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  1. Correct Alpo. That 1960 flag also has 51 stars! .
  2. Also, on UB's chart, the "Current U.S. Flag" has 51 stars!
  3. When living in Alabama, a retired O-6 Army friend of mine said he wondered why so many people had a front license plate of an Air Force Brigade General's flag. I got tickled but explained to him about "The Bonnie Blue Flag."
  4. Started seeing this flag few years ago called, "The Thin Blue Line" flag and flown in support of Law Enforcement Officers. Of course, other similar flags have stated showing up. One with a red strip for Fire Fighters.
  5. I hate snow. They are telling us here in the Tucson area that tomorrow's high is supposed to be 48F above zero with 90% chance of rain. Monday, 46F & 90%. But Tuesday, 45F with low of 27F and....gasp....50% chance of SNOW!!! My God! We're all going to DIE!!!!
  6. I think ol' Bernie has made himself the butt of many jokes dressing the way he did for the inauguration. Looks like the grumpy old man sitting on his front porch yelling at the kids to "GET OFF MY LAWN!!!"
  7. I admit it. I'm a Vexillophile. I love flags. I've had a fascination with flags since I was a little boy. One of the reasons I enjoy miniature wargaming the Napoleonic Wars is because of the plethora of flags. In the same vein, I love our state flags. Fifty (50) different flags. Some I think are more interesting than others. If you would please, out of our 50 state flags, which are your five favorites? My five (5) favorite state flags are: 1. Arizona 2. Texas 3. New Mexico 4. Georgia 5. Maryland .
  8. My condolences, Cowtown Scout. Prayers up for Ms David's friends and family. Godspeed Shelly David.
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