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  1. They aren’t miniature women that are also cannoneers, are they?
  2. Awe, don’t worry. The enlightened idiots are going to ban all petroleum products so all these things that are cheaply made now won’t be around so craftsmen will make a comeback because everything will be make of wood, metal and textiles. Tube electronics will come back. But video tapes and discs won’t exist so we’ll have to put antennas back on our roofs and we’ll be stuck with local programming. It’ll be glorious! All this old plastic crap will just go away eventually...
  3. It’s a Morgan. Made in Britain. Cool cars. They have wooden frames.
  4. Well, I don’t need any reparations. This world would be just an awful place without Ladies. I am pretty darned glad they’re around and thankful that they seem to tolerate me.
  5. When I first bought my Garand the gent at the store where I bought it explained the proper ammo to use in my Garand and I was always conscientious about it. I used to shoot Federal American Eagle and military surplus 30.06. I eventually converted it over to .308, but I still only load or use ammo within the Garand’s specifications. I love that rifle. It would break my heart to badly damage or destroy it.
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