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  1. FOR SALE- Car Hauler, Shop Trailer 2007 Cargo Mate 20 ft. Enclosed trailer, 5 ft. A frame Ramp on back. Door on right side, escape door on left side so you can exit from the vehicle inside. 10,000 lb. GVWR Empty weight approx, 3500 lb. Upgraded 16” Wheels (5) Upgraded Michelin Tires Upper and lower cabinets in front, With workbench top. 50 Amp circuitry Compartment for air compressor LED Lighting Storage on right inside wall External Work Lightihg right side Air conditioner/heat pump Skylight 50-amp cable and 3
  2. Captain,

    could you give us your recommendation for the best cap and ball pistol? I would like to avoid the common mistake of buying a set of guns that will just sit in my safe because of my imcopetence.

  3. American Pioneer Powder Winter Range Sale. Talked to Brett today. The sale was supposed to end Jan 30, but now it will end Feb 5th. Thank you for having ordered our products in the past. If you are running low on powder or want to stock up at a very low price, we are offering promotional pricing for Winter Range under the sales code Range 17 (expires 2/5/17) which is listed below. Special Discounted Pricing!!! 1 Case Order Pricing Normal Price is $22.50 per bottle delivered Winter Range Special - Deduct $15.00 per Case - Save$15.00 2 Case Order Pricing Normal Price is $2
  4. I'm considering experimenting with brass shotshells. Have you tried them? Am I just heading down another rat hole?


    --Ranger Dave

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