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7 hours ago, Major Crimes said:


Sorry was busy fighting off crocs, sharks, kangaroo eating snakes and giant spiders. 


Mad Max? We wish it was only that bad:rolleyes:

I'm sending help. I will call Marvel Comic Books and have them send over some of our heroes. 

How about that????  :rolleyes:

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9 hours ago, Badger Mountain Charlie SASS #43172 said:

I'm sending help. I will call Marvel Comic Books and have them send over some of our heroes. 

How about that????  :rolleyes:


That would be much appreciated. 


Make sure its the best of them though, Australians are already as good as the average Marvel Hero:P 

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not unlike:
when the Preacher was going to the prayer and asked if anyone had a problem or needed Prayer...Bubba stood up and said, "Preacher, I have a problem" and when the Preacher asked Bubba to describe the problem, he said, "It is a drinking problem Preacher---if I have five drinks a day and Earl has 20% more, how many drinks in a day will we have?"

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He left out an important one.....RED!


Cat Brules

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18 hours ago, Subdeacon Joe said:



This one means something to me personally that no one else will get.  Back when I was a Law Dawg, we had this guy on the department whose nickname was "Big Bird."  He was about 6' 3" tall, blonde, and rather rotund in the middle.  So he looked like Big Bird.  


He was a horrible cop, and unreliable in a fight.  He was, in my estimation, a coward.  


Apparently my judgement of him was correct, because he was arrested, tried, and convicted for possessing a large amount of child pornography at his home, where he lived alone.  He was also a volunteer wrestling coach at a local middle school (and guess the age group in his pornography?!?!?!?), and had convinced the school administration, parents, and wrestlers that to be eligible for competition a wrestler had to be checked for ringworm.  A ringworm check had to be done by someone who was certified, and he made some fake credentials to prove it.  So there were tons of cases where he checked junior high school boys' ballsacks for ringworm.  


He was in his 30s when he was convicted, and got something like 60+ years in prison.  


Now I can't look at Big Bird or the Sesame Street bunch the same ever again, but memes like this make my day!

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16 minutes ago, Chas B. Wolfson, SASS #11104 said:





The shame is that back in the day she was easy on the eye:
History – Nancy Pelosi

19 photos of Nancy Pelosi as she turns 79 - POLITICO


Same for Justice Ginsburg
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme Court Justice: Young Photos | Time.com


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was a High School 'Twirler'


Decades of hate, bile, and vitriol take their toll.

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