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  1. I've never had a problem cooking both hammers on the stock CZ. But I have good working hands. (The rest of me is going to hell in a handcart.) I have many other original doubles that the springs are much stronger. The Original 10 gauge Colt 1876 are so strong that I about need a cheater bar to cock one at a time.
  2. Fancy smancy! My tools are more primitive. Just use a dowl and craft knife to shorten hull. I don't have a crimp vise, I started just gripping hull by hand. But then started using Vise grips - not crunching down, just a pinch. I use plastic wad. Lots cheaper and easier.
  3. I have a CZ-USA hammer coach gun. I have no problem cooking both hammers at the same time with stock springs using the T-Bone method. I made some snap cap shells to practice.
  4. I ran across a Liberty that was imported years ago - same as CZ. Looked perfect but wouldn't always fire. Springs had been lightened. I got new springs from CZ and put them in and solved the problem.
  5. I used a cheap Caldwell chronograph. I didn't use a screen and seemed to get ok results. This guy tests black power often and I've never seen him use a screen. Maybe distance and wind conditions matter?
  6. This is a John Ford western with Harry Carey but pretty hooky. Lots of action but story looks just made up as they went along. Still fun to watch. Note that Harry Carey doesn't use a gunbelt. Does a lot of fighting with his rifle.
  7. One little town near here is named Enon because when they built the railroad there was to be a station so many miles apart. One the map someone put "None" because they didn't have a name. So they just reversed it to Enon.
  8. I have plenty of cap guns to do it right, but not the right models. 2 1860 Armys, 2 Confederate 51s 44, and a Dixie Yank 44 for shotgun. But it would the next day before I got done. I could shoot the first stage with cap guns and then rest with cartridge guns. That would mean 10 guns to clean when I got home. 4 pistols and shotgun.
  9. I have 3 holsters for my belt. Right, left and cross draw. I carry my "shotgun" pistol in cross draw holster to stage at shotgun position. I carry the "rifle" pistols hands around the cylinders and muzzle up to stage. Picking up two staged pistols, one in each had takes practice.
  10. Thanks, as you can see, lots of smoke. I was trying hard to hit targets and was doing pretty good until 5th and 6th stage that used the plate knockdown targets for rifle targets. 8" plates wouldn't be hard with rifle but tough with pistols. Missed a few and got a P somehow. Really added to my already long time.
  11. I've shot it with 4 pistols and shotgun and another time with 5 pistols. I loaded the "shotgun" pistol with number of targets to be shot. One stage required 6 shots on shotgun. I loaded 5 at loading table and 6th on the clock. Approved by time keeper before start. I dont see what difference it makes about time advantage but I was the only one shooting that unofficial category so came in first. But time wise, I came in dead last. Fun wise, I had the most fun. One stage POV. Shooting Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter. Not mouse phart loads.
  12. Had a total of 5 at various times. Bought 3 450/577 at one time from SARCO or one of the big surplus rifle dealers for $300. Brother-in-law bought one. Took another to Tulsa gun show and traded it strength up for great Trapdoor Springfield. Couple of years ago I sold the best one in gunstore for $750. Came along and found 310 Cadet in great, unaltered state. Even still had the front sight hood. All the markings. Master plan was to make a custom rifle out of it. Ended up selling it for about 5x I paid. Had a BSA 22 target rifle. Paid $125.00 when they were surplus. Took it over to range when bench rest shooters were shooting. Asked one of the bench rest shooters to shoot it. He looked me up in a bit and showed me the targets. Impressive. He said, "Take it home and clean it and it'll shoot even better.". I said, "For $850, you can take it home and clean it.". His eyes got big. Another guy went home and came back with cash. He could tell me all about it. The barrel had been relined by Parker from black powder specs to smokeless. Threaded places were for palm rest. Little compartment was for extra apertures. On and on. He was happy, I was happy.
  13. Is this weird or what? Silent movie of Sammy Davis, Jr and his partner/buddy playing cowboys in the Nevada desert in 1957.
  14. When I had my Parker shotgun apart, I took the receiver up and showed it to my neighbor who was a trained machinist. He was in total awe at the clock-like machining and fit and finish displayed.
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