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  1. I doubt he keeps them in an unlocked supply closet....
  2. Kinda makes you wonder how big of a block they started with to get how small of a part.
  3. I make biscuits with only one ingredient! I know I know, nobody likes a
  4. I certainly hope he is just taking a break. Always look forward to the latest Earl updates, I really hope this isn’t the last.
  5. Of course we will expect pictures when these are completed!
  6. I don’t know about drilling hexagons, but I do know how fun it is to get an engineering intern and explain that a drilled hole in thin sheet metal is actually a triangular hole. More often than not, I have to take them out to the shop to prove it to them. More fun than sending them to the tool crib for a left handed screwdriver to install reverse threaded screws.
  7. I'm with you there, all my C&B these days have the full original length barrels.
  8. Check with pards in your area to see if anybody has one of the sizer dies. It may be possible that you could visit him on a weekend with a six-pack as a bribe and you could use his dies to size them Once they are sized to your gun, you may not have to size them again. I bought some used 16ga magtech and found them to not fit into the chambers of my "new to me" Belgian double. Luckily a pard made me an offer I couldn't refuse and I was able to get them sized. Cowboys are the best people! Since I only have that one 16ga, I should be good unless one gets stepped on or dinked.
  9. Neighbor use to have a huge patch of prickly pear that bloomed in big yellow flowers, but he took all that beautiful cactus out last year and replaced it with grass for his loud kids and unruly dogs....
  10. Cactus flowers are beautiful. But they are once every year, maybe. And if you see them take a picture because they only stay looking fresh for a day once they open. Here is my batch from this year.
  11. Great, Thanks! Now I will have to remember how to load non-SASS level loads. My 94 should appreciate the change in diet.
  12. I'll take the box of 265 gr flat points. I'll PM. Need to feed a non-sass 44Mag!
  13. Probably play the same game at Walmart.... and the game may not last as long as it does at the fair!
  14. Careful, if the "woke" crowd hears you calling them "convicts", they will get mightily upset with you and might even start crying. They are "tenants of government run housing".
  15. Cool trick! And, even if it didn't work, you should be proud that you just made over a hundred (at this point) cowboys give the wall on the other side of their room a thumbs up and squint at their own thumb while blinking one eye at a time! Absolutely hilarious!!!!
  16. Dang Dusty Devil Dale! You have those Butterflies trained well! Look at how straight they all line up when they are sleeping in those drawers!
  17. The voice of my childhood… And many decades past then
  18. Yeah, but can you imagine what you would be paying for Duracell and Energizer….
  19. 45-70 seems to be the go to rifle for dinosaur control.
  20. According to the news here this morning, that owner had a minor heart attack after the shooting, but is recovering and expects to be back to work very soon.
  21. OLG had the best suggestion. Why use a sub when there isn’t anything wrong with the original?
  22. Stephen King is one of those. I enjoy his books a lot, but as soon as a gun is involved I have to remind myself that he knows nothing about them.
  23. Good luck! my only addition to the superb advise already mentioned is to not only listen to your dr, but do what he says to do as far as the recovery. Don’t push it, recovery takes time. Just because you are having a good day doesn’t mean you can go mow the lawn, or pick up the kid/grand kid/dog or cat or anything else heavier than you are supposed to. And congrats on losing 55 pounds, that is great! That and the 6 months of PT will seriously help with your recovery.
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