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  1. Congrats to the Classic Cowboys/girls that take the time to dress the part!!! Caladisi Kid
  2. Charlie, Sent a PM that might help you. Caladisi Kid
  3. Dawg, NO PROBLEM!! Having one is better than none at all, enjoy!! I have one so just wanted to upgrade. Caladisi Kid
  4. Cabosse, I will take it. Pm me for mailing, payment. Caladisi Kid
  5. Ok DD, I see you may have it sold but if not let me know, Thanks, Caladisi Kid
  6. Ok Dirty Dan, I will take the other one if you are willing to send it post to Oregon. Caladisi Kid
  7. MIddlefork Bob, I will take it pending info answers in a PM. Thanks, Caladisi Kid
  8. Just check the Ruger website for serial number listing the date of production, no production #'s though, easy peasy.
  9. Johnny, Fitting I can do for this project, thanks for checking on your items. Caladisi Kid.
  10. Hello to all you barn gunsmiths out there! I am in the hunt for a spare/extra Butt Stock for a Stoeger Coach gun supreme, model #31489, 20 gauge for a project. If you have an extra, beat up, shortened, scarred wood, youth length, already cut down one, I am interested. Stoeger part #is 32580 for reference. Thanks for any help/leads. Caladisi Kid
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