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  1. There are NO military academies in this country anymore. They are all coed institutions of dubious learning of useless subjects. Things started going to worms when they let the little girls in and they learned that if they whined they got their way. With each democratic president it has only gotten worse. Democrats don't give a damn about national security, military competence and readiness and preparations for fighting wars and defending our country. I'm glad I'm old. I hope I don't see the total destruction of our country. PF
  2. Marines love their Docs! Seabees run a close second. PF
  3. I was a Battalion ALO in 1969. The 6 said absolutely not to any request for reporters to even be on our hill, let alone tag along on an OP. Regiment tried to get him to change his mind and he said as long as he was CO, the restriction was in effect. He was later KIA. Turned out to be my last MEDEVAC as my time was up and I went back to flying. A damn fine Commander. I later found his name on the traveling wall. Turned out to be too many names I knew and I had to leave; couldn't look at any more. PF
  4. Do whatever is necessary to keep your guns out of the hands of the cops. Cops at all levels have enough guns of their own! PF
  5. If it were up to me, I wouldn't sell KA a damn thing. I'm tired of them sucking off our power. Ditch your NIMBY attitude and build your own power plants and reservoirs. Drill your own wells and refine your own gas. Quit expecting others to satisfy your needs. PF
  6. God made cats to be bobbing targets for .22s. Aim carefully. PF
  7. Sadly, a lot of DPRK expats are trying to turn AZ into Kalifornia Southeast. I don't understand people. They leave a sewer like KA and move to a nicer place. Immediately they set about transforming the nice place into the same sewer they just left. We have way too many DPRK expats; we do not any more. Same goes for damnyankees. Stay home and leave AZ alone. Thanks to all the migrants into AZ. we now have Kelly and Sinema. PF
  8. UB, I agree with your final statement. I just don't like cornbread! PF
  9. I love Vidalia onions, but I certainly wouldn't put them in cornbread. To each his own though. PF
  10. What is Gangstagrass? First I've heard that term. PF
  11. I really like these two. I don't know who their banjo picker is. She normally does more singing than he and they make great harmony together. PF
  12. I cannot find any sympathy for any of these yahoos. Call them what you want; I call them illegal aliens as they entered the country illegally. There is a procedure for entering the country and/or seeking asylum. As best I can tell they just wondered in and starting leeching and begging. The only thing we owe them is a swift kick in the ass and if a ticket to anywhere, then it is Mexico. PF
  13. I am a 'Boat School grad and I giggle every time I see or hear this or its variants. I do have thick skin and enjoy a laugh, so if anyone has any USNA (boat school, canoe u, small boat and barge school) jokes, ones about Marines, aviators or the Irish, lay them on me. PF
  14. I've never had a vehicle with GPS in it. I guess I have GPS in Google maps on my phone but I don't use it; the screen and everything else is too small to read unless I'm sitting still and can concentrate on it. I know where I'm going and don't need it. If I did I'd get a map. In the military planes I flew, the radar was oriented to direction of flight. In the airliners I flew with GPS or computer nav systems, the screen was always oriented to direction of flight. We had a compass ring on the perimeter so we always knew where North was in case we forgot. I always thought that was a very logical setup. I never got lost nor did I ever land at the wrong airport, so direction of travel would probably be my choice if I ever succumbed to using GPS to go downtown. PF
  15. I see enough of that a--h--- on Fox News. I don't need to see him here! PF
  16. For starters he got a Bad Conduct Discharge from the Marine Corps. I am hesitant to call him a Marine; at least not one that I would respect. Appears to me to be 2 first rate scumbags that joe will trade a high-value Russian for. Same kind of deal obama made for bergdahl: trade enemy high value targets for our scumbags. Makes me sick. PF
  17. I am so sorry, Sir. I will endeavor to do better! PF
  18. I consider it akin to dishwater. Never acquired a taste for Scotch or Gin. I don't disparage those who do; it's a free country. PF
  19. If the cops aren't going to attack active shooters, we might as well have the church choir in place. Results would be the same! PF
  20. Go to the guns! Go to the fire! Advance and destroy! All else is rubbish. I did not see the folks at Uvalde adhering to those principles. PF
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