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  1. Left hand comes over the top sweeps both hammers back and pinch the thumb in to hit the lever all at once. Left hand grabs next pair while the empties are dumped out.
  2. The load is completely within our rules. If the targets are safe to be used it’s no problem. If that isn’t safe to you then move the targets out or replace them.
  3. I try to keep as much of what I use as close to original for the time as I can. I personally think we should be increasing the power factor to the point a factory.38 with 158gr is the minimum.
  4. I run a 207gr 44-40 at 950-975 so right about a 200PF
  5. Damaged or fouled engagement surface.
  6. The definition of long range changes with the type of firearm being used. Pistol I’d say starts at about 75 yards or so, pistol caliber rifle 150, rifle caliber lever action 300, and the quality single shots start at 500-600 these of course are all dependent on target size as well. I would expect the better shooters to be capable of repeatedly hitting targets no more than 4MOA and should be around 2MOA at these distances with the long guns. The pistol targets abound 6-10 MOA. In SASS we barely scratch the surface of long range, but I’d like to see us move further that way on the side matches. This being the case, on the single shot side, there are realistically 3 rifles I would consider competitive that are readily available. Sharps from either of the 2 big US manufacturers, Rolling Block, HiWall. On the more unique side a Ballard or Hepburn would be interesting.
  7. How do you propose to “qualify “ spotters. If you don’t approve of the spotters that we have then you need to volunteer to spot and score.
  8. If you’re referring to the road that runs across the Berger range, that road will have to close for the side match day. There is a road that goes around the south end of the Berger range that. Will be an available.
  9. Correct on the use of the Berger range. To get it I had to give up the silhouette and DPS ranges.
  10. I know we are all I. The middle of the summer match season, and EOT is just 7 months away. Those who shot the Long Range side matches last year probably noticed a few changes that were made, and the vast majority of the feedback for those changes was positive. You can expect a couple more changes this next year including 2 new single shot events. events. I wanted to start getting info on the changes out to everyone a ways ahead of time so you know what to expect. Accuracy and consistency will rewarded, you can’t miss fast enough to win. 1- The Bill Williams Bison shoot has been at 550 yards. As we have had some discussions with Ben Avery we will be moving that event over to another portion of the range that will allow more distance. Expect the bison to be between 700 - 800 yards. 2 - For the first of the new events brush up on your range estimating skills. Like the buffalo hunters of the old west, those competitors shooting this event will have to estimate the distance to a series of targets to be successful. The target size will be given but it’s up to you to determine the distance. The current expectation is for 3 targets. Shooter will have 5 rounds available and a 10 minute time limit. I will place those targets the morning of the event. Anticipate the targets to extend to as much as 400 yards. RANGE FINDERS ARE NOT PERMITTED as per page 30 of the shooters handbook. 3 - A man needs to know his limits. This will be another 10 minute time limit. 4 progressively smaller targets at 300 yards. Start on the largest target. Once you hit the largest move on to the next smaller, if that one is hit move to the next smaller, and so on. However any miss returns the shooter to the largest target to start over. The shooter may stop at any point in the string if they don’t think they are likely to kit the next smaller target. Farthest progression in the series of targets will win with a tie decided by the lower number of rounds fired.
  11. Depends on size and shape of parts. Some pieces can be done with wet dry abrasive on a glass plate, others I use a variety of different ceramic or ruby stones to fit the size and shape of the area I need to get to.
  12. I don’t use any crimp. In my case I’m running a paper patch bullet that is patched to bore diameter. This allows the bullet to be well past the beginning of the rifling, and when fired the bullet upsets to fill the rifling. My sizing die brings the brass down to about .001 under chamber diameter. The combination of these results in a bullet that is seated by hand, but with enough resistance that it will hold in place.
  13. Maybe a dumb question, but are you compressing the load far enough before you seat the bullet, or are you compressing the load with the bullet? I use a compression die to set the depth of the charge and wad stack, then seat the bullet by hand down against the stack.
  14. I used one of the hammer type for a number of years. Like you it eventually broke, and after sticking it back together with marine-Tex it lasted long enough to pull one more, then rapidly disassembled into many ore pieces. I’ve since changed over to the RCBS collet type puller. Much less mess, and quieter.
  15. Great SxS only issue is the main springs seem to have previously served time as suspension in a Russian tank. Easily enough dealt with though.
  16. I posted it as soon as I had an email notification from them saying it was available.
  17. For those who missed the window at Starline. Buffalo Arms says they have 44-40 on hand.
  18. It’s just the 44-40 arriving. Guessing it’s being listed as a heavier weight just due to the box dimensions.
  19. May not be the bullet itself. I run .430 and had a new batch of brass that was a bit stubborn, and would give some issues when chambering particularly in my pistols. Turns out changing my crimp to the Redding profile crimp die made the issue go away entirely.
  20. The window was only a couple hours. I’m guessing they had a certain quantity that they were accepting back orders for.
  21. The 50-90 is an assumption. I placed the order for it at the same time as the 44-40, and the box being delivered is listed at over 35 pounds.
  22. I’ve left fiber wads stuck to targets more than once. 90gr of Fg Black under 1 1/4oz of 4’s or 5’s doesn’t leave much doubt if the knock downs will go.
  23. The crimp on those may very well need to be worked out. On the Magtec brass I use a light roll crimp with a nitro card at the top of the stack. The fiber and cards wads will go past the roll crimp with little issue. With the fiber wads I found my pattern improved a fair bit by going slightly larger on the shot size, and going with a heavier shot load as well.
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