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  1. Good roofing. Cost runs from about 800 to 1000 a square depending on roof pitch valleys, etc
  2. Our taxes when we bought this place were something like 90 dollars for the year. Now without the over 65 age freeze, homestead exemption and the local additional exemptions the taxes would be $9000 a year. We are paying about 5 grand but that will go up with the results of the recent vote to fund a light railway, and mass transit that may or may not be built.....
  3. $6,100.00 dollars? I'd love that Here in Austin that is about what the appraisal on the small bathroom is. But, to make you feel better: I protest the tax appraisal every year and do fairly well keeping it at the lowest possible increase of appraisal. What kills the issue is land values here. In my neighborhood land is now going for about 1.5 million and acre. We have a touch over a 1/3 acre on our lot. Hard to argue the appraisal on that since that is what land is selling for around us. All the older homes like ours built in 1946 - 1950 are either being torn down and replaced with
  4. Ham radio..... The original cell phone
  5. Prayers from here for you and your wife. Lord, Bless this family and give them comfort in Your presence. Your will will rule, and we can not understand the why's and the wherefores of Your designs. Know that the one we know as Utah Bob and his family are the people many of us admire and love. Give them special considerations and Your care. In Jesus Christ's name we pray.
  6. An excellent thread ALPO. There is no short answer to the Q but I can tell you that with the huge number of tube type Transceivers and manufactures, it would be a shot in the dark being able to pull a tube from a tube TV and installing on a ham rig. Not impossible as long as the tube type was the same or an interchangeable replacement.
  7. "Rolling blackouts" is a mis-nomer for what is happening in central Texas. Power is being shut down in huge swaths across the larger cities knocking out power to large percentage of populations for many hours. In my are of Austin our power went off at 2:07am Monday morning and didnt come back on till 2:13 am Wednesday morning. That is 48 hours with no heat or light. Now the real number. At the top end of the outage about 42% of the electric customers in Austin were under power outage lasting from 48 to 60 hours. The other areas of town did have "rolling" outage lasting from 30 - 60 minutes f
  8. Bullets that attract magnets have a steel core. That steel core punches through a lot of target backers, steel plate etc. Lead core which most people are used to expands or breaks up. Steel core (often called penetrator, or armor piercing, or other terms) is very damagint to most backstop amterial.
  9. You can read about it here: https://www.ny.gov/services/apply-firearms-license
  10. Define often? I think last time I wore it I did eat at a place nearby. It was 30ish and raining. That was maybe 30 years ago.
  11. About the tax issue: Texas does have some of the highest property tax rates in the country. Travis county with (county tax, city of Austin tax, Austin school district tax, community college tax, hospital and ems tax, and all the other add on taxes runs right now $2.25 per hundred on tax value) is 69th highest of all counties in USA compare that to Ventura county at 123rd and Santa Barbara at 170th and Los Angeles county at 160th highest . Modoc County in California is 1552nd of all counties in USA. Of course counties that are swallowed by cities are going to be the highest tax rates and rura
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