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  1. My SASS guns get cleaned with Balistol/water mix. I do use Mpro7 on the Bore pigs for my 50/90 between shots.
  2. I remember seeing those guys up at that time while I was in Lakewood.
  3. Good chance of putting him into fibrillation or potentially stopping his heart. Once when on the ambulance I thought I was completely clear, but as we hit a bump in the road my foot slipped and my boot was up against the gurney. Electricity goes through leather really well. Even with the insulation of the rubber soles to the floor it felt like I’d just kicked the electric fence.
  4. See a few doing steaks occasionally, but the seafood ones regularly. The seafood isn’t too surprising as there are quite a few who bring stuff up from the Sea of Cortez about 3 hours away.
  5. Unfortunately a great man I work for has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and has not been able to enjoy the RV he bought to use in his retirement. If you’re looking it might be a consideration, and I’d be happy to put you in contact. He asked if I knew of anyone who might be interested. 40 foot Seneca by Jayco on a 2019 Freightliner. 14K miles kept in our airport hangar. Multiple upgrades done and ready to go.
  6. Shellac. It’s what was keeping it stuff originally.
  7. Magtec all brass 90gr of Fg or FFg black fiber and card wads 1 1/4 oz of 4s or 5s
  8. Cleaned out the pit again. I guess it will just have to get run again.
  9. Now that’s the problem with society. Nobody drinks from the skulls of their enemies regularly.
  10. I’ve made as high as 17% and as low as 2%, but the majority of the ones I make are 7-9%. The lower percentage has to be consumed pretty quick as the flavors start to go off in a short time. The really high percentage was just an experiment to see what I could make happen with my equipment.
  11. The short or small beer you refer to is actually 2nd or 3rd run of the grains. The bulk of the sugars are harvested the first time around, then reduced on progressive runs. Now days we typically target a specific ABV and adjust the grain bill to produce that for a single run. I’m planning to try the older process of pulling the highest concentration of sugars just from the initial mash, then sparge or rinse the grains again to recover a lower concentration, and possibly a third just to see what the resulting progression produces in a finished product.
  12. Stay away from hot water, each of the different manufacturers will have some minor differences between them, the button on the ejector rod is probably the biggest variation. Most other variants will work out just with use. I would only redo the wet mold if it just won’t fit at all. The ziplock, or multiple wraps of plastic wrap does work. You don’t need to get the leather excessively wet, just enough to let it start to stretch.
  13. Rafter Double R Leather
  14. If Australia ever decides to remove its cranial rectal inversion type of travel restrictions, I’d love to go for a month or two road trip, and maybe make it permanent.
  15. Now that’s cool. Guessing this was the Durango to Silverton.
  16. 100,000 parts spinning in loose formation around an oil leak.
  17. new untouched lock on right, lightened spring on left. Reduced spring to .100. The new one is .230 wide. The reduction needs to be done evenly and radius all corners to avoid stress risers. If I eventually get power back to my lathe I plan to make all new internals for the locks with better geometry and better steel.
  18. Yes you can switch them, might have to do a small amount of fitting to get them working, but I did exactly that on mine. Also reduced the width of the main springs by about 60%, and can sweep my left hand over them while hitting the top lever to break it open. After a couple hundred rounds it will just drop open when the lever is released.
  19. I only need a little bit on the threads.
  20. Does she realize you could have just stuffed her into one leg with just her head sticking out? Sausage dog, just roll her across the room.
  21. I’m such a starving little puppy wasting away to nothing.
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