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The Lewis Gun

Subdeacon Joe

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Sedalia Dave is right.

Her grin was the first thing I noticed!

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Aw, you can find some ammo. What caliber? Lewis guns were made in .30-06, .303 Britich, and I don't know what else.

A knock off was made by the Japanese, in 7.7mm, which was their nomenclature for the .303 British.

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Decent cut-away video of internal parts and operation:





Thanks LL


There were lots of good cutaway action views by vbbsmyt. Especially liked the Browning 1895 "Potato Digger" and 1874 Gatling guns

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I believe 7.62x54R also.

Fun until you had to change drum out while flying in 1917 at 10k feet in you Sopwith Camel with Jerry around in his Albatross or Fokker.


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