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  1. Can you say "Drone"? That's just a guess.
  2. You sure worked wonders on that stock. The rest of the gun looks good also!
  3. I get good use out of a nylon type bench block, I have more than one.
  4. It looks like you have to lift the lever to open the action.
  5. Nice 45 Auto. I have two of those from Ruger, like them very much.
  6. Compression ignition. Seems to me it is used in some engines.
  7. First steer trailer I have seen made to go backwards. I have seen many that go under the back end of a long beam, think bridge beam, and are pulled by a truck that hauls the front end.
  8. Mike the pin. I bet it is getting tight in the back, unless the pin is bigger in the front.
  9. I am glad I joined for life when I was working.
  10. From what I know about it, gas and diesel are both made from the same crude oil. More diesel is being used compared to gas, so it's price is not going down as much. I would like to see diesel go down if the parks and such were open so we could take the trailer out.
  11. How about the name of the book? We may be able to find where to get a copy. Amazon anyone?
  12. Nick name "Water Cooled Remington". There may be some other names for it.
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