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  1. There is a man here in Salem that used to have a pet wolf. He would leave it in the back of his pickup in the canopy while he went into the store. I have petted it when the man was there, I would not reach in when the wolf was alone. When a siren on an ambulance or fire truck went by he would "sing". It was neat.
  2. Bob, you could load the clips with 3 blanks, 2 empty, and 3 more blanks. They would work either way.
  3. W73, look where the article is from, not that Aus.
  4. Worked on EC47s in Nam.
  5. Just remove the double action fly, spring, and pivot screw. That's what my son did.
  6. The corners of the paper cards don't break off in my wallet.
  7. The person on the back side of the camera can get people to do some strange things.
  8. Good judgement call and a good job all around. I would have caged the brakes so the wheels would turn. Each brake "can" has a bolt on the side that can be removed and inserted into the spring brake chamber and drawn up to compress the spring and release the brake.
  9. I keep my appearance neat... just can't seem to remember where I put it.
  10. What I have done is file the back top corner of the front sight at a 45 degree angle to get rid of the slightly rounded side corners and then paint the filed part black (Testors Flat Black). Then also paint the vertical part of the rear sight the same.
  11. Around here we can't throw anyone far enough to land on any cacti.
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