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  1. DO NOT push the Diabalo blade to 5000 RPM, you will discover it has annoying habit of flexing and breaking at that speed. Buy a cheapo Harbor Freight and have at it.
  2. Or other firearms such as short barrelled shotguns, etc. What the demos are proposing now is to include AR-15, AK, most semi auto pistols and rifles a bunch of semi auto shotguns into the NFA classed firearms and thus they would be now considered NFA weapons.
  3. The NFA is already law of the land: United States v Miller. The NFA 1934 was designed to require all owners of the covered firearms to register and buy a tax stamp and no transfer in the future until such time as the tranferor obtained permission to transfer to the transferee. The way the Democrats have this worded is that by XXX date all owners of the newly covered firearms must obtain a tax stamp from the ATF and then if they choose to sell in the future, the transfer will take place under the current rules.
  4. Actually in the 116th Congress, HR 5717 has all this in place Next Congressional term it will be back with a new number,
  5. Also solar panels degrade over time at about 1% of output. Now that is not much, but over 10 years it is something to consider. More importantly than the panel degrading is dust, bird droppings etc collecting on a panel which significantly reduces efficiency so keeping panels cleaned is a major consideration. I suggest you consider getting appliances designed to run on DC current. Available for RV's and other uses. This does reduce some line loss and conversion to AC loss. Storage of energy created by panels in battery form is important to consider not only storage loss, costs of batteries and then conversion loss from battery through inverter to AC if you go that route. Considering only running DC lights and appliances will reduce costs. As to how much panel production you need the math is pretty simple add up the total starting wattage of the AC and other appliances and that will tell you how much wattage you will need to be producing AFTER the solar cells produce DC and is converted to AC, or if you have DC lights and appliances the total normal use computation is simple.
  6. I know four people who died from existing health issues that were exacerbated by CoVid. Three of these people were morbidly obese and had high blood pressure, diabetes and breathing problems (fat in torso making it hard to expand lungs) One had sickle cell and diabetes. Several people I know had it and recovered, they had no health issues. Listening to the medical opinions it seems the best thing one can do is loose weight, get blood pressure and diabetes under control and stop hanging out in bars. It is real, maybe a bit worse than the flu and less infectious than SARS 1, swine flu, West Nile fever or any of the other diseases to appear in last twenty years but it should be taken seriously.
  7. Just a suggestion. Place a dowel or pencil in the loading well, this will prevent the firing pin contacting the primer IF this go badly. I used to have a block that I could drop in when I used to shoot bullseye matches for those times extractor jumped the rim or round stuck in chamber.
  8. The trickey thing about the Medicare Advantage plans is most are local coverage at the advertised rate is only good in the covered area. Go to another state or area and the coverage is reduced or not existent. Now, that said, each plan is very specific and one has to read the plan information closely. These plans have PPO type, HMO type, Fee for service types Some require you us their doctors and those doctors drop off the plan any time the want, you then have to choose a new doctor - hospital, etc. Most require referrals for specialists, etc. This comment is generalized and definitely not comprehensive. Read the Medicare booklet the sen you and for gods sake do not agree to the electronic version, much easier to read the physical print.
  9. I have recammed a few Colts, but this hammer is just plain weird...
  10. The problem with this hammer is the cam is part of the machining of the hammer. Unlike the Colts, that can be punched out from the rear. I would about be willing to attempt it, BUT!! it has to be drilled exactly perpendicular to the hammer. I dont think I can do it on the lathe. Wish I had a milling machine, then it would be no problem. I had heard that AWA hammers were nearly a exact match for the Pietta but.... then....
  11. AWA Longhorn, the hammer cam is worn out. Who can replace it for me? It will need drilled out and new one pressed in.
  12. vtigunparts.com. They have the barrels for 285.00 https://www.vtigunparts.com/store/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=38&cat=Uberti+1866+Rifle
  13. Try hanging CDs near the windows so they twist in the breeze. T'he flair of the disc keeps the birds clear here.\
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