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  1. Here in central Texas it is not uncommon. You can always tell where a cold front is by the rain line, as well as the drop in temperature. Often that drop (or increase if headed out of the cold air) can be from a few degrees to 20 - 30 degrees. Several years ago I flew from Austin where temp was 98 about 3Pm (September) got off the plane in Amarillo to snow, sleet and temp of 25. I chuckled at the folks who did not check the weather beforehand as I slipped on my full length leather duster (weighs about 30 lbs) snapped the straps around thighs and strolled to the rental car line.....
  2. Man oh man... My wife and I haul newspaper and boxes to the animal shelter near us biweekly. This morning I made the error of going inside with all that instead of leaving in the donation bin because a homeless guy was sleeping in it. I came face to face with a couple dogs they told me that are 14 years old. Those faces were so lost and dis-spirited. They were given up by the son of a 80YO mother who just passed. The look in their eyes was so deep and knowing and hopeful that maybe I would take them. I just can not, my 17 year old Schnauzer is hanging on just can not do it right now. God forgive me
  3. But, But, But.... Biden promised us that the release of the oil from the strategic reserve would bring the prices down.....
  4. Just on the other side of the blades from those wind turbines as they bury them
  5. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Pelosi will have Homeland Security disappear you during the night
  6. We have been pumping water from well with old windmill that dates back about 183
  7. Depending on a few factors (how much do they want?, How "used" is it?, barrel length - 16" is pretty wild muzzle blast) Most commercial AR - 10s available are pretty good guns. Most AR 10s are pretty heavy - 11 to 14 pounds (unless it has a 16" barrel). The nice thing about the gun is it is since they are heavy the recoil is negligible less felt recoil than an M - 14. They can be used for hunting most anything in North America and a great target paper punching gun.
  8. You missed garlic and bottle of single malt. Now for really scary part, tonight's total lunar eclipse will be visible in your location.
  9. The latitude of Prescott is 34.54 degrees so the "North Star" would be no higher than about 36 degrees. If you have a compass you can set your magnetic points from a fixed location in your yard and make the adjustment for magnetic declination which in Prescott is about 10.5 degrees east of true north. So if your compass is pointing at magnetic north, you would correct east by 10 degrees and be fairly spot on. You can also use compass to estimate elevation from horizon in degrees. Set the north arrow at the baseline on the backing card. Sight along the top of the (generally plastic base) to the horizon, then keep the compass body locked on the horizon and rotate the base upwards. When the base lines up with the object you are looking for elevation, you can then read it off the side of the compass body. If you keep the compass body locked in right hand the degrees are direct, if you lock in left hand, then you will have to convert to correct degrees. i.e. the object reads at 300 degrees, that then would be 60 degrees above horizon
  10. You really need a change of reading material.
  11. What kind of amp? Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. sheeze keep us safe from ourselves.. I say let Darwin clean the gene pool
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