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  1. Most .22 velocities listed by manufacturers are taken from rifle or carbine length test barrels. So a velocity of 1095 fps from that little short is probably from an 18” test barrel. Any longer test barrel and it would lose velocity. It may even be a 16” barrel but manufacturers rarely post the barrel length. It is my guess that the .22 short by Remington has a velocity of around 750 fps from a 2” barrel.
  2. Well, here’s a way to make an educated guess. https://www.remington.com/rimfire/22-golden-bullet/29-21001.html 22 Golden Bullet 22 Short PREVIOUS Part # 21001 Grain Weight: 29 Muzzle Velocity: 1095 Package Quantity: 100 Now go to here, Ballistics by the Inch http://ballisticsbytheinch.com/22.html Go to the 2nd table down - Real World Ballistics and look at this cartridge. CCI 29 gr. CPRN The numbers are close to the Remington. This should give you an idea of the velocity from a 2” barrel.
  3. Video title should read; “Man struggles to fit small bag in overhead compartment because he is a dumba**!”
  4. Funny. I got a notice the other day that today, the 20th, would be my delivery date. Yesterday morning I got a text telling me “Good news, we’re delivering a day early. Your package will be delivered today by 6:00pm.” Then at 8:00 I got a text stating my package would be on time tomorrow between 10:25 and 2:25 pm. I wonder why they bother. Also, every time I have paid extra for quicker delivery the package ends up arriving late, but on time if I hadn’t paid extra for early delivery. Of course, they will not refund you.
  5. I was lucky enough to score some CCI Small Pistol Magnum Primers the other day online and they were to ship FedEx. The last time I had a primer shipment coming FedEx I played cat & mouse with them for several days trying to get my package because they kept showing up at my house in the morning before 11:00 and I couldn’t get home until 2 pm or later. So, my last primer order through Midsouth I insisted on UPS because I can waive the signature online…unless the vendor requires the signature. Which I did not know about. But, the UPS app let me go ahead and waive it but the driver kept leaving me little love notes saying “I’ll be back again tomorrow”. This BS went in for 3 days then they left a note that I could pick my package up at the Service Center 30 miles away! No way, Jose. I got on my bike and scouted my neighborhood and found that guy. I made him stop through the use of a bit of craziness and my motorcycle and I got my primers. So, back to my order. Natchez said my order was coming FedEx, but the good news was it was to arrive Friday the 20th. Today. I had taken the day off work, so my big plan was to load up some ammo. Get my delivery by 11:00, because FedEx always comes before 11:00 and I was going to be at the range testing some new .45 Colt loads by noon. WRONG! The FedEx guy showed up at 3:00. I am starting to get a flippin’ complex with these boneheads.
  6. There’s an “antler auction”? How does that work?
  7. Thank you @Sedalia Dave I downloaded it. I don’t have a diesel vehicle but I will renting one in July. This will come in handy. Also, I see they’re going to add a Gasoline option in the near future. Cool!
  8. Actually, I do want one. That’s cool! Lovin’ my first GP100. I am taking it to the range today.
  9. Oooooh! I want one! How much?
  10. For some reason I am picturing a bunch of stoned college students discussing “The Butterfly Effect” and how butterflies in Asia are creating the wind that drives the wind turbines in Oklahoma and feeling all happy with themselves then one of them brings up bird deaths and the coming infestation of locusts decimating the vegan crops they all survive on and then them getting ready for the protest of the beautiful but lowly butterfly… Yes, it’s all one sentence. I said they were “stoned”. That’s how stoned people communicate. Long drawn out noise…
  11. Me and my brothers got into trouble for doing that same at some swanky restaurant in Pittsburgh when I was a kid.
  12. Good for you. Have at it. Consider my non-contribution in this to be “more for you”.
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