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  1. This is Teaspoon. (I can't think of a single cartoon character that looks anything like him.)
  2. Time, distance and shielding. The cornerstones of radiation exposure minimization. Time - Don't stay at Chernobyl long. Better yet, don't go there at all. Distance - Keep at least 1/4 of the Earth's circumference between yourself and Chernobyl at all times. Shielding - That's what western Europe is for. Carry on.
  3. I like cheap and dim. When you find a weak enough cheap bore light, buy several. High quality, high power lights generally make a bright gleaming flair and I can't see squat.
  4. Old shooters frequently have poor hearing. You only think you don't scream at them.
  5. Honestly, what else did you expect? (apolitical inquiry)
  6. Went to the local surplus store. Bought a cover tap and matching head die. Now I screw my hat on, just like a Marine.
  7. How long until they have them flying in formation for advertising? "TRUMP '24" flying across a night sky near you. . .
  8. You mean all Californians don't dress like that?
  9. He's incorrect. People obsessed with guns don't have any, and don't think you should either.
  10. If my dog becomes aggressive in public, I bring her up short with the leash. These "protesters" are running around without a moral/behavioral leash. Walking in the park, you're approached by a stray pit bull. What is your reaction? Today's protesters are using the right to peaceably assemble and the right to petition the government as an excuse to assault and intimidate fellow citizens. The word for such behavior is "riot". You are always right to protect yourself from assault by rioters. As for brandishing? Old Man Clanton (Walter Brennan) said it best in "My Darling Cle
  11. Any lever gun designed by John Moses Browning.
  12. I give this thread a 4.
  13. Hermano (brother) can be curtailed in speech. People will skip/slur the 'her' part so you hear, "mano". A familiar for a little brother could be contracted to, "manolito". Someone named Manuel could also be called by the diminutive Manolito (Manny). It is just a fortunate turn of events when someone is a little brother named Manuel. Similarly you will hear parents using "miho" and "miha" (actually mijo and mija) when addressing their children. Just contractions for "mi hijo" (my son) or "mi hija" (my daughter). I'll use contractions all the time, won't you use 'em too?
  14. When the spouse "helps" run the business, work somewhere else. You can't fight pillow talk.
  15. We have some extras around here, if anybody wants one. The one that hits this neighborhood, every afternoon and evening, year 'round has music you can hear for four blocks. It drives real slow. Same eight or ten songs, Christmas songs, Mexican favorites, ice cream truck traditionals no matter the season. My subconscious mind knows the upcoming tune before I realize I've been hearing it. May you get all the ice cream trucks you can handle. (ancient Arizona curse)
  16. That must be the one we took to go to a Tri-Cities Angels baseball game in '62 or '63. My family lived in Pendleton, LaGrande and Hermiston from '59 to '63 (ages 5 to 11). That might also be how we crossed the river to visit relatives in Yakima as well, though maybe that one was nearer The Dalles. Sure was an adventure for a car full of young boys.
  17. In the beginning there was 'Dog, 1, each'. Through manipulative breeding, forced on dogs by us humans, "pure" breeds were produced. The "mixed breed" or "mutt" is simply nature returning to original plans. Therefore, the noble mutt is the only true pure breed.
  18. Interior decorating, Batchelor Style
  19. I'd go with the "lava" coffee. Pass on the chocolate cherry (yuccchhh).
  20. When you put on your socks, do you align the toe stripe at your toes and then have the heel up on your Achilles tendon, or, do you align the heel and have floppy stuff at your toes. Been wondering about this for decades.
  21. The 1873 Winchester actually came out in 1856. The government suppressed it to avoid widespread panic. They use the same technique with home made gasoline and lead-into-gold converters today.
  22. Stick with the M-9. Save money. Pistols mean about zip point squat in military use.
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