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  1. I usually like to find out what is not wrong before trying to change one or some of the possible causes of a problem. If your rifle has been in use a long time, some wizard may have modified or damaged the chamber. "Wildcat" experimentation comes to mind. I cringe before asking but, you're not using modern .38 cal bullets (0.357), right?
  2. Sorry if this is a repeat but, have you done a chamber casting?
  3. The variety and number of RV parks around here (Yuma) is mind boggling. Along I-8, between exits 8 and 11 are at least a dozen. Much depends on your tastes, amenities wise and financially. These parks are the closest ones, with facilities, to the range at about 12 miles. The VFW on US-95 offers unimproved camping around the building. If you have sanitary capacity and your own electricity, the range is the place, with good company too.
  4. To be de-leted means it has to have been leted at some time. If it is brought back, is it re-leted? We know that, when finished, it is comp-leted. Is there a continuing form to describe the time between starting and comp-leting? How can anyone hope to learn this stupid (exp-leted) language, anyway!
  5. Do they come in ear plug form for listening to politicians? A great Christmas gift idea. After all next year is election year.
  6. Joke 'um

    CB 10 code

    10-66 (used only in England) "Hey, there's some Norman guys camping on the beach."
  7. Almost clicked the link. Then I remembered, I don't care what any of those fools have to say!
  8. I remember these on about one in three cars on road trips when I was a kid. Haven't seen one in years.
  9. Straight stock for times when cycling the action is paramount. Pistol grip for times when shooting the rifle has priority. A main match rifle is held to the shoulder mainly by the off hand. The dominant hand works the action and triggers the shot, frequently, without even otherwise touching the rifle. Long distance or heavier loads, like a long distance side match, requires the dominant hand to pull the rifle firmly into the shoulder for accuracy and/or recoil control. Which do you want to do, shoot or shuck?
  10. Don't know how to find it but, somewhere on this web is a video of a fella testing HKS speedloaders. He loads a couple and puts them in an empty paint can. The paint can goes in a paint store mixer and shakes them for a good while. When the speedloaders are removed, the bullets are all smashed and deformed. Every round, however, remains firmly held in its loader. I was sold. HKS.
  11. That's the one. Only, there are several more lines to it.
  12. Is Windy Gap the pass between the Glutious Mountains?
  13. Years ago, I climbed the mountain and asked the All Wise One that very question. He said, "Solid and non-solid, it is all one. The distance between the nuclei of the atoms and their electron shells means that all things are equally hollow. That'll be five bucks. Next . . ." You aughta go some time.
  14. It seems my mind stores memories in their context. The stronger the context, the harder it is to separate the component parts. Try to think, "I'll be back", without Arnie's chorman accent. Songs have a lot of context. You call up the memory whole the try to take it apart. Maybe that's why its harder to remember the lines for the character "Henry V", then to remember the same number of words from a lifetime of songs. Ya, context, that's it....
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