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  1. The Brooklyn Center Police Department released the officers body cam footage which clearly shows what happened. YouTube clicky) Meanwhile in other news that are not getting major coverage. Tennessee High school student was shot and killed after opening fire on officers responding to man with a gun at the school, wounding one officer LINK and 3 officers wounded, 1 suspect dead in Georgia during traffic stop Link
  2. when I can get vegemite here I smear it on a pot roast and cook it. Does that count
  3. I installed a key less entry door handle when my mom moved in. I also got her one of those life alert pendent things and gave the dispatch a code for the door so if she did fall first responders could enter without breaking the door down.
  4. Couldn't be any worse then what's inside the hotdog
  5. No ketchup Just cheese, bacon, sweet relish and onions
  6. Just got off the phone with my cousin who lives just outside of Sydney Australia, who was describing the massive flooding that is happening in New South Wales. She is in a safe area except for the invasion of thousand of spiders looking for dry ground. BBC news So prayers up for all the Australian pards and their families that are being affected by these floods
  7. Although my maternal grandparents immigrated here from Ireland they were from the north , stanch orange order and didn't celebrate St Paddy's Day which was very confusing for us as kids, but with that being said, mom would make a traditional Irish Stew with lamb, potatoes, turnips and onion sopped up with Irish soda bread which I'll be having tonight. We would have a meal similar to corned beef and cabbage (substitute thickly cut back bacon for the corned beef) on July 12th, but I'm not going open that pandora box. So for all who are celebrating , Happy St Paddy's d
  8. two of my dad's common sayings "Not worth a plug nickle" Not worth a red cent"
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