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  1. Agree with Rye Miles.... BUT Guitar Center had a Martin D-18 for sale used in Florida at a price I couldnt resist. Turned out to be a good guitar with only one issue which was disclosed in the sale information. Easy to reglue the internal brace where it had lifted a bit. I figured humidity being the culprit. Pretty happy with it, though just sold it a few months ago just did not play it enough to justify having it and the guy down the street was looking for a nice guitar.
  2. Bob you can check these folks out. I have gotten two through them. https://www.guitarcenter.com/
  3. Sir, I understand... Begin your search in your area in pawnshops and Craig's-list. I have had most of my guitars (10 remain) for at least 40 years- at one time I had 25 and my wife hassled me into selling most. . Yes, most will be overpriced and ragged out... BUT depending on your choices of either electric or acoustic.. Your choice will appear. ..
  4. I do not understand the question would be my answer
  5. Bob. It all depends on what type of music you like. Guessing based on the last 10 years of your posts rap is not your thing BUT metal death Reggie Goth might be () Sooooo My guitars are (my favorite) Acoustic- - Martin D14. My Gibson 1966 Les Paul is best electric ever, and the late 1970's Fender Strat is close. Now the real surprise is a 12 string Ventura with close second being a 12 string Taylor. I am however real Partial to my Gibson ES 335 for 2am playing in the back yard alone.....
  6. Our County Sheriff is a liberal progressive lesbian Democrat who refuses to hold illegal aliens for ICE, agrees that Austin is a sanctuary city and shows up at all the Mother Demand Action events here in Austin, makes me wonder if she would refuse to enforce Red Flag laws.
  7. You guys are forgetting the most overlooked and yet fiendishly important part of the gas system. You must clean the gas tube. Special pipe cleaners are made for the gas tube cleaning. The gas tube cruds up and the carbon reduces the tube clearance allowing less gas to operate the bolt.
  8. My Bill was to enforce an immediate death penalty on those convicted of these mass killings. I sent copies of the Bill in "correct" format for submission to the House to all the Democrat Representatives in my area including my favorite socialist Lloyd Doggett and got only crickets when I called about this I got crickets. Now understand I have been doing this since 2008. I am sure by now I am on some List somewhere.
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