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  1. Powder, over powder card, wad, shot, over shot card. I shoot brass and plastic hulls. I have been doing "square loads" which is the same volume of shot and powder, I use the same dipper for both. I typically use 1 oz. lead shot of whatever I can find in a size from 9-6. Adjust the wad column to roll crimp or cut the case back. Non greased wads leave a smaller donut hole than greased. Go fiqure. My 2 cents.
  2. Are #10, 11 and 16 still available? Thanks, Caladisi Kid.
  3. found on ebay Lee 33 Winchester Pacesetter 2 Die Set # 90759 5.03 product ratings grayhawk19(17971) 97.7% positive feedback Price: $40.84 Free shipping Est. delivery Tue, Nov 21 - Fri, Nov 24Estimated delivery Tue, Nov 21 - Fri, Nov 24 Returns: 30 days returns. Seller pays for return shipping. Condition: NewNew Lee 6mm Creedmoor Collet Die Set includes a Collet Die that uses a collet to squeeze a mandrel creating a precisely aligned case neck while reducing run out, Dead Length Bullet Seater Die, Shell Holder, Powder Dip
  4. delete sale, gloves were verified to be XXsmall. Caladisi kid
  5. Answer to question: 1 : 90% 2 : 100% 3 : 0% 4 : 0% 5 : 30% Then questions ; How many do I WANT ? 100% How Many Are Used Regularly? 65% my 2 bits.
  6. RCBS makes a 12g shell holder, sometimes in stock and other distributers may have them; Midway, brownells, etc.
  7. The Germans issued a formal diplomatic protest in 1918 against the use of shotguns in the war, specifically the Winchester Model 1897, declaring their use as inhumane and in violation of the law of war. The US rejected the protest. We use cookies to ensure you get the
  8. Just sitting by the fire with Billy Bones waiting for the trick or treaters.
  9. A little story: Back in the 80's I worked for KHS bicycles when they sponsored John Howard for his record. At the time I was racing bicycles and when he brought his bicycle to the KHS headquarters in Carson, CA I took the opportunity to give it a ride. Even riding down hill, towed by a car at 50mph I could barely pedal fast enough to stay upright. If I remember right, John said he was towed up to 60+ mph before being released from the drafting car to be able to pedal fast enough to stay upright. It was quite the feat.
  10. Our club just put on a shoot this last Sunday and a Bond derringer was staged at the table with 2 black powder 45colt rounds, loaded down to the 500+/- fps. Before the stage started everyone was given the chance to try the derringer to get a feel for it. With the rebounding hammer it is very safe. During the stage, you picked it up, got your 2 shots and restaged it. One person was assigned to unload at the firing line and to reload for the next stage. Easy.
  11. What is the twist in your barrel, assume it is somewhere around 1/20 for the heavier bullet? Itchy minds want to know.
  12. Prairie Dawg, We have to stop meeting like this. I will take'm, PM to follow. Caladisi Kid.
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