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  1. I deprime using a universal decaping die first. On my SG shells I do a quick run to clean, then deprime and size, then a second run to finish the cleanup and make sure all sizing lube is gone.
  2. They went to making a bit different boot, but it looks like they completely folded up this past year.
  3. The entire line of KG cleaning products works pretty well. I took some of the KG12 copper remover as well as a few of the other more well known copper solvents, put them into vials, and dropped a Barnes TSX in each. 3 days later you could actually measure a difference in the diameter of the one that had been in the KG12. I’d still be using the entire line if it weren’t for the fact that Boretec products work just as well and are easier for me to get my hands on.
  4. Depending on the accuracy requirements of the type of match their time may be better spent practicing, rather than loading. That being said I’m certain I can tailor a load to most any rifle that will perform better than any factory produced ammo.
  5. 34 of FFg Goex under. 207 in the 44-40 and 84 of FFg Goex under 1 1/4 oz in the SG. It talks.
  6. I’ve been accused that my rounds could take the place of a pacemaker.
  7. Fg is what I’m using in mine.
  8. Still using the first ones I made. Eventually I’ll get around to making another set for myself.
  9. My intent is to make gunleather suitable for our game that looks like it could have just come off the streets of Tombstone or Dodge City in the 1870’s or 1880’s.
  10. A lined belt takes about 6-8 hours to stitch, cartridge loops increase it from there. A lined holster about 4. Unlined holster goes quite a bit faster.
  11. Took a couple extra days. Work sent me out of town for a week at the last minute, and I proceeded to break an eye off a needle sending it right into the end of my thumb. Made stitching a bit slower process for a few days.
  12. Wore one from that same company for several years Sue. It was still in good shape just got a bit tight. It was a chocolate Gus but was done on a 1 inch taller crown and 1/2” wider brim than their standard. I was working for a company that sold them at the time. Now I have 2 from D-J a 10x for everyday, and a 20x for nicer occasions.
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