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  1. Wizzbang (or Fizzbang) Lucia Wizzbang Ludwig Von Wizzbang
  2. Was $3.79 a few days ago. Then $3.99. Then $4.20 today. Some places $4.50. In mid-Missouri Seen a video of a guy with a plastic tarp lining his PU bed filling with it gasoline! Wonder how far he got?
  3. Sneaky Snake A guy at work came to mind. We called him Sneaky Snake.
  4. An acquaintance was a volunteer fire fighter. Said they had to be double careful because many of their calls were meth labs. Neighbor up the road burned his house down then a couple of old trailers before finally going to the big house.
  5. Went too Ace Hardware and couldn't find copper wool. Asked the Helpful Hardware man.. Oh we keep it under the cash register. Why? Because dope heads steel it and tire pressure gauges to make crack pipes.
  6. Couple of Jesse James movies. Probably been up before but these are remastered.
  7. Things that pop in your memory. When a kid in the 50s and 60s I remember a 3-2 beer being available. Doing some Googling, I confirmed it relates to the alcohol content of 3.2%. I can't remember if it was regulated different or just a weaker beer. I remember talk about beers that were stronger than 5%. Townson talked about short beer in olden times. That being the first brewing and having lower alcohol content. Even kids and women drank it. Any beer history experts out there?
  8. We did stop a Wendy's occasionally and order off their dollar menu. But the last time we stopped they just gave us empty cups. I went back up and asked for ice water. The gal said I had to get it out of the drank jukebox looking thing with poke screen. I told her I didn't know how to use it. The drink fountains were right behind her. But she took me to the machine and went 7 layers deep in menus to get to water. Last time we stopped in.
  9. I bought a new in box Colt SAA that had its hammer zip tied back. Turned out the action was rusted up. But it was a 1996 product. Cylinder should turn in clockwise direction when at half cock. Should hear clicks.
  10. We had a customer that owned seven McDonald's locations. He said he eat breakfast at one in rotation every morning. And when he traveled he eat at McDonald's or some other fast food place. We explained our preference for cafés and diners. When he came to pick up his order, he gave us some McDonald's coupons. We thanked him but gave them away to kids or something.
  11. We don't eat at chain restaurants or fast food places. Some of our favorite cafes know what we want before we set down.
  12. Says VALLEY new western. But really The Hills Ran Red 1960s spaghetti western with Dan Doryea
  13. My gunsmith buddy in Ten Sleep, Wyoming sent me a picture of a couple of Cattleman he refinished. Real color case really makes them pop. Fire blue the screws and some other parts. Refitted the grips. Color case the hammers too. Spring Creek Armory https://springcreekarmory.com/
  14. Had several over the years. Divested in all of them. Had 450/577 military model made in India. Had 310 Cadet unaltered. A BSA 22 target rifle. Sold or traded them all off when I started Cowboy Action Shooting. Did well on them.
  15. I hit SUBMIT REPLY and it didn't take. It just staid on edit screen. So ... I hit it again, again. It never acted like it took. Went to bed with it hanging.
  16. I chuckled at my self not long ago for turning on the headlights and feeling the floor with my foot for a dimmer switch. I've even driven cars with a starter switch on the floor. Just traided for a 2022 Ford Edge. Lots of electric gadgets we'll never use. Gear shift is a knob on the center console. P R N D are the only selections. No key. Just a button fob.
  17. A couple of years we found a bunch. The last couple of years, hardly any. A late hard freeze and then warm and dry killed the season. We're finding some now. Looks like it'll be a good season. Probably 10 years ago. Hit a big patch and let the granddaughters pick them.
  18. Mushrooms! We've found about a dozen. Just starting.
  19. Son and I were in Grafs retail store yesterday. Lots more inventory than before. Lots of ammo. No primers of any kind. Said it would be another year.
  20. Missouri health department was tracking Covid 7 ways from Sunday and publishing results on a website. They've cut back to once a week on a PDF file.
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