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  1. Thinking about putting my 20g CZ Ringneck up to trade. The Ringneck is a single trigger, extractor only gun. Would be interested in the long barreled version of the CZ hammered SXS in 12G
  2. One where between 1 and 1000. Too many variables to give a definite answer. What are the pressures, what are your chamber dimensions, how much is the brass being resized? The list goes on. That being said I still have a fair bit of brass in use that I started with 4 years ago.
  3. Coffee mug dedicated just for this purpose. It won’t crack from the heat. If it fills up to the point I need to start another I set it into a pan of hot water to melt it all back down and separate off any crumbs, then pour off the clean grease into a pint jar. Grease from regular store bought bacon doesn’t seem to stay good nearly as well as the stuff I cure myself. I know the bacon itself from the store can start to mold after about 2 weeks (happened more than once when work sent me out of town on short notice. On the other hand I wanted to see how long the stuff I cured would keep, and it was still good after 2 weeks with no refrigeration.
  4. RCBS dies didn’t even touch the brass on mine, including on brass that wouldn’t fit in the chamber. Wouldn’t even look at anything other than CH4D for dies for my SG.
  5. CH4D and RCBS both available through Buffalo Arms. Neither is currently in stock
  6. Unless it’s packed with dirt I’d just shake it on a screen to knock the better share of the first, and melt it down.
  7. The only appropriate filler for BP loads is more BP.
  8. Wanted a better surface for leather tooling. I figure 12”x24”x4” thick should do nicely.
  9. Well I guess I’ll buy all I can afford now, and then either switch to Swiss or start making my own.
  10. Blackwater, it was good to meet you. I look forward to the next time.
  11. The green look to be #11
  12. 43-202R from Accurate I made a few changes to the 205C that would get the cartridge overall length out where I wanted it, and keep the larger grease groove of the 205C. The bullets as cast form the 202R are weighing 207gr using wheel weight.
  13. This is the new one, and the change you suggest couldn’t be done on the old one without significant damage. The old set will be available to someone looking for leather to get started.
  14. Is it good or bad when you realize a week before a match halfway across the country that your gun belt is too big? Knocked this out starting Sunday, and finished it this afternoon 3 1/2 days later. The old rig was on a 3.5” wide belt, so the holsters wouldn’t fit well on the new belt, and I figured it was about time to make a better rig for me. Holsters are fully lined 17oz total, and the belt totals about 8 oz. A few things I’d do a bit different on another which I may do before EOT.
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