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  1. Thanks Lumpy, I was starting to feel like that was becoming my only option. Buying more than a can (showing my age, they come in plastic containers now) at a time is a real good excuse to get to the range more often!
  2. OK, so I have a small stash of 1f, 2f, and 3f Goex. I love shooting BP cartridge but I just haven't been that active in recent years (something I need to rectify). I got a line on a beautiful flintlock, but before buying it I am looking to be sure I can get a hold of some 4f powder for the pan. Last BP I bought was from Walker 47, so it has been a few years. I have been calling everybody I know, I can't find a shop that still carries real black powder. Does anybody know of a shop in southern California that still sells the real stuff?
  3. I wouldn't name a doggie land mine Rosie O'Donnell.... seems too mean.
  4. My Dad's boss's last name was DeBolt. His wife let him name his boy Titan and his girl Lucy. Feel bad for kids like that, has to be hard in school. Went to high school with a kid name Hung Lam. He had been going by the name Hunger and signing his papers with "The Hunger" since elementary school. He was one helluva artist, ended up working for Disney for a while and also as lead illustrator for one of the Comic Books. I have also known three different sets of twins (1 identical) that were named Tim and Jim. Why do that to the poor kids. Give them each a unique name, different from the other, and dont dress them alike for school.
  5. I printed this one once and put it on the desks in the sales department. A lot of unofficial laughing and agreement. But I did get an "official" request to not help with the motiviation of the sales department.
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