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  1. It's still a fast food burger. Just an overcooked hockey puck like McDonald's or any others. We've got one here and it's always got a line. Just proves to me that Yuma and Aurora are full of kalifornicators. They're the ones that think I&O are so wonderful. PF '
  2. I like the Navy/Marine Corps procedure much better. The tanker extends the basket and we plug into it. All the tanker has to do is maintain airspeed and altitude. We do all the compensating. Works good. Lasts long time; much cheaper. PF
  3. I'm familiar with Black Bear Pass, but not Bridal Veil Road. I don't think they are the same road and according to Google maps, they are not the same, but fairly close together. Black Bear pass has umpteen switchbacks, but if I remember correctly, that road is "wider" than the one pictured here. Even tho the road is wider, the only place 2 vehicles can meet is in the curve of the switchbacks. You cannot meet or pass on the straightaways. PF
  4. He's worse than O'Rourke and Kamala when it comes to guns. A distinguished Naval officer who has sworn several times to uphold the Constitution. I doubt that he's ever read it. He's exploiting his spouse's tragedy just like Sarah Brady did. He's a liar saying he supports the Second Amendment. AND he has financial ties to the chicoms. PF
  5. Best way to fix it is to abolish it. PF
  6. Common Sense Gun Control means hitting the target every time, doesn't it? On the previous thread, does Kamala expect those thousands or millions of gun owners to just parade into the cop station and turn over their wares? PF
  7. If you're talking about the one in the fore and aft cap, I think that's Halsey. Doesn't look like Nimitz. PF
  8. A long long time ago. That looks like an A4C. PF
  9. And weren't the French also in a hole with the high ground covered by gomers? PF
  10. It's hot and humid here also. We have severe global warming every summer. If you desire comfort I wouldn't come to AZ. PF
  11. For those of you who have read the books, I have a question. Was the ending in the books the same as the ending in the series? I was very disappointed and disgusted with the series ending. I guess I didn't see it coming as I thought it would never end that way. Thanks, PF
  12. I saw that on FB and didn't know what it was. The clip was not as good as this one. PF
  13. Are all soldiers still required to wear Ranger berets? What a dolt Shinseki was! PF
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