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  1. I think Coconino pistolero had one for sale a while ago. Not sure if he still has it.
  2. Goex FFg in everything currently. Have some FFFg that I’ll try in the 44-40 and some Fg that I’ll probably run in the SG if my 50-90 doesn’t like it.
  3. Not uncommon to have the bullet be a few thousandths undersize with BP loads. When fired the bullet upsets enough to fit the bore. With Paper Patch it is common to load to bore diameter, and the upset will take care of the remaining 15-20 thousandths. I'm expecting on my 50-90 to be starting with a .490-.492 bullet and patching it up to just about .498-.500
  4. The biggest issue I've run into with the brass hulls was when I dropped a box of them that I had loaded and it egged a few cases. A set of CH4D dies and it hasn't been an issue since.
  5. Tried to fill it out and wouldn't advance past the first question. Could you send it again please?
  6. If I remember right Cloak Drummer had a number of them in their tent at WR.
  7. If the caps are still available I'll pick them up as well. Have a new shooter that I work with that won't be able to make it up other than maybe Saturday that could use them.
  8. 25 loops, holes from 45-54 inches. I used it for a little less than a year, and I shrunk. Had to make a new one. It’s mostly been used with brass hulls which are slightly bigger than the plastic ones. If interested I can probably shrink the loops down a bit to fit the plastic ones better. I’d go $75 shipped.
  9. If you’re needing a belt for shotgun Aa well I may be able to help you out there.
  10. Contact Bear River powder as listed in the most recent Chronicle. They will deliver to WR
  11. Assuming this is the 1974 version, and not the 2018 remake.
  12. Assuming you are looking for one to do the plastic hulls.
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