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  1. Yeah Rye. I'm getting what Isaac Hayes sang about. Shaft!
  2. Stages are all set and painted. Range is lookin good. Ready for Saturday.
  3. Our first monthly shoot of the year. Must have your range release completed with you to turn in http://www.ohiovv.com/sites/default/files/Release from Liability and membership form no date_0.pdf See you there.
  4. It did help on mine a little. I did not know there was an issue with the loading gate. Have had no problem with mine. Only small issue I had was the frame at the loading gate had a very sharp edge on it, you had to watch when loading. I took a stone and rounded it a little bit so it wasn't as sharp.
  5. I shoot a 20" Miroku 66 in 44wcf with full loads of Black powder 2F or 3F makes no difference. It runs great and never had an issue with it. You can get factory lever and lifter springs from Browning to lighten if you like but they have no main springs and don't know if they will get any. Shoot it.
  6. I shoot a new Winchester Miroku model 66 in 44-40 with black. I really enjoy it and have had no problems with it. I am not a fast action shooter either. I load em up as full as I can get em with real black powder.
  7. How do you shoot your pistols with all thumbs??
  8. What kind of 73. Barrel length of pistols please.
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