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  1. Are you going to try making gunfighter out of folks that have only shot with dominant hand? My experience, it took a lot of practice just to hit anything with my off hand. Then a lot more practice to control and fire with a gun in each hand. It took a year to go from duelist to double duelist to gunfighter.
  2. Pretty good sales plan. Sale you a gun with a goofy action. Then sale you the parts to fix it. But at least there is an option available.
  3. I'm not sure how well this would work for a light load of smokeless but I have weighed cartridge to try to find those out of spec. I was loading BlackMZ and after a while I noticed the powder was bunching or bridging up. It would cause a light charge on one then a heavy change on the next until I finally caught it. I weighed a charged case and bullet to get a normal load weight. Then weighed each loaded one. I separated the light, correct and heavy weight loads. Then broke down the light and heavy loads. There weren't many.
  4. Seems like we get more gunfighters every match. I'd be interested in what kinds of fhings you would be covering?
  5. It may be common knowledge and I'm the last to know. But I was looking at Uberti parts on Taylor's web site and stumbled onto retrofit 4-click hammers and triggers for the Cattleman II guns. Reasonable priced too. https://taylorsfirearms.com/catalog/product/view/id/12766/s/old-style-parts-kit-for-uberti-retractable-firing-pin-revolvers/category/464/
  6. Do you have a source for that? I read a Guns and Ammo article online that said primers are on ships heading our way. But will have to get here, get unloaded and past customs, and out to distributors. (I hear all kinds of rumors. One gunshop owner told me all the primers were made in China and they shut us off.)
  7. And it appears to be isolated to one chamber.
  8. Have you taken this up with Ruger? I bet they cut the chambers in some automated gang operation. Maybe one chamber didn't get a final cut?
  9. Your title should be: I am shocked at what people are paying for primers. it's not what people are asking but are actually bidding to buy.
  10. I can't see that the primer shortage is worldwide. Surely with the market potential primers could be imported from South America or Europe or even Asia. I remembered the last run on primers there were plenty of Tula and Wolf.
  11. We try to have a loading table officer 100% of the time. But sometimes nobody will step up and relieve the table guy. Then we have another shooter at the table check the next guy. I check for number of rounds loaded and hammers down on empty. And sometimes I catch one that didn't end up down on empty. Another violation I watch for is shooters strolling back to their carts with loaded pistols. Experienced guys are as bad as new guys when it comes to that.
  12. At our monthly matches I try to set up two inexpensive action cams on tripods out in front. I cut from one to the other. You can see one clearly in the shot from the other camera and the leg of the other from the other camera. At first shooters were real leary of the cameras and I had to place them far away behind a tree. But they have become accustomed to them being up close. I use the waterproof cases to give protection from splatter but drilled holes for the microphones. I set them up with battery packs and go on with the match. You can see me manning the loading table for much of the stage. Introducing Texas Joker shooting his very first stage borrowing three guns.
  13. I just take 50 grit sandpaper and scuff the butt area of the butt cover. Sawmill Mary sewed me one up out of denim. I laced it over the buttplate with leather bootlace. That worked real well.
  14. Box stock. Check with CZ-USA. They will likely send you another set of springs for free if you've had the gun less that 5 years. We came across a Liberty that was made by the same company and the springs had been Dremeled to death. I replaced them with springs from CZ-USA.
  15. I have limited experience with the 87. I spent a winter trying to get a miserable collection of raw iron PW87 to a point where it would function. I shot it in one match and every stage was a train wreck. Sold it and broke even if you didn't count the time I put into it. I then bought a wall-hanger original Winchester 87 - first year production - and repaired it to function. As decrepit as it is, it's far and away better than the PW87. It actually functions. It has no two whatever mods. I just push one down and start the second into the chamber. I have shot it in a couple of matches. But the 30" barrel is not handy. (And I'm not going to cut it.) I've come to love my CZ-USA Hammer Coach gun. Light and handy with tall, close hammers that I can cock with a sweep of my left hand and open lever with left thumb like T-Bone does. For me, the 87 is just a novelty. Something different. Fast is not in question. But I'd be slower with the 87. I look at the nice Chiappa 87 that come across the loading table and think that I'd really like to own one.
  16. Thanks for the complements on the video. I probably go about it the hard way - clearing the bench and placing camera on tripod and such. I shot over 8 minutes of video. I jigged the carrier down three times until I got a good shot of it falling. Then spent at least an hour editing off and on over a day to reduce it to the less than four minutes you see. You probably didn't notice that I sped up the screwing parts 4X speed. I had a pair of tweezers right there on the bench. I just never thought to use them. I usually don't have that much of a struggle. I cut out some of it.
  17. Back when I was young and in my prime, I'd cast outside with an iron Lyman two cavity mold using an iron pot and dipper over a wood fire. In the winter inside on the kitchen stove. Then when we got more affluent, I used a Coleman camp stove but still iron molds,pot and dipper. Boy do I appreciate the Lee 6 cavity molds! And Lee production pot. I know. Not the best available but sure beats setting on a block of firewood leaning over a woodfire in the summer time. I still melt my range lead over a wood fire to reduce it to ingots. Once a year but I can put it on and go away and come back to tend to it.
  18. Have you any of the same loaded rounds left you can break down to check charges?
  19. I know a lady who's actively anti-abortion. Strong conservative beliefs. But still votes Democratic. I asked for an explanation. Her reply, "Well, the president doesn't have any say in abortion.". I replied, "Who do you think nominate Supreme Court judges?". No reply. Deaf ears.
  20. I normally cast in the in the winter but this morning looked to be ideal for firing up the Lee pot. As it was starting to melt, I did an inventory of by bullet stash. I was still plenty good on my 44 and 45 but nearly out of 401 for my 38WCF. I didn't cast very long but made a sizable pile before the recliner started to call out to me. I normally just size these bullets and shoot them "necked" in front of BlackMZ. But I bought a 401 die for my old Lyman 450 lube-sizer. I may start shooting real black.
  21. I've never considered a bolt as a drop in replacement part. I have polished the bolt as CC recommend on about every new single action I've bought - including Colt. I've also added the bevel to a few that had none. I carefully polish the cam area on the bolt. I usual don't change the height. But Uberti Cattleman tend to have a step at the low end of the cam. I tend to reduce this step and blend the cam ramp to one slope. Picture of a cam I find typical of a Cattleman. I blend the "bright" face down to remove the steap lower ramp.
  22. E. Gadds I think one of the girls in Little Women said that as an expletive. I remembered Katharine Hepburn using "Christopher Columbus!", in one version.
  23. Currently not a bad movie. But maybe falls into a cult movie.
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