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  1. You fold over the excess material on pant leg and fold them to get a snug fit on your boots.
  2. Anybody remember pegging your jeans? Wearing Engineer boots?
  3. Back in the 60's when NASCAR was interesting it was the car make we rooted for the driver was second. Now it is all about the drivers they made them hero's. There is no place for innovation in todays cars like they used to be. Look up Smokey Yunick he was a genius. Richard Petty owed a lot of his success to his brother Maurice Petty's engine prowess.
  4. It is fools gold! The guy that said 70 is the new 50 can kiss my lilly white *SS!
  5. I do not understand the rules that way. It says to me all common pistol calibers are legal "and" also 25-20 and 56-50 even though they are not pistol calibers.
  6. Both my grandmothers were from West Virginia. Both made biscuits every morning every day. Both of them did the same thing they had a warm frying pan with bacon grease melted on the stove. After they cut the biscuits out they lightly covered both side with bacon grease before they put them in the oven. Man were they great, after all these years I still remember what they tasted like. My mom could never make good biscuits and admitted it.
  7. Think of all the gas I can save! Wait, I might spend all the gas savings on brake pads.
  8. And all of this effects my driving to Tusco to shoot Saturday, HOW!
  9. Since it will be cold is this appropriate attire?
  10. And do not forget a pair of Steve McQueen's personnel sunglasses sold at auction in 2006 for $70,000. If you have deep pockets how much is owning a piece of Mr. Cool worth?
  11. Here is the web page. Good prices for round balls. Would have to check shipping charges. http://www.crownbullet.com/roundball.html
  12. A lot more people collect cars than you think. https://journal.classiccars.com/2019/07/22/survey-reveals-those-under-30-are-passionate-about-car-collecting/
  13. First significant snowfall of the season and already Rye has cabin fever.
  14. Sounds like another "Johnathan Livingston Seagull" movie to me. If you were old enough to see some of it at the theater before you walked out.
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