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  1. I shot the last 3 Saturdays at Cowtown USA. The Weather was great, but that won't last long. Wild Bunch is shooting this weekend or we would be shooting Cowboy.
  2. Like Widder said side x sides are for Sissy.
  3. Is there any where I can get a light firing pin spring, without having to buy a complete spring kit.
  4. Today in Phoenix we shot a match - started at 8am the temperature was about 70°, finished at 10:30 and it was in the high 80° with no chance of rain, wind, tornadoes, hurricanes or snow. I Forgot no bat eating mosquitoes or Bats
  5. The wife doesn't find it funny so it's handing in my reloading room.
  6. I believe it's Spelled " psycho denial day"
  7. If u have one dated 2007 I'll take it. By now it's probably one of a kind and a collectors item.
  8. Prayers up for a great Cowboy and Family. HC
  9. That because in most States a $350,000 house doesn't cost 2 million.
  10. Just after a few years my mug Broke! Luckily it broke when I was picking it up and only spelt a little chocolate milk. Wondering if I have any recourse. Hells Comin
  11. Thanks great info, looking forward to purchasing a Winchester 1895 in 405. Recoil !
  12. What $1200 ?
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