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  1. Here in Texas we just give em "head shot" Seems to be pretty effective.
  2. Well I didnt blow up the gun using the larger load. BUT the chrono gave the velocity as 1067 for 20 shot average. The primers were still rounded at the edges of the pockets and the firing pin indention was not deeper than any of the BP rounds I have fired. I dont know at this point.... I do think it is time to contact the manufacturer and see what their thoughts are. Thanks for all so far... REX my eyesight is deteriorating and after the DR visit yesterday the best he could get me to is 20-25 and he thinks I need to bite the bullet (no pun intended) and go ahead and do the cataract surgery.... Now I wish I had bought the scope too.... Hope your wife is doing well and all the family.
  3. DING DING DING Rex is right... Rex I do love that rifle. Thank you again! OLG - The rifle is a Shiloh I bought it from Rex. OLG The landowner insists that I not use BP he is scared of a fire. The grass is 2 - 5 foot tall and it is drying out. He usually cuts for hay, but this year he is letting it go to till under in the fall. Right now he has hogs going crazy. I figure I can hit a few with the heavy bullet at the range I will be shooting at - 10 feet to 100 yards. Beyond a 100 there is no way to see anything. Tyrel Cody -I used to use 5744 but in my Pedersoli but there was too much unburned powder left. I went with Unique and or IMR 4198.
  4. Anyone have a safe load for a 45-70 Sharps rifle using Unique for a 525 grain lead bullet. I am looking for about 1050 fps or so. Somehow I am thinking that a suggested load of 13.8 grains may be a mite high. See what shooting Black powder will do to you, when you have to have a smoke-less load you are up a tree. Land owner is afraid of fires from black powder in the heavy grass land (hog hunting).
  5. I had to make an emergency repair to the water line from the city side of the water feed. The 75 year old galvanized pipe had rusted through where it left the ground (pier and beam house) just cit the pipe off, slip on a Shark-bite, slip it over the galvanized, then cut out a section of galvanized, slip in some PEX and another Shark-bite to the remaining section of galvanized to the rest of the water line. Temporary fix worked. I will not go into the complete replacement of the old water lines in the house...
  6. Trump --- the first president in 100 years to not be led by the dark government but lead.
  7. Firehose pants + chainsaw..... Thank GOD I had those on. They choked the blade down and I only got a nick on the thigh
  8. Of course it could just be a station set up by some vodkas swilling Russians after a conversation that ran something like this.... Boris ---- " Anatoly - we have that old transmitter and good antenna just sitting around.... (swig swig swallow) How about.... we set up and transmit on out of way frequency, with tone and occasionally send some words..... Mess with Capitalist dog minds! " Anatoly Victorovich ---- "Is a good idea! I like, how many watts can we run through that amplifier? You want to call Pavel and borrow his reel to reel - is state of the art!""
  9. Every once in awhile I tune the Kenwood TS-520 to the Buzzer and listen awhile... Always was speculated that this was their way to send messages to intelligence agents around the world. They had a specific time and day to sign in and listen to code words and then correlate to their code books.
  10. I took one of these apart and mounted the screwdriver-knife in antler.
  11. You might try VTI for parts http://www.vtigunparts.com/store/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=52&cat=IAB+[Pedretti]+Sharps
  12. I saw the slixsprings stuff. I am thinking I may try their lever spring. I have some cast V springs around here, but I really hate trying to find them... (buried someplace) Thanks for all your help. MB
  13. Lever spring, and I think I should probably have a couple spare firing pins and springs for those.
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