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  1. My nephew was flight deck Chief aboard her a few years back. PF
  2. One of the basic rules of air warfare is to be totally unpredictable. The AF violated that rule every day with planes from Thailand going downtown. They also frown on innovation such as Col Olds' brilliant ambush that day. It went against the "call the command post" syndrome. The AF philosophy is "if it's not authorized, it's prohibited". Naval philosophy is "if it's not prohibited, it's authorized". The AF is a bureacratic morass much worse than DC. Don't want to be anywhere around them when the shooting starts. They can come up with a million reasons why something can't be done. The ROE over there was a terrible travesty of warfare. LBJ and his buddy Bob did not want to piss off the Russians or Chinamen, even if it meant getting Americans killed. There should only be 2 ROE: 1: win; 2: come home. PF
  3. That's as bad as removing Confederate flags and statues. I'm really glad I'm old. I do not want to see this country turn into Cuba or Venezuela. PF
  4. Yes. Farmington is more than twice the size of Cortez. Durango is also short of oncology facilities. Nearest one in Colorado is Grand Junction, farther than Farmington. Granted I haven't lived in Cortez since 1961, but seems to me that at that time Cortez was larger than Farmington. Concur with distance to GJ vice Farmington. If I recall Farmington is no more than a couple of hours whereas GJ takes most of the day. Anyway, good to hear you can sleep in your own bed and conduct business closer to home. PF
  5. Bob, It seems kinda strange that Farmington has a cancer center and apparently Cortez does not. Is this really true? Best wishes and hope no hiccups on the trip. PF
  6. I think the best riot control device would be a flame thrower and/or M-79. PF
  7. Through the years I've wondered many times how cops would react to any unconstitutional procedure regarding firearms. Would they be my friends or my enemies? I live in AZ and I know how the Sheriff feels; I"m not sure of city cops or state cops. I'm sure how the feds feel and I don't trust any of them. I'd hate to see a situation here like VA has become but I don't think it would be pretty. PF
  8. UB, just more crap from Mabus. He still thinks that boys and girls are all alike and there's no difference between them. Mabus has done more damage to the US Navy than all our enemies since John Paul Jones was a Boatswain's Mate. Hopefully Gen. Mattis and the new SECNAV will reverse and put an end to all this happy horsehockey. PF
  9. The US military made a horrible mistake when they went to 9mm. You don't hunt men with a pea-shooter. When I was an Air Liaison Officer with an infantry battalion, I was totally disimpressed with the M16. I saw way too many gomers hit with that damn thing and keep coming. I never could understand why we sent Marines into combat with a pea-shooter and a .22 rifle. Neither of them knocks down anything. Conversely when they were hit by a .45 they went down and stayed down. Same thing with the scout/snipers and their .308s; didn't take a full magazine for a kill. PF
  10. All the men of Taffy 3 were REAL heroes. They had courage, devotion to duty and love of Country. PF
  11. I hope all you fellers are enjoying your global warming. I've been cold all day and our high is only 61. OBTW, I've never been hungry enough to eat SOS or Spam. My Dad loved both of them and neither Mom nor I could stand the sight or the smell of either. I sure do miss the ole feller though! PF
  12. I'm a Marine and I know you DO NOT get between a Sailor and his rating badge. That's his Coat of Arms. PF
  13. I'd say that Allie was somewhat better than "not bad". She didn't butcher the ending like so many folks do, she had good range and she pulled the mike away from her mouth for high notes or louder singing. It is hard to compete with Daryle Singletary though. Still I thought a fine job. PF
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