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  1. I shot the Eliminator 8s in a match yesterday and had 4 failures to fire. As I was shooting Josey Wales with 5 pistols using the same ammo - C45S loaded with BlackMZ -, all the other guns (two Uberti Cattleman and a Colt SAA) fired off every time so I'm going to rule out the ammo. I'll reexamine the action but I'll likely end up installing a heavier hammer spring.
  2. Many years ago Marlin made some pretty interesting rifles. Most were called bicycle rifles. Many were takedown with 12-14" barrels. Some came with a canvas gun bag specifically to carry the broke down rifle on a bicycle frame. Also some trapper models in 44WCF that were short and light. They also had models with threaded barrel for silencer. I suspect all of these are exempt due to being an original gun that was legal at the time - or some loophole like that.
  3. Well, I just use water, Simple Green and Lemi Shine. Decap brass before the wet tumble in the Frankford Arsenal for one hour. No pins. Didn't see how it's going to enlarge any primer pockets. 140 C45S shot yesterday loaded with BlackMZ. After one hour in Frankford Arsenal with just Simply Green and Lemi Shine. The secondary reason I like decap and clean before reloading is the I don't get all the carbon crap from the dead primers messing up the Dillon 550B. The first reason, Sawmill Mary hand primes all the cases with an RCBS priming tool. She can inspect the cases as she's going along. She finds any that the pocket us loose or case crack, etc. Never a high primer.
  4. I'm betting it was shot on an Apple IPhone. I have a Samsung Android. I have a buddy that sends me MOV files from his IPhone. My video viewing app just won't recognize it. Probably Window, etc will. I just wanted to see how you pulled those Walkers. I shot 5 pistols in our monthly match today. I staged a pair I used on rifle targets. I had a cross draw belt holster I used for shotgun. I staged it like I would a shotgun. Had one stage with 6 shotgun targets. I loaded 5 at the table and a 6th on the clock.
  5. When I started in the fall of 2013, I was advised to get a 97. The 97 was in the majority at that club at that time. But my only experience was with doubles so I staid with them. Now I would say the balance has switched to doubles.
  6. It was down to 30° when we were driving to the range this morning8. When the sun finally came up in the valley, it thawed frost was raining out of the trees. But otherwise a bright, sunny day. I didn't expect to shot a clean match or a fast match. I wasn't disappointed. I ended up missing 6. The 8" falling plates were difficult. But the biggest problem was 4 failure to fire on the new Cimarron Eliminator 8 that I used on the pistol targets. All were on the first 3 stages. I used a pair of Uberti Cattleman 45Colt on rifle targets. My Colt SAA 45Colt on the shotgun targets. I used the same ammo in all 5 pistols. I had no FTF in the Cattleman and Colt. Here is a POV video of my 4th and best stage. It had 6 "shotgun" targets. I loaded the 6th round on the clock. Shot it clean in 60.77 seconds. I doubt if I'd shot it any faster with rifle and shotgun. Cold hands, FTF and 8" falling plates are my excuses for poor performance on stages 1-3. Did much better on stage 4-6. Hands were warmer, past the falling plate stages and no FTF. Fun to do every once in a while.
  7. 1900 is the magic cut off date. The 97 (upgraded 93) just makes it under the wire. In my mind, the golden age western expansion and the cowboy life was over by the time smokeless powder was introduced.
  8. Groundhowg control machine. 1894 early model in 25-20WCF. I've taken many deer with single shot "buffalo" rifles. The oldest being a 1868 Trapdoor Springfield in 50-70. Also Trapdoor Springfield in 45-70, Winchester High-wall (early flat spring model) in 45-70. I'll include an old Remington Rolling Block in 7mm Mouser.
  9. Get both. You'll gravitate to one or the other. May have to get a half dozen doubles. There are hammer doubles, hammerless doubles and hammerless doubles with two triggers and those with one trigger. The singe trigger models may switch mechanically or by recoil.
  10. And I hear if you really don't need it unless you have hard water. We have hard water so I've always used it. Also, it's readily available at your local stores where dish soap is sold.
  11. Main stars are not well known but a lot of good supporting cast are. Kind of a strange musical comedy.
  12. We like the BassPro in Springfield Mo. It has the NRA museum. We've done it a couple of times. Walked through the store and looked at all the wildlife mounts. But never bought anything. Everything 10-20% higher than Grafs or MidwayUSA that are close to us. Good reason that they push clothing items - the profit margin is outrageously high. And clothing items wear out, go out of season and fassion. Has anyone shopped at the Kentucky Gun Company? They are south of Louisville Kentucky.
  13. One of our cap gun shooters sets up next to unloading table with his cart that has a reloading stand built in. He does unloading table duties between reloading. Pretty much his dedicated spot. I shot my cap guns a month or so back. I'm not well set up to do it efficiently. I have to take my guns to an unused stage where I have a table to work on.
  14. I cringed when I saw the power tools come out. The gun couldn't have been in that bad a shape and have screws come out that easily. Usually the springs are rusted beyond using.
  15. I was given a boot box of odd shotgun shells. Many were paper and not too good of condition. I was able to trade away a few unusual shells like a couple of 8 guage industrial shells. I gave a cardboard box to a collector friend. It wasn't in collectable condition but a unique example. There were a couple of dozen high brass shells loaded with heavy shot I managed to despose of at a gunshow. Some were reloads and many in poor condition. I just opened them up to recover the shot.
  16. I'm mentally challenged enough! One of our senior shooters brought his grandson to shoot. He did fine. But I overheard him ask. Grandpa, "Why do they have to make it so complicated?".
  17. We have freeze warnings out for Saturday morning. You guys trying to load down from mouse phart loads may get into trouble trying to shoot them in cold weather. It's my understanding that cold weather does not effect black powder loads. Don't know about subs. But it's my understanding that temperature does change smokeless performance.
  18. The only way I can watch the video on my Android is to upload it to YouTube. I wanted to see how you pulled them horse pistols out of the shoulder rigs.
  19. Here is my one and yet only match shooting Josey Wales style. I don't think I embarrassed myself too badly. I didn't have my POV glasses turned on for one stage so only captured 5 stages. The 8" plates were my undoing.
  20. In the spring one of our favorite toy stories got in 6 SAA in one day. All 7.5" 45Colt, blue with CCH. Two were consecutive serial numbered. Priced at MSRP. 4 sold that day. 2 the next. Down the road the gunshop had a SAA in 357 and a New Frontier in 45Colt. They were priced in the $2100 range but this guy will take a good offer. The 357 sold but the NF is on GB for $1695. Also in the area is a big shop that has 4 or more. But several are custom shop engraved. The one standard model is priced at $2500. Others in the 4g range.
  21. Just asking. Do they have the old "4 click" or new "3 click" actions?
  22. A year or so ago I wanted a few to load for my old Parker double. Couldn't find any. I was in Grafs retail and they had a half dozen boxes of Federal Grand shells loaded in paper hulls. The price on the shelf was lower than those listed online. I thought it over and bought all they had on the shelf. I shot some to get the hulls. But they were pretty heavy loads. So I broke down a box and lighted the shot load. Added some cushion and shot them out. Now I have hulls but not done anything with them. I here they draw moisture and swell.
  23. I've got one last local match on Saturday. I haven't shot a clean match this year. Missed by a shot or two several times. As I plan to shoot Josey Wales this Saturday, I don't see much chance of a clean match this year. Last local match we had 8 shoot clean on an 17 member posse. Doc Hurd wrote the stages.
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