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  1. Those still using ACES on old Apple devices are having better luck in general. We started out on ipods a long time ago with it. Worked good. Then went Android with larger screen tablets. The android version worked "ok" for us for quite a few years but it's still got quirks that just don't go away, even with completely wiping everything out and starting over with a new shooter database. Android ACES has random problems with the overall list not working at all especially with larger matches (reproduced it at more than 1 club). It also has frequent sync issues when trying to use multiple devices (apple version was far better for this). Lastly it's output for printing isn't as good. We recently switched to Practiscore on android and it's far, far more stable and better formatting for printing. No real issues to speak of right now. With ACES now being entirely abandoned for several years, I would not expend any time or resources getting it working unless you are already using it on old Apple devices. Since you can no longer easily purchase Apple devices with a version of iOS that will run ACES, this isn't worth the effort to get working if you don't already own everything and are trying to keep it going. Just start with Practiscore and go from there. It'll save massive frustration later.
  2. Seen some similar things done. The stencils have to be quick and easy. Two layers, 3 tops and not have alignment matter much. Some clubs around here have a few to make targets look like painted easter eggs or christmas ornaments. Some stylized cowboy hat stencils or "mad dog" faces might be interesting and quick to put on at the beginning of the day.
  3. Gun like that would likely be fine for anyone who just wants to plink out in the back pasture or carry it for a light deer gun. Maybe for BP Silhouette if it shoots straight. It appears to have a tang peep sight on it already which could make it more desirable for that.
  4. Yes, the club will have to change soon. Better to do it now before being forced into it when no devices can be found that will run aces. Practiscore IS what aces rolled into. And it will run on your ipads. Aces was great and had a lot going for it but its unstable as heck on android now and only still works at all on old ios devices. Practiscore is getting consistent updates since it handles most of the major shooting sports. If you can run aces you can run practiscore they seem to be closely related as the menus and functions have similar style and layout. You just have to learn the differences in match setup. We switched a while back. It was worth it in the end. Practiscore is way more resistant to crashes, does less weird stuff to matches and does a better job outputting for printing.
  5. Nope. Mentioned above, it is time to make the switch to Practiscore.
  6. titanium firing pin? No. Lightened firing pin extensions are common and one of the main purposes of them is to reduce the possibility of an OOB.
  7. Since you have already found an easy way to remove bluing, you could always try this hand method to do a faux case hardening: If it doesn't work out you can always toss the gun back into your sonic cleaner.
  8. Instead of the Henry, if you have your heart set on a brass frame the 1866 in 38 special is what you are after. There are all sorts of long discussions on technical differences between the 1873 and 1866 for competition but the short answer is the aftermarket parts and gunsmithing available for the Uberti 1866 can take the gun as far as you want to go competitively. Many of the aftermarket parts are the same for both, and most of the ones that aren't are available in both versions. Jed I Knight, Cobra Cat and my own dad Kansan are some varied examples of shooters who use the 1866. But as everyone has already told you, please listen to us, go to a match or two and ask questions BEFORE you buy guns or leather! Every new shooter is told the same thing. Some listen, some don't. Many of the ones who don't end up buying the wrong guns or gear the first time. We want you to enjoy your first year of shooting, so get out there to a couple of matches at your local SASS clubs first... and welcome to the fun.
  9. For any progressive press I would recommend just going with a Mr. Bulletfeeder bullet feed die right up front. Nothing else works as well. Then, get the bullets to it any way you want. You can use any collator with it, or I suppose you could just put hand filled tubes on it. But at least you'll spend the money only once on a feed die that actually works well. (been there done that) As stated above, bullet feeder collators and dies aren't good with lubed lead bullets. They gum up. You'll need to use coated bullets. I assume on the Green Machine you may just simply want to drop bullets in the top of the die because reaching in to put the bullets on the cases looks pretty tough. Should work fine for that. Just put a short tube on it and drop half a dozen bullets in so it works normally and put another one in each pull of the handle.
  10. Howdy new shooters! Welcome to some serious fun. The only thing you'll all wonder is why you didn't start doing this earlier.
  11. I was into paintball in the late 90s and early 2000s also. Speedball, woodsball, indoor and outdoor... fun times.
  12. Absolutely impressive. So smooth it belies the speed.
  13. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Never would have made it here without the support of all the great cowboys and cowgirls I've met over the years.
  14. Sounds like you've already found some great people up here in the NW to help you get going. For the most part, we (and nearly all clubs) will just do whatever it takes to make sure new shooters have a full set of guns (and leather if possible) to shoot with. It's not a huge deal, the club just needs to know in advance that someone is showing up who needs everything including ammo... and it'll just happen. Sure someone can shoot just the guns they have and score the misses on the rest, but it's less confusing to just loan them whatever is needed. About the only time it happens that way is sometimes a new shooter is REALLY new to shotguns and gets beat up or tired of it after a couple of stages. Better to let them come back to it next match than let them get bruised up or scared of the SG for no reason. Everyone gets comfortable with it eventually as long as they don't develop a fear of the gun during the process. No better way to get people hooked than to show them the full deal. And if they need the guns for a few more matches, same thing. They just need to make arrangements and be sure to let the club know they are coming. As long as they are actively in the process of getting geared up I don't know many cowboys who won't bend over backwards to help them play in the meantime. Hopefully the gun laws will remain as they are so we can keep loaning during matches.
  15. The modern Ed's Red mix BUT substitute the ATF for mobile 1 synthetic and leave out the acetone since it will evaporate instantly in a sonic cleaner. 1 part kerosene 1 part odorless mineral spirits 1 part mobile 1 synthetic oil It wont clean quite like dish soap in water or simple green so hard carbon fouling on and around the cylinder faces and inside frame on pistols still needs a bit of chore boy and #9. But it will completely clean everything else out without the need to fully strip the firearm or part and will lubricate everything at the same time. No flash rusting on non stainless parts like 97 carriers and the gun is good to shoot once it dries a bit thanks to the mobile 1. Otherwise, it seems like the most powerful cleaners require immediately switching to an oil bath when the gun or parts are taken out. Im too lazy so I just use this. For me the whole point is to make the job easier than hand cleaning not longer or more complicated. my current gallon has lasted me years.
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