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  1. Well done, Mark. Thank you and God bless you. I'm sure you'll be a great manager.
  2. Whew! Too close for comfort. Happy y'all are safe and sound. Must be getting old though.
  3. I remember several years ago someone said the time between the Conventions and Election Day is called, "The Silly Season."
  4. Hearing several make this suggestion. However, I doubt both candidates would agree to cut off switches. .
  5. Here a pic of my Sig Sauer Model P238. Very popular with the women because the slide is easy to operate. Amazing how accurate it is for a small pistol. Reliable. Sig Sauer (SAS) Model P238 in 380 Auto.
  6. We had two Game Wardens come into our blind, checked everything out, and found all good. I had my waders down around my ankles so I could get to my license and show it to the officers. About that time a bunch of ducks came towards our blind. Since my feet were bound, I couldn't reach my shotgun. One of the Game Wardens grabbed my shotgun and handed it to me. DANG! I missed. They were right there! .
  7. A nice little poem for Pat's nose. You may think it's funny, That Pat's nose is runny, But it's SNOT! .
  8. Don’t ya know the lint in ol’ Pats bellybutton must be really gettin’ thick. .
  9. I heard that Pat's pick pocketing charges have been dropped.
  10. (Please read this with me talking in a quiet, friendly, non-confrontational tone of voice.) Blast, you've got me there! Since at the time I was a Sergeant First Class in the US Army, I was just a "barracks lawyer." And, I probably was lucky he didn't impound my vehicle as I didn't know he could have forced me to submit to a vehicle inspection. I was in dove hunting garb and had a cased gun in plain sight. But, the young Game Warden did ask if he could search my vehicle...he didn't demand. He asked, I refused. Then he questioned why I refused. That's when I went off and started dressing him down because of his dealings with the old man. Somewhere in that discussion I did tell him I knew legal shooting time was noon. So, the young Game Warden likely suspected I didn't have any illegal game in my vehicle. That was the only time I've ever been asked by any law enforcement officer if he could search my vehicle and that's why I posted my one experience. As an avid bird hunter, I've encountered quite a few Game Wardens, but that was the only time I've ever had an issue with a Game Warden. My "barracks lawyering" was not about his legal authority but about his behavior shaming the old man in front of the young boy. Blast, I do hope you're not defending the young Game Warden's conduct with the old man. .
  11. Ask a drunken sailor on Canal Street if he can see a red light.
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