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  1. Ok that explains where the more restrictive size was coming from
  2. does Founders Ranch restrict shot size for EOT below the #4 limit shown in the handbook?
  3. not 45, but for my 44WCF I load 35gr of Goex FFg.
  4. Originally had a different alias that sounded too much like a regular name so that my actual name and alias were mistaken constantly. Coincidently at one of my first matches I arrived and found that I had been a bit much of a hurry loading the truck, and I found that all the shotgun ammo I had grabbed was my 00 buck. Oops!!!
  5. Building a new cart. Is it required that the actions be completely open when in the cart? I seem to remember there being certain conditions where they could be closed, but can’t seem to find anything stating one or the other.
  6. I took the RO1 course before I shot my first match because it was available. Personaly I'm of the opinion that a one day course is an inconsequential amount of time to commit to the sport when compared to everything else that goes into it. I will be taking the RO2 course in a few months as well for this very reason.
  7. If you l can set them aside for you. Email to Jrice404@gmail.com
  8. Will have a pair of XL Wah Maker vests and a wool 48” frock coat available at WR. $25 each for the vests and $125 for the coat.
  9. I'll bring one with me. It was the first one I did for the pattern, and I decided to go both strongside. I'll be at the long range pistol on Wednesday morning, or should be able to be found around the ranger tent most of the week.
  10. Bring it with you I’ll at least check it out. I’d be interested in any other pictures you have of it.
  11. I would venture to say a case full of FFFg under a 200gr RNFP would get the job done just fine.
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