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  1. I think it was the first, but one of the MIG-21s the Israelis acquired was flown to them by a defecting Saudi pilot. Their chief test pilot put about 50 hours on it. That one or one similar to it found its way to the US later. PF
  2. I wish all of these damn things would melt, right down to the ground. P.S.: I don't know how the SEAL thing got there and I don't know how to get rid of it.; PF
  3. Two pictures of that thing in high heels is 5 too many. Don't get the brownie thing. What am I missing? PF
  4. I don't watch commercials nor do I watch live TV. I record everything and skip the commercials. Recording news programs, even though I like Fox, enables me to skip the blather, and yes, even Fox has blather or things that don't interest me. PF
  5. Forty, my Dear Sir, there are NO extraneous jackasses on a flight deck. Each man there has a specific job. They are aware of their surroundings, their fellow crewmen and the ops tempo. If they are not they will not live long. Think of the folks standing around when artillery or mortars are fired. Most military operations, and especially a flight deck, are team sports. I know you meant no harm. PF
  6. Any ATF agent that's demoted or replaced is a step in the right direction. Too bad we can't abolish the whole agency. PF
  7. UB, I'm happy you're enjoying your "stuff"; that's all that really matters I'm sorry you cancelled the D&S trip. That's too long and too enjoyable to wear a mask. Maybe you'll get another opportunity. PF
  8. UB, You must be a conniesewer; I don't know most of the things you drink nor the brands. You snow me every time. Also I consider Scotch to be high grade dishwater. I'm satisfied with Coors, Old Grandad and Smirnoff. PF
  9. I still pump gas behind the tag in my 73 Buick. PF
  10. Is he a horse or a mule? Looks like a mule in the top picture. PF
  11. Can you imagine waking up next to that in the morning? PF
  12. The lad is being raised properly. He has the right beer! PF
  13. If you're stupid enough to drink Budweiser, you rate what you receive. PF
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