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  1. Honestly, Biff, Buffy, do you really want to be shooting with the sort of people who can't afford the sport? Next, they'll want a government program to bring those "inner city" types into the sport. Be satisfied shooting with the right sort of people, even if they're not many of us left.
  2. The USPS security and enforcement organization now monitor on-line forums (fora?) for posts that might be a threat to postal safety and security. When you participate in a thread like this, be sure to say "hello" to our USPS friends. (bomb, poison, fraud, riot) Just making sure I got their attention.
  3. We had a VHS/VCR that cost about $450 new. Our DVD player was part of a Bose stereo system that cost around $700. Around 8 years ago, the VCR died. I didn't think they even made VCR's any more. We went to Walmart to see about getting a new one. They had a VCR/DVD combination player and recorder for $60! Repairs? You must be kidding.
  4. The burgler who is professional enough to watch my house and learn my habits concerning lights and parking is too good to bother with my house. The dog is gone. Mail and package delivery are stopped. The weekly shopping ads lie in the driveway. Too many other clues to be worrying about a carport light.
  5. The first gun I bought for SASS was my Stoeger Coach Gun. Still my only SASS shotgun. The other three, two Uberti Cattlemans (Cattlemen?) and a Marlin 94, didn't last the first year and have long been replaced. My Stoeger ain't going nowhere.
  6. All of the bar scenes in Destry Rides Again. Subsequent movies learn from this one. Jimmy Stewart and Marlene Dietrich are great throughout. Misha Auer betting his pants. The model for the Teutonic Titwillow in Blazing Saddles. The best.
  7. Check the ammo prices, lower right. The Fed-Ex man would hate me.
  8. In the post apocalyptic world, a maker of black powder will be a valued and protected member of any society. (Kinda like Master of Master/Blaster fame.) Develope you skills before they're needed. Bona futura.
  9. I have and use 2 Winchester/Miroku 73's. Never had the slightest problem with the lever safety spring. Just to see what all the fuss was about, I bought and installed a light spring on my 45 Colt rifle. It makes the lever closing a lot easier when handling for cleaning or just fondling. In a match, I can't tell the difference. Must be that all my experience with the stock/heavy spring has just built up the related muscles to superhuman strength.
  10. Not a pilot. Never played one on TV. My youtube video watching experience shows me that pilots always do a magneto check before starting out. "Right, Left, Both", check for rpm change in each position. Are such checks not needed on modern aircraft? Or, is this just a case of murder by negligence?
  11. Now that you have a reloading bench, you'll need to think about getting a door.
  12. The proposed vaccination passports are not such a great idea. The bureaucracy alone would be a nightmare. There would also develop a black market for fake documents. Each business would have to establish and man checkpoints. A real mess. It would be easier to simply insert a micro chip into each patient as they are vaccinated. The chip would be inserted into the forehead or right hand of the patient. Scanners at business/building doors would be able to tell who is allowed to enter and do business. No messy checking passports or government red tape. Just freedom and health f
  13. Compliments to all for not mentioning the Donner party.
  14. Should the "someone" writing know better? If so, politely correct them when the opportunity arises. If not, blow it off. Its not like they called you an Ensign or something. Joke'um MMC, USN (Ret.)
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