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  1. Way to go young lady- just get rid of the old man
  2. If you haven't met this young man your missing someone Special and he can Shoot also!!
  3. Sorry didn't see that they were already taken. Hells Comin
  4. I'll take the small pistol mag primers and take a look at your 73 Hells comin
  5. I'll take the small pistol primers Hells comin
  6. Congratulations on being Regular. I mean Regulator. Hells Comin
  7. The longer the case seems there's more sticking above the ammo loops and a larger surface to grab onto. Shorter oal seems the less pressure to collapse the magazine spring. Looking for a bullet that would have less of a chance of hanging up on something. Hells Comin
  8. For many years I've loaded over the top and I just don't have the focus that I once had. So they are turning into a Cluster----. So I'm going to start loading through the gate. So I have a few questions. 38 or 357 I shoot 38's Bullet design Oal Techniques ? I shoot a 97 so the reload ammo will be center/left of belly button.
  9. Thanks to Beaver and Crew this was a fantastic match. So many FUN things to do on the clock - No special skill needed just lots of fun (no commitment Yul Lose ). One of the best matches I have ever trended. A special thanks to all the shooters that shot stage 12 lol. Yul the corn cob even made its way into the pail. See u next year Hells Comin
  10. I want to thank you for contributing to Eldorado this year and hopefully many more. This is one of the best matches that I've attended. Beaver and crew Were outstanding. Get well soon my friend. Ps One of the corn cobs from stage 2 should be delivered to you anytime NOW. Lol
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