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  1. Okay. Let’s come up with some nicknames for this dude. Jingles Wind chime Ace (hardware) Tanenbaum Pin Cushion More?...
  2. I thought this was going to be a thread about certain cable news channels...
  3. A really strong electro magnet.... Depending on where we mount it we could have a living art chandelier... Or a wall hanging... Or a face plant...
  4. Man, that dude looks like he’s missing a good b****-slap. Someone needs to give him one, maybe 2, then he’ll have a good start for a set.
  5. I fear that it will get cooler...more proof of “climate change”.
  6. HEY! Watch how you handle that...You'll put yer eye out, kid!
  7. Or they are ahead...then we'll hear: "Let me zee your pape-ahs"
  8. I have a procedure. It involves the word “No” and a smile.
  9. Google translate is your friend...until it isn’t. Years ago ago I worked for a German company. I used Google Translate to communicate a request from a company office in Germany. My request was for the engineering specs on the overhead area of a train cab. What they read was my request for a roof patio on the trains. The silly thing is they took it seriously and sent it up the chain. The request was sent to US Corporate which in turn sent it down the chain and I got my butt chewed for not utilizing the translation department within the company...that charged us $250 per hour and had a 6 week turnaround. Sheesh... English only for me after that...let them figure it out.
  10. Darn...if I look up to Forty that must mean he looks down on me. Hahaha
  11. This was a political hatchet job. Stores can sell at gun shows. This was some leftist community organizing event, if I am reading the article correctly. Unfortunately these folks thought “their community” would support them. Now they know how it feels when politics and agenda driven pieces of a excrement have much more power than the community that is being manipulated...er, organized.
  12. It appears the FHP do think an SSN is an ID. It appears they ask for it in almost any service they provide. Check this out: https://www.flhsmv.gov/contact-us/ I wonder if responding with “Go pound sand” would be adequate.?
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