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  1. $300 plus shipping. comes with one 7/8 ounce bar and one number 41 bushing.
  2. My mistake. It is a double cavity they make. It is out of stock also.
  3. A great day at OVV! Great weather! Congrats to our top shooter Lucky 13. This was also our annual team match. A chance for some of the Cowboys to not be labeled as losers for a whole year. Too bad we had some losers again! Congrats to our winning team "This Years Winners" Lucky 13, Ole Rattlesnake, Buckshot Charlie Bill, Ruby Colorado and Last Gun. THE LOSERS were Sixgun Seamus, Phil M Withlead, R S Dancer, Tug River Kid and Sam Jones. Sorry boys. Maybe next year. And it wasn't even close! Scores are up;http://ohiovv.com/content/november-2020-fun-match
  4. Cmon out for our final fun shoot of the year. 6 stages no categories. 5 bucks. shooting starts at 9:30am.
  5. You've not set your sights very high if you're looking up to me. Although I did check the scores and my name is ahead of yours. Did you happen to see that?
  6. I don't know, but did you insult me or compliment me with all those big words?
  7. A great fun day at OVV. Weather was great and Ole Rattlesnake had some really fun interesting stages. Congrats to our overall top shooters Holly Woody top ladies and Swiss our top mens shooter. Scores are on the website: http://ohiovv.com/content/october-2020-main-match Our next shoot is our final Wednesday Fun Shoot of the year November 4th. PS. I lost my Mustache! I could use some help in finding it. If someone has found it please give it back to me. When I go outside my lip is cold!
  8. The weather is looking good. Not too hot and rain will be gone by 8am. Ole Rattlesnake has some really fun stages written. I kinda wish I had thought of them. I can't hardly wait till tomorrow. Wish I could tell you some of the stages but that would be an unfair advantage to you guys.
  9. Rye, with your past history I would think your next move should be to 32s. On your way down to 22s.
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