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  1. Dead letter office. It must have had the info inside like on the copy of your order. We had a package delivered the same way.
  2. Our club has a New Shooters Orientation that covers all the basics and gets about as much shooting in as a match. As long as the person can handle the guns they are taught how to play the game and avoid some of the common pitfalls. We did have a mother daughter duo one time that had never shot a gun before, they got some extra one on one with our lady helper and made it through the class just fine. I was told later that the daughter had said "Best day ever!" after the class. This class is for anyone who has never shot CAS, or anyone who thinks it would help them nock the rust of
  3. If it's raining put the timer in a zipper type plastic bag. It still works just fine. I put the bag in my duster pocket so it will be handy when it rains.
  4. After they get the sheep out!
  5. Well I can weld. but I would like to take a good class with "take home" charts and text. It's good to know what rod or wire to use and get some good instruction.
  6. I used to shop at Fosters in Dallas when I lived there in the 70's.
  7. Creeker, you are so right. It used to bug me when monthly matches were called "Practice matches", that was the main thing for me.
  8. The Zippo I have spent a year in RVN, and I have never smoked.
  9. Sorry Joe, it went on the classified ads a long time ago. The RCBS Pro Melt I replaced it with is not going anywhere.
  10. I fixed my Lee pot. I gave it away!
  11. Now I am going to have to check out more of Simon's work, just beautiful!
  12. I like my eggs over medium, and placed on top of the SOS. Yes, the Air Force SOS was good.
  13. Looks like part of a divorce settlement.
  14. Sounds like you need a new spring. They need to be fitted, just make sure the bolt clears it when it closes.
  15. I can feel your pain 4T. I had my local Western Wear store order me some 18x38 western shirts from Panhandle Slim, or maybe it's just Panhandle now. They fit good.
  16. Cattle Barron here, all hat and no cattle. Now where did I put my hat?
  17. I have had a DOT drug test after eating poppy seed muffins the day before, they said it would be no problem, it would show some of the evidence but would not look like the drugs. Was a clean test.
  18. Major Crimes, it is supposed to be wrench, not wench.
  19. A max load of Trail Boss over a 200 gr works for me in 45 S&W (Schofield).
  20. On the .38 Marlins I have worked on I "hour glassed" the loading gate spring, that's the "tail" between the gate and the screw mount.
  21. I use a Fisher Space pen. Their refills come with an adapter for Parker pens.
  22. Just remove the double action fly, spring, and pivot screw. That's what my son did.
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