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  1. You can spray it on the air filter of an injected engine, but as noted above, it will not keep the engine running, just assist starting.
  2. One of the best methods-- be silent... Most people can not keep their mouths shut and they start talking. Amazing phenomenon, Also, if you are questioned about "crime" before you are arrested, that too can be cited under the "Excited utterance" Some judges are ok with that some are not.
  3. There is a chain mail scrubber you can find on Amazon and other places (maybe MidwayUSA) which you can use to scrub any burned on stuff from cast iron. Using a copper scrubber is not recommended because copper bits can get into the pores and is nasty to the taste and probably not healthy either.
  4. What bgavin said. You NEVER talk to cops ever. You should not lie to them, but you can not lie if you keep your mouth shut! Repeat after me - LAWYER. LAWYER LAWYER
  5. I told my insurance agent not to worry about my wife's poodle.... they did raise eyebrows though about my pet wombat.
  6. Means they were already prohibited and continue being so.
  7. You both were Blessed. Our Lord put you two in each other's path for a reason. Your families and all who knew you grew and gained in what it means to be Human and live in His way. I shall keep your friend in my prayers tonight.
  8. Lord, your will be done. We can not know Your plan, nor should we elevate ourselves to interpret it. This young girl, her life is in Your hands, You have a plan for her and while we may not understand, should You call her to You or extend her life, we know Your plan is to reach someone, or many and teach us to trust and to grow in Your wisdom. Your love is without bound. You do not bring pain and suffering on the innocent young, nor families without a reason and a method. Your wisdom is to teach us to trust and grow in Your glory.
  9. What they mean is: push your patch through and dump the fouling. Do not drag it back through over and over. One patch one pass.
  10. If I take a dump in your front yard, just remember it is fertilizer oh and the pee is a bonus.
  11. Texas is a community property state. So , if you get married in Texas - the property bought ( inherited and or gifted is excluded at least in Texas : other states may provide by statute other provisions.) since the marriage is community property. IF property owned by one spouse before marriage is considered, it is not community property. THOUGH under certain conditions, such as land value, if the land increases in value, AND the joining spouse pays into the mortgage on such land, then the value of the land AFTER the marriage is considered to be community property. Now let me throw in a real wrinkle. along with community property, there is the situation of community debt. Alpo, I am not bagging on you or your queries of years, but there are few if any black and white answers to your questions posed over time. The myriad of legal jurisdictions and competent courts, mixed with state and federal laws makes for a quagmire of issues especially in divorce and probate. Let me give you a for instance. A federal employee is divorced by a spouse - said spouse and the mate in question have been married for 18 months and not remarried by age 55, a federal statute (spouse equity act - (Public Law 98-615) was enacted on November 8, 1984) comes in to play. The divorcing spouse under federal law is entitled to the other spouse providing health insurance. Additionally a federal employee's annuity may under certain conditions be open to garnishment as well.
  12. 110 today and we have had 66 days of triple digits temps, though not the most for a summer (90 days over 100), we had 46 days in a row over 100, till a pesky cloudy day only saw 99 as a tropical storm was 250 miles south of us. The official temperatures are taken 5 - 6 feet off the ground, in the shade(usually in a ventilated box) set over grass and at least 100 feet from pavement.
  13. Well.... at least he did not fall out of a window, Bless his little heart.
  14. The secret to a superior Quesadilla is tequila!
  15. Depends on what the particular state laws are on deadly force.
  16. This is wonderful news!!! My prayers still flow for your Dad and the whole family.,
  17. Prayers continue from this end of the world.
  18. Doc... You and your family have my prayers for yourselves. For your Father, he has my continuing prayers going forward as the Lord held your Father through the surgery and continues to do so. Prayers for all of you will be a priority of mine. May the Lord carry you all and bring you strength and healing for your father.
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