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  1. If you have Amazon.com on your TV search for documentary "Fastball". I have watched it a couple of times. About the fastest pitchers of all time and interviews with hitters on facing some of the greatest pitchers of all time. An entertaining and fascinating watch. This is also on YouTube if you do not have Amazon and want to watch it.
  2. I know it is a long shot but looking to buy some Jamison 25-20 Single Shot brass for my two rifles. This is not the cartridge used in the lever rifles such as Winchester 1892. Thought I would take a shot at finding some. Thanks Charlie
  3. Ya, but did he tell you it would stunt your growth? OOPS I guess you two found out!
  4. You are correct I also had one. The AMU round was used in modified Colt 1911 rebarreled in .38 cal. they were made for the Army Marksman Units for competition. I also owned at one time a Colt 1911 mid range .38 special that took normal .38 S&W cases. The 38 AMU or A.M.U. for Army Marksmanship Unit is a (semi-rimmed) cartridge vs. the .38 S&W Special (rimmed) cartridge and introduced for the 1964 Army National Match used in special 1911 pistols made by Colt with Drake Slides.
  5. It was good to see SwiftWater Jack doing the registration duties!
  6. Mo, you do know you are talking to yourself on line? Don't worry I will be there tomorrow to talk you down till you come to your senses! "A mind is a terrible thing to waste! "
  7. When I was still working some blueprints were U.S. some were European and were spoken as 3 comma 067 so everybody knew they were metric numbers.
  8. Look on the bright side Rye. You were finally right it rained!
  9. Does that mean you were screwed?
  10. I believe the early 1866's had the same system as the later 1873 all made by Uberti.
  11. Anna Cramling a "Pretty" good chess player. Her parents were both Grand Champion's
  12. Shooters have been marking their cast bullets and cases and indexing them in the rifles for over 100 years. If you have ever read "The Bullets Flight" by Dr. Mann written by Dr. Mann you would understand the importance of this. https://duienforcers.wildapricot.org/Resources/Documents/BulletsFlightPowderTarget_Mann_MunnCo_1909.pdf He was friends with none other than Harry Pope and they worked together on the problem of rifle accuracy. Schutzen shooters used this technique and still do to this day. With all shooting it is all about consistancy shot to shot. Man and Machine
  13. Here is an 1861 if you want to bid. Not mine and no interest in auction. Just for information. https://auctions.thegunrunner.com/lots/view/1-60TRUE/armi-san-marco-1861-navy-conversion-38-special-cal-revolver-blue-7-12-barrel-presentation-case-nib-italy
  14. They are here http://www.miamivalleycowboys.org/recent_match_results.htm
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