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  1. Would that be worth a feather in my cap?
  2. Redding profile crimp die.
  3. I personally like wranglers better. They just fit me better and look nicer. Rough Riders tend to chafe the inside of my legs. And they make me look fat!
  4. Great guy. Great bullets and will ship almost anywhere. Even Hawaii.
  5. I use a .430 big lube bullet over 35 grains of 2f or 3f. Shoots good for me in a Winchester Miroku model 73 24”, a Winchester Miroku model 66 20” and a Uberti 73 in a 20” barrel.
  6. Both of my old model vaqueros had to have my cylinder mouths opened up to .430.
  7. Winchester 22 pump rifle made in 1909. Shoots good. Decent rifling. Some bluing left. 22 short, long and long rifle. Good side match gun. Very small crack in stock by receiver. As seen in picture. $600 plus shipping to your FFL.
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