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  1. Parole is when you are released from prison, contingent upon good behavior. Probation is keeping your nose clean in lieu of going to jail or prison. Further screw-ups trigger the jail/prison sentence from the original crime.
  2. Everything is correct except one detail: Your sentence ends after 20 years expires (in this example) INCLUDING your time on parole. So after 9 years, 11 months, and 12 days, you would have just a few weeks of sentence left to serve. That said, whatever crime you committed to get your parole revoked would undoubtedly create a new sentence (assuming conviction) to serve.
  3. I bought this mould from a guy on the Cast Boolits forum. I recently acquired a model 1866 Allin Conversion in .50-70 and want to shoot it, so I bought the mould and some brass. The mould is in great shape; I’m just struck by the box it came in (they are all orange plastic now). They still make this mould, but based on the box, how old do you suppose it is?
  4. I recently purchased a model 1861 "Colt Special," a basic infantry rifle from the Civil War made under contract by Colt on behalf of the Springfield armory. I don't believe in safe queens, and I have been casting for a few decades. But I've never cast a minie ball. I have the Lyman minie ball mold on my wish list at Midway USA, and I already have a ton of SPG lube. So here is my question: Do you size it after you cast it? It should be smaller than the diameter of the bore already, as opposed to most bullets. So why size it other than to get the lube into the grooves? If you simply dip it into molten lube, you would have a bunch of extra lube on the bearing surface. So how do you lube it?
  5. I don't know about cardboard, but inflatable tanks were used as an integral part of Eisenhower's deception plan to convince Hitler and the Germans that the D-Day landings were a feint, and the main effort was landing elsewhere. Coupled with radio transmissions between non-existent units and Patton being sidelined, Hitler bought it hook, line, and sinker. However, this is not 1944 and Russia is not Germany. Putin may be diabolical, but he's also a political genius, and he has spent his entire adult life studying how the United States conceives of and thinks about war. He knows us....AAAAAAAND he has multi-spectral satellite technology. Multi-spectral satellites collect images outside of the visible spectrum of light. By collecting certain invisible wavelengths, multi-spectral images can determine the material from which an object is made. So inflatable tanks will show up as rubber, and cardboard tanks will show up as cardboard.
  6. 1- The biggest problem with this is the computer system in the M1 Abrams is amazingly advanced, but requires CONSTANT updates from the operators to keep it as accurate as it's supposed to be. The training on this is stupidly complex, and I question the Ukrainians' ability to do this well. So I fear it's going to be a very expensive waste of resources. 2- I'm rooting for Ukraine because I believe in everyone's right to self-determination. HOWEVER, I do not believe we should be involved in this. This has the potential to spin out of control much faster than we can get it under control, and I'm also sick and tired of expending immense resources fighting other peoples' battles.
  7. One of my old colleagues just got his name in the news and the city settled out of court over one of these guys.
  8. Now it's stuck in my head... ...you prick.
  9. I already have one, pard! Sure I'd love another one, too, but lately I've been on a kick buying Civil War firearms and earlier. Those each cost about as much as a Sharps!
  10. Last week the wife and I were lying in bed and I told her, "I have a song stuck in my head." After a dramatic pause, I continued, "It goes EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I call it, 'the sound of freedom.'"
  11. Lyman used to make an "Ideal" rifle that was pretty much a spoof of the venerable Sharps. After my recent range day with the Sharps, I have a bug to go shooting all kinds of black powder cartridges, but Sharps rifles are **REALLY** expensive (mine is a Shiloh). I think plinking with a .38-55 or .40-60 would be rather entertaining on my club's steel gong range which goes out to 600 yards, but I don't want to pay for another Sharps! I can't seem to find these Ideal rifles anywhere. Did they quit making them?
  12. Yeah, my kid held my phone camera up to the spotting scope. But the videos don't show on any of my computers; it only plays the audio.
  13. Are you guys seeing the videos I posed??? Only a bar with sound is showing up for me.
  14. My son and I took the Sharps to the range today. For the shot videos, he held my phone camera up to the spotting scope. Load: 500 grain lead round nose over 65 grains of fffg. .45-70. IMG_3495.MOV IMG_3484.MOV IMG_3479.MOV IMG_3478.MOV
  15. And here I am wanting to replace my electric stove with a gas one.
  16. I just watched a movie, Field of Lost Shoes, about VMI cadets at the battle of New Market in 1864. It was supposed to be a tear jerker, but it seemed like a low budget film. I recognized Keith David, who played a slave, from other movies but other than that it was unknown actors. The movie was based on real events. Anyway, there was a scene in which one of the main characters was wounded during a bayonet charge, and one of the other main characters held him in his arms as he bled to death on the battlefield. The dying character made a gasping, iconic last-words moment which really characterizes Hollywood depictions of war. Funny, I've seen hundreds of people die, and I've never seen anyone gasp any iconic last words. They die screaming, in pain, confused, and terrified. Sometimes they scream for their mothers. Other times they say nonsense because their brain isn't functioning correctly. Others scream incomprehensibly. It never looks like Hollywood.
  17. I grew up in Iowa. It was thoroughly blue back then because all the working class people had bought into the left's lie about how they take care of the average person. Now that the left has gone off the deep end, the rural and rural-ish Iowans have seen through the BS and have flipped strongly red. It's one of the reddest states around now. Climate is, of course, similar to Illinois (which I hate, by the way, but it's what you're used to!).
  18. I was a TASER instructor for a few years. At the academy we all got tased for a 5-second ride. At the instructor course, we horsed around with expired cartridges and tased each other repeatedly like a bunch of hooligans
  19. It's top and bottom, not left and right, unless the TASER firer turned the gun sideways and shot ghetto style. The top electrode fires at the red dot created by a laser sight. The bottom electrode fires beneath it at a seven degree angle. As to your question, ONLY if the other person is touching the suspect between the electrodes.
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