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  1. The 2719 now has soul again! What a beautiful work horse!!
  2. The girlfriend says: "We are pregnant." Meaning: Oops! You're the daddy! Four simple words many fathers have said to their daughter's boyfriend after, 'We are pregnant.': "This shotgun is loaded." Nurse walks into your hospital room and asks, "How are we today?" "Uh-h-h. I've been shot. Hope we're not pregnant?" .
  3. Continuing with our visit in Paris. Yesterday we went to the Montmartre area and today around the Eiffel tower area. We are taking everything as easy and relaxing as possible. Bought some artwork in the Montmartre area for our home in Arizona, but mostly eating good foods, drinking good wines, strolling about only to stop again and sit, eat, and drink. Didn't go up into the Eiffel tower as we went through that mess on our last visit to Paris in 2018. But today just leisurely strolled around taking photos and again eating good food and drinking good wines with our friends, Bernie & Linda. Here are some photos from the last couple of days. Duck and mashed potatoes....mmmm good. A piece of art we bought. Has to us the relaxing look and feel of Paris. Remarkable good work for the price! Photos we took strolling about Montmartre . Today strolling about the Eiffel Tower area we came across a Russian Orthodox church with the onion tops. Thought Subdeacon Joe would appreciate this place. More good food and wine. Today I had French onion soup and fish. Pic of our friends Bernie & Linda at today lunch. While strolling about, more pics of the Eiffel Tower. Ending on a humorous note. Got to love it when you can train your dog to walk the dog! Life is good!
  4. My guess is that you are in a physics class discussing quantum mechanics, string theory, and looking at subatomic particles?
  5. My grandfather told me that some of our ancestors hung from trees, but it wasn't by their tails!
  6. The wife and I have been in Paris about a week now and are having a great time. Historic sites, great food, wonderful wine, pretty women. Here are some of the numerous photos I've taken. Our hotel is in the Saint Paul area. We are about a kilometer one way from Bastille Square and the other way about a kilometer from the Seine River. Bastille Square Seine River with Paris City Hall in the distance. We have established ourselves as recognized customers at a little pub close to our Hotel. Here are the folks that wait on us. Oh, and we have had some very good dinners. I love French Onion Soup and I'm trying to find the best in Paris. Went to a restaurant called, "Procope" that was established in 1686. Previous diners have included, Napoleon, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Marie Antoinette. I had lamb but for the first entree was the French Onion Soup and it was outstanding....the best so far. Another day we when out into the country to see how the country folks lived. Visited and nice little place called, "Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte." King Lewis XIV visited the place, saw that he place wasn't a nice, got upset, had the Vicomte arrested and sent to prison, and then built a little place himself he called, "Versailles." Paris has a lot of nice churches. I did notice that the ones we've visited aren't your typical Baptist church. Today we went to a nice little art museum called, "Musée du Louvre." We got some home decorating and remodeling ideas there. Compared this painting to one of my little 15mm Napoleonic soldiers that happened to belong in the same unit as the painting. Some other interesting nic-nacs. And we got some home remodeling ideas....such as door knobs, dining room, and possible a new hallway. Got to admit, this town has got some things to see and do!!! Birdgun
  7. Wow! Congratulations!! Psst! Grandpa, have you run out of knees to bounce your grandchildren on?
  8. The “ENGAGE” marker in the game is one of the available commands that a Division commander issues to one of his Brigade commanders. The rules I use to play my Napoleonic miniatures games provides excellent simulations of command and control. Corps commanders command their Division commanders, Division commanders command their Brigade commanders, and Brigade commanders command their Battalions. The complexities are too detailed to talk about here, but again the rules do provide realistic results. There is the friction and fog of war. The excellent rule set I use is called, “General de Brigade.” It’s all just too much fun pushing my little lead toy soldiers around on my little battlefields! .
  9. Especially never trust a left-handed swordsman when he’s standing in your shield wall.
  10. Oh, that's rough Bill. Know it ain't easy. Ain't easy at all.
  11. Aren't those Scots ornery enough or is the Scotch whisky that makes them so? Don't care for Scotch myself. The Scots for the most part are okay though.
  12. Perfesser, I don't have the hat, ascot, or tweet outfit, but I too love my Meerschaum. A nice smoking pipe!
  13. No, no, no! You've got to stay in the historical period!! I run folks off that do otherwise! Note: General Verdier (the figure killed in the my little game) was an actual French Napoleonic general and his name is on the Arc de Triomphe. We are visiting good friends and also one of my cousins in Paris. My friend's last name is Verdier. Bernie Verdier was born in Paris, immigrated to America as a boy, and is a retired U.S. Army LTC. They stay in Paris for about four months a year. My wife and I plan to leave for Paris Friday morning and back home August 15.
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