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  1. Prairie Dawg, I'll take some/all of the brass 16 hulls, let me know how many there are, and holder and Dies if'in ya find it. PM to follow. Caladisi Kid
  2. Fallon Kid, I'll take'm! PM to follow. Caladisi Kid
  3. THE COWBOY WAY would be to ASSIST the party ahead with any safety checks, setting, spotting, brass picking, etc. to help them with the stage. Then the next posse could move to the stage.
  4. Take a freshly fired round from each chamber of each firearm and measure/compare them to see any differences. I have a 1983 Marlin made in 1907 and it is also generous in the base size. Chamber dimensions varied considerably over time and from different manufactures.
  5. Cassalong Hopidy, My LGS may have them, call Dan Good at 541-548-1052. He is usually open mornings to early afternoon. He is in zip 97756. Good luck. Caladisi Kid
  6. Evil Dogooder, I will take #3, the 97 w/poly choke. Please see PM for info. Thanks, Caladisi Kid
  7. Let's see, the perfect posse? [ ( # of shooters x male/female) x BP shooters / age catagories / style catagories) ] x [ elevation of match/ temp. x walking dist ] equals.....yea....... perfect!
  8. Long Fingers, I'll take it. PM to follow. Thanks, Caladisi Kid
  9. Thanks for the update, I sure miss those comics from my youth. CK.
  10. Dust Bowl Dick, I believe the Mernickle rig you have is the "Virginian", not the HP one. CK
  11. Yep...PST is not MST...or even MDT. Yep, here in Oregon 4:00PST is 5:00MST, thanks.. site now open as of 4:28pm PST
  12. Off subject possibly but does anyone know if the Rick O'Shay series of comics had ever been put together and printed in a book? Thanks
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