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  1. Amen! Recently I was offered a patch that looked like a black and white US flag. I declined. I don’t get this trend in honoring the flag by defacing the flag.
  2. Personally, my first and second lines of defense are not shotguns. They are handguns with night sights and lights. I do keep a loaded shotgun in the house between my first and second HD handguns.
  3. I guess I didn’t do a very good job of making my point. My point was that the sound of a shotgun being racked might elicit a desired effect. Like a bad guy leaving quickly.
  4. I have 2 Mossberg 500 pump guns. I learned to shoot a shotgun with a Remington 870 and I used a Remington 870 in the Navy. I have had Mossberg 500’s in my home for nearly 40 years. I am used to a pump, but one of these days I plan to get myself a Benelli Tactical semiauto just because I think they are cool, reliable and there’s no pump to work. For an inexpensive home protection shotgun you can’t beat a Mossberg in my opinion. Oh, and that old urban legend that every tacti-cool billy badass likes to claim is BS. You know, the one about racking a slide and scaring off bad gu
  5. Very true...that’s where you put the antiquated 1911 for storage as you’ll never need it again. A couple of rust prevention discs and some desiccant and you’re all set. It’s also a handy carry pouch for when you want to take it to the store for more accessories because you found out your neighbor’s looks just like yours and any real man knows that accessorizing is crucial to self identity...
  6. Found it for sale here: https://www.hotsauce.com/susies-original-from-antigua-hot-sauce/ Amazon also carries it but it’s not in stock: Susie's Original Hot Sauce (Pack of 3) https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00T6GNAG0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_BTzdGb0GZ0PP4
  7. I was going to make a recommendation but I don’t want to get laughed off the page. You gents obviously like HOT sauce. My favorite sauce is just spicy.
  8. Uncle Mike’s no longer makes grips, unfortunately. I know we aren’t supposed to post links to other forums but this is the only info I have found online that discusses what happened to Uncle Mike’s grips. Uncle Mike’s, the company, doesn’t tell you what happened if queried. They just say they no longer make grips. After going over the forum closely there are posts by nefarious morons with questionable links later on in the posts so I will post this screenshot instead. This has enough info to tell what happened to UM grips: Craig Spegel’s site does n
  9. That is a new one for me. Yes, “they” have been trying to protect segments of society (another “they” phrase) for decades. Let’s see...how many names have come and gone for people illegally here in our country? These are terms used by the Federal Govt , don’t mind the numbers. This table can be found here: https://www.cato.org/blog/illegal-alien-one-many-correct-legal-terms-illegal-immigrant Illegal Alien 33 39%! Unauthorized Alien 21 25% Undocumented Alien
  10. I have always wondered why they called it “Windows”. I believe a better name would have been “Doors”. Their systems are like a huge house of doors that lead to many rooms. Doors you can walk through but cannot fit anything else through, like the furniture you need. Some doors have combinations and locks that take time to figure out. Many doors seem to be in bad neighborhoods where dirtbags break in and steal all your stuff. When new doors are installed with new locks your old keys won’t work. Doors would have been more appropriate.
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