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  1. NVA rockets and mortars VERY close! The nicest sound: our 105s responding! PF
  2. My big question is how many cops will betray their oaths and side with the govmint! Fed cops and lot of city cops probably will but I think many sheriffs will not. PF
  3. Yes, just keep it hidden, whether you have a permit or not, and don't advertise. Here in AZ, we don't have to kiss anyone's behind any longer to keep one in our pocket. PF
  4. A lot of rancor came about from the War of Northern Aggression. Just because Lee surrendered doesn't mean everyone else did. Carpetbaggers and Reconstruction didn't help much either. I admit when watching Jesse James movies or others involving Confederates, I generally root for them against the damnyankees. PF
  5. UB, So City Market is still around, huh? I worked for them when in high school. PF
  6. UB, Is Ace on the corner of Main & something on the SW corner? I think it was Cortez Hardware at the time. I bought 3 guns from them during my high school years. Have you ever heard of a gunsmith named Duane Johnson? He had a store on the north side of Main. He's older than me and probably not around any more. PF
  7. You cannot compromise with these people. You either have to defeat them or disobey them. Every time the spineless republicans have compromised with the dems we've lost something. I'm tired of losing. PF
  8. All these politicians should ask the Brits how trying to steal our guns worked out for them! I don't think they will like the results of another such venture. PF
  9. Father Kit, Just where is this place in Yuma? I am not familiar with it but I would like to get acquainted. PF
  10. That's the way all guns should be bought. Get them at the hardware store; pay for them and walk out the door. Stupid politicians and their tyrranical ideas. PF
  11. UB, That recipe was sounding great until you added the cheese. I just don't like cheese cooked in my food. I'll just continue to eat the thick slices of white onions. I've never seen Vidalias around Yuma anyway. PF
  12. M-60s and/or Miniguns would work wonders on the southern border. After just a few well-placed rounds that border would self seal and nobody would cross it. PF
  13. I have the utmost admiration and respect for helo pilots, but I never had the desire to be one. An airplane flies by formulas and scientific and mathematical reasoning. You can prove that an airplane can fly. There is no proof that a helo will fly. It does so by accident, black magic and mirrors. A lot of airplane designs came from birds, especially raptors. I know of no bird on the earth that flies by flopping its wing over its head. An old cliche; helos don't fly; they screw themselves through the air. PF
  14. UB, In the books, did Walt end up with Vic like in the series? That kinda ruined the series for me; I just didn't care for that ending. PF
  15. The helo pilots in VN were the bravest folks I've ever seen! Except for one jolly green crew that wouldn't go into Laos and pick up an F4 crew of ours on the ground. Fortunately 2 Army Warrant Officers showed up and went in and got our guys. When they landed at Chu-Lai, our Group Commander promptly "arrested" them and took them prisoner. We had a USO show that night. He called their commander and told him when they sobered up, he would clear them to RTB. They were our guests of honor and we made sure they never had an empty glass. If I remember right, they departed 2 mornings later. PF
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