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  2. I'm trying to teach ours that now. Of course he stays out in the sun room patio with my wife's dozen cats. We used to have a cockatiel that would whistle Dixie, repeat "Pretty Bird" over and over and then say "Shut up Stupid!"
  3. As Mr. Johnson suggested take your time when loading is probably the best advice. I was preparing a few more rounds to take to the PA state match and was going a bit faster than I should have and now have a few rounds like the ones DJ pictured. Yes there are others aside from last nights. But overall not to tough to load and once the dies are adjusted don't touch em! Sgt Hochbauer
  4. The solution to tough brisket is to use roast instead. Around here brisket has gotten really high due to the BBQ craze. We buy roast when it is on sale and cook it just like brisket. It is a way better cut of meat and cheaper too.
  5. So sorry for your loss. Prayers out to you & your family from Dakota Skipper & the Dawg
  6. Perspective: 1959 Ruger Single Six MSRP was $63.25. Ruger Single Six today’s MSRP $629.00 https://ruger.com/products/newModelSingleSixConvertible/models.html
  7. My heart is breaking all over again. Very sorry for the pain you all have been going through. For Bea it is over, we will hold you in our hearts and prayers to help you through your pain.
  8. My family and I will be driving in late tonight. I’ll try to get a room at the same hotel. Slick
  9. What caliber is it? One of the limiting factors in this sport (to be competitive) is being able to hold 10 rounds in the tube (not including one in the chamber which is against the rules). I have an 18 inch Uberti that can hold 10 .45 LC shells, and I would have preferred it be 16 inches but it can't hold as many slugs. If you don't care about the clock, you could fire a few, load a few, but that Rossi loading gate can be nasty so you will need to scallop the spring a bit and smooth the sharp parts out. YMMV...
  10. Two of the Corpsmen, not “Corpsemen” as that idiot called them, on my ship had served in Vietnam. These two two gentlemen would get visits on our ship when in port from Marines from time to time. They were very respectful visits. I recall all sitting in the motor whale boat during Flight Quarters and asking the duty Corpsman about the Marines that come and see him and his buddy and his response was “They come to say ‘Thank You’ for patching them up at one time or another.” I Also recall him saying that he really didn’t remember many of them I individually. Note: during Flight Quarters, helo landings and Vert Reps (vertical replenishment), the motor whale boat is manned with a Coxswain, a boat officer, a Corpsman, a Gunner’s Mate (with a rifle to ward off sharks) and a Boatswain in case there is a helo crash and folks need to be rescued. I spent a lot of time in that boat with those folks...luckily we never had to be lowered for rescue during Flight Quarters.
  11. Humor... yes, of course have a laugh, lightly ridicule, cajole... and start em over.
  12. The numbers on Uberti's site are too low. While both my .45 rifles are listed 10+1 the 19" carbine holds 11+1 and the 20" short rifle holds 12+1 using stock springs and factory ammo Magtech Cowboy Action Loads 250gr (haven't measured OAL yet).
  13. I ain't sayin Prawns cos we went thru that before !!!! Running ..................................................................................[ run Forest run !!!! ]
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  15. Six dollars isn't a bad deal. Our shooter booklets for our state match cost us about $7.00 a piece. I think the number of pages would be similar. At one time I had even fooled around with the full size PDF version and using Microsoft Publisher, thought I would make a few smaller booklets myself. I then ditched the plan for whatever reason. If you figure the price to produce and mail these to all registered shooters, the cost would be quite high. Thanks for doing the work for us SASS HQ!
  16. I believe I have a Mint Original 1894 Stock . PM me with you phone number and I will Text you a few pics and we can talk about it . Rooster
  17. Heartfelt condolences and prayers are offered. She was a kind soul, and she was a friend to all. I will miss her forever.
  18. Im pretty sure a 16" will Not hold 10 + rounds
  19. I'm sorry to hear that Rolan. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.
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