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  1. I was gifted for my birthday last year a pair of binocs. can't remember the brand. It is a known brand, but I doubt these cost more then $100. There are retractable extensions on the eyepieces. Extend them by rotating them for use without glasses and retract them for use with glasses. Feature actually works fairly well, at least with my eyes. These are not zeiss or swarovski, but they work good for what they are.
  2. I'm sure Australian cows have claws, sharp teeth and venom, just like everything else down under....
  3. Are subs classified like BP as explosives not propellants? If so, 1 pound jars may be some sort of regulatory imposed maximum.
  4. That is a really cool Henry with period mods! Just wondering, is there an extension attached to the plunger to push the last round onto the action, or did they use a wood dowel the right length loaded as the first round?
  5. with apologies to Crooked River Pete for stealing his meme...
  6. ***just heard our CEO in a company wide "town hall meeting" say that they had sorted the responses to the "anonymous" survey by location, job title, age and gender of the employee's so they can "drill down" to the core issues.... so much for anonymous.... You simply cannot make this stuff up...
  7. Lots of fake Henry's in movies and tv. forget where I saw this, but I was laughing when I snapped a picture of the tv screen. sure looks like that not so rare model 92 Henry to me.
  8. Glad you are bored! A boring recovery is usually a good recovery. "Exciting" recoveries are the scary ones. I gotta repeat what Pat said, listen to your doctors and do what they say, and dont try to push it past the limits they set for you, even if you feel you can. Hoping for your great recovery. I've been there, C5/C6 with a titanium plate and some zombie bone (cadaver bone matrix). Any my wife had it much lower in the L region, except with ceramic rather than the zombie bone. MIne hers
  9. They will get away with it because the docents were unpaid. Can you actually fire somebody that is unpaid? Do job rights apply to unpaid volunteers? You simply ask them not to come back the next day. They have created a paid position, which I am sure all the "fired" docents can apply for, but I am sure the job description is written in a way that precludes most of them without being blatantly racist.
  10. Or... might try a stronger spring in the latch at the end of the handle.... as Capt Bill Burt suggested.
  11. Here is an out of the box thought. remove the loading lever screw and replace it with a removable pin. This may require drilling the holes in the frame as well as the hole in the loading lever. To load it, put the lever in place and put the pin in the hole. When done loading, pull the pin and drop the loading lever back in your cart. Or, instead of a removable pin, perhaps you can find a screw with a knurled head allowing you to quickly and easily remove it for shooting. Just a thought. Not sure if this would qualify as an "unauthorized modification".
  12. Nobody else's personal reloads come near my guns, period. I know my reloading process and I have trusted in it for decades. I dont know his, hers, or your loading process. Same reason I don't eat at pot lucks. Get food poisoning once from "mystery" casserole and I learned my lesson. Factory ammo is always fair game.
  13. The heavier bullets are for 45ACP guys, so they don't feel totally emasculated when shooting a 9mm. I bought my first 9mm about 25 years after I bought my first 45acp, and as I recall I was buying 147gr at first.
  14. I've been known to run them thru a sizer to ensure they are not bulged, but I always read the rules I copied earlier as eliminating the possibility of reducing the diameter of a shell specifically to make them easier to chamber than standard factory ammo.
  15. So there is a "rule based" limit to the allowed taper (both depth and angle)?
  16. Good deal. So what is the final diameter at the end of the 12ga shell after being tapered? I dont have a shell here at work with me, but SAAMI dims on Google show a 12ga to have a .797" diameter. With a simple 3° taper, that reduces the end to .745", a difference of .052". That doesn't sound like much, but keep in mind the difference between a 32 long and a 38 special is only .045" in diameter. My 87 is 10ga. So, I am assuming that the 1/2" depth and the 3° taper are not random dimensions, there is a reason behind them. So if an eager machinist were to develop a similar tool for 10ga, do you think the 3° and 1/2" depth rule is the acceptable taper?
  17. Just wondering... mostly because i dont ever do this in any way when making BP shells for either my 12ga double or my 87... but what is the technical difference between using a tapering die specifically made for a 12ga shell, and "necking" the shell with any other die that doesn't say "12GA" on it (other than is gets around the rule stated below by having "12ga" stamped on the tool). Not trying to stir the pot, I am just curious because I can see how this may aid feeding in my 87, and even in getting the shells into my double. The excerpt below is from the current shooters handbook:
  18. Here are a few blasts from the past, like almost 50 years ago. I'm thinking I was 3 & 4.
  19. For the Capone Family... or claimed to be owned by Al Capone (THE Al Capone, not Alfred Capone the plumber). THE Al Capone died in 47, Sturm Ruger was founded in 49. But, if somebody else in the Capone family owned it, then technically it was from the Capone Gun Vault.
  20. Growing up, there was always a tub of bacon grease in the fridge. I can't remember ever seeing a lid on it, and I lived thru it ok. Well, not everybody may agree, some still claim i'm not 100% right. In any event, for many years, it was an aluminum drinking glass that probably came full of jelly or was a give away somewhere. After that, it was a stainless steel bowl. To fridge or not to fridge... that is the question. More than likely that is a generational question. Grandma kept the bacon grease next to the stove and the butter in the cupboard. My mom kept both in the fridge.
  21. My second thought is always either "Time Travel" or "Aliens"!
  22. Phased out at the manufacturer, or phased out at Army HQ doesn't mean there still aren't bucket loads of the ammo still at various forts and armories. At least that would be my first thought.
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