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I looked down at my hand and saw a worn eagle.

A silver quarter in every day change.

1943. No mint mark.

Its been a long time.

I found a silver half a few years back.




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I use cash much more than plastic so I get a lot of change throughout the year. I usually get two or three Mercury dimes and one or two silver quarters every year.  I also make a habit of asking the bank teller for half dollars whenever I'm in the bank lobby. I always get halves that other people bring in and change for bills. 5 silver halves a year average doing so is not uncommon. 

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2 hours ago, Yellowhouse Sam # 25171 said:

Been almost 20 years since getting a silver coin in change and thats too long!

Same here. I haven't seen a silver coin in at least that long.

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In '03, coming back from Fandango, bought gas at some little station in Georgia. Got three silver quarters in change.


Went out to the truck, thought a minute, went back inside and laid a 20 on the counter and told him I wanted to buy his quarters. Eight more.


Drove off happy. About 50 miles down the road it occurred to me that I should have also bought his dimes, and asked him about halves and ones.


Ah well.


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Not seen any steel pennies in years. But when I was in Germany I collected a bunch, silver coins too. I have a bag that contains about 6 dollars in steel pennies.

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I still get silver dimes occasionally, at least a couple a year.  when i was in college I worked at a small store as a manager.  I closed out the registers and always made sure to have a pocket full of coins so I could swap out for any silver or old coins I found.  My coin collection grew a lot for those couple years.


One time in Laughlin, I spotted a silver quarter on the top shelf of one of those games where you drop in a quarter that gets put on the top shelf full of quarters than get knocked to the lower shelf and then when it falls of the lower shelf it comes out the bottom of the machine.  Between my wife and I we must have stood there for an hour working that silver quarter out of the machine.  


this type of game.


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8 hours ago, Trailrider #896 said:

Anybody seen any steel 1943 pennies lately?

Back in the late '50s when I was a young numismatist I got a roll of 50 steel pennies for my collection from a well known coin merchant.  They were guaranteed

to be uncirculated and I still have them in the original wrapper.  My grandson asked if they were worth anything and I told him they are sure to be worth at least a half a buck.  


They're his when I die.


I have never unwrapped them and may now be a roll of rust for all I know.

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I suspect that many of those errant silvers are from grandpa's coin jar or even a stolen collection.   About 20 years ago, the last silver I found, I was in Walmart and caught a glimpse of the coin tray (I always look) and there was a Ben Franklin half and some mercuries.  I asked if those coins were available and the very young clerk replied " Sure!  I started not to take this as it looks counterfeit to me!"  Besides the loose coins I got a whole roll of Mercs!

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About five years ago, when I worked for the state, I got five $1 silver certificates from a customer. Working for Sportsman's Warehouse before that, when reconciling the day's take after closing, I'd see silver quarters regularly, silver certificates occasionally, and star bills occasionally.

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