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  1. Hellbender, I will take number 3, the 20 gauge belt. PM me for shipping to 97760 Caladisi Kid
  2. Morning Hellbender, I would like #2 and #6, holster and pouch please sent to zip 97760. PM me with the gold sending particulars. Thanks, Caladisi Kid
  3. Randy, I will take it please! PM sent. Caladisi Kid
  4. Ethan Cord, I will take the belt ! PM to follow Caladisi kid
  5. Hello Clay, Do you still have the original rear sights on the barrel? If so I am tempted to take it! PM sent. Caladisi Kid
  6. Kid Rodelo, I'll take it. Would shipping be included in the price? Shipping would be to central Oregon. I will PM. Caladisi Kid
  7. Mudflat, I will take the blued Marlin for 1050. Sent a PM Caladisi Kid
  8. WW, I make mine using empty, de-primed cases and a plug of tire rubber glued in the primer pocket. Just use an old shell the right size for the primer as a punch. A wood dowel glued in the case and trimmed/rounded to a bullet profile makes them cycle well too. Use them all the time for obsolete cartridges. Just my 2 cents from the range. CK
  9. Triple Dang!!! I'll take it if all above falls through. Please...
  10. Okiepan, it's all yours , I responded before he posted a price. Happy trails, Caladisi Kid
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