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  1. It works so well I don't have to use it. If I did not have one then I would need it.
  2. Mine works very well. I have never needed it.
  3. Thanks Lumpy, I expected to get some flak on that. Have you filled out one of these?
  4. I don't buy stuff from a company that uses words that need to be blanked out. It's just my upbringing, I even think there is a term SASS uses that should be changed to "hardcase".
  5. Cartridge, or the '66 Buick Wildcat I used to have.
  6. Just maybe the yoga pants could be used for underwear. Then it's not any concern of ours.
  7. Come on guys, chain saws don't have blades, they are bars. Just check in the store where they sell the Bar and Chain Oil.
  8. Well, seeing he's from Florida and now driving truck, how about Cracker Jammer?
  9. I'm disappointed too, I thought someone was about to take out the slow wire.
  10. Home Depot also has the Veterans parking and discount here.
  11. If I was watching TV I would not be here.
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