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  2. Gunbot. http://www.gunbot.net/reloading/Powder/ is the powder link. I find it much less useful than it used to be, however, as it seems the number of vendors that it mines has decreased. Good luck, GJ
  3. Whiskey Tex, I you want to sell as a business you have to buy advertising and sell your services on the SASS Merchant Corner section.
  4. The Cowboy's Prayer by Clem McSpadden Our gracious and heavenly Father, we pause in the midst of this festive occasion, mindful of the many blessings you have bestowed upon us. As cowboys, Lord, we don't ask for any special favors. We ask only that you will let us compete in this arena as in the arena of life. We don't ask that we never break a barrier, draw around a chute-fighting horse, or draw a steer that just won't lay. We don't even ask for all daylight runs. We only ask that you help us to compete in life as honest as the horses we ride and in a manner as clean and pure as the wind that blows across this great land of ours. Help us, Lord, to live our lives in such a manner that when we make that last inevitable ride to the country up there, where the grass grows lush, green and stirrup high, and the water runs cool, clear and deep, that you, as our last Judge, will tell us that our entry fees are paid. Amen.
  5. https://www.powdervalleyinc.com/ ?
  6. I lived in San Antonio, along with Mrs. Doc, courtesy of the U.S. Army. I loved Texas, her not quite as much, but I can pretty much guarantee if I start making noise at that time of night when she is sleeping, it doesn't bode well for me!
  7. There is a Website I used to use when things were scarce that listed powders, primers ect from a whole bunch of retailers and I'm having a senior moment and can't remember the name. Anybody have that name?
  8. Here is the link to all the pictures and videos that we took at the TN State Match. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmHGwzag
  9. https://ponderosa-pines.com/ Black Gold July 16 - 18, 2020 Ponderosa Pines, Manchester, KY Located 2.2 miles off Exit 20, Hal Rogers Parkway in Manchester, KY. Ponderosa Pines is 20 miles East of I-75, at London, KY, and 30 miles West of Hazard, KY
  10. Solicitor? That nail would certainly do some damage amidships!!
  11. Jax T


    One more time to the top
  12. @ironmaiden When in July is this? And who is the sponsoring club?
  13. California and gun owners constantly reminds me of a cat playing with a mouse it's caught. Rather than killing it outright the cat plays with it for awhile. It seems a month doesn't go by that the CA legislature doesn't pass another new incremental gun control bill. All are small steps but all are corralling gun owners in the same direction... towards a total ban on most types of firearms ownership.
  14. New to the game and offering up my experience as a professional web designer of 20+ years for any clubs or merchants looking to spruce up their websites. I can build just about anything. Simple good looking one page "billboard" sites, multi-page private club pages that include private "club member" only forums, e-commerce sites for vendors or anyone looking to sell some goods on the side. Reference Websites available upon request and each site will be quoted based on needs, I host everything on my own professional private servers.
  15. There aint enough Copperhead Juice to get that out of my mind.
  16. That's a pretty expensive lesson for somebody that Jeeps can't go absolutely anywhere. How they're going to get it out is anyone's guess.
  17. My neighbors are just starting to shoot cowboy. We let them use our leathers and guns and loaned them my square deal to help them reduce costs. I found a good used Stoger for them. They are now looking for a set of 357's and a rifle, hopefully a Marlin or 66 or 73. We spoiled them by letting them use my Palo Verde rifle and Boogie pistols. Big mistake for starters LOL. Like many of us when we were young ( I myself can't remember that far back as me and Moses were very good friends), they don't have a ton of money to start this game. If you have some safe queens, please let me know and I can pass the info on to them. Thanks Raceshots@aol.com
  18. When I lived in Albuquerque we would see that fairly often in the Rio Grande. Ya cant fix stupid.
  19. It’s about time!! They should loose any nonprofit classification if they don’t defend Second Amendment issues as vigorously as they do other Constitutional and civil rights causes!! But thanks to them for the support on this issue!
  20. Not stolen, I called it in to the Sheriff’s Office just in case. An Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer came while I was still there. My wife’s boss saw it there yesterday PM, two guys with shovels were busy with shovels, but no success. It’s on the Red River below Lake Texoma. They need to get it out before the Corps of Engineers decides to let water out of the lake.
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