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  1. Only clips i have are for M 1 Garand... keep a couple bandoleers loaded in case Chinese paratroops pop silk over the house. Now magazines.. is another tale.
  2. Drop it on your foot. If it just hurts, they are new model. If they put you in intensive care and rebuild your bones with titanium plates, "old model".
  3. J Bar.... I have always respected your posts....Now I KNOW that the alien worms have crawled inside your brain...
  4. In spring of 1972, my band (we played a lot of Texas bayou and Mississippi delta blues) was playing in the UT commons beside the UT Student Union and we got done with our regular first set, and this skinny little kid wandered up and asked to sit in and play with us. We okd, he plugged into an amp and his first 6 notes.... I put my guitar down and just watched him play the next half hour. Stevie Ray Vaughn, whom we didnt know, but soon would all know..played like few ever did. Thanks Hardpan for that clip of him.. BB King played the Armadillo many times and while our group never opened for him, we did get to visit with him a lot when he was in town.
  5. It be the soul of the woyken man, the story ob de tales dey tellz 'bout how pain n joy lift us up and tear us down. Bluez, white boy, it be what de black menz vented, white boys loined and made inta a bidness. No Black manz eber got rich playing blues, white boys did. what matters is what your soul feels after playin de bluez. (told to me in 1970 by Mr. Hopkins at Liberty Hall in Houston)
  6. There are several of us who shoot, 405 grain bullets in front of 14.2 grains of Unique. Very accurate out to 400 yards or more. and easy recoil

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