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  1. Two guys, high on pain killers, drop their bikes in your yard and ring your doorbell.... Oh no, not oxymormons again! (For the pun only. No hatred or insult intended.)
  2. Upon seeing a light ahead, a ship sends the signal, "Turn to starboard, I have the right of way." A reply is received, "You turn to starboard." An angry CO responds, "You turn to starboard, I am a Captain." And receives, "You turn to starboard, I am a Seaman." "YOU turn to starboard, I am an aircraft carrier." And finally, "You turn to starboard, I am a lighrhouse."
  3. Congratulations! (Confession) At first, I read the top line of post, then glanced down at the photo. Error, error, error, went off in my mind. Went back and read more. Problem solved.
  4. In the Navy, it's "all of the above." "Man Overboard" is announced on the 1MC. All hands go to their division's designated place and a muster is held to see who, if anyone, is missing. The ship conducts a series if turns designed to bring it back to exactly where it was when the man went over. The ready boat, usually the motor whaleboat, is launched. Helos launched, if present. Any ships nearby will divert to help with search, if needed.
  5. Probably an intelligence check. Could be reworded: "When you leave the mall, how many cars do you try to get into before you find the right one?"
  6. "Is rhis your minkey?" "My what?"
  7. Containment when firing is probably part of it. If you look at a loaded revolver from the shooter's point of view, you will most likely see the edges of the cases visable beyond the edge of the recoil shield. The part of the rim sticking out this way is vulnerable to impact should the revolver be dropped or otherwise roughly handled. If a centerfire, this is no big deal. Impact on a rimfire case could be disastrous. This is a big reason rimfire cylinders have recesses for the case head. Just my $0.02.
  8. Pittsburg Landing: the place on the Tennessee(?) River where the Union troops got off the boats and camped while preparing to attack into Mississippi. Shiloh: the name of a small church located at or near Pittsburg Landing.
  9. Everything locked around this house has a Ruger branded lock. Tried giving away accumulated firearms locks on my gunshow table. No takers. When you can't give it away at a gunshow, you know what it's worth.
  10. Really? There were women looking for men? Who knew? My list is shorter: 1. Move to within 100 miles of a Naval Station.
  11. Mr. W.W. Greener's "The Gun and Its Development" probably has more knowledge per page than any other gun book I've read. Hope you find his guns to be as good. Oh boy!
  12. Can't resist a quote from John "Pondoro" Taylor, famous African hunter/author/poacher: "I would happily undertake to walk thru from Cape Town to Cairo armed with nothing but a scope-sighted .22 Rim-Fire and a powerful hand gun, and I am quite confident I would not go hungry."
  13. Hope you fellas ain't walking. That's a whole lot of guns to carry. Never mind all the ammo. Mine? One Glock 17 w/ 100 or so rounds loaded and one Ruger 10/22 w/ one or two brick(s) of mini-mags. Stuff like food, clothing, water and some simple tools make up the rest of the load. We all dream of/ imagine a SHTF scenario but continued dull existence keeps happening. Pretty soon you're too old to enjoy the SHTF world if it should come about. sigh....
  14. Never put D', De, or La in front of an otherwise common boy's name. Hold fast to this in spite of any dreams of a career as a professional athlete you may have for the child. It ain't worth it.
  15. P-38 was a favorite of the bad guys on that other spy classic, Get Smart. The KAOS assasins seemed to love 'em. Maybe, "Ve don't use Schmidt und Vesson in KAOS, Starker!"
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