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  1. Even annealed 45 Colt does not seal as well as 44WCF or 38WCF.
  2. I've had them for a year and a half. In balance, they truly suck. They raise the high end until all that comes through is crap I don't need or care to hear. I can't hear Sawmill Mary any better for the noise that drowns her out. She still gets frustrated with me and we avoid talking. Sometimes some sounds are truly painful - in a cafe filled with people, dishes rattling, women cackling, kids being loud. I have to pull them out. They are programmable through an APP. But right now, the APP won't connect to the aids so I can't make adjustments. Even before when
  3. Have you thoroughly cleaned the chamber? Brushed from chamber end with brush, etc? I bought a used Winchester Miroku 73. Hard crud came out of the chamber the thickness of a finger nail. I'm guessing from cleaning from the muzzle. I used a brass bottle brush from Harbor Freight and bent it about 60° so I could get to the chamber.
  4. It doesn't resize or take out any crimping bulge in my experience. I couldn't even get it to close enough to crimp. My cure was to take about a 1/16" off the bottom of the sizing die. Sawmill Mary's Smoke Wagons in 44WCF have the tightest chambers. 428 bullet diameter. I check every round to see that they fall all the way in and fall all the way out under gravity only. If they pass this test, they will work in any of our guns.
  5. Dad's battalion was assigned to the 101. When the 101 was pinned down in Bastogne, his unit was just outside. He said if Bastogne had fallen, the Germans would have just rolled over them. He didn't talk much either.
  6. We built our home in 1987 on the south facing end of a ridge overlooking a creek valley about a half mile wide. We had just moved in and one night there was the terrible noise. It would last several minutes when subside somewhat. We first thought it was a tornado coming. It kept up until about midnight. After experiencing this once a week for a month, we realized it was a racetrack some 15 crow flies miles to the south east - nowhere near our valley. You could just about make out the announcer between heats. A few years later another track opened up just north of us much c
  7. Somewhere in Europe. Army Engineering Battalion.
  8. Considering making a run to the NRA Museum. Do they have a mask requirement?
  9. It's hazing over out so I took the Colt out and took some pictures. I'm thinking of naming it Copper Head.
  10. My brother-in-law had one about 1965. I don't remember much about it but it was loud. I think the case is based on a 30-30 case. 401 diameter bullets use same barrel as 38WCF.
  11. Bill Fuchs posted pictures of three of his recent Colt refinish work on the Colt forum. One in the middle looks very familiar. https://www.coltforum.com/threads/colts-color-case-hardening.385924/page-2#post-3300401
  12. A really enjoyable Terrence Hill non-spaghetti western. Shot in USA in English. Watch Doc West on Tubi: https://link.tubi.tv/wtcfomqYchb Let me know if TIBI link works.
  13. We started to have enough turkey season some 50 years ago. The popular gauges were 12 and 10 gauges. Shells loaded with #2, BB, 0000, etc. The idea being that a shot in the body that would generally pass through the bird or be easy to find. H&R made single shot long tom 10 gauges with really long barrels just for turkey hunting. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1023917215
  14. The last couple of years, we have phoned Missouri Bullet Company and placed our order. Then driven up and picked them up. Obviously we avoid shipping but it doesn't offset the driving time and cost. Lunch out. Stops at a place or two (like Starline). But it's an adventure and nice to visit with great people. Last time I succeeded in doubling up our order. I'm glad I did as we still have a good inventory.
  15. Mail lady setting out bullets from Badman Bullets. I've been at the Missouri Bullet Company facility several times and there are two or more ladies boxing and packing up bullets for shipment. Hard to know how many tons of lead they move every day.
  16. Looks like it's loaded with lots more "entitlements".
  17. We hit two gunshops today. Both had noticeably more guns. Both said they had gotten lots of guns in and sold a lot. Both places had almost no ammo. One place said they hadn't got a round of 357 Magnum in in 8 months. No powder, bullets or primers.
  18. I'm going to guess the first time I had Hauvoes Rancheros was some 40 years go in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It was a sinful amount on a platter big enough to serve a turkey. Smothered with chilli, salsa and shredded cheese on top. Chorizo sausage and guacamole on the side. I've ordered them up sometimes over the years. But never came close to the first time in volume or combination of ingredients but still good. I'll still put chilli, cheese and salsa on my fried eggs if we happen to have some.
  19. They shoot for the head and neck with the heavy load of small shot. They make very tight chokes for 410 specifically for shooting wild turkey. https://www.midwayusa.com/s?searchTerm=Turkey+choke+tube
  20. People get pretty obsessed with barrel length. At our matches the rifle and shotgun is picked up and shot and put back down in the same spot. So it's hard to say there is an advantage to short barrel. Having said that, I'm more likely to choose my Marlin 1894c or my Marlin 1894 SRC in 32WCF just because of the lighter weight. The little Marlin 1891 is a pleasure to handle even with 28" barrel. The 1873 Winchester Miroku stays in the safe.
  21. I just got my second generation Colt SAA in 45 Colt back from Spring Creek Armory in Ten Sleeps Wyoming. Bill Fuchs did a complete makeover. My third generation Colt SAA in 45Colt made in 2019 in front. Bill color cased the hammer on the third generation last year.
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