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  1. This commercial reminds me of Miller Lite, Bud, and Hamms: great commercials, horrible drinks! PF
  2. Two things would make the gomers pack their tools and leave town: Huey Cobras and M-79s. Anyone could become an expert on the M-79 with 3 rounds. PF
  3. Most airplanes, including the tactical fighters and attack aircraft have places where you can hide things from prying eyes. I had total disdain for customs agents; it was none of their business what we were toting for personal use. Lots of guys found Cuban cigars in Puerto Rico. PF
  4. Who knows who might be gone? Remember the last episode was a major "shtf". PF
  5. Ah yes, UB. Brings back memories. I got my first one in 1966 at Pensacola. PF
  6. Half the stuff in that picture looks like it's already been et once. I gather from the subsequent posts that it's sos. Sorry, folks, I never got hungry enough to eat that stuff. It's as gross as pasta and turkey on airliners. The best chow I ever had, bar none, came from the SeaBee messes. A Marine's 2 favorite sailors are Corpsmen and Seabees. PF
  7. AZ has definitely been kalifornicated and damnyankeefied. When I came here in 79, there was one dem in the congressional delegation: mine: Mo Udall. In the senate we had mccain, who pretended to be a republican and deconcini, a dem who was soon replaced by Joh Kyl. Now we have only 4 reps in congress (out of 9 at last count). We have 2 dem senators, a fairy princess and a blithering idiot. The legislature just barely kept a rep majority and the gov is half-assed decent. But the state chose dopey joe, the first time I've seen AZ go for a dem in a presidential election I believe. It has truly
  8. Two comments: All of us continually look out the window at the boat while on the downwind leg and approach turn. The objective is to wind up exactly as he did, on the extended centerline with the airplane nose slightly in front of the boat. The still picture shows exactly how the angled deck affects the required flight path. The wake shows the actual course of the ship, but unlike a straight deck carrier, the landing area is "moving sideways". You cannot come straight down the glide path but you have to lead it due to the angle. You can tell by the expression of
  9. Looked all normal to me. Just busier than a cat in a litter box. Nice approach. PF
  10. UB, Happy to see that pinto beans and alfalfa are still major crops in your neck of the woods. Are you in southern Dolores County or northern Montezuma County? PF
  11. On my list of Country Singers, Charley ranks third behind Ray Price and George Jones, with Hank Williams fourth. PF
  12. The sunken one at the end I think is the West Virginia. PF
  13. TL, concur. What they call Country Music today is mostly noise. The bands play rock and roll music and the singers can't carry a tune and the songs have no meaning. PF
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