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  2. I still have my 94' 30-30 made in 59'
  3. During a recent visit from my mom, she decried the fact that the church she attends has decided to add armed security. I explained to her that the church shootings of recent were cut short by civilians, either those in official security positions or by chance, mostly by legal gun owners with permits who choose NOT to be victims and to protect their family and friends. I doubt that she was swayed, mostly because she is a screaming liberal, but I do think that she now understands my point of view!!
  4. I have a Pedersoli 1878 Sharps Carbine in 30-30. Lyman one of 140. 1400.00 shipped. if interested PM me for more info. not your requested caliber but mighty handy and accurate for off hand shooting
  5. Now someone needs to do a women of the old west. At least Miss. Kitty was in the Gunsmoke group photo.
  6. Get those sign-me-sheets in, this is going to be a great shoot. Bulldog
  7. Bushrod here is another chance. C-U, on the 29th. C.W
  8. Missouri Bullet Company will custom size at no extra charge for 1,000 or more and give SASS discount.
  9. Yep - I've been loading 1.5 to 1.51 for about 7 years in my '73 with no complaints. (.38)
  10. I have a C Sharps 26" if your interested I also have brass, bullets and dies. 1500. Thanks Chris
  11. I'm just glad that it doesn't hurt.
  12. No experience with the .22 version but a Wolf spring kit worked wonders on my .357 SP101. Pretty simple to install, I would expect similar results with the .22 specific kit. Wolf's customer service folks should help with any confusion on getting the correct kit.
  13. My son won 1 My thoughts were the same. Why to heavy to cock . Ran into lots of confusion on spring kits. Older kits will not work in newer guns. 357 kits will not work with 22's Believe Wolf makes one now but havn't had chance to work on it. GW
  14. Here are a few of my tall ships in 1:1200 scale. The broadsides ROAR!
  15. Today
  16. With 5 shooters in the family I need to stop selling handguns LOL!
  17. You could try Ringers Bullets out of Kentucky. I get 2000 grn rnfp sized to .452 from him. Red Wolf
  18. I'm currently eying a .38-55 with the long barrel. I have a 94 in .30-30 (2) and one in .44. I picked up an unfired .30-30 made in the 70's to retire my Pa's .30-30. I just want a .38-55 so I'll sell the one I just bought. Regarding the lever throw: Closest thing to a golf swing I'll ever do!
  19. Chey Cast (cheycastbullets.com) has 200 gr RNFP sized .452 or .454.
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