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  1. If you're talking about the one in the fore and aft cap, I think that's Halsey. Doesn't look like Nimitz. PF
  2. A long long time ago. That looks like an A4C. PF
  3. And weren't the French also in a hole with the high ground covered by gomers? PF
  4. It's hot and humid here also. We have severe global warming every summer. If you desire comfort I wouldn't come to AZ. PF
  5. For those of you who have read the books, I have a question. Was the ending in the books the same as the ending in the series? I was very disappointed and disgusted with the series ending. I guess I didn't see it coming as I thought it would never end that way. Thanks, PF
  6. I saw that on FB and didn't know what it was. The clip was not as good as this one. PF
  7. Are all soldiers still required to wear Ranger berets? What a dolt Shinseki was! PF
  8. My nephew was flight deck Chief aboard her a few years back. PF
  9. One of the basic rules of air warfare is to be totally unpredictable. The AF violated that rule every day with planes from Thailand going downtown. They also frown on innovation such as Col Olds' brilliant ambush that day. It went against the "call the command post" syndrome. The AF philosophy is "if it's not authorized, it's prohibited". Naval philosophy is "if it's not prohibited, it's authorized". The AF is a bureacratic morass much worse than DC. Don't want to be anywhere around them when the shooting starts. They can come up with a million reasons why something can't be done. The ROE over there was a terrible travesty of warfare. LBJ and his buddy Bob did not want to piss off the Russians or Chinamen, even if it meant getting Americans killed. There should only be 2 ROE: 1: win; 2: come home. PF
  10. That's as bad as removing Confederate flags and statues. I'm really glad I'm old. I do not want to see this country turn into Cuba or Venezuela. PF
  11. Yes. Farmington is more than twice the size of Cortez. Durango is also short of oncology facilities. Nearest one in Colorado is Grand Junction, farther than Farmington. Granted I haven't lived in Cortez since 1961, but seems to me that at that time Cortez was larger than Farmington. Concur with distance to GJ vice Farmington. If I recall Farmington is no more than a couple of hours whereas GJ takes most of the day. Anyway, good to hear you can sleep in your own bed and conduct business closer to home. PF
  12. Bob, It seems kinda strange that Farmington has a cancer center and apparently Cortez does not. Is this really true? Best wishes and hope no hiccups on the trip. PF
  13. I think the best riot control device would be a flame thrower and/or M-79. PF
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