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  1. I cannot believe this ad. Unbelievable, put down your coffee! https://www.gunbroker.com/item/879349997
  2. This was our Angel, passed away this summer after 17 years on this earth. We both miss her.
  3. I think he means this http://www.biglube.com/BulletMolds.aspx?ItemID=1302742a-9e12-41e5-881f-f99340c6d9e6
  4. http://www.whyteleatherworks.com/BigLube.html
  5. This is a good video that shows air flow with a mask and without one.
  6. In the hammer channel there is a small pin that keeps the arbor from turning. Center punch it and drill it out. Then arbor can be turned out of the frame. File down pin in drill to correct size and before locktite hardens drive new pin in. After locktite hardens upset head of pin with punch and file smooth. It worked for me.
  7. I had one loosen up several years ago. I removed it from the frame and put red loctite on it and reinstalled. Hasn't come loose yet. Course it would depend on how loose it was. I put the barrel on the frame and installed the wedge so arbor was straight while the loctite hardened up over night.
  8. I always make it a habit to press on the wedge at the loading table before capping. It has become such a habit that I forgot I do that. Thanks for reminding me.
  9. I cannot see any moderate Republican or Democrate voting for the 'Wicked Witch of the West"! I give Trump my permission to use that nick name!
  10. I am probably average for Ohio. Can only shoot 6 month of the year. I shoot 2-3 matches a month. So use around 2000 primers if I don't shoot Frontiersman. I know I will use less this year because of the virus.
  11. Some people say voter ID is a burden upon the voting public. I find that argument hard to believe.
  12. Also how long has it been since 30-06 NM ammo was made? The last article I read is that 308 NM ammo was more accurate than 30-06 NM.
  13. Well that explains it I have never been to Disneyland so it went over my head.
  14. Is that a TV show or movie? Never heard of it.
  15. I am 71 and have no idea what it is!
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