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  1. Ohh boy. Now the blood running in the streets and the children... think of the children.....
  2. I did not go to Marine Scout Sniper school.. BUT - a mil dot is a physical entity inside the scope on the reticle. On most mil dot scopes it is the distance between the center of the dots (most dots are about 3/4 of a mil in size) A "mil" angular measurement equal to 1/6400 of a circle, or 3,375 Minutes of Angle. The mil is a handy measurement because it is 1 yard at 1,000 yards and good for range estimation. So - you can not actually adjust the mil dot, you adjust your sighting on the mil dot. Shooting at 500 yards at a 6 foot tall target miss low by 10 yards, come up 20 mils to get to t
  3. Only if she was fed Texas BarBQue for the first time ever.
  4. You being a JD will appreciate this. These are the amendments to the original bill as pressured by the Texas Police Chiefs and Sheriffs. This is the language from the Conference Committees report to the houses. SECTION 3. Article 14.03, Code of Criminal Procedure, is 7 amended by adding Subsection (h) to read as follows: 8 (h) ( 1) A peace officer who is acting in the lawful discharge 9 of the officer's official duties may disarm a person at any time the 10 officer reasonably believes it is necessary for the protection of 11 the person, officer, or another individual. The peace
  5. Ummmm nothing against Lubbock... but say that after a dust storm......
  6. A reality check: It just takes a different legislature composition to reverse these gains. I will not get political here, but for those of us in Texas if you want to protect what we have, vote and vote Texas
  7. Ohhhhhh Blood in the gutters, bodies in the streets...... run away runaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (muthers demand action)
  8. Some guy around here owns a P 47 and occasionally flies it wide open along the interstate, sometimes he can keep up with traffic
  9. Welcome to the "New World Order" Kommrades. Keep your hopes up, for you are being saved from yourselves.
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