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  1. Doc... You and your family have my prayers for yourselves. For your Father, he has my continuing prayers going forward as the Lord held your Father through the surgery and continues to do so. Prayers for all of you will be a priority of mine. May the Lord carry you all and bring you strength and healing for your father.
  2. At about 0:15, I distinctly heard a mouse burp.
  3. I finally got spring rolls down. Quick dunk in warm water and a bamboo roller
  4. Looking good. Did you make the dumplings? Or they commercial?
  5. I have a bit of a different view.. My wife is suffering from depression, dementia and serious bipolar mental issues ( possibly Alzheimer's). It is hard to watch as a 72 year old person makes themselves into a bedridden, incapable to take care of themself person. It is not a pretty thing, but the wedding vows did stipulate "for better or worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us part." So, I take my vow as serious as one taken to defend against enemies foreign and domestic. I will never renege my vow.
  6. I am in a quandary about Mcallan 12 vs McAllan 25
  7. My father was in the Air Force.... We lived in Birkenfeld in mid 50's and there were still tanks and fun things for kids to play on. There was a pillbox up the hill behind the military housing up the hill that still had some bodies inside. we got in trouble for finding it and not telling adults about it. The best part of living there was recreating WW2 with the German kids by throwing coal back and forth at them into the bombed out couple of blocks of houses they occupied vs. our military housing with full coal bunkers . Well it all came to a truce in the winter when we ran sleds down the frozen ice flow down the hill (the same one that had the pillbox) Then it was ok for all us kids to run sleds down the ice across the street and dodge the tank convoys. The American tankers were pretty slow... the German tankers were out for blood.
  8. Well electric is all nice and well... till the electricity goes out for a week like it did here in 2021 storm. We had the gas stove in kitchen to boil water, ran oven baking bread, pies, roasts kept the rooms above freezing, kept large pot of water on stove that really did help with heating kitchen and dining room.
  9. I was referring specifically to the law firms trolling tv for class action lawsuits about Le June.
  10. I have a question. How many of these attorney firms advertising on TV are accepting their services "pro bono"? I would be willing to bet - NONE so I will not disparage the whole class of attorneys, but they only go for the money as a group.
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