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  1. Have a new in the box Colt 45 lc 5 1/2 inch barrel , blued case colored .$2200.00 Shipping is what ever it takes to get it to you . Made in June 2020
  2. Thanks everyone I was hoping just to change the springs not wanting to do a lot of work just make them cowboy friendly
  3. Ok thanks I was wanting to check here first I know just rolling the cylinder freed it up alot
  4. Anyone got any tricks about smoothing it up
  5. I was thinking of shooting some side matches and hunting with it.
  6. The reason I’m asking is I can get one at a good price. I don’t thing I will shoot blackpowder in it .
  7. Any shoot the 45/70 with a 27 inch barrel or do I need to get a longer one .
  8. James did the skb sell or is it still at home?

  9. I wear 34 jeans and the all fit me.  Center to center 0ne is 36 one 38 and one 39.  Lots of adjustment either bway.

  10. Good Moring James, Checking to see if you are still interested in this gun.    I do have another person interested so please let me know.   Thanks,

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