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  1. It was a beautiful day to shoot at Brown. Good to get out and shoot even though Seamus beat me! We all appreciate the time and effort you and Kay put in so we can have a place to shoot. Charlie
  2. Unless something changes electric vehicles are coming whether we like it or not. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/massachusetts-ban-sale-new-gas-powered-cars/
  3. This was our Angel, passed away this summer after 17 years on this earth. We both miss her. This summer we adopted a new pal from the dog pound, Cooper (bottom pic) has lived with us one month and owns the house and our hearts.
  4. Rank point are like complicated rules and regulations at the work place. The more people disagree with them the more they get ridiculed. And by association the people who implemented them. Right or wrong it is bad for moral and respect of the workforce towards management.
  5. Anytime a scoring system such as rank time has to be explained in detail over and over again and still most shooters don't understand it it tells me that it is a flawed system. And I will never accept it over total time which needs little explanation and everybody understands the results. I think rank time is an answer looking for a problem that doesn't exist.
  6. Thanks for all the kind words. I came home from the hospital last night. I had a mild attack Tuesday. Planning on operating Fri. if infection in lung is gone. I feel good and have no discompfort. Only drawback so far is missing a chance to giving a royal beating to my friend Seamus Thanks for thinking of me in my time of distress. Charlie
  7. He may shoot a little faster but a new knee will not help remember the stage instructions that he wrote But at least now with a good knee he can kick himself in the ass
  8. When I log in to the forum the I get this address http://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=258995 When I use the links provided the address looks like this http://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?showforum=12 and I get a blank page. So I think the link is corrupted that is displayed somehow?
  9. The reason I asked that on another forum I am a member of when they updated the default was small font size in posts. I questioned it and the moderator changed it for me and several other members to a larger size. This forum must not have that option.
  10. I just wish all the text on the forum was the same instead of some light and some dark. I still think the font on all replies is too small. Here is an example from another forum "I would appreciate any help"
  11. Does anybody know how to change the font for the whole forum? I am having problem reading the light blue font, could also be a bolder font would be good. Thanks
  12. I'll tell you what Rye I like you. I'll scoot over and make room for you on the Steeler bandwagon I might even find you a gold and black cowboy bandanna!
  13. How did the Cleveland Browns manage to snatch defeat out of the mouth of victory Sun? Oh well at least you won one, and won number one pick again!
  14. I think we both know someone who could fix you right up. Happy New Year to you too. Browns might win a game next year, Steelers resting most of the team
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