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  1. I agree with Calamity Kris about hitting your doctor. I went about six or so days after the bite and the Dr. took and carved the necrotic tissue away. It took a month before the hole was healed enough to start to fill up. Left a nice scar.
  2. I got bit by recluse a few years ago. The tissue dies back and I developed a 1/4 inch deep, 3/4 inch wide hole. Ended up scraping the wound out and man that tingled, but it did heal... Be very careful and look for sign of tissue necrosis under that scab.
  3. Prayers for her. It will take some time for her to heal, so take good care of her.
  4. BUT!!! You do not have 23 1/2 hours of night !
  5. CCI velocitor highest velocity with a 40 gr bullet. . Aquila makes the 60 grain subsonic round, They would be ok for short range IF your barrel has a 1 in 9 or faster twist..
  6. Well Bless your little heart. Oh and "bare arms" means to expose the flesh of the arm. "Bear arms" comes from the Constitution.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to stand for our God given rights
  8. For this one the words fail me... BUT it is Texas
  9. In 1872 The US Postal Department was made a cabinet level position and mail fraud and pornography statues were passed. In 1873 the USPD issued the first post cards.
  10. Registered mail is safest, you can also get a return receipt for that. That allows you to have proof of the delivery. In theory only the addressee can sign for Registered mail ( I was a Letter Carrier for 35 years and as I said above too many poorly trained non career employees now) so it is the safest way more so than certified mail. The thing about Registered mail is there is a chain of custody that is admissible if ever needed in court. Not to say it would be in this instance, but for the general knowledge using registered mail is about as secure a way to move anything you can not hand over in person. I used to delver a business route that had jewelry stores and attorney offices and I had to sign registered out from the secure cage all the time and sometimes having a million dollars worth of gem stones in my pouch was a little unnerving. Especially should I have lost it, I had to pay for it. Tends to make one very very careful.
  11. Domestic Registered mail is signed for each time it changes hands. There is a paper trail of its progress through the system. Another choice is certified with return receipt addressee signature only delivery. It is not as secure, because it is run through the regular mail stream. AND with the huge number of temporary , non-career employees now at the Postal Service who are poorly trained, ya never know.....
  12. Not if you use a 100% blue agave tequila and then only a single jigger.
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