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  1. Second Beartrap on this one. RCBS Dies are useless on the 12g brass. CH4D is the way to go. Had to do this recently myself, and went with the RCBS Summit press.
  2. Something of the Irish or Scotch persuasion would be most often found in my supplies.
  3. Shoot black. Ballistol and water mix for cleaning, and preservation. Weapon Shield Grease for the base pin on wheel guns as it pretty effectively seals it from excess fouling, same grease on the pivot of my SxS. all other lubed points get Weapon Shield oil, costs a bit more, but extremely slick, and a little goes a long way.
  4. Had to get D'Mo going somehow. Just keeping SASS stuff out on my desk where he has to see it everyday. Heheheh Welcome to the Dark Side. There's a cart taking up extra room in my garage that he may just have to start storing for me.
  5. I rarely stain most woods, but I really like TransTint it’s a liquid dye that can be mixed with water, alcohol, or added to your finish. Looks pricey for the amount you get, but a little goes a long way.
  6. Had to go up to Oregon for work a few months back. Didn’t know about the no pumping your own gas thing. Guy stepped around the side of the pump and pulled my gas cap as I got out of the truck. The ensuing conversation beginning with get away from my vehicle & what the hell do you think you’re doing, was entertaining to say the least.
  7. Have one sitting here that is available. Have trimmer, powder measure, hand primer as well that I can make you a package deal on.
  8. Desert Ironwood Burl. I believe there are 2 sets of grips in here. I just need to work out how I’m going to extricate them. Pretty sure my milking machine and some carbide end mills will be involved.
  9. The company I work for had their annual Christmas party this evening, and they held it at a little western town /steak house. They said dress code was business casual or western. My wife and I took the opportunity to put on our best SASS finery for the event. Got a lot of questions and interest about what we did with this stuff, what is CAS/SASS, is there a place they can go watch to see it. These are all people who currently or in the near future will have the disposable income to join in if the interest and opportunity are there.
  10. AJI Sports in Apache Junction. It’s on The north side of Main Street just barely outside Mesa. Good guys to deal with, fair cost for a transfer, and the gunsmith is as SASS shooter. AJI Sporting Goods Address: 10444 East Apache Trail Apache Junction, AZ 85120 Phone: (480) 984-8616
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