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  1. It also depends on the size of the shooter. It looks like there may be two of you shooting, if there is much difference in size you need two shotguns, or fit the stock to the smaller person and then you just deal with it for now. A tall person can make 22 in look short. It also depends on the layout of props and such. You don't have to stick the barrels out the window or door. I am 6'6" and shoot a 30 in 97 without much trouble getting around, I am also not very fast, never was and now I am in the Cattle Baron cat.
  2. My Mom and now my Wife just put the scraps flat on the pan with cinnamon and sugar on them and bake. They are good!
  3. Thanks Pat, I couldn't recall where you said that was. I need to try that one of these days. It's not that far from here, you know.
  4. A pee-can is what's under the bed.
  5. It's the Indian name for the mountain just to the east of where I was born and raised.
  6. A word on the spurs. While you are getting used to them do not put chains or a strap under your instep. This will save you from a few headers.
  7. The A-Team shot very well, they busted every piece of glass in the joint and never harmed anyone.
  8. Thanks PW, I really need to get my RO2 updated.
  9. Standard time! If you want to go to work early that should be a matter for the bargaining table, not state law. I don't want my grand kids going to school in the dark in the winter.
  10. I got one from Buster at the Woverton Mountain annual match. After having a small hang up at the next monthly I will be using it to check. My AAs are all older but a few are a bit fat at the crimp. The price might be a bit much, but I like to support the locals.
  11. Just remove the double action fly, spring, and pivot screw. That's what my son did.
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