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  1. See how much play you have in the bolt and firing pin extension. That was causing binding in mine. Replaced with new parts and took care of the problem. The binding could also affect your firing pin strikes.
  2. No. Page 15 shooters handbook. - A cocked revolver may never leave a shooters hand, including from one hand to the other. This does not apply when loading or reloading on the firing line.
  3. The post that you replied to was indeed a SASS member and you made it sound that he was a taker. That was my impression I got from your post and I probably was not the only one. Maybe you should have made your self clearer who you were talking about.
  4. Just repeating your logic back at you.
  5. That is the way I feel about a lot of the regular posters here that are not members.
  6. For some clubs this may be a problem. As some people get older they tend to drop membership in different organizations. • Maintain no less than 50 % of its total membership in SASS®
  7. Looks like one of those Million Dollar memory guns. Looking at it brings back a Million memories of your childhood.
  8. Don't make fun of Rye! He is so sweet he melts in the rain! When I first met him he was 6' 5". He melted away to his present size. Kind of like Frosty the Snowman in the spring
  9. If you wore pants and underwear under your chaps you wouldn't need a butt cover!
  10. Try here. http://www.addictedtoblackpowder.com/product/
  11. My thoughts are with Hershey and family. I went thru the same thing a couple of years ago. Don't seem right but there is no answer for it. A couple of days after my daughter died of cancer I had a dream of her, we were on the front porch of the house she grew up in. She jumped up on the bannister and I said don't that hurt? She had a big grin on her face and said to me "It don't hurt anymore" that was when I knew she was in a better place.
  12. Won't be able to make it. Have to take grandkids home. Hopefully next month.
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