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  1. Thanks I should have looked at one of the many 5 gallon buckets I have.
  2. Thanks i was looking for a rustic one to match our decor. Never thought about size, but i guess it Matters. Probably . I'm how thinking it should be a water bucket !
  3. Looking for a wood rustic/ antique well bucket at Winter Range. Hells Comin
  4. Very funny, reread the post there's only ONE for sale ! Can I borrow your pistols?
  5. Ruger single 6 convertible 22/22mag Short stroked and cylinder machined to see case rims for easy indexing work done by Wes Flowers(RIP) $500
  6. Check the who's coming list on the WR site and see if anyone in your area is attending.
  7. Had the same problem recently turn out to be the crimp.
  8. Is the leather wrap on your lever part of the gun?
  9. "At the ready " Hands at the end of your arms not touching guns or ammo.
  10. I think last years was the best "tool kit" i carry it in my gun cart.
  11. That's good to know, because if the Democrats take over we won't have any Cows.
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