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My grandfather, Edward F. W. Winskill, was a Royal Air Force officer in the First World War. He was born in Vancouver, B.C. in 1895 and raised there. He was an artilleryman in the British Army, then promoted to pilot in the Royal Flying Corps, which became the RAF several months before the war ended. He flew as an artillery spotter (the first combat function of aircraft), went down behind German lines and evaded capture. We still have his RAF uniform with wings, with a Canada patch on the shoulder. He told me that when they made him a pilot officer, he had to grow a mustache and carry a swagger stick...


My dad was born in Ladner, BC, on the Fraser River delta.


I hunted with my grandad as a boy in the filbert orchards and farms of the Puyallup valley in Washington. I was 29 when he died; I was in the middle of a jury trial at the time, so he got to see me grow up, have kids, and enter my profession. My dad chose US citizenship at 21, and had to carry his papers traveling to Canada and back all of his life. My grandma was a teacher in Point Roberts, which well tell Canadians a lot. She was born in Elizabethtown , Kentucky in 1898. Back then, a woman lost her US citizenship when she married a foreign national. She used to get a kick out of showing us her 1947 naturalization papers (the same year my granddad was naturalized), with its 'born in Kentucky, USA' notation!


Oh, Canada! I have many relations still there.

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11 hours ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

Hi, you can call me The So Sorry Canuck :D



Super snowy Canadian bacon :rolleyes:

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So, now the Pard formerly known as Eyesa Horg will be known as Super Snowy Canadian Bacon, on this thread at least!


Meanwhile, I have become: Pleasant and Polite Hockey Player.

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20 hours ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:



I can relate to this manner of speech, having flown into several Canadian airports and listening to the folks. Most pronounced in Toronto, I believe.



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I found this to be very interesting. Canada and California have pretty close to the same numbers in total population. 

Check out this map. 



Canada looks like the type of place where if you want to get away from it all you really can. 

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I did a search on “Canadian Beauty” looking for scenic photos. This photo popped up. I would say she qualifies as “Canadian Beauty”. The thing most intriguing thing about her is the news article in the link below the photo. 




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I read of this when I was a little kid. Indians, when boiling the sap down to make syrup, would take a spoonful of the hot syrup and swirl it out on the snow - like you're making a funnel cake. The snow would freeze the hot syrup, making maple sugar candy, which the Indian kids would scarf up.

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