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  1. When I lived in Florida you could visit this gator hole in Myakka State Park after a 1.5 mile hike in. They limited feeding time, opps, l mean passes to 40 people a day to hike in. The picture only shows one side of a sinkhole and they are lined up all around it. There are NO gates or fences, you can walk right up to pet them 😁. You also know you are in Florida when during the day at the beach you see a 4 foot rattler come out of the dune toward the water, a manatee then an alligator then a dolphin swim by in the surf! Ohh..... and don’t forget the stingray shuffle. Good times
  2. Uriah, I had found out that my 1884 trapdoor took .459 dia. 20-1 bullets quite well. It is always a hoot when I would pull out the 1884 at the long range target area and hit the gong at 600 yds. others at first thought no way but then others wanted to try it. 2.5-3 seconds from ignition to when you could hear the hit. Happy shooting!
  3. Based on your picture showing a crescent butt plate, you may want to have some nice padding for lots of shooting. Your shoulder will thank you for it. Have fun!!
  4. J.S. & Pat Wolf's book on the 45-70 cartridge. .45-70 Springfield Book - Wolf's Western Traders (the4570book.com) THIS ^^^^^ and slug your bore. Black powder, 1.5-2, soft cast lead (1-20) with proper dia., lube with BP lube, any good 45-70 case, magnum large pistol primer. Have Fun!!
  5. Grizz Henry, I'm your huckleberry for the brass and box. PM to follow.
  6. In response to the above post. It is obvious that after all that time you are still regretting the purchase of that badly dented firearm. I mean come on, all that scratching on the wrist area that is supposed to pass for checkering, no finish and I am sure lots of rust specks here and there. I am willing to take it off your hand for 3 times what you paid for it AND I will pay shipping! How can you pass up that deal! I await your reply. All kidding aside, nice rescue and revival.
  7. The Whitney Portal area is a great place with lots of memories for me. I spent a lot of time climbing and hiking that area since the 1970's. I have been to the top of Whitney 3 times, 2 in winter by the mountaineers route and once in summer by the East Face, never up the trail, only down it. Maybe someday again.
  8. In looking in my book, the serial date puts it at a 1953 mfg.
  9. Well, well, if that is not a deep subject. A brief inventory of what I use is listed below. The pistol/rifle brass used is 45-90, 45-70, 38-55, 45 colt, 44-40, 38-40, 32-20 mostly Starline with some mix of RP, CBC, PMC, Winchester, etc. The shotgun hulls, in gauges 10, 12, 16, 20, are brass, RMC, Winchester, CBC and plastic hulls are Winchester AA, Rem. STS and other odd mix. The powder used is real BP, 1F to 3F or APP in similar grain size. Fillers are cream of wheat, fiber wads, cork, paper milk carton and foam backer rod. Primers are usually what I can get, magnum for a hotter spark. Want more boom and smoke, use more black. Want less recoil, then use more filler. Always fill case, no air space. Use a non-petroleum lube like Ballistol and SPG. Do I anneal? Yes, by the salt bath method. Want less blowback? Then anneal. The BEST combination? Yes....................and have fun!
  10. A couple of years back I bought a pair of revolvers and a rifle from a pard in South Carolina. I live in Oregon. He sent the pkg. registered next day to me via USPS. He received the pkg. the next day and refused it because it was to be sent to me, not him! Oops, their mistake so back to the facility it went and 8 days later it arrived in the next town to me where it was noted that the pkg. was refused and was sent back to South Carolina! Remember that it was originally sent to the wrong address first. 11 days later it was finally received by my FFL. 3 trips across country and 3.5 weeks later I finally got the revolvers. He sent the rifle to me the same day and I received it within 5 days. Go figure!!!
  11. Hello Wooden Nickel, I'm your huckleberry for #6, the Lyman Tru-line Jr. PM was sent to ya. Thanks, Caladisi Kid
  12. Amigo, Please accept my decline of taking it. Thanks, Caladisi Kid
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