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  1. Ship to yourself in care of someone at an address where you are headed. No problem.
  2. Check the length on the brass. I was running into the same issue where a particular batch of brass was a bit longer than the ones I had set the crimp die with. This resulted in overcrimping and bulging of the necks on that brass.
  3. Make sure you shake it up well, and after spraying give it a few minutes to dry. When I was using it I would just set up a few loading blocks of brass at a time and spray them all. 3 light coats each from a different direction. Now I just use about 2 ounces of lanolin in a large bottle of 90% isopropyl and put the brass in a gallon ziploc bag give a few sprays and roll the bag around.
  4. If they put on a decent match the first time, give them another shot and see if they improve. Let them keep it going unless they start to significantly decline.
  5. I’ve shot a plenty of places that ran a hot range. If the firearm was on your person it was expected that the magazine was in and one was in the chamber. If you couldn’t be trusted to act safely under those conditions you didn’t belong on the range to begin with.
  6. Once the leather gets burnished either from use, or prior to assembling it won’t make much difference. Typically grain side goes out as that is the finished side, but no reason you couldn’t do a complete rough out set of leather. It would just be a bit irritating locating the holes for stitching.
  7. These arrived in the mail, waiting to get back home to put them on.
  8. I deprime using a universal decaping die first. On my SG shells I do a quick run to clean, then deprime and size, then a second run to finish the cleanup and make sure all sizing lube is gone.
  9. They went to making a bit different boot, but it looks like they completely folded up this past year.
  10. The entire line of KG cleaning products works pretty well. I took some of the KG12 copper remover as well as a few of the other more well known copper solvents, put them into vials, and dropped a Barnes TSX in each. 3 days later you could actually measure a difference in the diameter of the one that had been in the KG12. I’d still be using the entire line if it weren’t for the fact that Boretec products work just as well and are easier for me to get my hands on.
  11. Depending on the accuracy requirements of the type of match their time may be better spent practicing, rather than loading. That being said I’m certain I can tailor a load to most any rifle that will perform better than any factory produced ammo.
  12. 34 of FFg Goex under. 207 in the 44-40 and 84 of FFg Goex under 1 1/4 oz in the SG. It talks.
  13. I’ve been accused that my rounds could take the place of a pacemaker.
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