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  1. Feel like 111° right now 113° later
  2. this all u see standing at the position
  3. Tw should be retested. Have you been reading his post ? Leave the name requirement off for him or it will take 5 hours this time. This way some on his buddies will have a chance to take the test. If they take the test - Obviously there will not be time left for anyone else. I had mine Done by Bidens Doctor and he said I was sharp as a tack.
  4. Walking the stages just for fun. Targets are big and close real close bring your speed game . Light breeze not bad at all.
  5. U know why there atr no bats in Texas?
  6. Arrived today at 130pm and it's certainly not a dry heat !. Sitting in the trailer under the ac with a fan blowing on me, but when the buzzer go's off nothing else matters ( pain or humidity).
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