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  1. Have for sale or trade a Winchester Big bore model 94 XTR 375 in very good shape. Trades are just about anything of same value . $850.00 shipped to Continental US
  2. Good Moring James, Checking to see if you are still interested in this gun.    I do have another person interested so please let me know.   Thanks,

  3. Mack can you send pics of the 24 inch rifle to hankpilgrim@yahoo.com

  4. I am interested in your 73. I have a lightly used 73rifle (45) with 24' barrel. It has been my back up for 8 years and used very little over that time. The wood on this one has exceptional grain for an off the rack 73.

    It has had the action slicked, but no major mods. It has SS mag spring and follower.

    Not what you were looking for, but I also have a 73 in 45 with a 30" ...

  5. Looking for colts1911 or single actions I'll get you a list later today. I have rifles ,pistolas,shotguns

  6. what safe queens are you tired of , and what are you loking for Pat

  7. Check your email isn't you two pics

    Thanks JHP

  8. JHP please send pics of the 357 marlin to


    think i might be your huckelberry!

  9. JHP please send pics of the 357 marlin to


    think i might be your huckelberry!

  10. I just got this one from a friend and don't need it just setting in the gun safe.

    This one is just like brand new he got it back in 91 and was setting in his safe he shot 10bullets in the rifle when he first got it and put it up in his safe.

    Looking for a colt 1911 45acp something plan Jane.

  11. John Henry, are you switching catagories again I still enjoy the Vaqueros in 45 I got from what do you need I may have something to trade 601-431-1603, irish Pat Natchez, MS -

  12. I got your message- don't know if my reply got to you?

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