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  1. The ones I'll be shooting Sunday. Its our first match following the temperature induced summer break. Yeeee Haaaaw!
  2. ". . . Stage IV . . . Metastatic . . ." Then the world disappeared in an inverse, gut wrenching rush.
  3. Good night, Chuck Yeager, wherever you are.
  4. A cast iron frying pan, of course. (You can always boil your water in the microwave.)
  5. Have to blow the dust offa me bottle o' rum and hoist one. Oy takes that back. Oy'll leave the bottle darrrty! Farewell, ye lubbers all.
  6. Bought one to support the cause as well as to give the finger to Crappernick/Nike. When it got here, the material made think it was the ladies version. Can't wear it. Feels the way I imagine cross dressing would feel.
  7. This could be a long list. Will try to keep it short. Mossberg Shockwave, 12 ga. Really wanted it when they first came out. Got it. Then, "OK, now what?" Winchester 94, 30-30. Had a great 336 Marlin but just had to have a "real" 30-30. Finally got a 94. Found out 336 was much better. Sold 94 down the road. Kel-Tec SUB-2000, 9mm. Turned out to be nearly unusable for me due to weird ergos. Every Colt I've ever owned other than Model M's. Every 1911 I've ever owned. "The next one will be the one!" Turns out it wasn't. Turned every one loose with no regrets. Ruger Mk III. (Love Standards, Mk I, Mk II, and Mk IV.)
  8. Coyote . . . Oh, wait . . . I mean fox . . .no . . .
  9. Master Beto and the rest of those clown car refugees don't want to be photographed before such a display of white male oppression as the Flag.
  10. How many times have you flash burned a finger from the blast out of the barrel/cylinder gap on your revolvers? Did you do it again? Old Navy saying: "Ya gotta be smarter than the equipment you're operating." Old movie saying: "A man's got to know his limitations." New saying I just made up: "If thy semi-auto offends thee, don't shoot semi-autos."
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