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  1. I was told the F-4 was living proof that if you put enough engine on a brick you can make it fly. Charlie, I've heard this and several variants thereof. I won't disagree, however, those J-79s on that brick make it go damn fast. PF
  2. I have never understood how a Huey gets airborne. Certain appendages owned by Huey pilots must weigh a ton! Helo drivers in general, and Huey drivers in particular are brave bastards. I'm a fighter pilot and a pretty damn good one, but I had 2 fam rides in a Huey at Pax River and that humbled the hell out of me. Helo pilots earned my respect shortly after arriving in Nam and I've never lost it. Love those guys!
  3. Now Pat, don't disparaging the poor pigs; they be nice folk.
  4. UB, I don't know. I've never paid any attention to the parades and never heard it mentioned. PF
  5. I thought the M-14 was a poor rifle in semi-auto and totally useless in auto. With all their shortcomings, the M-1 and BAR were much better weapons than the M-14. PF
  6. UB, Where's the degree symbol on the keyboard? Or is it on your phone? . . PF
  7. I have never fully understood the purpose or function of the branding. I fully enjoyed the 2-hour opener. I'm a vengeful sob and I wanted to see heads and other body parts roll all over the place. The next 4 episodes I have found boring with no direction. Too much time spent on Jimmy, Carter and Monica's whining. I feel the series has fallen into the toilet. This is sad as I really enjoy it, especially the scenery, horses and tack. PF
  8. I would never disparage Army helo pilots. They are the bravest men I've ever seen. I have some friends who were extremely happy to see Army helos overhead, low and slow. We had a crew who had ejected into Laos. The Jolly Greens (air farce) wouldn't go get them but 2 Army WOs did. We were scheduled for a USO show that night. When the WOs landed at ChuLai, the Group Commander "arrested" them. He called their commander to tell him they would be the guests of honor at the show and that he would let them return when they were sober enough to fly. Needless to say, much hooting and hollering occurred that night. PF
  9. Build a big fire. Throw turkey in middle of the fire. Fix a ham sandwich. PF
  10. UB, Thanks for the answer, Sir. Guess I've lived in a bubble. I've been around a fair amount of roping and horse riding and stopping quickly and I've never seen a stop such as that. I don't think I've ever seen a horse I was riding stop like that. I was riding quarter horses and they go fairly fast. I've just never seen that and it looked weird to me. Appreciate the answer. PF
  11. I've always enjoyed their beautiful horses and tack, but previously the horses had a function and performed it well. Does a reining horse have a practical application? A cow pony doesn't slide on its rear like these do after a calf is roped.
  12. I don't get hungry enough to eat fast food. McDonald's has good coffee though; much better and cheaper than Starbucks.
  13. If she was going to all that effort and trouble, I would have thought she would get herself a decent beer. PF
  14. Why was Rittenhouse the only one arrested and tried? How about all the criminals spreading hate and discontent and burning the town? I am tired of coddling the likes of antifa and blm. More of them need to suffer the same fate as the three here. Quit persecuting and prosecuting the normal people. PF
  15. Loophole, Thanks for the answers. I remember the kidnapping of Tate. I had forgotten it was a militia bunch. I thought they were wiped out but maybe I was wrong. PF
  16. Loophole, is the gunfight with the militia the one on the road at the beginning or the one at the ranchhouse at the beginning? Also, I've missed something; just who is the militia? PF
  17. The collective IQ of all those who drive electric cars is less than 100.
  18. Kalifornicators just voted to keep this idiot in office. I guess they enjoy being screwed. PF
  19. Another useless, expensive and ugly government sponsored and subsidized boondoggle. They didn't learn anything from Solyndra. PF
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