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  1. So.. . Where I've found them it looks like $20-26 a box if 5 shells? Too rich for me.
  2. Porky's principal office scean. https://youtu.be/zbedV0cPajg
  3. I hate hot air driers. I always carry a big bandanna size handkerchief in my back pocket.
  4. I'll be first to make a suggestion. Round up a flat of shells and shoot them out before you decide to do anything else. 1) Sometimes just shooting it will make it run better. Maybe even good enough. 2) If a problem comes up, you have a chance to return it for warranty repair or replacement. If it shows any signs of being "slicked up", you're likely screwed.
  5. I'm finding more and more "mens rooms" without urinals. What kind of man is that can't use a urinal?
  6. Warlock - stars Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark and Anthony Quinn. https://youtu.be/8aaYQThZddc The Oregon Trail - stars Fred MacMurry, John Carradine https://youtu.be/T-4V-XuFzeE
  7. I didn't put it together. It came that way. https://www.dixiegunworks.com/index/page/product/product_id/9026/category/321/category_chain/312,318,321/product_name/SS1249+PIETTA+1851+YANK+SNUBNOSE+REVOLVER+44 The store couldn't find the little ram rod. No matter. I use the loading stand anyway.
  8. I had a collection of video I'd taken on the Yank 44 so I just decided to shoot some video introduction and add segments I already had. Kind of a video stew. https://youtu.be/1eS5GTy0nLo
  9. I started working in a brand new Westinghouse factory in 1972. It had 17 acres under one roof. Although a new facility, almost all the machines were old. The interior was as just concrete and steel. Lighting was adequate. But soon as the energy crunch hit, they turned out every other light to save on energy costs. In the mid 80s, the factory was sold to ABB, a European company. It took about a year for them to compile the takeover. When they did, they pretty much gutted the insides and cleaned up all the dust and ash in the roof trusses, etc. They coated the concrete floors with a light colored epoxy. The concrete walls and ceiling were painted white. New lights were installed. The machines were either cleaned and painted or replaced in an evaluation process. When I watched this video, I was reminded how modern factories in Europe are so clean and well lit. I could tell Alessandra Pietta was a bit embarrassed when they came to the test firing range and found the floor covered with brass. The hand held camera video was ok some of the time and not good often. But it was a real privilege to be allowed to get a tour and make a video of it. Notice on the first half of the tour the amount of CNC and automation? There was only a glimps of a worker here and there. Pietta said the machines ran 24-7. What we didn't see is the forging and casting processes. I figure they buy them from a supplier or make them in another facility. I don't think the facility could have been kept as clean. I would have liked to seen them completely assemble one handgun on the bench. We didn't see the bluing or color case processes.
  10. Round two. The ground was coated with ice this morning at daybreak. It switched to rain for a bit but back to freezing rain again. We're under flash flood alert and winter storm warnings. Break out the Star Wars VI A New hope DVD.
  11. Gettin' closer. I found some "antique oak" stain and slobered some on inside of box lid and shelf. Then hit with spray polyurethane. Lining solved. Just put them in treated socks. The powder can is some 1/4" too tall to fit standing up. I need to find some containers for wads and balls. Maybe divide off some to keep stuff somewhat organized.
  12. Mobil 1 for parts that move. Thompkins Bore Butter for bores and outside coating on gun. I use an Outers choke tube grease on cap gun nipple threads. I bought a bottle of Balilstol on sale. Just in case I run out of water. I've not opened it yet. Kind of lost track of where it's at. I've used Flitz on some crud on my nickel plated Colt. Made it most shiny. But I've been cautioned not to use it often.
  13. I can see them just fine. I too used Photobucket and it worked fine until they screwed it up. Since most forums now host uploaded pictures, I've just done that. But it would be convenient to have them in a cloud some place that I can post them on multiple forums without uploading them each time.
  14. eBay has some 40 parts listed for the 1889. Unfortunately, the lever latch is not one listed at this time. There are three trigger plates listed but all are stripped of the parts you need. No buttstocks are listed. Many of the Marlin 1894 and even 1893 will cross over.
  15. I learned to pay attention to that bump when shooting it. I'm not fast anyway so it really didn't slow me down any. Just the pride of owning and shooting a gun that really existed in the cowboy era was satisfaction enough.
  16. Don't get me started. Just an updated method of the protection racket.
  17. Ahhha MAN! I love those old Marlins. I wasn't so lucky with my 1889. It needed nothing but a good cleaning. It's in 44WCF. I've shot it in a couple of matches.
  18. Warden Callaway


    I only shoot with a few people that can shoot 20 second stages constantly. I've never heard them complain when I get up and shoot my 50 second stages. But I'd rather not shoot behind them because they are already at the unloading table before I get my guns loaded.
  19. I had a second generation Colt SAA hammer welded and recut and new cam installed and fitted to the action. Cost $220 +/- . A new Uberti hammer would be cheaper.
  20. The winter storm has passed and the sun has came out. So, I've just shot out the rest of the box on 100 CCI caps. I'm calling it 100 for 100. I had one busted cap come back into the hammer cut. I can't see blaming that on the cap. The Dixie Yank Pietta 44 was box stock for about the first 50 shots with these caps. Then I took it apart and broke some razer sharp edges and ran a stone around the inside of the frame and sides of the bolt, etc. I did debur the hammer face and polish it and the safely cut. I didn't change the springs. I didn't clean the cylinder or barrel for total 100 shots. I did load the cylinder off the gun and wiped down the cylinder face before loading. I didn't have any incidents of cap sucking back after polishing the hammer face. The CCI caps dispensed just as well as with Remington #10s. I can't say CCI #11s caps are better than Remington #10s. I can't say CCI #11s are equal to Remington #10s. I can say 100 for 100 went BANG.
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