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  1. Wearing a mask is not a Constitutional right.
  2. Society? We're just a bunch of people stuck living in the same place. People are pretty well behaved as long as they fear getting caught. As soon as they figure they can get away with something, they go for it. It is all because they're pretty sure you won't kill them.
  3. Fernwood Tonight back in the 70's. Laughed 'til my face hurt. Thanks, Fred.
  4. I used to have a city government job. There was a supervisor who had risen through the ranks. His composition skills were, shall we say, weak. His secretary refused to allow him to send out correspondence before she had a chance to edit and correct the document. You could always tell if he had made her mad because she would let his stuff go out as written. It was hilarious. Well, it looks like this Sheriff must have snuck one by his secretary or, maybe, just really made her mad.
  5. If a hunter killed a lion, then mounted the hind quarters on the wall, it would be a catastrophe.
  6. Why would you buy a gun with someone else's name engraved on it? (Even if he did have his own TV show at one time.)
  7. Y'all are so polite. 16 responses and no one has told him where to stick his modifiers.
  8. I was gonna make a humorous remark about the possible violations evident in the flatbed photo. Know what? I'm so flippin' sick of this 'pandemic as excuse for power grab' crap, I just get disgusted. No longer funny. Shall not comply!
  9. 103 today. 107 forcast for tomorrow. Oh well, hot weather is supposed to kill the wu-flu.
  10. Peter Rowan's album Bluegrass Boy is one of the best around. Just as sweet and pure as a snow melt mountain stream. ( Sorry, its good enough that ya gotta wax poetic to do it justice.)
  11. I'd say you'd be in the Crew Served catagory.
  12. Never get another haircut. Shaggy and scruffy will be the Badge of Honor for the "Wuhan Survivor" for decades ot come. "Mommy, why does that man look so wild?" "Sshhhh, he's a Wuhan Survivor. He'll never be well groomed again!"
  13. Really makes Yuma drivers look like pros.
  14. No pictures of me in it but, I still have one of my boots. Tipico brand, made in Mexico. 1957, age 4. Yahoo!
  15. In the early 1/2 hour shows, watch out for episodes directed and/or written by Sam Pekinpaw (sp?) or Ida Lupino. They both made some powerful stuff though completely different.
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