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  1. But once I get to the floor/ground, I've noticed gravity is much stronger than it used to be. Probably caused from Climate Change! .
  2. I just my paint that Wiley Coyote image on my driveway.
  3. Shame on you DeaconKC! "I take after my Mom..." I just got a mental image of your dear aged mother with a black beard! .
  4. That's right Eyesa. The Toelio can lead to Kneesles, progressing up the leg to Hipatitis, and then to a fatal Fart Attack!
  5. Little toe on left foot you said. Bless your heart. The twitching of the little toe on the left foot is the classic sign you have the dreaded side affect of "Larboard Petty Toelio."
  6. I’m a 10-year-old trapped in a 74-year-old body.
  7. Hey, Perro!! I just heard that two of your indecent exposure charges have been dropped. Unfortunately, Pat tells me the one brought against you in the grocery store checkout line is still pending. .
  8. Yep! Ramblin, it was the wind. Gordy and I had nothing to do with it.
  9. I’m afraid the killing ain’t over. Looks like riots are going to be breaking out in Minneapolis.
  10. Here's one my favorite Bar/Saloon scenes. I know it's all Hollywood make-believe, but I still get tickled every time I watch it. And, Second Hand Lions is just a such fun movie.
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