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  1. I've always appreciated this one. These soldiers from New Zealand are doing a haka to honor one of their comrades who died in Afghanistan:
  2. I was very young when the space shuttle Challenger exploded. President Reagan's speech that night was one for the ages, probably the best presidential speech ever given. I recognized the line you quoted immediately. It's at the end.
  3. Ummm...you know that's a crime, right? Seriously, I've prosecuted people for that and kicked the out of the army. The only exception is if the relationship occurred before the senior person was commissioned, like if they were both enlisted and one went to OCS.
  4. He's not a retired cop. He's a liar who was either a wannabe or a FIRED cop.
  5. It really stinks when they use parents or coaches as umpires. Actual umpires are trained (some better than others, but trained nonetheless). And the biggest factor: We actually know the rules and have to take a test on them every year. I have been shocked and amazed at the number of coaches -- many of whom played at the collegiate or even minor league levels -- who don't know the rules. They know *HOW* to pitch, throw, catch, bat, etc. and can teach it, but they know nothing about what the rule book actually says. Sure, everyone knows ball/strike, safe/out, fair/foul. That'
  6. It still is....there are a lot of slang words in baseball.
  7. So there I was, calling a JV high school game from behind the plate. I was the only umpire (and working one umpire sucks!). The batter walked up to take the box, and apparently he and the catcher knew one another. They had probably played on a Little League team together or something, but the schools were about a 45 minute drive from one another. One of the batter's teammates was encouraging him from the dugout, telling him to hit a dinger. The catcher looks at the batter and says, "I'll give you ten bucks if you hit a dinger," and then gave the sign to the pitcher. He must ha
  8. Different generations see tattoos differently. I'm at the tail end of Generation X. When I was in college, it was seen as cool to get a tattoo. Women got those "tramp stamps" that I have no doubt they are regretting right now. My parents' generation thought anyone with a tattoo was a dirtbag or criminal. The younger generation just sees them as "body art." I have one on the back side of my shoulder blade. It's a bald eagle with a red, white, and blue shield in front of him, and a scroll in his talons that says, "United States of America." Let's just say I'm so patriotic I ma
  9. Looks like a "little" compensation to me... ...I own a pickup because I *need* a pickup. We haul a horse trailer around, and I go hunting and pack all my camping equipment, etc. We also cut our own firewood and do most of our own home improvements. In the city, most pickups are just status symbols or large sedans with an open trunk. But I *need* a pickup for the lifestyle we live. These guys are just building big toys to make up for something a bit smaller...
  10. I'm not a lawyer...so...it wouldn't work. Plus I've about had it with any politics in Colorado. We were strongly red when I moved here, shifted purple, and are now ultra-far lefty. Unfortunately my new career gives me only four places where I could live and work, and two of them are out of the question. My only other option would be Omaha, and after my kids finish high school I might actually look for a job there.
  11. Not for me. Apparently in my family that makes me the black sheep.
  12. I started hanging out on this forum and shooting SASS nigh on 20 years ago. Back then I was a 2LT at Fort Carson. You guys and all my shooting partners seemed old to me, because the average age of this game is quite a bit older than other shooting sports. After a few years on active duty I switched over to the Reserves and have kept going. I have since retired from the career in civilian law enforcement I left active duty to pursue, and have begun another career. But I'm still in the army as a reservist, and now I have soldiers who have no memory of 9-11, nor what it means to fight from t
  13. They're all in higher echelon headquarters. I actually know several, because I pretty much only work in higher echelon headquarters anymore.
  14. SOOOOOO close to a perfect game. I like to count the baseball rarities I've been physically present at a game for. I've seen a cycle and a grand slam. I saw Big Papi hit more homers in one game than I thought possible (was it four?). I have never seen a no hitter or perfect game.
  15. ^^^ THIS. I share in your amazement. I abbreviated when I mentioned my first M.A. degree; it's actually entitled "Management and Leadership." The management half is all about time, money, and assets -- things like budgeting and finance, fundamental ratios to evaluate management, supply chains, human resources activities and legalities, organizational structure development, etc. The leadership half is about people -- what motivates them (guess what? It's not usually money), how to motivate them, strategic level decision-making, etc.
  16. Rod..."Chief" is literally in my next sentence As to W1s, I saw a bunch of them. I had one when I was a PL, and when I went through the officer's basic course they had an entire company of them in our battalion.
  17. Yes, positional power = command authority. I was using terms from the academic study of management and leadership (this is what my first MA was in). The military simply calls it command authority.
  18. In the Army, "Mister" or "Missus" as appropriate for all Warrant Officer ranks. "Chief" for W2-W5. A W1 is not a chief.
  19. This is all true, but you're referencing something known as "referent" or "expertise" power. I was speaking strictly about positional power.
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