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  1. "Nobody wants to take your guns." Well, that myth is blown. .
  2. Godspeed, Beth. Prayers up for Beth's loved ones.
  3. The gun I've shot the most rounds through would have to be my Browning Superposed Lightning in 20-gauge. I have no idea how many thousands of rounds I've put through this gun or the number of birds bagged by this marvelous shotgun. I bought this shotgun for $197 out of the Yong Song PX, Seoul, S. Korea, in December, 1972. Bagged limits of dove with it just this month on September 1 & 2, 2019, shooting with family outside Sterling, Colorado. It's a "Jewel." Every bird hunter should have at least one fine bird gun. Browning Superposed Lightning "Jewel" in 20-gauge. (Pictured with a young Mearn's quail) (Pictured with Sharptail Grouse.) (Pictured with wild S. Dakota Ditch Chickens and my Lizzie) (Picture with my great-niece, Kayleigh, on Sept 1, 2019)
  4. My unhappy ending was a Colt Python. Bought one off a G.I. buddy. Looked brand new. It was a beaut. 4-inch barrel. Just could never get a liking to the feel of the revolver and I didn't seem to shoot it very well. Sold it to another Army buddy...that was back in 1973. I'd probably kept the Colt Python if I'd known the princely sums folks are paying for them today.
  5. Oh, this one is easy. My least favorite gun to shoot is that beast pictured below. Several years ago, my wife wanted to choose her own personal defense handgun. She saw this "really pretty" Taurus Model M85UL and regardless of what I said, she loved it. It was light, fit her hands, and was really pretty. Well, pretty is as pretty does. When we took the beast to the range, she fired two shots of standard .38 Special loads and set it down, not wanting to shoot it any more. "Honey, that really hurts!!" I finished off the last three rounds and that was the last time this gun was ever shot. It should tell you something when they port the barrel on an ultralight 2-inch revolver. No doubt about it, it bites!!! Taurus Model M85UL "Ultra-Lite" in .38 Special
  6. Now talk about a cannon that is an absolute "hoot"! I don't have a Civil War cannon, but I've got a little miniature cannon very similar to a full size Civil War cannon and it is fun to shoot. Below are some videos of my mini-cannon in action firing BB (round shot), #12 pellets (canister), and double loaded with #12 pellets (canister) over a BB (round shot). The videos I found most fun are of the little cannon taking on enemy carrot infantry and enemy carrot cavalry. DEATH TO ALL CARROTS!!! There are six videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4YlGnKSK-VB38fNM8wZNiQ
  7. We should not go to war with Iran, or any other nation, except by a Congressional Declaration of War as prescribed by the Constitution. Last time a Declaration of War was made by Congress was at the start of WW2. Congress has abdicated that responsibility with the War Powers Act.
  8. Prayers up for a fine lady at this time of her departure and for her loving family.
  9. Looks to me that Saudi Arabia has a major problem on their hands. They need to determine who attacked them and how best to deal with them.
  10. Note in the painting the yellow flag with the red rays. http://warflag.com/napflags/flaghtml/ru1803_6.htm I think I have that unit; the Tarnopol Musketeers.
  11. Note in the painting above the blue flag on the right with an icon of Christ. My 15mm Moscovy Militia battalion (each figure represents 20 men) has a very similar flag with an icon of Christ. For some reason, the Moscovy's always fight above their lowly militia rating.
  12. Now that it's up, might as well check the undercarriage now. Maybe change to oil...
  13. Now don't run down Tver. One of my 15mm Napoleonic Russian Dragoon regiments is the "Tver Dragoons." They have gallantly fought in many of my little battles. But, before each battle, it is my understanding that they are blessed by an Orthodox priest.
  14. We here have guns that we carry for defense, guns that we hunt with, guns that we play Cowboy with, and then we have guns that are just so much fun to shoot. The gun that just a joy to shoot. I know we all have many, but right now, which one gun comes to mind you find is just so much fun to shoot? Mine is my Winchester Model 67 single shot rifle. My mother bought this rifle for my dad to slaughter hogs and provide cottontail rabbits for the table. Mom gave it to Dad on Christmas Day, 1946 (I was less than 3-months old). Dad was going to college and we were living on Dad's GI Bill education payments. Buying this rifle for Dad threw Mom's budget into a real pinch. The rifle cost the princely sum of $15. Dad taught me about gun safety and how to shoot with his .22 rifle. On my 16th birthday, Dad gave me his .22. As a boy, teenager, and adult, I can't tell you how many rabbits I've bagged with this rifle. And to this day it is a tack driver. When I want to do some just simple fun plinking, I get out Dad's .22. It is always fun to shoot. Winchester Model 67 in .22 Short, Long, & Long Rifle. I took Dad's .22 to the range a few months back for some just fun shooting. Before I started plinking, I set a target up at 25 yards. I wanted to see if Dad's .22 was still shooting true, so from the bench, I took a shot. I think that's close enough...
  15. I'll second UB's admiration of the Sig Sauer P938 in 9mm. Shortly after I got my Sig P238 in 380 Auto, I was at the range proudly showing off my P238 to a friend. My friend pulled out his P938. The P938 was just slightly larger than my P238 and I was surprised that there wasn't all that much more recoil from the 9mm. The P938 is quite manageable and if I had it to do over again, I would have got a P938 instead of the P238. Now don't get me wrong, I do like my P238 with it's small package, easy to rack slide, highly visible night sights, reliability, and general good looks. If one is wanting a great little 380 Auto, you can't do any better than the Sig Sauer P238. Sig Sauer Model P238 (SAS) in 380 Auto
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