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    Cell Phone

    I found a couple of shot timer aps for Android. They worked. One you could set to get a start beep at a random time from pushing the start button. That was a couple of phones back. I didn't bother loading on new phones.
  2. I made my own speed loaders and adapter to load cylinder on C press. It works. But I only shot my cap guns in one match and used a stand and loaded cylinders on gun.
  3. No. But I liked the forearm on the Limited much better than the carbine. Not nearly as fat.
  4. They are out there. Just now in gunshop on Buffalo Wyoming. He has two 357 carbine and a couple of Limited one in 44mag another in 45 Colt.
  5. Warden Callaway

    Cell Phone

    I've seen people come out of a quick shop with food and drink and get in their car and pull away and THEN get their cell phone out and start talking. Mary worked with a lady that was wound up too tight! She told of starting out to come to the office, talking on her cell phone while putting on her makeup looking at herself in the rear view mirror. She looked down and saw she was going 110 mph on the outer road! She slowed down to 90.
  6. I'll take a pair of toolheads and pair of powder dies. Are the powder dies for the 550 auto powder measure or the old 450 manual powder measure? Looks like two have the set screw for 450 manual powder measure. If so, I want the 450 pair with set screw for manual 450 measure. PM sent. Thanks,
  7. Warden Callaway

    Cell Phone

    Three features I use on my dumb smart phone are.. 1) flashlight 2) magnifier (through camera zoom function) 3) clock. I don't call or answer the phone. I have maybe 10 people in my contract list. And they know not to call me.
  8. I mentioned earlier that the couple I've handled in gun shops recently seem to function much better than the one I had. This guy has some 10 videos of working on his PW87.
  9. Looks to be the same configuration as the one I have in 44WCF. I shot it in a couple of matches in 17 but didn't take it out in 18. No real reason as it shoots fine. Just my Marlins are shorter, lighter and easier (for me) to maintain.
  10. It's not critical. If you can measure the distance between common detail of one notch to the other - i.e. left edge of one groove to left edge of other groove - that's how much to take off. I confess, the only pin that I did cut off, I just guessed and tried.
  11. If a guy could change out the guides to make some kind of tray that one shell could be tossed onto and lever closed, it would be an efficient single shot - provided it ejected reliably.
  12. One of the few times we made plans to shoot at a match far away and combine with some sight seeing. I took pictures of all the guns we packed - including the serial numbers. This happens to be one of many. The match got rained out so we didn't get to shoot but the guns enjoyed the trip.
  13. Here is an original 87 Wallhanger that I tinkered with and got it running. It does its part when I do my part. It fun to shoot the 87. I shot it in two marches just because it's fun. I keep slipping back into the notion of getting another 87 to shoot in matches - one that I don't have to back up two steps to move to next station. This one will only fit on loading table at an angel. Here is a Coyote Cap 87 I ran across and was compelled to buy because of price and condition. Never shot it in a match. Traided it off quickly.
  14. I bought one a few years back in the winter. I would describe it as a collection of crudely cast parts forced together into an assembled kit. I enjoyed endless hours of polishing, reshaping parts and twinkling extractor and studying and asking question, watching videos and trying different loads. I finally got got it to actually function some of the time. I shot it in one match and it was a train wreck every stage. I offered it for sale at the next match and got my money back. That guy was tickled pink with it. He shot it in the match right after he bought it and it malfunctioned on him also but it didn't bother him at all. I've looked at a couple of new ones in the local gunshops and they look better fitted than the one I had but still butt ugly.
  15. Many years ago I had an FFL to do gunsmithing. Besides gunsmith work, I bought guns for folks. I got many from Grafs when they did mostly gun wholesale. Many times when I was in their business, they would try to push something off on me. One time it was Ruger Bearcats. They had been discontinued and they wanted to get rid of their old inventory. $38 each as I remember. I didn't fall for that. I did buy a Ruger Old Army Stainless adjustable sights 7.5 for about $125 when they were discontinued. I later traded it for something.
  16. I have all I need. A Colt Peacemaker, S&W 18 K22, Ace conversion kit for 1911.
  17. I didn't mention it but his loads were smokeless also. With black powder, all you'd need to do is follow the same rules of slight compression. With smokeless, you're on your own. Maybe get buy with wadcutter loading data?
  18. I think this one is 5/16". I probably made it up for my Colt 1878s.
  19. You may try taking the base pin latch assembly out and giving it a critical examination. The side that slides into the base pin groove may be worn down. There may be junk or burrs keeping it from going in all the way. The spring may be weak and need replaced. They make stronger springs to help the latch performance. I have a Pietta that I give the base pin latch an extra push when the base pin is replaced to make sure it slid all the way in. Often it doesn't seat all the way under its own power. Once it's fully bottomed out, it holds the base pin securely. Also, the groove in the base pin could be worn rounded on the edge. So annoying is it to have base pin jump forward, I make my own that won't jump forward.
  20. Heritage Arms was probably eaten their cookies at this end of the market. Need to chamber in 32S&W. Cerakote flat finish will appeal to the tacticool folks. They'll have them in pink and tiffany blue camo.
  21. No proof what so ever. But I'm thinking why back when the handgun die sets were made with the assumption you were going to load cast lead bullets. I think in more modern times they have changed to assume you're going to load jacketed bullets of smaller diameter. I've opened up some sizing dies because they were sizing the bejeezes out of the case and leaving a pronounced waistline. The expander dies were too small also. Hard to widen them out.
  22. This is screwy. A guy was at the loading table and it looked like his ammo was loaded with wadcutters. I made mention and he said no, bullets loaded backwards. Said it reduced case volume (I'm sure that it would) and that the bullet going out the muzzle backwards reduced recoil (I'm doubtful of that) because of the boattail effect. Looked like he crimped in lowest lube groove. I've shot with him a lot and never seen him load that way before or after. I wouldn't call him an expert at reloading.
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