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  2. He was a pleasure to shoot with and more fun just to hang out with. SASS lost a real good one. Prayers for the family.
  3. I recall one of the tv spots they used to run during the bicentennial. Bicentennial Minute I think they called em. They showed the Constitution and the narrator said, ”Her decks no longer run red with blood, but she still has sides of iron”
  4. Big echos. Just an iPhone. 10 mph breeze, big 25 acre field holds 8 traps. If I shot on the enclosed pistol range...
  5. Please report back. I'm interested in the answer. Wish it didn't have the god-awful trigger guard.
  6. Just more proof that sports figures ain’t the sharpest people on the planet.
  7. No doubt this is my favorite as well. With your permission, I'll expand on it just a bit: "Pain and damage don't end the world. Or despair, or *ing beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Stand it like a man...and give some back". Sound advice for anyone! "Ad"
  8. The rifle is swallowing bullets ,not all just some so crimp setting is not an issue on most ,so this is weak brass and the crimp setting that works on most of the brass will not hold the bullet in the WEAK BRASS . simple fix set the brass aside and move on. Rocket science this is not.
  9. It was 90 today. I took a early afternoon nap in the hammock before it got too hot.
  10. I'm sorry to hear. He, you and your family will be in my thoughts and meditations. And as J. Mark Flint suggested, if there are things that can be done, let us know.
  11. I appreciate everyone's help. It was gunk under the extractor. I removed the extractor, cleaned under it and put it back. Problem gone. Thank you Lefty Wheeler! Kit
  12. I use my dad's .30-30 too. Just a run of the mill job from the 60's. It shoots just fine to 300 yards.
  13. I like GS tongs. I have some duplicate hammers and fullers id let go reasonable. Get a GOOD anvil right off. PM me if you need hammers or other small tools.
  14. Today
  15. What wad do you use with that light load? Any problems, unburned powder?
  16. That Colorado wind must have blown into the Nebraska Territory last night. We went from a week of 85 degree days to a 55 degree day today!
  17. Always a possibility but I'd need to do a Half & half trade. Got my eye on something that I'll need around $325 on. I'll be in the hospital Tuesday and hopefully back on Thurs or Friday this week. Always looking for 2nd or 3rd model S&W breaktops or any other per-1899 firearms or pocket guns.
  18. Congratulations to J. M. Brown, Senior Duelist Champion at The Georgia State Championship. Randy
  19. We always enjoyed stopping at diners or restaurants after SCA events, especially if a group stopped at the same place. People dressed from Byzantine to Tudor court and everything in between. We always made a point to check our swords, daggers, etc. with the cashier. They were never sure what to do with a dozen or more blades.
  20. I don't have a video but I'm sure someone will post one. there was a notch cut into each door where they came together with enough room for your barrels. A wire tie held them together, when you shot the tie the doors had counterweights and a pulley system that swung the doors open. First time I ever shot my way through a door and it was fun. Randy
  21. I was expecting a lot more smoke and boom. Was the video shot with a GoPro? Seems like a GoPro records so all gunshots sound like slamming a book shut.
  22. Yes, we were checking each other at loading table and we always have an unloading table officer. Not to throw anyone under the bus but the shooter said he was talking to the Posse Marshal at the loading table when he forgot to load them. The PM was not shooting that day.
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