools/slide-tools/s-w-rebound-slide-spring-tool-prod774.aspx I have used the Wolff spring kits in S&W revolvers, they work fine. But mostly I take old Smiths apart to clean out decades of old gunk. I often find that a complete teardown and clean up is all an old Smith needs to get it working well again. Yes, use proper fitting screwdrivers, and do not pry the side plate off. The Kuhnhuasen book shows you the proper way to remove a side plate.
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    Thank you for all of your kind comments. In about a week I'll be posting some pictures of a cart that I built to pay off a bet I lost to a 10 year old kid.
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    Hey Pup... I thought it was good... Hadn't seen Sawyer in a while... hope he is OK. ts
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    Shooting a single action with a modern two handed grip seems odd to me. I've just never shot a single action that way. It looks like most of the black powder shooters shoot duelist or gunfighter. It seems odd to see someone shooting black powder with a two hand hold. Especially so when shooting cap guns.
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    I like a 60% bees wax 40% lamb tallow for my grease cookies I load under the bullet and 40% bees wax 60% lamb tallow for a paste on top of the bullet for cap guns or making my own felt wads. Have shot two day matches and not have to clean either day with the cookie recipe.
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    YES AND Raise the one for pistols and rifles.
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    In perspective: In 1918 the flu pandemic killed an estimated 100 million people, 5 % of the world's population at the time!
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    Give him a call. Here is his shop number 616-890-6657
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    Doesn't look like a 4 3/4" .44 spl is on the list.
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    Well, I found them useful in Vietnam.
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