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  1. I love it anytime the atf steps on themselves. I have nothing but disdain for those people. PF
  2. I think a barrel of water to a jigger of Scotch would be an OK mixture for me! PF
  3. Same advice for F4 pilots vs MIGs. Go straight up or straight down and do it VERY fast. Do not do a horizontal fight unless you want to die that day. PF
  4. Does this mean he failed to obey the law? Heavens what is the world coming to; people deliberately disobeying the law! PF
  5. Corpsmen are truly a very special breed of cat. There are 2 groups of Sailors that Marines absolutely love: Corpsmen and SeaBees. I have had the pleasure of being tended to by both groups in my career. PF
  6. I wrote my First Class term paper on The Chosin Reservoir. To this day I cannot understand how those men lived through that weather let alone mount an offensive that returned them to US control, brought out their dead, wounded and equipment and destroyed most of the chinamen sent to destroy them. They rank extremely high in my book of heroes. PF
  7. I despise those that go into another man's house and steal his guns. It's nobody's business how many guns or how much ammunition a man has. I don't go rummaging through anybody's house and I don't expect anyone to rummage through mine. It won't end well. PF
  8. I am so glad I'm retired from USMC and the airlines. I am not and have never been pc. It is the worst invention I've ever seen and it is total bs. Now I can say what I want, when I want, to whom I want and if someone is offended I don't give a damn. If I get booted off anything I ainta gonna sweat it. PF
  9. No matter how you dress it up, scotch still tastes like dirty dish water. PF
  10. BQ, If you have an IPad or IPhone, why don't you just put the Kindle app on the device. I'm pretty sure you can get an app for androids also. The apps work just like my wife says her Kindle does. You can buy the books on Amazon and they download to your device. If you're reading on one, then switch to the other, the app will update that device to where you left off on the other one. Regardless, I found the devices much easier on older eyes as you can enlarge as you go. The big thing I found was the type remained the same size across the page without distortions like a book would produce. Also there is no distortion on the side where it is bound. PF
  11. Politicians are probably the dumbest breed of humans on earth! I swear, at least 90% of my problems and angst are caused by politicians and/or bureaucrats at all levels. The galling part is I pay the devils to harass me. PF
  12. "I'm Frank Hamer" is a damn fine book. However, not good enough to have to sit and look at and listen to Woody. PF
  13. It's a crime scene as long as Leroy Jethro Gibbs says it is! PF
  14. Okie, Did you watch The Son on AMC or Yellowstone on Paramount? I think Season 1 of The Son is on Netflix and Season 2 is due to start 27Apr. I don't think Yellowstone is on Netflix but they had a streaming service on the Paramount website. They're not of the caliber of HOW or Longmire, but they're OK and interesting. PF
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