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Why are American Hollywood stars so full of themselves?


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I didn't want to sidetrack the Hollywood to New Mexico thread


I waste a lot of time on You Tube and have seen a lot of talk show clips with American, United Kingdom, Australian and New Zealand actors and almost invariably it is the American actor who the pompous ass even when they aren't the biggest, richest or best star on the show that day.


I know there are American actors who are class acts (Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott and Robert Downey Jr. come to mind), but sadly they seem to be the exceptions.

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Many think they are special because the “act” and also because people fawn over them. 
Don’t get me wrong, I like actors that do a good job, but I don’t care what their politics are or what they think is important. They are actors. People that pretend to be something they are not. That’s all. 

Actors I have met:

Mel Gibson - nice guy. Down to earth. 


Mr T - self absorbed but friendly enough. 


Buddy Ebsen - quite a gent and good natured. 


Melissa Gilbert - coke *****, egotistical and completely fake. 


Louis Gossett Jr. - nice guy


Jaye P Morgan - quite….uh….sultry, when intoxicated. 

Axel Rose of Guns N Roses - ***hole


These are the only ones I have interacted with. I have seen others but have no opinion of them in life as I did not interact with them. 




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The shy ones and the ones that have rational values don’t seek publicity.

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11 minutes ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

Kind of like a lot of sports celebrities.  It's because we are suckered into paying attention to them.

A while back my wife and I were in the supermarket in the cash register line. I was looking at all the magazines in the rack and I said aloud “You know what’s funny? I have no idea who any of these people are on these magazine covers.”

My wife laughed. 
The two ladies at the register in front of us paying for their groceries looked at me like I was crazy. 
One of them said “Seriously, you have no idea who these people are?”

I said “Yes. Seriously.”

Both ladies looked at each other and rolled their eyes. 
The young lady at the register and the boy bagging groceries looked amused. 
The girl says “How do you not know the people on the magazine covers?”

I said “I quit watching regular TV years ago. I don’t watch what they call ‘the news’ and I only buy magazines that reflect my hobbies. I refuse to watch pro sports or support it in any way. It’s all manipulation and mindlessness to me.”

Both the girl and the boy said “Cool” out loud. 
Then my wife rolled her eyes. 

Later she said “Do you realize there are two teenagers in the world that think you’re cool? There’s hope for you yet.” :lol:


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Lots of reasons why.

Paid megabucks.

Have fan clubs, and adorning fans, that hang on every word they say.


Self absorbed.

Because many fans adore them, they think their opinion matters more than the non-famous people.

They are used to getting their way, and having others pandering to their needs. 

They come to believe their own press.

They obtain many privileges'...fly on private jets, or are in first class, so they come to expect it.  

They think their acting careers are important, and that they are not expendable. They think we need them.  

Quite a few of them have really wrecked personal lives...divorce, drugs, alcohol. Some don't live a life that anyone would want to emulate. They make their living pretending and lying, and seemingly that may migrate into their personal lives. 

Sadly, it doesn't have to be that way. Some actors do great things. All of them could do great things, if they were not so selfish.

The actors, and the athletes, have a great responsibility to be a positive role model to the youth, and to everyone, actually. Come judgment day, they will wish they had been a positive role model. With much fame/wealth, comes much responsibility.




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For hundreds of years, actors have been considered the trash and low-life of society.
Nothing has changed, except they are paid a whole lot more money now.

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18 hours ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

Kind of like a lot of sports celebrities.  It's because the MSM PAYS SO MUCH attention to them.


Fixed it for ya Forty.

Edited by Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474
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