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  1. So is bureaucratic "red tape" a good or bad thing?
  2. I agree w/ Rip Snorter and this may have been used by a right handed Cowboy Mounted shooter as they use 2 crossdraw, no strong side.
  3. I wonder what ride it gave with solid rubber tires AND a dually to boot!!
  4. AAHHH.......the new southern lawn jockey horse tie ups.........
  5. Yep, it's a bummer when a creek overflows!!!
  6. I wonder where those training models are now??? (The models I am asking about are the firearms )
  7. In the Redmond/Bend, Central Oregon area, box store retailers have discontinued firearm/ammunition stocking. The list includes Dick's Sporting & Walmart. When I heard that Bass Pro, we do not have one in Central Oregon, was looking to take over the Sportsman Warehouse in Bend I was worried based on what had happened to Cabela's. Thankfully it did not happen and they are beginning to get really stocked up. The Bass Pro's I have visited are really main stream fishing oriented and have never impressed me. It is obvious that they are $ driven, not product driven. Great shopping atmosphere though. We have a Coastal and a Bi-mart and both have a reasonable selection of cartridges and firearm mix, Bi-mart having the better prices usually. We have one LGS in Redmond that has been here for many years, supports CAS and is a good place. Most of us CAS shootist's reload here as it is rare to find CAS loads on the shelf. There are some LGS's in Bend but they mostly support the semi auto/AR type crowd. Happy Trails to all, CK
  8. Safety, Safety, Safety. The rules we play our game by is there for the Safety of us and others. The line has to be drawn somewhere and this is were it is at. It is the shooter's responsibility to make sure all their firearms are safe when discarded. Time is not and excuse to change the rule. PWB has the answer. My 2 bits from my saddle.
  9. I have used this system and it works for me with 45 colt loads using smokeless and black powder loads having 600-800 fps loads. Cuts down a lot of the blow back.
  10. A Pirate walks into a bar after his first day of training. The bartender looks at him and says " You look terrible, what happened to your leg?" The Pirate says "AARRGGHH, it was taken off by a cannonball and they put a wooden leg on." The bartender says " That's terrible, here have a drink. What happened to your hand?" The Pirate says "AARRGGHH, I was in a sword fight and me got my hand cut off. They put a hook on." The bartender says " Horrible, how did you get your eye-patch?" The Pirate says " AARRGGHH, I had an itch I had to scratch and forgot the hook."
  11. Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are more and more people whom are not on this earth to help other's but only too help themselves. They feel that life has somehow cheated them out of opportunity's. They feel that without effort on their part, something or someone will make up for it. Always looking for the easy way. Unattended range carts on public ranges, cars left at trailheads in the mountains, trucks with open beds of tools and the hardware store, purses in shopping carts, personal items left in the open on your property, the list can go on and on. All those situations create an "if it is free, it is for me" attitude. The down side is that, even if you expect the best, you have to prepare for the worst. Greet everyone with a "HELLO", help those in need, treat everyone as you would like to be treated, live by the Cowboy Code, BUT always assume that it might go south. I try everyday to be 100% positive, happy and try to bring a smile on other peoples faces, it just gets harder as time goes by. One bad apple will ruin the whole barrel. My 2 bits from the saddle.
  12. I'd like to try a Merwin-Hulbert (sp?) or one of those seven shot rifles that load thru the buttstock the name of which I cannot think of right now. It is a Spencer I believe
  13. It may just be the angle of the shot but were the hammers cut/welded to drop the hammer?
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