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Yeesh, we moved to avoid this!

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When we decided to leave Southern Illinois to be closer to our family, one of our nephews wanted us to move by him and his family, but they were in Iowa and since both of us grew up in Chicago, we did not want to go back to that weather. So we eventually decided on Arkansas so we are just minutes from 3 nieces and nephews. As soon as we got here, temps went below normal! Now we have about 6" of snow, single digit temps!

The Missus has been standing at the window, staring, for about 30 minutes...




Guess I ought to let her in...

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Welcome to R-Kansas. Secure the wife in the summer or the ticks may carry her away.

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The bad news is now we know who to blame. :P





The good news is that this only seems to happen once every 50 years.

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Could use about 5" of snow along the Front Range of Colorado.  Although it has gotten down sub-zero for a couple of days...50's coming this weekend.  Getting tired of paying $340 to deepwater my evergreen trees, or the needles drop off! :(  Most of the snow gets dumped in the mountains.  Avalanches bad up there this year!  We get a dusting, and that's about all.  Course, me and my big mouth, we'll probably get a blizzard this month or next.  Oh, well...

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