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  1. I have a couple of grammar ones that don't bother me but I always think of one of my high school teachers, Mrs. Percy. "Well, I'm done." Mrs. Percy: "Biscuits are done; people are finished." Another one she would correct: "For free." Mrs. Percy would say, you never need to put the word "for" before "free."
  2. At the end of the day, it is what it is. There! I guess I told you!
  3. Dishwater, one sure snuck up on me! During my first tour in Fulda, W. Germany (1966-1969), I was an E-4 just coming off gate guard duty at my HAWK missile battery tactical site. An F-4 passed over me at telephone pole high altitude. I didn't hear a thing until he passed over my head. Put me face down in the dirt. (Now, if you don't believe the rest of my story, I understand. I wouldn't have believed it either if I hadn't seen it.) The F-4 kicked in its afterburners and shot straight up. Blew out the plexiglass windows of our Ready Building and set the burlap camouflage netting we had over our control vans to actually start smoldering. We had a warrant officer, who was a Korean War combat infantry veteran (3 Purple Hearts and a Silver Star), that was our Tactical Control Officer for that day and he sent us to Battle Stations. I was manning Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar (CWAR) console in the Battery Control Central (BCC) and I was right next to Mr. Wooden. Both firing sections had target locks and fire lights lit. Chief Wooden got on the horn to Wasserkuppe (Air Force Command) told them if that F-4 made another approach on our location, "I'll take self-defense measures and shoot that bastard out of the sky!" Nobody in the unit doubted Mr. Wooden wouldn't have done just that and shot that bastard out of the sky. An F-4 might out fly one HAWK missile, but it won't out fly two.
  4. UB, I do so hope you are right; that it was caused by carelessness. I was watching Fox News and Neil Cavuto had on a guest who tried to point out that other churches in France have been attacked and one in Paris last month had been set afire by what the Paris authorities say was caused by arson. Cavuto cut the guest off, not wanting to go there. Cavuto actually took him off the air and went to another guest. I can understand why Fox News doesn't want to get into any such speculation at this point in the story.
  5. I suspect arson. Google "Churches attacks in France." Numerous churches have been attacked in France. https://www.newsweek.com/spate-attacks-catholic-churches-france-sees-altars-desecrated-christ-statue-1370800 .
  6. There are numerous news articles that throughout France churches are being attacked. https://www.newsweek.com/spate-attacks-catholic-churches-france-sees-altars-desecrated-christ-statue-1370800 I strongly suspect this will be found to be arson.
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/world/massive-fire-breaks-out-in-notre-dame-cathedral-in-paris Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is on fire. Watching the TV news now. I'm just sick to my stomach!! .
  8. Sounds like the type of man Captain Woodrow Call would not have tolerated. .
  9. Those velocities sound about right. Let us know how close to point of aim (POA) that ammo is with your Model 10. .
  10. I'm calling my representative and senators. Let's get the politicians involved. Let's make it a political campaign issue! .
  11. Castration would be appropriate to these lowlifes. I agree with 40, report Attempted Arson.
  12. I have just received a call from a (920) 122-2113 number telling me the Social Security Agency has issued an Arrest Warrant against me and I need to press "one" to talk to an agent to assist me on this issue. My goodness!!!! I know there are people who will fall for this. We all know this is against the law. My number is even on the federal "Do Not Call List." Why isn't our federal government addressing this? We get robo calls often, all in violation of the law. Most are for relatively harmless stuff, ie: Credit Cards, Insurance, etc. But this stuff is actually outright Fraud. I'll tell you, if some politician wants a sure-fire campaign pledge that would get a lot of votes; promise to do all you can to stop robo calls! I'd vote for that candidate on the outside hope they'd actually do something to stop these junk calls.
  13. Abilene, just another note on your Model 10 revolver. Conventional wisdom says that S&W revolvers with fixed sights were sighted to use 158 grain standard velocity .38 Special rounds. I use 158 grain bullets in all my revolvers that shoot .38 Special. I personally prefer lead semi-wadcutters (LSWC).
  14. Congratulations, Abilene Slim!! You are now the proud owner of the most iconic vintage S&W revolver there is. Literally millions of these Model 10s were sold and for good reason: reliable, high standard of quality, easy to shoot, and in the great .38 Special caliber. An ultimate classic S&W revolver. You will have many years of enjoyment with this handgun. Now what classic vintage S&W revolver are you getting next??? They are addictive, ya' know....
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