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  1. The Beretta's (who are Uberti) come with a factory short stroke, so the links/lifter are a bit different. It's similar to the current "competition" model Uberti rifle that comes with a factory short stroke. Everything else is a stock Uberti 73. I love the factory short stroke in the Beretta. I own two of them. If you ever take the factory links and lifter out, please don't throw them away!
  2. In our experience Wolf is a medium hardness primer and is in the same ballpark for ease of ignition as Winchester or Remington primers. Used many thousands of them during the extreme shortage years. Reliability seemed solid. If your guns are tuned with very light springs, they won't work any better than Winchester. Nothing goes off as easily as Federal. Nothing is harder to set off than CCI. Everything else is somewhere in the middle.
  3. Things I would recommend keeping in your "take it with you" parts box in rough order of need: Extractor. Spare hammer spring already tuned and ready. Firing pin. Lower bolt tab .. if gun has the new type bolt with replacable tab. Loading gate. Trigger sear.
  4. Which is why I just signed up as a $20 yearly member. They have sent several emails back and forth with me now. Hopefully we'll have an update soon.
  5. The range uses physical sign in sheets (their own) for people's real names so we can't use the tablets for that. Our email list and shooter info is maintained on Gmail. The database on the scoring device doesn't help us with contacting shooters, checking them into the host range or taking money. All we need it to do is have aliases and score the match. The physical printout is so we can read the match finals easier (the old eyes in the club have a hard time reading from the smaller tablet screens.) And so we can put a hard copy away in the club files and for the range. Also lets us hand a few out for the people who just can't wait to see a copy after the match.
  6. We are using Practiscore now instead of ACES on Android because of the stability issues and printing issues of the abandoned ACES. It ALMOST works excellently. But you guys have nailed the main issues: Need clean match list on Android. Need the penalties and whatnot displayed broken out in a more "normal" SASS format for viewing and printing. Would love to have the top 5 shooters for each stage. Eventually need the menus to be more SASS centric when in sass mode. For example: If you don't have or don't want to deal with tracking everyone's real name in the device, just aliases... As it is now to facilitate entry of shooters by alias only we enter complete cowboy alias on the first line (alias), complete cowboy alias AGAIN on the second line (last name), and a period as a placeholder on the 3rd line (first name). We do it that way because it REQUIRES a last name and first name. Just putting in an alias isn't enough. Splitting up a cowboy name between a first and last name doesn't work, so doing it this way makes everything work correctly. UPDATE - sent my list of issues in order of importance to the link provided for support. also added the issue we are having with printing directly in landscape mode for readability.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong here... but Numrich lists the Large Frame and Western Marshall (see large frame). Aren't these new and/or used parts for you guns?: https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/hawes https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/hawes/large-frame-haw Looks like you could have a new hammer and trigger for $41 and $15.
  8. Essentially the same way they do now. Sell the dated pins upon completion of the course if you want to be registered with SASS as "officially" current.
  9. Both the ROI and ROII courses could be done in many video segments for each topic all the way through the rule books. These can then be easily updated and improved as necessary since it isn't a single long presentation. Anyone can just click on a relevant section and get current additional video explanation of the portion of the rules they want to know more about. Anything needing visual aid, including costume rules, spotting examples, equipment examples and even advanced TO training can be right there to see... anytime. And the best part? It only has to be done ONCE with only individual segments of it getting updated infrequently as the rules change over time. And it can have proper oversight for accuracy... since it would probably be the RO committee and the office approving the content. Anyone who has ever watched an online course for any subject at all knows how this works. The links for the video courses could be right there next to the links for the rule books on the SASS home page. And we could even link people to the video segments here on the Wire when questions come up about a rule which needs more explanation or a visual example.
  10. I know the boardwalk is a lot of work to make... but maybe a piece for each vendor window in the food courtyard so purchases can be made in the mud. If you have it, you'll never need it.
  11. I have to disagree completely with above comments about the boardwalks being a problem. Any slipping on the boardwalks, while always a potential, was nothing in comparison to the slipping and sinking and inability to even walk in the mud itself. The boardwalks were the only reason many of the shooters got through the match at all. Stage 6 was just plain treacherous. I don't know whether boardwalk is the fix for that one or not. Lots of gravel would be the ultimate fix. For those who weren't there, to get an idea of the weather... footwear rules were thrown out for all categories the entire match and rubber boots with tread were specifically allowed also. The following are some ideas for the future to make bad weather more bearable with a minimum of work: On stages 1-4 the loading/unloading tables have sun shades but the rain goes right through those almost worse than just standing in the rain. But, one of those stages had a piece of tan canvas up over the board walk at the shooting position. That piece of canvas was doing a fantastic job of stopping the rain. Please, just permanently switch out the sun shades over ALL the tables for that same canvas. It'll look good, stop rain AND sun and you don't have to build anything new. Second issue was that there was nowhere for scorekeepers to keep the books dry. When the weather is that bad there isn't necessarily room under a shooters cart umbrella for scorekeeping. People have their own gear piled up trying to keep it dry. If we didn't have the world's largest gun cart with umbrealla and a fold open table on top it we'd have been in trouble. I'm not sure if it's possible to stake a canvas cover down securely in that ground but if the weather looks iffy maybe something similar to the loading/unloading frame covers with canvas that the scorekeepers can work under? Last thing is heat. We shoot in cold and rain all year up here in the NW, but heaters at the loading tables are commonplace (as are rain covered loading and unloading positions). I realize you might consider the big heaters on the ground too dangerous but after the first day our posse starting carrying a buddy heater and putting it up on the loading table. The last day first wave the posse in front of us got one too after they saw ours. It's not down on the ground where it will easily light someone's clothes on fire that way... and it's small. The small propane bottles are fairly cheap in six packs for this use, most years you wouldn't need them. But keeping 12 of them on hand would make a big difference when you really need them.
  12. Great shooting Slick. Well done!
  13. Stage designs and target placement was very good and quite fun. Big improvements in several areas this year. Hard to fully appreciate with the weather but we certainly noticed. Biggest bummer was not getting to shoot them in slightly better conditions.
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