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  1. I used to work the gun counter at Bass Pro Shop. Their computer is logged on with the FBI all the time. Usually by the time the customer got through entering all their personal info, we double checked it and entered the firearm info the check was probably done because we would usually get an answer in less than a minute. The only time it took longer was if there was a problem with the customer.
  2. I retired in early December of 2016. I told them that July of 2017 was it for me, so they laid me off. I still got a Christmas bonus, unemployment and medical ins. for a year.
  3. After spending 48 yrs. in the auto industry, I retired on Dec.7,2016, 7 months shy of my 66th birthday. I'll collect Unemployment until then and then collect Social Security and my union pension. I don't miss the job, but I do miss some of the people.
  4. I enjoy reading the keyboard battles that take place on some Youtube videos. If talk could kill, there would be a lot of dead bodies slumped over keyboards with Youtube on the monitors. The SASS site has very good administrators, who keep a close eye on the posts and troublemakers are usually dealt with quickly.
  5. I bought a brace of consecutively numbered SAAs in .45 Colt (4.75 in. barrels) off the SASS classifieds for $2400, 6 yrs ago. The prices seem to fluctuate a lot. It seems to be a right time, right place sort of thing.
  6. Hi Curly,

    Gave it to a new sass shooter looking for gear; he didn't care about the name thing!

  7. Love the alias! it's a goodun.

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