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  1. I am in a generous mood today and will concede to your win today, just to show you what a good sport I am. Just do not expect me to be so generous the rest of the summer!
  2. I still do not understand how I get penalized for prop failure!
  3. I picked up a cheap Lee single stage loading press at a flea market for ten bucks. I have a universal decaping die in it and deprime my brass when I have time and when I have enough to clean I do so. Clean brass and primer pockets.
  4. Have not cut my hair yet. Maybe go back in time with my hair.
  5. Settle down, Settle down! I think he looks pretty clean for an Illinois politician!
  6. Let me get this straight. You go to a family BBQ with a loaded fancy pistol on your person and someone wants to inspect it and the first thing out of your mouth is "Hold my Beer". What could possibly go wrong?
  7. If you like dark suspenseful super natural series check out "Penny Dreadful" Not for children!
  8. Since I barely scrapped by in high school with a D in English I am lost. Rye you been hanging around Culpepper?
  9. That does it I am staying out of Lake Erie!
  10. Mo, it has been so long since I have shot a match I actually miss booing your one liners! I cannot believe I said that.
  11. I should have been more clear. I was being sarcastic. I thought it was taken at Corpus Christi Bay
  12. Labeling that picture from West Virginia, that is real funny.
  13. Except for getting the arbor set to the correct length and the end shake correct everything on the inside is pretty much SOP as far as tuning.
  14. Good morning Dawg. If you would throw that in your shooting cart and I will get it next time we shoot together so you don't have to mail it. Don't forget to remind me I said I would take it. Charlie
  15. I look at the bright side. I won't have to apologize to Sixgun Seamus for whipping him again.
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