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  1. Very nice What do you think about a rubber stop to cushion the slamming of metal to metal.
  2. So u want us to turn it over to see if it's poisonous?
  3. If memory serves; that is a Tadpole sweep. There's your problem (memory) that's a s-asspole sweep! And get a rope !
  4. I agree 100% Doc Hurd we all from Arizona had a great timeand We'll be back soon. Main match weather couldn't have been any better. Thanks for putting on such a Fantastic Match. Hells Comin
  5. surprise surprise! Lol Congratulations to a good friend.
  6. Congratulations on a job well done!
  7. U must live in a Red State, USA.
  8. Looks like WINTER RANGE'S weather is headed your way a littte early or late whichever! Comin from Arizona to landrun is like going from the frying pan to the freezer. Can't wait headed out tomorrow morning after buying snow chains- lol Hells Comin
  9. O.K. next time you're at Cowtown check with Champ I got some from his wife at winter Range. It was nice meeting you this last weekend at Cowtown. SEE U SOON Hells Comin
  10. Can't wait to get out of here for some cooler weather- as of today 144 days of 100+° temps. (New record). Had a great time last year and bring Leadfinger with me this year.
  11. I'm lucky to have a World class uspsa shooter as my optometrist . Of course I need glasses for every day use, so he recommended mono vision glasses. Right eye for up close and left eye for distances. I've been told that it's impossible to see clear near/far at the same time with a mono vision setup (that's what they say)? but it works for me and I shoot with both eyes open. Once a pond of time many moons ago I had a problem shooting high with my shotgun( so being a Brain Surgeon), I cut the stock at the receiver to change the angle bringing the barrel down ( ugly looking gun looks like termites got to it). Now It's my big match SG. I haven't had to do this with any of the others - go figure. I reserve the right to edit this post when needed.
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