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  1. Determine just what any people will quietly submit to, and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them. – Frederick Douglas
  2. I sat in a running Tesla for 4 hours in a closed garage and all that happened was I got hungry.
  3. If you can find one, the Sig Match Elite is the way to go.
  4. Savage 99 in .250-3000 Winchester 12 in 16 gauge 1911 in .38 Super. So whoever kills me will spend the rest of their life looking for ammo.
  5. It will eventually go away. If it was named the Clinton virus, that's another matter. As far as warmth, according to global warming afficianados we only have about 11 years. I should still have some TP in stock at that date.
  6. Brian at All American Jewelry in Edgewood may know someone, plus he's a neighbor. (505) 281-1876 Mari and I have been going to him for years.
  7. Biggest whorehouse I'm familiar with.... The screwing seems to go only one direction tho...
  8. Founder's will also be hosting the 2018 New Mexico Sporting Clays Championship in September. Seeing that the 2017 shoot in Lincoln Co. last weekend drew 197 shooters, and lodging was 1 hour away, this should be another big plus for us.
  9. Clocked it this morning, 9.2 miles from the parking lot to the main gate at Founder's.
  10. A knock off was made by the Japanese, in 7.7mm, which was their nomenclature for the .303 British.
  11. You should see Sporting Clays shooters, guys with $20K guns obsessing over 5¢ pieces of plastic. I think they'd trade their firstborns for a bag of once fired 28 or .410 AA's.
  12. I still fast forward past the part in "The Professionals" where Lee Marvin wrist snaps a Colt New Service cylinder shut. Guns are just props and dramatic vehicles for Hollywood.
  13. Seems these things are popular to the Zombie apocalypse crowd and millennial trench coat Nagant cultists. Whatever floats your boat. You can shorten up your regular shotgun by clamping the butt stock under your arm. Easier to control, and harder for the bad guy to get away from you if they grab the barrel.
  14. Have shot both 200 (Ultramax) and 250 (Black Hills), and also some Schofield 230 (Ultramax) and at Cowboy ranges could not tell any difference. This is out of a Cowboy Limited with the 24" barrel. I really ought to put them on paper at 100 yards.
  15. Thing I can't stand about social media are college classmates looking you up and saying "I haven't seen you in 30 years!" They never seem to understand there's a reason for that.
  16. I'd buy every one I could find at that price. Screaming deal.
  17. I've got one in .45 Colt and have shot it successfully out to about 230 yards with 250 gr. bullets. How much terminal mojo the bullet had I can't say. It's not a particularly flat shooter, I had to hold over about the same amount as .45-70 cowboy loads.
  18. Fellow "Toughskin" hater here, and those iron on patches when the knees went out. Remember trying to convince my Mom that Converse All Stars really were worth $5.95.
  19. Men working on roof and most of the windows are in. Pretty big crew there today.
  20. I'll second what Canby said. Moriarty is east of Founder's Ranch and a bit more hospitable than many hotel locations in Albuquerque. I',m local and can provide any info about the area you might need. Welcome!
  21. The pics I could google of Sears Ranger certainly looked like a Stevens. The Ranger pump gun they sold was also a stevens (the old 520 humpback I think) Sears also sold some sxs made by AYA of Spain (the Matador). I don't know how well those would survive CAS.
  22. All members of the library. Didn't know there was a 4th edition of the Standard Catalog. Jim Supica was kind enough to sign my copy of the third, thanking me for some ridiculously small contribution I made when I hung out on the S&W Forum a lot. There's also the history by McHenry and Roper.
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