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  1. After this years Tusco yearly shoot when I got home and reread the shooter handbook written by Prarie Dawg I was again impressed by background story written by him for each stage. I know he has done this for years but I thought this issue was exceptionally well written, maybe it was because I had seen all the movies. I looked at it this week and reread it again and was again impressed. He has to spend a lot of time writing these books for our yearly shoot. I must be getting soft in my old age but I wanted to express my appreciation to Dawg for the effort he puts into our sport. You can call me cheap but this is all you are getting from me for Christmas. Charlie
  2. I enjoyed the movie myself because I was around when the mobs were active in Youngstown Ohio. A lot of wierd stuff happened there . A guy never knew if their car was going to start or blow up. I think there was more mob hit in Youngstown as anywhere. https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/ohio/back-in-the-day-mafia-mecca-oh/
  3. The Cuyahoga River was the Black Lagoon when you were a kid! So the Creature was in your backyard
  4. After seeing this picture of Seamus we might have a few less Warriors at the range
  5. Ya, but wasn't that Rye ducking under the loading and unloading tables when it started to sprinkle? I wondered why his hat never got damp!
  6. I got a call from Sixgun Seamus last night. He bowed his head and admitted defeat to me again. What a friend
  7. The sound of the bell ringing signaling end of school day during my high school years. Go ahead tell me you've forgotten!
  8. I must live a sheltered life I never heard the phrase zipperhead. Of course never lived around Asian people.
  9. You are right about the danger of using your cell phone while driving. When is the government going to force phone makers to turn off outgoing messaging when the phone is traveling over a certain speed? It would be very easy to do, and look at the crashes it would prevent. Remember "If it saves one life it is worth it"
  10. I am glad to know that I am not the only bothered by the new text speak!
  11. Why do some people who post on forums act as though they are texting someone? They use a group of letters instead of typing out the correct words. If you are too lazy to type the correct words I am too lazy to try and figure out what you are saying. There my complaint of the day.
  12. When that cornmeal comes out of the barrel it is now "Corn Dodgers" Rooster Cogburns favorite treat!
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