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  1. there could be a mistake! ever think of that??
  2. Scores are up on website. Congrats to our overall top shooter, Swiss. He shot lights out. People were wondering if'n someone had forgot to record one of his stages. Management is investigating to try and uncover any corrupt activities. Until then he is our top shooter. People were having some trouble figuring out how to reload a pistol with one more shot. Some people wouldn't even give it a try!! Scores (ohiovv.com)
  3. Yep. He'll be there. He's following me up.
  4. Signup starts at 8:45 safety meeting is at 9:30. Shooting starts right after. Cmon out and have some fun for 5 bucks.
  5. I think you should keep loading the way you are.
  6. Congrats to our top shooters. Clementine Valentine, Ladies and Two Bit Drifter, Mens. Great day, nice weather. Scores are on website; Scores (ohiovv.com)
  7. Greetings fellow cowboys and cowgirls, The regular monthly shoot is this Saturday the 24th of April. Sign up at 9:00 am, safety briefing at 9:30. This year we are going to have a 22lr category, (Cowboy type guns), for people who cannot find ammo to shoot the regular categories. Once the ammo crunch is back to normal we will be going back to our regular categories and ammo requirements We would rather you be able to shoot than not be able to due to no centerfire ammo. Make sure you update your email address on the new website to continue getting OVV updates.
  8. Great day for shooting. Weather actually got a little warm. Congrats to our top shooter Lucky 13. Our Monthly shoot will be April 24th. Scores (ohiovv.com)
  9. Our first Fun Shoot of the year this Wednesday. Sign ups start at 8:45 safety meeting at 9:30 shooting starts immediately after. 6 stages. No categories, no prizes just bragging rights. You will get a ribbon for a clean match. Go to our web site to see how to get around the bridge that is out on Patton Rd. ohiovv.com Also run a copy of this years Range Release, fill it out and bring it with you. See you Wednesday.
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