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  1. The B-52 have to get there and back. A possible scenario: Six B-52H bombers stationed at Barksdale LA are missioned to Kabul Afghanistan. Assume a B-52H with max takeoff weight of 488,000 pounds, flying circumpolar route at 45000 feet, 650 knots will have a range of about 7600 nautical miles. Circumpolar route from Barksdale to Kabul is about 7700 nautical miles. Assume a KC-35 out of Germany is the refueling plane. Refuel at about .40 good fuel Refuel takes about 30 minutes per KC-35 load. Mission calls for immediate return to Barksdale. SO figure each B-52H would have to refuel once going out, and once going back. Assume no major evasive maneuvers or damage to planes, so the six B-52s will need at least 12 tankers for mission. The USAF might also have one extra per refuel in-case a particular B-52 is consuming fuel at unusual rate. A little known fact, the tanker is considered expendable, so should a tanker have to orbit awaiting flight, and upon refuel be short of fuel to RTB the plane is sacrificed rather than short the primary mission airframe.
  2. Depending on speed, altitude, winds, flight weight, the B52 burns about 35 - 41 pounds of fuel per nautical mile. fuel load is 312,197 pounds or so. Jet A or A-1 weigh about 6.7 pounds per gallon. A KC-135 with full transfer volume can transfer about 194000 pounds of fuel. A full refill would take 2 KC -135 tankers leaving a smidge for flying time to transfer that fuel at 6500 pounds a minute.
  3. November you say? I suggest you bring both arctic parka and shorts. Probably the best thing you can do then is stay out of the wind.
  4. Why do they call them pirates? Because they ARGHHHHHHHH
  5. Next will be the nanobots in the CoVid 19 vaccine.
  6. You need an answering machine for your man cave.
  7. Alpo, every state has different laws and regulations on this issue. You can probably find answers to your questions by running an internet search for the tax appraisal authority for your county and then reading their regulations. Perhaps calling the tax appraisal people could answer your question too.
  8. Well heck, Here I am all destitute after the hunting - fishing -boating accident of 2016. Lost all my guns and my favorite knife at the bottom of Lake Buchanan. Where do you get one of these virtual AR's?
  9. There are several good recipes if you search internet. As far as cooking one. I have and it is not a big deal. Lots more meat than a little old wood duck or mallard.
  10. Well here is your problem! "The ER doc prescribed acetaminophen & a mussel relaxer. " the doctor is a quack he should have prescribed muscle relaxer for you. The stuff he did order for you only makes those shellfish easier to catch.
  11. People get upset with me when I point out in 2009 it took Obama 6 months to declare H1N1 a pandemic and we didnt shut the country down, some schools closed, but it was all on a local level. In 2020 it took Trump about a month do do so and he took action pretty much immediately.
  12. Dont forget to get the chainsaw adapter for the forearm.
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