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  1. Water and the rotary separator have been doing really well for me for the stainless pins for years.
  2. For those shooting CC and wearing chaps which style do you prefer and why? I don't intend to use them regularly, but I figure they may be nice to have on hand for matches when the weather is less than friendly see WR 2019.
  3. Toss in a bag, and when I get home deprime and put in the wet tumbler with dawn lemi-shine, and stainless steel pins for a couple hours. I run 2 batches, one for the rifle/pistol brass, and a separate one for the SG hulls. If I run them together the pins can work their way in and make it a bear to get the pistol/rifle brass out of the SG hulls.
  4. I would be inclined to believe the pin is not straight.
  5. It's an attempt to direct the gasses in the safest direction in the event of a pierced primer.
  6. This was my first EOT, and I can say for certain it will not be my last. The first day I made the mistake of trying to go too fast, and both my raw times and penalties showed it. Learned from the guidance of some more experienced competitors, and did much better the next two days. I personally like how the stages were set up. A lot of movement, and had to keep thinking. Personally I'd like to see some rifle targets either farther out or about 1/4 the size they are. I'm personally not a fan of the "stand and deliver" type stages that seem to be common in some places. The stages presented were the very type of stages I was hoping to see.
  7. I believe his time on the gunfighter speed pistol side match was impressive as well. Something like 2.03 if I remember correctly.
  8. Coming in either Tuesday evening or about noon Wednesday.
  9. I would venture to say a case full of FFFg under a 200gr RNFP would get the job done just fine.
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