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  1. Living by lake Erie you should be used to the cold! I am starting my 2nd cup of coffee now.
  2. That is easy DEEFENCE is what the Steelers used to beat the Browns last night!
  3. Does he need 25-20 WCF or 25-20 Single Shot? If he has a Winchester 1892 it is 25-20 WCF if is an old single shot it is probably 25-20 SS. Big difference.
  4. People ride bikes for different reasons. I loved to travel and explore new places. An old air cooled BMW was my mode of travel. My best ride I had was left Ohio and headed west by myself. Three weeks later I got home on Friday time to go to work on Monday, Here is my BMW riding Bear Tooth Pass highway. Gave up about 10 years ago too many crazy drivers and my reflexes slowed down.
  5. Never knew all these parts were available. Never heard of this company. Thanks
  6. I did and still do love Baby Ruth bars. A bit of trivia. https://www.history.com/news/babe-ruth-v-baby-ruth
  7. Sorry I could not enjoy everybodies company today but had to baby sit my portable generator so my freezer did not thaw out. Have not had power since Thur. night. Just came on about 2 pm today. I think I need an electric vehicle, NOT! See you at Tusco. Charlie
  8. I wonder if it would be safe to use a barrel insert to sleeve it down to 20 ga. or 410 blanks.
  9. I considered Jeff one of my closest cowboy friends. A true gentleman and lived a very interesting life. Introduced me to single malt Scotch at one of the 3 day shoots we attended. A good friend and cowboy who will be missed by me. Charlie
  10. Open YouTube and type in "fastball documentary" and it should come up. Even has some old footage of Feller. Enjoy
  11. If you like the history of pitching a fastball sit back with a cool one and watch this documentary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Rghz4sa48w
  12. BP is shock sensitive Never saw the proof of that. Can you supply your source? Charlie
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