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  1. I've been in FB jail umpteen times for violating "community standards". They don't have a sense of humerus. BLM, ANTIFA and the Squad can say anything they want but normal people are held to a higher standard. Oh well, I get some good laughs, memes, cartoons and pictures there. PF
  2. Larsen, I knew precisely what he would say and his views on the subject. He explained his position very clearly from the day he decided to run. I wanted to get on record with him regarding my views. I tried to appeal to his sense of propriety regarding the Constitution and how many times he had taken the oath to protect and defend, not only as a Senator, but also as a Naval Officer. Didn't work; he's a committed gun stealer. He's using his wife just as Sarah Brady used her husband. Oh well, at least I can say I tried. PF
  3. Senator Mark Kelly (nocontact@kelly.senate.gov)To:you Details Dear Bradley, Thank you for contacting me about support for the second amendment and gun safety regulations. It is an honor to represent Arizona in the United States Senate, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on the issues facing our state and our country. Hearing from Arizonans helps me better serve our state, and I hope you will continue to share your perspective and suggestions. Too many
  4. Damn New York Times won't let me read it without paying them. Cheap screws. PF
  5. My nephew went from ABHCM to Command Master Chief aboard Stethem and Stennis. Then to Command Master Chief for Carrier Strike Group Three. Now he's Force Command Master Chief for COMNAVAIRPAC. I think the boy is doing OK. Sorry, Chief Rick, I can't remember all the letters he's had since becoming a CMC. Years ago when he enlisted he was a wondering lad with no compass. I knew the Navy hitch would do him good and figured him for one hitch. The Navy put him on a carrier flight deck, made him an ABH and look what happened. He was only an ABH1 when his Grandpa, my Dad passed on. Howeve
  6. Any idiot knows that if you cleanse a coffee mug, that ruins it. Then you have to destroy it. I've heard the same philosophy applies to pipe bowls (the smoking kind). PF
  7. Dang it Joe. Everytime I read this story I get the same reaction. Now I can't see. PF
  8. Injun Ryder, I did send him an e-mail today; doubt he'll read it but I did send it. PF
  9. One of my senators is Mark Kelly. I figure he's a lost cause as he's biased. PF
  10. Will this apply to criminals also? PF
  11. The "good people" of this once solid red state just elected that raging idiot, Mark Kelly, to the senate. That sob is a retired Naval Captain. He has sworn umpteen times to protect and defend the Constitution. Obviously he has never read the document and therefore doesn't know there is a Second Amendment. I'm sure that killing the Second Amendment will be his number one priority. Then there's Miss Sinema. She's anti-gun, though not as bad as Kelly, still favors unconstitutional measures. Hopefully she'll be more interested in her lezzie buddies than trying to steal our guns. AZ is blue now b
  12. This commercial reminds me of Miller Lite, Bud, and Hamms: great commercials, horrible drinks! PF
  13. Two things would make the gomers pack their tools and leave town: Huey Cobras and M-79s. Anyone could become an expert on the M-79 with 3 rounds. PF
  14. Most airplanes, including the tactical fighters and attack aircraft have places where you can hide things from prying eyes. I had total disdain for customs agents; it was none of their business what we were toting for personal use. Lots of guys found Cuban cigars in Puerto Rico. PF
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