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  1. Bronze age societies overwhelmed and dominated stone age societies they encountered. Iron age societies did the same to bronze age societies. Industrial age societies did likewise to iron age. Industrial age peoples, finding North America, in taking what they needed, swept aside the stone age savages then occupying the land. Human history. Get over it. America feeds and leads the advancement of the world. If anyone thinks the Cheyenne or the Aztecs could have done better, they're nuts. Letting stone age peoples continue to eek out their meager traditional existence
  2. Lookout, Mama, there's a white boat coming up the river Its got a big red beacon and a flag and a man on the rail I think you better call John It don't look like they're here to deliver the mail And its less than a mile away I hope they didn't come to stay Its got numbers on the front and a gun and its making big waves
  3. That would be reason enough for me to search out and buy a rifle, just to fit the ammo.
  4. They don't mind the jokes. They just change them to make fun of someone else. The "blonde" joke craze of a few years back was a fine example. Just a recycling of old ethnic jokes.
  5. Make a "pro-choice" post. See if it gets banned. They are not about preventing killing or the sanctity of life. They are brainwashed into a "religious" belief that will allow no contrary opinion. They are chronological "adults" with some power over others. The equivalent of closing their eyes, stamping their feet, covering their ears and shouting, "WAH WAH WAH WAH."
  6. Sorry, not shooting. Worked setup this week and visited this morning. May drop by tomorrow.
  7. After 9/11, they were upgrading the security of our city facilities. Entry to the wastewater treatment plant now required entry of a password to open the gate. At the meeting describing the new procecures, a coworker asked, "Why don't they just install one of those rectal eye scanners?" After the expected mirth, it was explained that he meant "retinal", not "rectal". Maybe he was right after all. One of those rectal scanners might make it easier to identify liberals.
  8. Become One with the bag. If that doesn't work, I use a flat hand on each side. Rub hands back and forth until a small opening appears at the mouth (?) of the bag. Exploit that opening!
  9. The annual Territorial Prison Breakout started this morning. Bright sunshine and long shadows. 150+ shooters. Top: Unknown lady shooter 2nd: Doc Skinner 3rd: Bob Wire (shooting) 4th: Saddle Horn, W.W. Cotton
  10. Their restrooms designed by the same architect?
  11. Someone was asked to bring a vegie tray? Whaddiya know?
  12. How do I pay for guns? Wait for the next 'stimulus' installment.
  13. Not a penny from me until LaPierre's gone. May be throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Oh well.
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