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  1. Thanks for doing the video Jedi! That was great to see. We work hard at this unique match every year and it's so nice to see it presented on video. The jail bars were spaced a little close, it was pretty much the one and only "different / tricky" thing we put in the match as kind of a homage to old-school stages. The stages have to be designed to flow quickly to get 8 of them done in one day. I try to change up the unique element each year to keep it fresh. I knew people would ask about the rifle thing. It's a consequence of an incident from long ago (way over a decade, before I started). The resulting deal with the range was to check the rifles twice, once under direct TO supervision and again per normal SASS procedure to make sure the rifle's mag tube is empty and any stuck rounds have two chances to be dislodged. You get used to it and it becomes second nature. We don't expect guests to remember and just remind everyone "show clear on rifle, ok, Guns to unloading table." At least with the newer SASS rule allowing a rifle with a lever that closes during a stage to be shown clear for a "no call" at the end of a stage works very well with our existing procedure. What we are doing is close to the same process so not totally unfamiliar to current rules.
  2. That plays now. Thanks! If anyone is still having trouble with it, it's a Facebook video and all adblockers need to be off for that to work. That's AWESOME by the way. I've been thinking black lights and good quality glow paint would make an awesome night shoot, and it looks like it does!
  3. That video isn't playing for me on the wire, can you post a link to it?
  4. No. We went through those years where everyone was trying to integrate WB into SASS matches. We did it at our range for quite a while. It caused issues with scoring, it caused issues with shooters, it caused issues with time picking brass, it caused issues with TO training and rules. And don't forget this as well: Those of us who shoot on major shooting ranges... we have permission to shoot our sport per the rules in the SASS book which are all based on single action firearms. The moment we add semi-automatic pistols we will suddenly have our range's board and safety officers looking at all the pistol reload muzzle directions and will likely force changes to our loading and unloading table policies because of the way they want ammo and loading handled by semi auto firearms with magazines. It opens an epic can of worms and will get SASS looked at just as hard as USPSA and modern 3 gun matches at host ranges. Some ranges can integrate it at will with no issue, but some can not. It's far from an easy universal change.
  5. We have been using 1/4 AR500 for years now in cowboy matches. I think it has been more than 4 years of monthly matches and annuals and a few of them are finally starting to bow just a little. No cratering issues at all. Still a lot of life left in them. Very light to move and very affordable compared to thicker sheets.
  6. Or it might be like our range, which requires the guns to be covered or enclosed when switching bays or loading/unloading from cars.  Rules is rules.  We play by them or we don't get to play.


    Covers are just a good idea to have for a ton of reasons.

  7. The OP's shooter did it exactly right. Minimized the damage to 1 miss. Very quick thinking. This is one of those never ending sources of confusion. Only the correct type targets exist for the gun you are shooting. Other common examples: Hitting a rifle or pistol target with your shotgun. (it's just a miss) Knocking down a shotgun target with your pistols or rifle. (it's just a miss, shoot where it was during the shotgun string.
  8. Here! http://ccsa-az.com/upcoming-events/ And instead of "Winter is Coming" I think we are all hoping "Winter is Going."
  9. Yeah, I see the operational difference. Just similar issue. The double barrel 45acp also fires two rounds with one pull... just out of both barrels at once. Does this slide through by being treated the same way? If multiple projectiles come out multiple barrels at once simultaneously it's... what? A shotgun? (Of course, short barrel shotguns require the tax stamp also)
  10. Binary firing system. Apparently it's been done on ARs for a while. Gawd Awful sent me this video link a month or so ago. The number of lethal "whoops" events possible is more than you can count. "What could POSSIBLY go wrong!?!" :o
  11. We also had an order for Federal primers cancelled by Cabellas at the end of December. No warning was sent that we know of. Very annoying after waiting a couple of months for something they said would be in stock in a couple of weeks.
  12. Those look solid. It's awesome when someone steps up to do the carpentry. Sounds ok on tabletop dimensions. 22" is about as narrow as you'd want on one side of the table but should work just fine. Gotta sheepishly agree with the other comments on the height. Consider 28" minimum and 34" top max.
  13. You do whatever your guns need to keep running their best. In general, I don't take down the guns for cleaning more than once a month. Sometimes less. That's shooting every weekend. It's a balancing act when you shoot them constantly. Too much maintenance will wear things out as surely as not enough. Carry plenty of your favorite spray cleaner/lubricant to hose out dirty areas before it dries out and cakes on. You won't need to tear down the guns as often.
  14. Getting security certificate errors on multiple machines when loading the SASS wire. Time to check the settings.
  15. Was down on our action range at our local gun club getting certified to use the range. Ended up doing it through the cowboy action program since I'd seen it on TV and all the other programs for cert were full for months. Did the day, shot a couple of sass stages and went through the other classroom stuff not related to sass. Near the end of the day I wasn't really hooked yet. Loden B Kwik and Sgt. Poker Face wanted me to shoot one more stage. Loden said "Put on my gear, use my guns and shoot one more. Come on, just do it." Been hooked since.
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