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Blue stainless?

July Smith

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Dumb question time...  Is there a way to blue stainless?  I know a lot of folks like their shinny stainless guns put personally I have always preferred blued finishes.  Just curious if any of the standard hot bluing or perhaps even slow rust bluing/browning would work on a stainless gun?

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This is Cerakote Midnite Blue. Lots of people like to call it “paint”. It isn’t. It’s tough as hell. 



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It can be done - there are several techniques available. Look on your favorite search engine for stainless steel blackening.

I had it dome to a ruger vaquero once, matte black but pretty nifty.





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Bluing is a form of oxidization ie rust.


Stainless ain't supposed to rust.


Chemical treatment, tempering, or coatings are your best bet

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Take a look at Ionbond DLC. It what at least used to be used on CZ shotgun barrels. Very durable, and looks like brand new blueing 

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