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  1. Wonder if the governor was without power.
  2. He shot a great match- what a great Young man. Hells Comin
  3. How about putting the list on your web page = Soooo us non face book user can see it. Hells Comin
  4. I'll take them-See you at California state Championship on Wednesday. Are you offering a Senior or Monopoly $ discount
  5. Looks like your covid Vacine has efected your speling
  6. U can tell Summer is here when people in Arizona complain about the HEAT !
  7. His work is nothing short of magnificent. You really need to see his work up close to appreciate the workmanship and let's not forget there MADE in the USA ! Hells Comin
  8. Plan "b" you don't have to pickup after your self (room service). For me it's to stressful to hall a trailer, but I'm a little Hi strung. Hells Comin ,
  9. Praying for the Best- for your wife and yo u.
  10. Duffield you should have sent him monopoly money and a return address on the envelope for the FBI
  11. The little after market deal wasn't much better. So rigged this
  12. Steamed or fried rice doesn't leave any dust.
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