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  1. About 20 years ago, I stopped drinking coffee for health reasons. A few weeks ago, I cheated and bought some Folgers instant. Having 1 cup after breakfast and another after dinner, I've been through my first jar. When should I give up and buy a new coffee pot? Thanks, Jittery Joke'um
  2. For knives, Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker. Versatile, great instructions, won't accidently ruin blade (like electric sander types), good to go for less than a full time pro.
  3. How do you train the deer to lie there like that?
  4. Another SIG P238 carrier/fan/shooter here. Great little piece. Mine is a HD (all stainless) version. It has a little more weight for a little less recoil. A "serious" .380 would be the SIG P230 or P232. Larger. DA/SA, with decocking. As worthy of being a primary carry pistol as any .380 can be.
  5. I do not have a vanity plate. However, i've been approached, several times, by people asking what the numbers mean.
  6. Always liked the Deep Purple song, "Maybe I'm a Leo." Turns out I was one all along.
  7. Looks like any another mostly peaceful protest against white privilege. I was going to suggest that Princeton offer this gentleman a full scholarship to help them assuage their guilt at their newfound racism. On further examination, I see he has already learned everything American universities are teaching these days.
  8. The only way to stop this stuff is for Californians to enact a ban on democrats starting in November. What do you suppose the odds of that are?
  9. Carter elected 1976. Took office January 1977. The Governor of Georgia (1971-1975) had little or no influence on gasoline availability nationwide.
  10. That SBR with the all all white lower is even creepier than what ever he's trying to do. "The range looks crowded today. I'll come back later."
  11. Joke 'um


    Don your mask. Pass gas. If you smell it, the mask probably won't stop viruses either. This test works for small to medium sized groups, as well.
  12. Corn based likkers go best with Coke/Diet Coke. Since I've changed to rye, I find that 'Pepsi Cola hits the spot'. (Should I copyright that phrase?)
  13. We know who it is. We know how they do it. Then we let them get away with it in order to remain polite and open minded. Eventually, if we haven't waited too long already, they'll have to have their ass kicked. Just have to do it. It is not like 2020 would be made worse.
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