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  1. Although that robe is for a university president, and we're definitely not paying those back...
  2. Liquor, apparently. I don't even know what he's talking about.
  3. A meme is a joke. I don't undersand the joke. This is an armored tow truck built on a Hemmit chassis. It's literally a 10-ton tow truck for big army vehicles. What's the joke???
  4. My grandfather was on one of those 17 Fletcher class destroyers lost off the coast of Okinawa. He was on the USS Luce, DD522. A kamikaze hit the powder magazine and it blew up. My grandfather's leg was mangled terribly; there was shrapnel littered all throughout and he was bleeding profusely. Someone put a tourniquet on him and fastened him to a stretcher. Then the ship started listing hard; it was sinking, and the captain gave the order to abandon ship. The two sailors carrying my grandfather dropped him and obeyed the order. So there he was, tied to a stretcher and sitting on the deck of a sinking ship, unable to save himself. As the ship was going down, someone climbed onto the now-45 degree deck, freed him from the stretcher, and put a life vest on him before throwing him into the water. He floated with the life vest on, but the Japanese aircraft were strafing the survivors in the water with machinegun fire. He survived that. Then, while waiting in the water for three days to be rescued, the sharks were feasting on people and body parts. He survived that and was rescued. He was flown to a hospital in Oklahoma, where my grandmother drove down from Iowa and married him. He had a metal brace on his leg and walked with a limp and a cane for the rest of his life. He was in constant pain and never complained about it. He used to tell me, "Every day since that day is a gift from God." Every few years some more shrapnel would work its way to the surface and need to be surgically removed. He used to say, "At least I still have my leg." The doctors told him that one more such surgery and they would have to amputate his leg, but the opportunity never came. After beating cancer twice, it finally took him on the third go around in 2010.
  5. Some of you guys need to look up what a meme is.
  6. I beg to differ. The databases of microstamping technology that have been tested in Canada and the US have contributed greatly to crime fighting. To date, they have solved a grand total of ZERO crimes! You don't have to modify anything; the normal wear changes all the factory imprints.
  7. Yes. They owned and operated their own farms and businesses. Their slave labor was not full-time, because Pharaoh didn't want to have to feed and support them.
  8. I just sent this one to my ancient history professor.
  9. And here we see the baby police car hunting criminals without its mother for the first timeā€¦
  10. Tattoo regulations have changed significantly. Each service is different, but in the army the only things that are prohibited are neck and face tattoos, and anything involving racism, etc. Sometimes if we do a formation run, it looks like I'm being chased by a motorcycle gang.
  11. Sorry, pard, it's a sandwich shop that isn't a chain. Overpriced and not all that great, either, but not Taco Bell.
  12. No, because she is the one contacting him and the other officer is cover. Rookie gets all the crappy jobs
  13. When Scottish people go out in the sun....
  14. Earlier in this thread is a post about how our German Shepherd died; he was a retired Military Working Dog. That was over a year ago, probably closer to two. This thread has been up for so long I've quite forgotten about it, although I scroll past it every time I'm on the board. Anyway, the day after Thanksgiving, we picked up our new girl.
  15. Then there are people like me. I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, the poor kid in a highly affluent town. I was treated as second class, even by my teachers. My guidance counselor wrote me off, actually telling me I would never amount to anything because my clothes were worn out and from the 2nd hand store. I could run academic circles around my peers AND teachers, but I didn't fit his mold. So I joined the army to pay for college. Then I got a scholarship from the army to become a 2LT. I made it all the way through college without knowing what a FAFSA was because my former guidance counselor had blown me off so badly. I just worked around the clock (the scholarship paid for tuition and fees, but I still had to LIVE!). I graduated, had a good run on active duty, switched to the Reserves, and became a cop. Then I used an army benefit to pay for a master's degree, while committing to longer service. Then the army sent me to War College, and I got another master's. When I switched from being a cop to being a defense contractor in my full-time job, my company has a benefit wherein they pay for advanced degrees. I'm working on a third master's degree as we speak, and I have found the PhD program I will likely pursue afterwards. Oh, and last year I made full-bird in the Reserves. The brigade command list is due out next month (fingers crossed). That's pretty good for the poor kid who isn't going to amount to anything, huh? By the way, in a few days I'll celebrate my 28th anniversary with the army. But the point is, how do you think I feel about giving everyone a freebie when I had to fight, kick, scratch, and scream to EARN my way out of poverty? Nobody handed me anything. Nobody "forgave" any debt I incurred. I fought like the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's ark.
  16. Why on earth did you post this on a meme thread???
  17. We prefer the term, "Saltine-Americans."
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