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  1. Loophole send me your address in a pm you are the winner . I hope you can use it.
  2. Ok guys I’m going to give it 7:00 pm tonight and then I’m going to draw then you can send me your address
  3. Well the reason I was asking is I stoped shooting one and went with the 73 . I have a ceramic stick that I won to illuminate the Henry hop and I’m going to give it two soneone that needs it . It well made I just don’t like to see something set and not being used . Tell me who wants it and I will take your name and draw to see who gets it and send it to you
  4. Who still shoots the 1860 Uberti Henry ?
  5. I fixed mine today I sure do thank you works great .
  6. Yea that’s what I was thinking it’s for a small cowboy for sure I talked to the guy that made it and he said he could make a bigger belt and another holster . But I don’t have need for another gun belt I have 4 already
  7. Thanks for the help I Tryed to send you a message but it would not let me. But thanks a bunch for your help again the Cowboy way is alive .
  8. Anyone know how to make a skb stay open when loading. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. I need to match up a gun grip . I have a new Ruger Vaquero in stainless that has the black grips that came from the factory but I need the rosewood grip panels to match another gun anyone have one set they want to let go of . This is the grips I’m looking for
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