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  1. You can have your snakes. I will deal with the weather. PS my dad got bit by a Copperhead so he instilled the fear of poisonous snakes in us kids.
  2. Your club is not following SASS rules so you must not be a SASS affiliated club. Either follow the published rules or don't call yourself a SASS club! Clubs can do whatever you want but they are not in the spirit of the SASS organization. Does that mean I can shoot smokeless powder in a blackpowder category just because the club says it is OK?
  3. Makes you feel sort of insignificant doesn't it? Our world is not even a grain of sand in the Universe.
  4. I have a flip phone in my pocket and a computer on my desk. If they were combined it would be heavy to carry around all day. Last time I needed a phone I was told flip phones were not an option anymore. I told my wife then I didn't want a phone and I would just use hers when I was home. A flip phone was miraculously found for me.
  5. Always wear my wedding band. When I worked in machine shop I took ring off and put it in my tool box at beginning of shift. After washing up at end of shift put it back on. I got a high school class ring but don't know what happened to it. Most of the guys gave them to the girl they were going steady with in school. Remember the girls wearing them around their neck?
  6. I am scheduled to ride down to OVV Wed. to shoot. I hope there is room in the pickup for me after he gets his head in the truck.
  7. Purty? Has anybody but me shot with Seamus? Obviously not!
  8. The BMW GS models have always been the Swiss Army Knife of Bikes. The seat height was too much for my legs to be comfy at a stop.
  9. Keep in mind that if you ever wanted to shoot Black Powder rifle Silhouette the weight limit with sights is 12 lbs and 2 oz. I used a PAST recoil pad on my shoulder when I was competing. And I was shooting 40-65 high wall. When shooting 60 shots for 2 days recoil becomes a distraction. Never left a ram standing even if hit on the lower leg.
  10. Count me out this time. My wife was sick all last week with a cold and she generously shared it with me. Can't go anyplace in the house without a box of kleenex. Hope to be cured by Sat. Charlie
  11. I believe our officers at Tusco are the best in the sport! Alway looking for ways to improve the club. These guys do a lot of things behind the scene all year long that does not get the recognition they deserve. Next time you see them shake their hand and give them an atta boy!
  12. If it has been a Steampunk dress Coffinmaker would have been all over it!
  13. I have 2 original brass 35 cal model 8 stripper clips that I will sell for $50.00. Expensive yes but cheaper than ebay. Charlie
  14. I thought you were talking about Double Set Triggers.
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