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  1. Drove around my neighborhood this morning and saw a lot of signs. All the Trump signs are up by the people’s houses and the Biden signs are out by the street. What is that saying??
  2. Got my new Trump signs. 2 of them this time. Moved them a little closer to the house and have a camera on them this time. Too bad I had to do it this way.
  3. Need to take a little metal off the front of the back of the bolt where it comes against the frame/receiver. That is what fixed mine.
  4. It didn't hurt his having a 79 second stage either.
  5. Wasn't even close. It just takes a while for the cream to rise to the top!
  6. Another great day of shooting at OVV. Had a few raindrops but nothing excessive. We had only 1 (that's one) shooter who missed the rifle bonus on the Livery! Also we only had 1 (yep, that's one) shooter who shot the Hostage at the Cemetery. Not once but 5 times! Oh well we saved a ton of ransom money. Congrats to our top shooters Broom Stick Vic ladies and Buckshot Charlie Bill mens. Scores are on the website;http://ohiovv.com/content/september-2020-fun-match Thanks for everyone that came out to play today.
  7. Out of my yard 20 feet from my front porch. burns me up!!
  8. Signup starts at 8:30am. Safety meeting at 9:30am shooting starts immediately after. Come on out. 6 stages. 5 bucks.
  9. No not saying that. I’m saying I’ve had dealings with 3 of them ( 2-73s and 1- 66 ) and all have run well.
  10. Gunfighters usually start out by shooting duelist, don't they?
  11. Scores are up; http://ohiovv.com/content/august-main-match-0 Congrats to our top shooters. Ladies, Holly Woody and top mens Cheyenne Culpepper. Great shoot, Nice weather. Thanks to everyone who came out. Next match is our Wednesday Fun Match September 2nd.
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