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  1. Inertia puller works well and last quite a while. Mine finally gave up after about 15 years. Had about a hundred rounds to pull apart, and the threaded collar finally shattered. Going to a collet style when I order another.
  2. Have taken deer with 45-110 Sharps in the past, 44WCF ‘73 goes most places with me, and hopefully going to see haw a 50-90 Sharps dies on Buffalo in the next year.
  3. Most of the time in the instructions for using the stainless pins you will see DAWN dish soap specifically called out. It does make a difference if shooting black. If using most others it will leave a dark patina on the brass. With dawn it will clean back to new. Only casings I’ve ever had it stick in were 6.5 case necks, as the pins that were in the right range to stick were found I separated them off and no issue since.
  4. I’ve got a couple I’m doing now, adding the other cartridge loops wouldn’t be a problem. Back side is lined with an oil tan chap leather. I’ll get a few more pictures if you like.
  5. Was trying to remember your Alias. PM me your contact info, and we’ll catch up.
  6. Mine came with the retractable firing pin, and initially gave poor primer strikes one one. Got that smoothed out and they ran fine for a couple months. After being at the range for a day when a dust storm came through and got a fine almost talcum powder dust in everything it just caused those retractable pins to feel like gravel and bind up. Changed the hammers and triggers out to the original style and no longer an issue.
  7. Mine aren’t short stroked, nothing beyond basic polishing and deburing on mine. I also run BP loads as close to the originals as I can get while keeping them within SASS limits.
  8. I’d be interested in getting together with NCOWS in either location. I’m right between them.
  9. I’d like to see the targets move back out like that.
  10. Looking around for a Sharps in 45-90. Pistol grip stock preferred. Just looking to see what’s available.
  11. If you decide to separate I might be interested in the heat treat kiln.
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