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  1. It is quite windy over there from the photos I have seen, the wind makes a big difference.
  2. You said you filmed it, which I think you meant it was recorded probably on digital memory. No footage either.
  3. Where did you get the film?
  4. Those Savage package rifles are notorious for the base screws to be loose. When working the sight in service here if someone has one of those that has not been shot yet I will take the scope and mounts off and start over. Some times the screws can be turned with just the screwdriver bit in the fingers. I do wish Savage would get this under control.
  5. It would work even better if the blade farthest from the camera faced the other way. He is turning the wood into the back of the teeth on that side.
  6. If you look close at his left leg you can see the slacks go down to his ankle.
  7. I have seen it in print that the BMW logo is a 4 bladed prop spinning.
  8. Those jets are armed with cameras, they "shoot" trucks out on the high desert in central Oregon. I have been the "target" more than once. Part of the price of freedom.
  9. Dead letter office. It must have had the info inside like on the copy of your order. We had a package delivered the same way.
  10. Well I can weld. but I would like to take a good class with "take home" charts and text. It's good to know what rod or wire to use and get some good instruction.
  11. Just remove the double action fly, spring, and pivot screw. That's what my son did.
  12. The corners of the paper cards don't break off in my wallet.
  13. The person on the back side of the camera can get people to do some strange things.
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