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  1. I love all my guns and they are all fun guns, but I will just pick two. The two I most enjoy shooting are my S&W model 17 - 22lr and my S&W model 25 - .45 Colt
  2. I found one last year for $649 USD. I liked the way it felt in my hand but I was actually in the store to pick up my New Vaquero and I didn’t want to sleep outside so I handed it back…I wish I would have bought it now.
  3. It appears to move until I stare at one spot on the picture then it is still. It’s funny, I have never been seasick but things like this screw with my equilibrium. I learned to stare at one point to stop that illusion and sensation many years ago as a kid. I remember things like this in kid’s magazines. Stare at the center. They appear to move.
  4. Baldwin is a pinko. He and his sycophants will spin this. He will walk and probably move forward making money trampling America’s Second Amendment using his First Amendment rights and a fair modicum of stupidity mixed with emotion. It’s really too bad he wasn’t the one shot. The world would be better off without that piece of $#!¥.
  5. Ooh…good to know. Thank you. I overheard a couple of guys saying the same thing about the G44 I West Virginia. I thought it might be BS. Now I guess maybe not. I have shot a G43 and really liked it. The G43X has a longer grip and holds 10 rounds. I have not shot a G41, but I would like to. It won’t happen in Granola Land. I am sure if that.
  6. Yes, I am a sorry Glock owner. Sorry I sold the most accurate semiauto pistol that I have owned. It was a G34 Gen 3. To you non Glock people that means it was a competition 9mm gun in the 3rd of 4 generations. I bought 2 more hoping to get one as accurate. The more I shoot them the better they get. Also Sorry I don’t own more of them. I want a G43 X single stack 9mm, a G41 Gen 4 .45 ACP and a G44 .22lr. https://us.glock.com/en/pistols/g43x-us https://us.glock.com/en/pistols/g41-gen4 https://us.glock.com/en/Pistols?filter=22lr I will have to wait until I get to West Virginia to buy these 3. I can’t get them here.
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