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  1. If those VA dems try to steal those guns, the undertakers might be busy too. You can only push people so far. Ask the Brits about that and how gun confiscation turned out for them. PF
  2. I believe in Ted's philosophy and that's what irritates me so much about government. Some yahoo, bureaucrat or politician is always trying to make my choices for me. Just leave me alone. I don't need nor want your guidance. PF
  3. The Severn River Naval School for Boys and Girls has been going downhill for umpteen years now. They have no standards, no discipline, and thanks to John Dalton, no honor. Call me sexist if you like, cause I don't care, but the slide started with the admission of the little girls in 1976. Since then, standards, traditions, and performance have disappeared. PF
  4. UB, That fuse may be old school but it's extremely reliable. I never dropped a dud with one of those attached. Electric fuses aren't worth a damn and unreliable. PF
  5. Just like there's no such thing as a common sense gun law. PF
  6. NVA rockets and mortars VERY close! The nicest sound: our 105s responding! PF
  7. UB, just more crap from Mabus. He still thinks that boys and girls are all alike and there's no difference between them. Mabus has done more damage to the US Navy than all our enemies since John Paul Jones was a Boatswain's Mate. Hopefully Gen. Mattis and the new SECNAV will reverse and put an end to all this happy horsehockey. PF
  8. The US military made a horrible mistake when they went to 9mm. You don't hunt men with a pea-shooter. When I was an Air Liaison Officer with an infantry battalion, I was totally disimpressed with the M16. I saw way too many gomers hit with that damn thing and keep coming. I never could understand why we sent Marines into combat with a pea-shooter and a .22 rifle. Neither of them knocks down anything. Conversely when they were hit by a .45 they went down and stayed down. Same thing with the scout/snipers and their .308s; didn't take a full magazine for a kill. PF
  9. All the men of Taffy 3 were REAL heroes. They had courage, devotion to duty and love of Country. PF
  10. I hope all you fellers are enjoying your global warming. I've been cold all day and our high is only 61. OBTW, I've never been hungry enough to eat SOS or Spam. My Dad loved both of them and neither Mom nor I could stand the sight or the smell of either. I sure do miss the ole feller though! PF
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