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  1. Governments at all levels: You can't buy it back because I didn't buy it from you. Go *&%# yourself.
  2. How will legislation happen if representatives in Sacramento can't bring home pork?
  3. Be like Sweden. Ingore it and it will go away. The rest is just mass political manipulation. Wake up.
  4. Develop a moaning scream of exasperation. When necessary, use it just prior to hanging up. Do not attempt to improvise an effective scream while engaged in the conversation. Prior preparation is the key.
  5. If people had to pay for it themselves, one opinion would be enough.
  6. Kolchak, The Night Stslker. 1972 pilot on YouTube. Even 1972 TV is better than what passes for sport these dsys.
  7. Marty Robbins wrote and sang a heartbreaking song about withdrawal from DHMO addiction. All about a young man out for a hike in our beautiful desert southwest. Instead of enjoying the solitude and scenery, he's jones-ing for his next fix of the stuff. Like I said, heartbreaking. "Keep a movin', Dan. Don't ya listen to him, Dan."
  8. Olympics? Think I'll take a knee.
  9. I believe you're looking at a model 1905 bayonet.
  10. One tiny addition. The Navy does not use the Company Grade/Field Grade division of the other services. In the Navy, they are divided into Junior Officers and Senior Officers. What's the difference? A Navy Lieutenant Commander (O4, gold oak leaves, no scrambled eggs) is a Junior Officer, addressed and referred to as "Mister" in conversation. A Major (O4, gold oak leaves, scrambled eggs) is a Field Grade Officer. A salute is intended to be an exchange of mutual respect. Most seem to treat it as a duty, as if bowing to a noble. I retired from the Navy 30 years ago and still find mysel
  11. Unintended consequences. Drive off or kill the pumas and coyotes. Put an end to the "stray cat problem." Wonder where all these turkeys csme from.
  12. May, 1976. I went from Bend to Eugene and bought a new KZ-900 Kawasaki. By the time all the papers were shuffled and the bike prepped it was approaching evening. As I'm riding back to Bend, across the Cascades, my lights start going dim. I'm just hoping the bike keeps running and figuring out how I'll have to get back to Bend if it dies . . . DEER! . . . swerve into other lane . . . THUMP! . . . pain right leg . . . HEADLIGHTS! . . . swerve back. What in the heck just happened? Am I still alive? Check. Afraid to stop or look, I rode, shaking, all the way to Sisters. Made Bend OK. Nex
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