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  2. Once I got limber enough to raise a long gun after surgery to my shooting shoulder, I found the recoil from .38 specials to be manageable. I shot my Stoeger from the hip for awhile. It was a lot easier to hit the targets than I expected.
  3. I'm talking about the woman walking to the store, not the store employee.
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  5. If I go too fast I can’t admire the fireworks.
  6. Very well exposed points, politicians used words to express their concern and thrive by interest now and them. In the past, freedom from British Empire was the goal, they knew their people were at the mercy of the King because had no arms to dethrone it. They didn't want that happen in a new soil, blessed with opportunities, the only chance to assure it was put that in a paper for the years to come. The history around the world proved that fact, Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East, Australia and Africa politicians only fear the mad plebe when they can not provide the promised pseudo welfare. Therefore, disarm them is the only chance for them to survive for decades of cruelty and empty stomachs. Are we less quality than, Belgians or Switzerland absolutely no, but they keep their traditions, standard of education and respect for others individuals. Politicians mixes their words to sound edible, but the only goal for them be safe on their high seat, telling you what is the best for the plebe.
  7. GUN CART 5 Rifle positions, Ammo Box & umbrella. $120.00 Phoenix, AZ (Squib rods not included ) Alum handle/bras Pistol and Rifle Squib rods $40.00 for set plus shpg
  8. I just purchased a pair of older CCH El Patrons and need to buy 2 Competition Hammers with the lower, wider spur. I have been told that Uberti no longer makes the El Patron Competition hammers or the Running Iron hammers without the new, retractable firing pin configuration, so will need to find a couple of older ones. Running Irons would be preferable but will gladly take either. My understanding is that the installation of the newer hammers with the retractable firing pin configuration would also require new triggers. I am also told that neither Taylors, Cimarron, nor VTI are able to get the older configuration and that the newer CCH hammers are out of stock and back ordered. Thanks
  9. Yeah, almost eight years ago. Still not back to where I'd like to be. Getting old is a bitch.
  10. Maybe you were just destined to shoot duelist.
  11. Big "BOOM" and lots of smoke helps hide the fact that you just shoot slow but I didn't fall for it.
  12. Yet another FB find.
  13. I have seen Clubs use old Telephone Poles.
  14. Had to stop be'n a Duelist because of shoulder and hand issues. Now, I be a SS...... Best of both worlds. OLG
  15. At the Princeton Illinois Gun Shows a dealer has one sitting on his table for years . It is impressive .
  16. Got ya all beat. Here is just a sample of my t-shirts given to me from my wife and daughter. I also have hats. TM
  17. One of the reasons I like Bear Creek moly coated? No lube to 'fall-off' and the moly doesn't gunk up the dies. OLG
  18. They are beautiful birds and I only found them around the Tucson, AZ area. Live in the steep hill sides. TM
  19. In this situation, the Co-worker was aware of a possible situation and would have had time to 'be ready' for the aggressor. ..........Widder
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