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  1. It is not that thy are stupid. It is that they seek to deceive and indoctrinate the public who are raised to accept it as gospel that the news media tells the truth and only the truth. I have had a depressing number of discussions with people who think that the news media has to report only the truth and they can not shade reporting
  2. The stupidity knows no bounds. The sad part is that about 75% of the general population believe this drivel as gospel.
  3. He does not have a website yet. He was working on one I private messaged you with some more info. Here is a picture of one of his latest base guitars. It is not finished, but the design is great. You can not see it, but the body just infront of the end of the =neck has a wave like dip to come up under the neck joint.
  4. Thanks for asking Hardpan.... The tuning machines are Grover Deluxe, Wiring harness is from RS Guitarwork (we were going to wire up our own, but this one seemed great) Pickups are Seymour Duncan SH 1 '59s. Strings right now are DeAddario EXL 120 (.009 - .042) The bezels for pickups are handmade from wenge as is the background of headstock veneer overlay. the fretboard is wenge as well.. the headstock
  5. My son is a budding luthier. He builds mostly bass guitars but this is his gift to me. A neck through made of laminated, curly maple, this pecan strips, walnut and mahogany. The body is made of Leopard wood. Binding is ipe as are the knobs. Inlays are ipe, black walnut, the wolf inlay in the head is ebony. the nut is ebony. Sweet guitar and sounds great. The neck through was drilled out to about 75% empty to allow sound to resonate. Sounds great without amp and with amp it does sing.
  6. When I am driving, my wife holds the map in her lap and tells me where to go. Well she does that also when I am not driving, but I digress.
  7. Nawthurn aggression know no bounds
  8. Just a regular ol' wall or shelf cloud cloud. The difference is wall clouds seem to grow vertically and shelf clouds show horizontal spin. If it spins horizontally you are in for some wild weather, heavy winds, rain and a tornado could drop out of the thing..
  9. Bob, you Sir. I honor in your own right. I have over the years offered a few shots for your son and beloved Wife. I have offered a prayer or ten along the way and hope that they have given some solace. Thanks my friend.
  10. Funny, the irony of 18 year old is not lost on me. We (my wife of 46 years)have had nearly 25 dogs and 10 cats over that time, but this girl, and her sister were from a breeding my wife did to hopefully get a silver and gray Schnauzer female. Suzi (the recently passed) girl was a beautiful silver girl. Her sister who passed away last year (nearly a year ago to the day) was a jet black tiny girl. Such fine dogs. Thanks all,
  11. The last of my McCallan Double Cask 18 YO bottle is being honored. I had to put my 18 YO Schnauzer to sleep. She was the puppy that at birth snuggled in my hand, and for days after would crawl in the whelping box to find me. She let me know it was time, yesterday night we went out back and she just stood for half an hour leaning against my leg. For the last couple weeks, her body was shutting down and that night, well, she asked for release. Over the years she bonded with me beyond what any of our other pack dogs ever did. She was a brave and fine companion. So, tonight, she is honored. Be well Bob.
  12. In 2014 after night of horse patrol downtown in the entertainment section: It was in the early morning hours on Friday, Nov. 18 when 49-year-old Larry McQuilliams roamed throughout downtown Austin with AK and .22-caliber-type rifles, shooting more than 100 rounds at government buildings and a bank. Inside his rental van was a copy of the extremist tract Vigilantes of Christendom, which preaches race war. When he approached the Austin Police Department headquarters, Sgt. Adam Johnson shot McQuilliams once from 312 feet away—while holding onto the reigns of two horses. That’s roughly 100 yards.
  13. Man, I am so sorry for all this. Hoping that the legal system catches all involved in the creation of this accident.
  14. Prayers up for your family. What I find interesting is (from your account) no police at the scene? That seems mighty odd.
  15. You ASSUME I am under mistaken impression only one side would use nukes. Nowhere did I so state,. only one side would use them. I stated that it is current military thinking that the use I described would work best. What I did not say is that the first to use them would set the mode of delivery. Retaliation by any side would not be minimal structure damage. It would be total expenditure of munitions.
  16. burn it, melt with acid or lye. ALso what I do, drill 1/8 inch hole in them, hang outside to chase birds out of garden. Over about 3 months, the data coating burns off in the sunlight and you end up eventually with a clear disc.
  17. The most amusing part of this is the current military strategy on nuclear weapons is small tactical nukes for local attack and high altitude detonation creating an Electromagnetic Pulse. That fries electronics and without power, water, sewage treatment, food production and shipping gone, the population dwindles by 80 - 90 % and they are so weak they are no threat. The buildings, land are not polluted with fallout, allowing the aggressor to walk in and take over within a year.
  18. It has been stupid hot here in Austin. 100 by noon and terminal temps of 109 - 110 every day for a week. We are up to 40 days of 100+ temps so far with a max temp of 112 one day.
  19. On my way to live in Italy, my Dad just back from Korea got PCSd to Italy as an air traffic controller there at Aviano Air Force base.
  20. This nice map from Date and time representation by country - Wikipedia show the usage of 24 hour (red), am/pm (blue), and mixed (green). Many industries and most technical devices all around the globe do use 24-hour, and may only present the time in am/pm where needed.
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