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  1. What do you mean? I have noticed that all of a sudden there seems to be more 73/27 meat to fat ratio than I used to see in the meat coolers in stores. It's pretty bad when 80/20 is hard to find, let alone 93/7, which I rarely buy.
  2. This may explain the higher prices: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/05/25/meat-industry-is-trying-get-back-normal-workers-are-still-getting-sick-shortages-may-get-worse/ NOTE: DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER...Please
  3. Anyone else in this thread have to change their password this morning due to someone from Pacific Palisades trying to log on to your SASS account?
  4. Um...I believe they shorted the pile in the left to emphasize a point, but that stock on the left will hold more than that...
  5. In my 20’s I took up rock climbing to get over my fear of heights. It didn’t work. Just looking at that photo makes my stomach do funny things.
  6. Same here, when I shot 1911s in competition. When I took up shooting Glocks I had stopped using 1911s. The only 1911s I have fired since have been other folks guns when at the range or at fun shoots. I may buy another 1911 someday for Wild Bunch.
  7. Tom Bullweed, I think that is the biggest complaint that I have heard from people regarding Glocks. The grip angle just isn’t right for some folks. For me the angle works IF it’s the longer grip frame like the Glock 17 sized frame. The Glock 19 Gen 3 should be on my list above. I hated that thing. The hump was too high in my palm and the finger grooves drove me nuts. I sold it.
  8. I have read that too. I just stick with sling-shotting the slide. It doesn’t hurt.
  9. I am pretty sure there aren’t many “internet tough guys” here.
  10. I used to use the Slide Stop on my 1911s as a “Slide Release”. I did wear a couple of them out. When I bought my first Glock the LGS told me that the Slide Stop is not a Slide Release and that one should not use the stop to release the slide. I have been pulling the slide back to release the stop on every autoloader I have fired since then. If I were in a hurry I would still use the “slide sling shot method” to release the slide because if crap is going down I don’t need a jam on a reload. Which has happened to me in the past when using the Stop as a Release.
  11. The key is they need to fit the cylinder’s machined surfaces to the existing pawl, not the pawl to the cylinder.
  12. Pretty country. Nice horses. Looks like a wonderful day with family.
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