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  1. Strange, Sawmill Mary buys it because it's less expensive than the real stuff. I just throw it in a medium hot skillet for a minute or two and flip. Until it shrinks a little. Still limber. I've never cared for chrispy bacon.
  2. Any reaction from the others on the posse about your Bisley? People often ask me about guns I bring because often something new and different. Would like to see more pictures of your Bisley.
  3. Well, all-righty then. Looking forward to it.. The human hand is very adaptable. I can shoot about anything equally bad..
  4. When I was a growing boy I would help dad work in the woods. He was into "forestry management" (aka a logger). He would bring a can of TREET caned meat (because it was cheaper than SPAM), a loaf of Wonder bread (the only bread bought in our household), a can of Van Camp's pork and beans. He'd brush off a stump of the latest fell tree and take his pocket knife and slice up the TREET. He'd take two slices and make himself a sandwich. I would eat the rest with a half loaf of bread. We'd split the can of beans. Later in my professional career, I traveled a lot. I've been in most major cities and have eaten in many fine restaurants. Seated at the table in a group looking over a menu fit for a king, I hear, "Oh, I don't know what I want. Nothing looks good.". I'm thinking, "You ain't been hungry enough until you've eaten TREET on Wonder bread off a stump in the woods and thought it was great.".
  5. Keep checking ebay. There are five cylinders listed at this time under $100. But are 357 Magnum or 38 Special.
  6. Does you rifle have a light round barrel or is it full octagon? A light round barrel may not have enough meat to reline. This is how much of the barrel was left with the 38WCF liner installed. You can see the liner in the dovetail cut.
  7. The 1887 10 gauge frame is also bigger than the 1887 12 gauge. 12 gauge above 10 gauge.
  8. Lassiter! Do you know if a 1901 barrel will fit an 1887 10 gauge? I have a 1887 10 gauge in need of a barrel. Thought if 1901 would also work, it would increase my chances of finding one.
  9. I got a 38WCF liner for my 1894 project gun from T. J. Enterprises.
  10. It tastes like bacon. But it's a composite pressed construction.
  11. Sawmill Mary bought a package or two and they were a passable good. The next week they had them marked down to $1 a package so she bought 7 packages, I think. Had some for breakfast this morning. I figure it's sausage flavored SPAM.
  12. Fortunecookie45 recently made a video where he showed a 3D printed handle the apply MORE POWER to the ring. I'd thank a strap wrench like used in plumbing or oil filter removing would work also. Maybe try some soap on the gasket and surfaces? Mine sometime leaks a little but where I run it, it's not a problem.
  13. Looks like the SP101 is also chambered in 357 Magnum. They were made in 32 H&R then dropped and then offered in 327 Federal. So we're not talking about a marginal strength gun.
  14. A quick read says the 327 Federal is a lengthened 32 H&R Magnum case. Looks to me like you could just deepen the existing 32 H&R chambers. Providing there is enough length.
  15. It's a world run amuck! Not my world any longer. Most everything pushed in my face is nothing that resembles the people I know or portraying any activity I can relate to. Mostly bizarre people I would consider counter culture that contribute little to society. Son Chris took a nurse recertification class. Lecture then examination. Out of five, he was the only one that past. They let the other four take it again open book. Three past but the fourth didn't. So the instructor coached her through the test. Keep in mind it was a recertification test - stuff they should know to do their jobs! Racial demographics dictated the other four had to pass.
  16. There are more than several places that sale "kits". That is guns that have been destroyed by cutting up the frame. Here is one. https://everygunpart.com/handgun-kits/revolver.html there are several more on Gunbroker that sale guns that have been destroyed. Also, you may find a hit on ebay.
  17. That's a concern I have when shooting my cap guns. I'm show at shooting and slow at loading. I generally shoot a couple hundred rounds over the winter break and try to improve my loading time. Last winter I got some centrifuge containers to pre-measure the powder charges. Works a peach. Much handier than a flask. I also modified a wooden ammo box to collect and transport all the items I may need. About like traveling with a baby.
  18. I try to shoot my cap guns in one match a year. If your going to load on the gun, a loading stand could come in handy. I found it fits nicely in the top of the Rugged Gear cart.
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