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  1. I'm wondering if Putin is safe from being overthrown? Would the Russian military comply with employing tactical nukes? I truly expect every day when I first look at the news to see that Putin has been deposed.
  2. Ban???? "....from my cold dead fingers." Smith & Wesson 4th Model "Pocket Revolver" in .32 S&W.
  3. His reply was better than, "You don't sweat much for a fat lady."
  4. Interesting. I can see it for parade horses. Can't see Roy Rogers doing that to Trigger, or Gene Autry doing that to Champion, or the Lone Ranger doing that to Silver! .
  5. This is a photo of my paternal grandfather and grandmother holding their first two grandchildren (my two oldest cousins) beside their Oklahoma soddy. Grandpa and his sister, Pearl, homesteaded the Oklahoma Territory near Buffalo, Oklahoma. Grandpa was a widower at the time (his wife, Polly died in childbirth and baby died also). Aunt Pearl was still single. They built a soddy with a dog run. Grandpa's half on his property and Aunt Pearl's half on her property. The circuit preacher introduced Grandma to Grandpa and they only saw each other three (3) times before they married. Grandma was not a physically pretty woman, but she gave Grandpa four sons and a daughter, and she worked the fields beside Grandpa. One of the most significant things I remember about Grandma was when that woman prayed aloud, you knew she had a direct link to the Father. She was a prayer warrior! Grandpa farmed and raised horses. Grandpa lost the farm during the depression. My dad told me it was the only time he ever saw his father cry.
  6. How in the world did none of those LEOs not suggest/demand that the patrol unit be moved off the tracks? Is it because of tunnel vision, or stress, or just plain overwhelming stupidity? I just can't comprehend how something like this could happen with that many LEOs all at the same scene.
  7. When I grew up, there was Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper. Dinner was the biggest meal of the day; usually at Lunch or Supper. “Mom, when are we having dinner?” ”At supper.”
  8. 38" 24" 36" were my favorite measurements. And her other leg was exactly the same!
  9. Javelin live fire test on a fully uploaded T-72 tank at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Sympathetic detonation caused the tremendous explosion. Turret was in the air for seven seconds. Down range the following day (Safety delay). One technician stated: "This tank became untogether!" The engine was blown 65 meters from the tank.
  10. As a boy in my cowboy outfit, when we'd play "Cowboys and Indians" I always pretended to be my favorite hero, Roy Rogers.
  11. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/ukraine-just-captured-russias-most-advanced-operational-tank The Russian T-90M Main Battle Tank certainly hasn't lived up to the hype on the battlefield. But, now a T-90M has been captured intact after the Russian crew abandoned the tank and took no measures to destroy it.
  12. What should the atheist do when the light turns green and the car in front of him doesn't move, but has a rear bumper sticker with "Honk if you love Jesus"??
  13. I recently got back from two weeks in Paris, France. Believe me, by comparison our prices are cheap!
  14. And there’s still no known cure for the deadly, “Natural Causes.” .
  15. I still believe that SASS should approve of a Baptist category!
  16. For all the reason above, a Sig P238. Slide even my wife can easily rack. Ladies love this pistol. Sig Sauer P238 in .380 Auto .
  17. Considering this is in Great Britain, I didn’t see anything but tradition and politeness. Seems to me the Prime Minister did fine.
  18. One plus to living in the Tucson area is that there are very, very few grass yards. I never hear a lawn mower. I don’t even own a lawn mower or a weed eater. I do love this beautiful Sonora Desert. I apologize. I hope my post isn’t too snarky.
  19. I do my porch sitting on our back patio every morning. My must have item is a tobacco pipe and tobacco. Amazing to me what an attitude adjustment it is to set alone, be quite, smoke a pipe, sip some coffee, look at the wonder of nature, contemplate on life, be thankful, clear the mind of clutter, and talk with my God.
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