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  1. With the hammer all the way down and the cylinder removed. The firing pin should protrude through the recoil shield taller than a dime, but not taller than a penny.
  2. Yeah if you're already using a wad, put it between the powder and the filler instead. It's just good practice to not have anything interfere with the powder burn. And cornmeal won't hurt your lead bullets.
  3. Wow, I can honestly say this is a first for me haha. No cornbread, just the cornmeal. And use veggie wads to separate powder from the filler. I also use a Montana compression die for uniformity, and so bullet seating isn't messy.
  4. Yeah, pretty sure they're Pietta hammers. The interchangeability between the bolts, bolt spring, and hammers are finicky. So I kept the trigger and just dremeled the safety arm off of it. Also, the firing pin needs to be filed down to pass the dime/penny test or else you'll have a lot of punctured primers.
  5. It took a few years, but I finally made a matched set of completely blued, army grip SAA clones. One is an Uberti Jesse, and the other is a Cimarron Pistoleer. I got some blued hammers from EMF to convert them back to Sam and God's intended 4 clicks.
  6. Ruger mark III. Disassembly, if it hasn't been broken in, is incredibly frustrating.
  7. I run .38 brass in my revolvers (not magtech because for some reason it expanded a lot easier than other brands, making it extremely difficult to extract). In my rifle, I currently run 357 only because I had a large stock of 125gr lrnfp bullets that didn't make the COAL of .38s at least 1.415". That's my magic number to get my rifle to cycle rounds. I got a bunch of lead casting equipment to start casting a longer profile 125gr bullet that will cycle in my rifle, so I imagine I'll start slowly weening my rifle off of 357 and just compete with 38s to keep the loading table and cart storage simple. But I won't hesitate to get more 357 nickel brass for as good of a deal as I got my last 300!
  8. Looks like Brazil got their supply chain in order
  9. I will trade you one of my navy grip sets for your army grip set!!
  10. I once racked a lever round out before firing, so I continued the firing order and when I got to the last target I quickly reloaded another round to finish the stage. If you can reload faster than 5 seconds, it's worth it to not take the miss penalty.
  11. I'll be "that guy"... Uhmm... I wear a gun belt. So I just take the rounds out of the loops that are conveniently placed on my hips. And after 2 stages I'll top back off at my gun cart when I'm not grading/clearing/picking up shooter's brass for them. Obviously if your gun belt doesn't have cartridge loops, then yeah everyone above has shown their fancy doohickeys. Too each their own.
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