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  1. I always figured a dead burglar wrapped in barbed wire hanging from the tree in my front yard should be a fairly strong deterrence...
  2. Sorry Alpo, my co-worker from England is on vacation at the moment, else I would be able to ask what "ply" means in the Queen's English.
  3. We just about wore out Eddie Murphy's Delirious on tape. As a younger teen, we certainly should not have had that tape, but it was so funny at the time. Certainly not very PC by today's standards. But "PC" just didn't exist for a bunch of young teen boys in the early 80's. That and the cartoon movie "Heavy Metal" warped my fragile little mind!
  4. Wonder if the scratch and the out of round is the same issue. Consider the mouth of the brass to be drastically flattened... is the scratch on the flattened side? If so, perhaps when the brass is ejected, it is being flipped against something in the gun the same way everytime hard enough to slightly deform the brass. Being a lover of the straight walled cases (44mag, 45Colt, etc), the soot blasted cases are a fact of life... and why the reloading gods invented brass tumblers.
  5. I occasionally have toe issues, and I have wide feet. I have found joy in life since my workplace has put in place a steel toe shoe requirement (they even buy us a good pair once a year). The steel cave around my toes prevents the shoes from rubbing on the top and squeezing the sides of my toes. I find myself wearing them even on the weekends just because they are more comfortable than regular shoes. I know they make steel toe cowboy style square toe and round toe type boots. Maybe the safe area for toes in these type of boots will agree with you... Just a thought.
  6. Chapter 4 of Through the looking glass is actually titled Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Most references ona quick search list them 'Dum then 'Dee, including this nursery rhyme: Tweedledum and Tweedledee Agreed to have a battle; For Tweedledum said Tweedledee Had spoiled his nice new rattle. Just then flew down a monstrous crow, As black as a tar-barrel; Which frightened both the heroes so, They quite forgot their quarrel. There is also a note in Wiki (if you believe or trust wiki anything) about the origins of the names twiddledum and twiddledee, cut and copied below: The words "Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee" make their first appearance in print in "one of the most celebrated and most frequently quoted (and sometimes misquoted) epigrams", satirising the disagreements between George Frideric Handel and Giovanni Bononcini, written by John Byrom (1692–1763): Some say, compar'd to Bononcini That Mynheer Handel's but a Ninny Others aver, that he to Handel Is scarcely fit to hold a Candle Strange all this Difference should be 'Twixt Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee! Although Byrom is clearly the author of the epigram, the last two lines have also been attributed to Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope.[1] While the familiar form of the rhyme was not printed until around 1805, when it appeared in Original Ditties for the Nursery, it is possible that Byrom was drawing on an existing rhyme. Yes, to answer your obvious question...I am extremely bored sitting here at work...
  7. absolute dumbest waste of a pickup truck imaginable... thought so at the time and still think so.
  8. If it isn't a burger, somebody has some serious nose acne issues. Gee, they almost look like sesame seeds
  9. oh yeah!!! \m/ Bring it on and set the volume to 11!
  10. id like to see some of those "safety innovations" from the cars in Nascar make it into everyday cars. You know if he had been driving a ford taurus at half that speed, he would have been a grease mark on the wall instead of walking out of a hospital 3 days later.
  11. This is something only those of us who lived thru the 80's knows about...
  12. Sounds like a dang good weekend to me. One of these days I am going to lift something or look behind something and find all of the springs I have launched, seems like I never find them at the time. Brownells, Numrich and other sites just sit and wait for me to take something apart so they can sell me replacement springs.
  13. second one in a single day lost to hesitation.... I really gotta quit thinkin so hard and get on the trigger quicker. Graveyards are full of "second place".
  14. Yup, the first computer I was taught on was a Trash-80 (radio shack TRS-80). My first computer had an 8088 processor, and had a whopping 256k of ram. I bought enough dip chips to boost it to 640k. Never did understand the idjits that lowered their pickup trucks all the way to the ground..never did hop on that fad. There was a tall speed bump in the parking lot of the store I worked at when I was a senior in high school. Seemed like every other day a lowered nissan would get stuck on it. We would all jump into the bed to give them enough traction to drag themselves off the speedbump.
  15. I do love to pull out the single shot 20ga every once in a while, just to mix things up. Get some good distance with the shells popping over your shoulder if you aim it right when you open it! +1 to running the 87 like you stole it. I have a 87 in 10ga, lots of fun, but if you dont work that action with authority, it just aint gonna be a good stage.
  16. They have updated the pet rock for millennials.... now it is usb.
  17. Thanks Slick, you saved me from myself. Was having an argument with myself about taking on this puzzle when I saw you snapped it up first. Found a site that has reproduction parts, here it is if you need it. https://jack-first-gun-parts.myshopify.com/collections/colt-double-action-lightning
  18. I do love a good loud heavy metal or hard rock concert. I will usually take earplugs with me. The music is so loud that I can still hear it fine with the earplugs in, but my ears don’t ring for days afterwards.
  19. I saw them last summer at the rose bowl. They played for well over 2 hours, closer to three. They sounded great and played everything I had hoped to hear. If they were going to be in my area again on this leg of the tour I would have got tickets to see them again. It is not a show to miss, they are legends. See them if you can.
  20. With the hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money offered at local monthly matches, I can completely understand why everyone is so riled up about this....
  21. I just checked our vending machines that take credit cards. Never used a card on them myself, they run from an app you need to download, they dont have a "swiper" on the machine. There is no notice of what the credit fee is, but there is a sign stating that prices shown on the machine are the cash price (and are $0.10 less than retail, supposedly...). Perhaps the additional fee is disclosed in the app?
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