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  1. My S&W Model 625-9 has never had a problem and I've got a couple/three thousand rounds through it. Real sweet shootin' revolver. S&W Model 625-9 "Mountain Gun" in 45 Colt
  2. Speaking of smaller container sizes....want to talk about the size of airline seats?
  3. Charlie, I too like my graham crackers and milk. I crumble mine up into a cereal bowl and add the milk. Now one of the large wrapping packets in the box don't give me enough. Used to be I couldn't get a whole packet in the bowl. .
  4. Oh, Abilene, I'm so very sorry.... Life does have its difficulties. S&W Model 36 "Chief's Special" in 38 Special with Altamont Boot Grips S&W Model 15-4 "Combat Masterpiece" in 38 Special with Altamont faux Pearl Grips. My wife has claimed this revolver as her's and she wanted "prettier grips." S&W Model 19-3 "Combat Magnum" in 357 Magnum with factory Target Grips. I shoot this revolver better than any other handgun I've ever shot. .
  5. Eye candy!!! Can't add much more than has been said above. My vintage S&W revolvers that shoot 38's. S&W Model 36 "Chief's Special" in 38 Special. S&W Model 15-4 "Combat Masterpiece" in 38 Special S&W Model 19-3 "Combat Magnum" in 357 Magnum Love my S&W revolvers....a lot!! .
  6. TS, this reminds me of the Ray Stevens "Sittin Up With The Dead."
  7. If it weren't for my wife watching TV, I'd go strictly internet. I rarely watch anything on the TV. My wife does like her shows....so....I pay up.
  8. These calls are illegal. Robo calls with voice recordings are illegal. I'm on the Federal "Do Not Call List" so any solicitation call is illegal. But still we all get these illegal calls. I even got a call recently from a legitimate company; i.e. Progressive Insurance (you know, the one with Flo). Question: Why isn't the government stopping this stuff? I think it would be a good political campaign issue. "Vote for me and I'll do all I can to stop unwanted solicitation calls."
  9. A "Ted Williams" .22 rimfire bolt action rifle with an under barrel tube magazine that I bought through the Sears catalog when I was 15 years old. Was delivered right to the front door where I received it.
  10. 1. Arizonians sometimes get a CCW license so they can carry in other states that reciprocate. 2. With CCW license no background check when purchasing a firearm. Personally, I opted out of getting the license, because I don't see that much advantage in it.
  11. https://www.usacarry.com/concealed_carry_permit_information.html
  12. Here in Arizona you don't need a CCW license to carry. Arizonians sometimes get a CCW license so they can carry in other states that reciprocate.
  13. Maybe it was a generational thing when things were fixed rather than just replaced or thrown away.
  14. Don't school crosswalk guards have some kind of law enforcement authorities?
  15. That preacher Harrison doesn't like casseroles! Goodness!! He wouldn't even qualify to shoot in the Baptist Category. Harrison probably drank alcoholic beverages and danced too!!
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