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  1. I've loved Fleetwood Mac's music since the 70's, Christine was part of their music and success. RIP Christine.
  2. Me too. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1
  3. Keep S.A.S.S. cowboy, that's all I gotta say
  4. You can get them at Cabela's too by the box or by the case, free shipping if you buy a case.
  5. I'm the one who said I liked the selectable trigger on my CZ. I selected the left barrel to shoot first for reasons only known to me
  6. I just bought a CZ hammerless shotgun and shot it this past weekend at my local match. It has not been slicked up, so shooting it stock out of the box was a challenge and of course my SG and stage times really suffered. I will ultimately get it slicked up, but I was really pumped to shoot it. As for the CZ, it is a beautifully made gun, all metal parts are CNC machined for tight tolerances thus the moving parts are tight and it's hard to break open to cock it. Subtle engraving and very nice Turkish walnut make it really stand out from my Stoeger. I love the single trigger, and the fact that you can select which barrel you want to shoot first. This winter when it gets too cold to shoot up here in the Arizona high desert, I'll contact either LongHunter or Johnny Meadows and have one of them slick it up, (Johnny Meadows slicked up my Stoeger). I love my CZ and it will be my go-to SxS.
  7. The CZ SharpTail coach gun has a single trigger, is light weight with subtle engraving on the color case hardened reciever, nicely figured Trukish walnut butt stock and fore end, it's a beautiful SxS. I love the one I have.
  8. They are already having problems with 20% of the vote tabulation machines in Maricopa County (Phoenix). Don't they check them out to see if they are working correctly before election day!!??
  9. UB is right, I've made 2 or 3 water landings!
  10. I have to agree with the Coffinmaker, the Connie was the most gorgeous plane ever built, inside and out. Unfortunately, I never got to fly in one. I still think the DC-3 was the best plane ever built, and there are still a lot of them flying today.
  11. Talked to you on the phone a couple of days ago. Save one of those diamondback rattler belt buckles for me, I won't be at Bordertown this year. Will pick it up at the Granite Mountain Outlaws November match. Tex
  12. I had 3 Mojave rattlesnake belt buckles made for me by Cholla, one for me and one for both of my sons. Very good workmanship! I'm now waiting for a Diamondback rattler belt buckle, and what's nice is that Cholla lives nearby and shoots in the 2 CAS clubs I shoot with.
  13. Just too many great songs for me to give the title of "best song ever written", so I'll just pass on this topic. Tex
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