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  1. Steamed or fried rice doesn't leave any dust.
  2. I have a picture that shows me having 9 rifle case in the air. I also have a picture of me Impersonating Elvis Presley live in Las Vegas
  3. Yup ! Let it die I've attended many matches where u have written the stages and I got to say your one of my favorite MD's. Just remember if all of your ideas were %100 u'd be President or a Democrat. Lol
  4. What if someone's rifle only holds 10 ! Big advantage to the one that holds more than 10+ if off the table. Maybe after 1st rifle shot. Like I said before " Get a Rope"
  5. Gamers: .25 of a second Pistol - don't care get a Rope!
  6. U all know why there's no bat in Indiana? The Mosquito ate all.
  7. Come on guys this is the best line ever. "Tell them I'm coming and HELLS COMIN WITH ME " Hells Comin
  8. Ordered chey bullets on January 23rd. Received notice today that they have been shipped.
  9. Would transmission fluid be a good lubricant?
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