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  1. In the first year of our marriage, my wife and I got into a heated argument. Finally, I took off my pants and threw them at her. I told her to put them on. She put them on and said, "They're too big for me." I said, "That's right. You're not big enough to wear the pants in this house!" After a while, she stood up, reached under her dress and took off her panties and threw them at me. She said, "You put them on." To reinforce my point, I tried. Then I said, "I can't get into these!" She replied quite calmly, "That's right. And you're going to until you change
  2. I shoot my S&W Model 19-3 "Combat Magnum" in .357 Magnum better than any other handgun I've shot...including my Sig Sauer P238 .380 Auto and 9mm Shield. I rarely shoot my S&W revolvers single-action. I guess I must be old school....or just old.
  3. You and Carol will still be in my prayers. Check in when you can.
  4. The first of this year, I made a resolution to loose 10 pounds of body weight. I've only got 15 pounds to go. No more loose weight resolutions for me! By golly!!
  5. Why certainly, Sister Sue! A proper sister should wear unmentionables under her outer garments!! And of course a snood to keep the lady's lovely hair during those breezy days.
  6. Singin Sue's fractured scripture verse: Genesis 2:25. FYI. Full body clothing is required when shooting in the Baptist Category!!!
  7. My wife was a politician. When she ran and was elected to the City Council, I asked her, "Why do you want a job where half the town thinks you're a low-life SOB?" Didn't seem very intelligent to me!
  8. So......this means Augustus McCrae was more intelligent than Woodrow Call. Right?
  9. Thanks, Bob!! There was so much film footage that I've not seen before. I especially liked the footage of the train wreck (at 52:18) with rail loaded German military vehicles following the engine to destruction. One of the best train wreck films I've ever seen! Even if you are very familiar with WW2 history from D-Day pre-planning to the liberation of Paris, this film documentary is well worth watching!! .
  10. Different strokes for different folks. The Army gave me all the "all-expenses-paid" camping trips I ever want. If I can't be in my own home, it's hotels and motels for me.
  11. One thing I almost always change is, depending on the meat, instead of water I use beef or chicken broth.
  12. Dear loving nephew, the revolver with the .22 cartridges displayed is a Model 34-1. It's called a "Kit Gun" and is built on a J-frame. Wallaby, it would be much appreciated if you'd send your favorite uncle a brick of 500 .22 Long Rifle cartridges.
  13. Whew! Us S&W double-action revolver fans aren't nutty like those others!
  14. I have my wife trained exactly the way she wants me.
  15. You're speaking again in those unknown tongues. You lumpy old gritz. Are you Pentecostal?
  16. Folks, yes it gets hot in Arizona during the summer. It does--no doubt. But even in the summer it is enjoyable outside in the early mornings and late evenings. In the winter, there are few days I can't enjoy being outside during some part of the day. Can you say that about the days in your area? Now back to the subject. STAY SAFE!! By golly!
  17. Not a funny. This story of mine is as told to me by an uncle (my dad's oldest brother}.
  18. And I consider the issue of any of my direct as "ancestors."
  19. My dad's brother (my uncle) told the family of one of their grandfather's (my great grandfather's) brothers was hung from the tongue of a wagon. I don't know if this Great-whatever Uncle is technically an ancestor or not since he didn't have any offspring. But, it sure makes for an interesting family story. Oh, and that great-whatever uncle was the one nobody in the family was supposed to talk about.
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