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  1. None taken. Just bustin’ yer chops, Pard.
  2. I thought that was something else. I must have been looking at another knife. Though I did find something I want more. This is going on my Christmas list. It’s out of stock now but I am sure I can find one somewhere. https://www.bladehq.com/item--Buck-110112-Combo-Trapper-Pocket--69355
  3. What’s with the deal with all the nose references?
  4. Looks like you got the last one on that site.
  5. Ooooh...I like that one. Nice knife, UB.
  6. So you finally feel accepted...good for you, Ned. Good for you.
  7. Oh good! I’ll take a triple milkshake...Neapolitan! This is gonna be tasty. I lo...Hey, wait a minute..Whose tab? Diablo you devil!
  8. Bottles, these characters aren’t cooperation’ with the lubrication! Break out the hard stuff! It’s Saturday!
  9. Ya know what I think? I think someone’s been hittin’ the nanner splits real hard and all that sugary sweetness is warping their perception of time and speed...
  10. Photos....we need, NO! Must have! Photos.....pleeeeeeease....
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