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  1. Scores are up; http://ohiovv.com/content/november-2019-fun-match Congrats to our top shooters Missalotta T top ladies shooter and Lucky 13 top mens shooter. A very special congratulations to the "No Name" team for winning the special team championship. They beat "The Captains", and earned a lot of respect from all the shooters. The winning team consisted of Lucky 13 (our captain), Rowdy Bishop, Lifer, Sixgun Seamus, Thunder Creek Kid, Missalotta T, Tug River Kid and Broom Stick Vic. They all worked hard and truly understood the meaning of TEAM! They know that there is no I in team! I'm glad that we won but lets not be too hard on the other team. Remember losing builds character.
  2. Come on out for our final Wednesday Fun Match of the year. Sign up starts around 8:30. Safety meeting at 9:30, shooting starts immediately after. 6 stages this shoot, not the regular 5. Weather is looking good, around 50 degrees and sunny.
  3. Nice model 12, 20” barrel, cylinder bore choke. Marked US on barrel. Riot gun. Already for wild bunch. $625 plus shipping.
  4. A really fun day today at OVV. 7 stages and lots of good shooting. Congrats to our top shooters Missalotta T, top women shooter and Cripple Creek Kid top mens shooter. Scores are on the website; http://ohiovv.com/content/october-2019-main-match-0 Mossy Pops won the poker hand for free shoots next year. He had a full house, Jacks over Aces.
  5. Stages are set, targets are painted. Come on out for some last monthly shootin fun.
  6. Come on out for our final monthly of the year. This Saturday. Shooting starts at 10. Every one that has shot this year gets a card for every match to make the best poker hand. Winner gets free monthly shoots for a year next year. (Not including Final Showdown). Last monthly of the year, so we will be shooting 7 (SEVEN) stages, so bring enough ammo.
  7. Had them custom made 

  8. A fun day today, but a lot of misses in the targets for some reason. For a lot of shooters. Congrats to our top shooters ladies, Missalotta T and mens, Swiss. They shot the lights out today. I don't know how they do it http://ohiovv.com/content/october-2019-fun-match
  9. That's ok. I know what they look like. I think I got one of those once. A very long time ago.
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