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  1. Embiggen! Another made up word...but then, they are all made up words... This has the origin of the worn in 1996 https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/embiggen#h1 This link has the origin in 1884 https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/embiggen Some more info on Embiggen https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/534500/embiggen-the-simpsons-word-merriam-webster-dictionary I have decided I will use this word to appear as if I have embiggened my vocabulary.
  2. I saw what appeared to be 2 guys kissing. (Shudder)
  3. Alpo, Oregon does not issue “disabled” plates. They only issue placards that one hangs from the rear view mirror or places on the dash. Here is an excerpt from the link I attached. “You can use your permit to park anywhere in the state where parking is allowed for 30 minutes or more, and any space reserved for disabled parking. Remember that a permit will not allow you to park in the following places: anywhere where parking is only permitted for 30 minutes or less, anywhere parking is not allowed, anywhere that forbids late evening or overnight parking, and any space that’s specifically reserved for special types of vehicles. Keep these few simple rules in mind, and you can drive around the beautiful state of Oregon in total freedom!“ Here is the link for the excerpt above: https://drhandicap.com/insights/disabled-parking-oregon-need-know/
  4. Those mini trucks were a California fad. Guys would take a Toyota or a Datsun / Nissan and chop the top, slam it (lower the suspension), paint them up like a Gypsy on psychedelic mushrooms and then install huge speakers in the bed with hundreds of watts of power to impress everyone around them.
  5. Convertible mini trucks with high wattage sound systems and sub woofers Zima
  6. Contact Sleep Number. It still may be under warranty. Or at the very least they can help you determine the problem. My system is 15 years old as well. Cholla, My wife and I have used a Sleep Number bed for 15 years. We bought the deluxe queen model. Don’t waste any money on the massage unit. The ability to raise and lower is very handy but we have ours set with the head raised just a little bit and we just leave it that way. When I had a couple of my surgeries having the ability to raise the knees or raise the head (or both) was a wonderful feature to have. My daughter and son-in-law have the foam Temperpedic bed. They really like it but they do say that if you are one to move around at night the hollows you’re body creates when moving around are a little annoying until the foam matches itself to you. My son-in-law says the claim that the mattress pulls heat away from you is exaggerated. I have slept on foam mattresses in nicer hotels and did sleep well but I didn’t like the way the foam felt when rolling over. I also noticed that the foam mattresses feel warmer when I have slept in them. Not a big fan of being too warm when I sleep. $7,800? I would look hard at the Sleep Number bed. Their prices appear a bit more reasonable. In 15 years we have had one controller go bad and one air fitting needed to be replaced because it leaked. We are getting ready to replace the foam that surrounds the air bladders. I think that will cost me around $300. A good bed is a good investment.
  7. I got a pair of those when I was 7. I darn near didn’t make it to 8 because of those things.
  8. In the 50’s I was but a twinkle in my Dad’s eye.
  9. Member’s Only jackets acid washed jeans Reeboks parachute pants Sperry Topsiders HEAVY METAL! Compact discs
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