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  1. I am a flawed man. I have many faults. Tennessee, I know you where trying to divert from all the other crude that is going on, but I do not believe this thread is appropriate. My wife was not amused either. Obviously, my mind is in the gutter. .
  2. Come on guys. Do you really think this is appropriate? And, yes, I know what masticating means. I, and obviously others, also know what a euphemism or innuendo is also. .
  3. DEFUNDING THE POLICE??? That has got to be the dumbest political idea I've ever heard. What mental midget thinks this is a good idea? .
  4. Glad y'all in Missouri are okay. Sorry about the damage. Show me!
  5. More on Fox News https://www.foxnews.com/media/mike-mullen-sickened-washington-dc-protest-action
  6. Mark, you must have been a teenager. Fractured Bible Interpretation. Q: Why did God ask Abraham to sacrifice Issac when Issac was but a lad of 12 year or less? A: Because if Issac had been a teenager, it probably wouldn't have been a sacrifice!!
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