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  1. No Wallaby, but you might be a seven sided cross-threaded nut.
  2. Isn't that where Federal hangs out?
  3. Howdy Dream Chaser, I forgot to mention you are not completely immobilized while you recover. My wife's sister had this done a few years back and she could still get around.
  4. They tell me six weeks for full recovery. Yes both can be done at the same time, that is our plan. I would encourage you to have your Dr refer you to a good podiatrist for a consultation, then you can take it from there.
  5. Hammer toes here. I am wearing White's packers with the more round toes like Joe just mentioned, I have them on right now. A good shoe shop can stretch the top of the toe box so it will have more room for your knuckles. I did not need these stretched. I am getting the surgery, pins and all on the 21st, should of had it done years ago.
  6. On the crossed revolvers I see one is left handed.
  7. You know how to get a guy choked up. Thanks, that is good.
  8. Ok, back to the hot cakes. Try apple sauce and cream on them.
  9. His alias is showing on his shotgun stock.
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