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  1. I use Hi Viz Xcoil on 12 -97s. They come in 4 different sizes they are super soft. Hells Comin
  2. Just asking why would you want your Pistols exposed to dust, dew , rain, snow and in some parts of the country large mosquitos.
  3. This is what i use 9.2g with 1&1/16 oz. of shot.
  4. I believe your talking about the slide lock and it is not a safety.
  5. This is what I do and it works best for me. But a few times more like a 1000 times.
  6. I've been shooting in a boot for about 4 months now and plan on keeping it on until Winter Range. With a little practice I can do half way decent. I must have heard a 100 times it's not period correct all in fun. It is not an advantage!!!
  7. bp became obsolete in 1892 just like U . Lol
  8. Alliant extra Lite Very clean -and u use a lot less of it compared to the other powders .
  9. What's wrong with u if you're having a bad day shooting you want to look good. That why i carry those items. Hells Comin
  10. Toe, hand, and wrist warmers gloves and ear muffs. It gets cold here in Arizona!
  11. Medium of course- fine hadn't made across the Mississippi river yet.
  12. Well he signed it on the back with a sharpie.
  13. I forgot to mention its been raining all day in the Valley of the sun and it's not even Winter Range.
  14. I'm currently biding on it my bid is 1.125 MILLION wish me luck.
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