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Not Cowboy, but great parallel parking inovations!

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2 hours ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

I know that is a CGI video, but it just shows that the people that programmed that, didn’t consider turn signals. :lol:


 ...... probably ran out of Blinker Fluid ........  :mellow:-_-



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The first car reminds me of that “parking assist” feature GM came out with in the ought years. My wife’s 2007 Suburban has a message that pops up on the dash when you put the truck in reverse that says “Parking assist unavailable (or disabled)” I can’t remember exactly. 
I asked the dealership about this and they said that GM phase out that option due to myriad mechanic and electrical problems with the system. 
My wife’s truck should have had it but alas, the feature was a miserable failure. 

I can see lawsuits occurring in the Jeep. 
“Your honor, because of the extreme angle of the rear elevation my client spilt her drink and it short circuited her blow dryer while she was in auto-drive and she had to attend the gala in an appalling appearance. Her hair was a mess…and rolling over that homeless man did not help. She may never get over the embarrassment!”



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Back in 1991 I bought a Honda Prelude Si.  It was available with 4 wheel steering. Not as extreme as the CGI images, but it did really cut down the turning radius in tight turns and assist in parallel parking.  All I could think of when I test drove it was how mechanically/electrically complex the system must have been and therefore expensive to repair.  I bought a Prelude but passed on the 4 wheel steer option.



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5 hours ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:

 ...... because we have to "indicate to exit" a roundabout we have had a huge run on the "left turn" flavour ......


   .................... but yes, that's it  :)

So you guys even go around in circles the wrong way? :P


It is said:

”Blessed are they that go around in circles,

For they shall be called Wheels.

More blessed are they that go around in big circles,

For they shall be called Big Wheels!



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@Pat Riot, SASS #13748 Was that park assist strictly electronic driver aides or was the vehicle supposed to have quadrasteer? That is about the time GM cancelled it.  Local guy had it on a Sierra Denali 2 row.  It could turn like my Bronco at 5mph.


@Loophole LaRue, SASS #51438 The Mitsubishi 3000 and Dodge Stealth also offered 4 wheel steering.

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