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  1. Get this! These people; the tech giants, leftist politicians and educators, entertainment folks, want you gone. They want to destroy you and your way of life, your beliefs and values, your Nation. They will not stop. Every little change they force on society is a victory. They never lose. They just have to wait a little longer for the next conquest. You'll die soon. They've already indoctrinated the future generations. We have too many who still think they are dealing with decent people who have different ideas. These are not people with whom you can compromise or reach a mutual
  2. I tried to answer but all the telephone lines are down because of the Texas Flood. 'bout to drive poor Stevie Ray insane!
  3. "It takes a village" is a Nigerian proverb? How's that working out for Nigeria? (The princes that have to flee with the money seem to be doing OK. I'll give 'em that.)
  4. "OOPS! I thought the chamber was empty. Sorry 'bout that, darlin'."
  5. Name it the "Aryan Superman" and get all the whining over at once.
  6. Why in the world does anybody here give a flyin' rat's patoot what someone else is shooting? Get over yourself for goodness' sake. Your purity is not diminished by someone else's ammunition choice. Sheeeese!
  7. With all that solid ice around, why would he drive into that big hole?
  8. Dear Wimmins, Just 'cause you wanna show it, don't mean anybody wants to see it. Love, Joke 'um
  9. Snow Crabs: That itch you develop after two weeks snowed in.
  10. 1992. My new boss took me out to lunch at a nearby hotdog joint. When I asked why we were going there, he answered, "Because its a Rush room." I had a lot to learn. Nearly 30 years later, I still haven't graduated from the Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. So long, Rush.
  11. My energy plan would shut down all coal, oil, gas, and nuclear plants across the country. Then Texans won't feel so alone. Thanks. Remember, a vote for me is a vote for a cleaner tomorrow.
  12. Don't shy away from a $100 single shot shotgun (H&R Topper, etc.) just to get started. You can always spend more when things loosen up. Who knows that it won't build useful skills for later?
  13. ".380 Cowboy" The load for those for whom "mouse fart" is just too much.
  14. Nelson says, in that sing-song way . . . "HA HAW!"
  15. Mine is collar related. Put on her collar, she knows she's going. Goes crazy. No collar, she knows she's not going. Lies down out of the way and sighs. Interestingly, if I leave in the morning, she will not eat her breakfast until after the big celebration on my return, no matter when that is. Dogs is nuts.
  16. Take it off. Install a blank if the slot offends you. "In a fight, front sight."
  17. "The uninhibited presence of songbirds being necessary to happiness in a free state, the right of the people to feed and bathe birds shall not be infringed." This was to have been the eleventh amendment, part of the original Bill of Rights. Fortunately, the aviaphobes amongst the white, european, protestant, male hegemony that founded this nation stopped the ratification of this amendment. Therefore, it is possible for responsible government, today, to enact reasonable bird feeder control.
  18. Also, if you don't support my PLAN, it is because you want little birdies to get sick and die! PIG!!!
  19. Typical modern/leftist solution. Restrict human activity and freedom. Humanity, the scourge of the planet. There is, as usual, an effective solution to the problem not thusfar considered. So, the birds make a mess with their seed. Then they defecate in the spillage. Then other birds eat the fecally treated seeds. What we need to do is to mandate that all bird feeders are equipped with little porta potties. A simple Federal law, similar to ADA should do the trick. A system of federal grants for those designing and developing the waste management devices would facilitate rapid devel
  20. Ohmm! The woman by the check stand (far right) is not wearing a mask. In a health food store. Oh, the HORROR!
  21. Step 1 for any trip by steam powered motorcycle: Write yourself a note stating were you are going. If you don't do that, you will have forgotren your destination by the time you have steam 'up'.
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